Rolling Justice: Protect the Election Results Rally

Hosted by Humboldt County Democrats, Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor CouncilPress release:

People’s Strike Humboldt, together with Cooperation Humboldt, North Coast People’s Alliance, Centro del Pueblo, and Humboldt County Democrats will be leading a Car and Bike Caravan followed by a “Protect the Results” Rally November 4th in front of the Courthouse in Eureka.

4:15 pm  meet at Eureka High School, followed by a 4:30 Caravan Departure to fill the Little Free Pantry in front of the Labor Temple, ending at 5 pm with a Rally in front of the Courthouse in Eureka

For more information, Contact Caroline Griffith 541-415-4756

[email protected]

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  • From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.

  • Vicious morons or fiendishly clever bullies? Planning a rally that can go either way- if Biden is declared the victor, they are ready to protest anyone who questions the result and if Biden loses, they are ready to question the result. Either way, they are sure to declare someone else is evil for interfering with their self righteous delusions. No couth at all. But plenty of pandemic hypocrisy.

    • Dang those vicious morons and clever bullies for wanting to fill the Little Free Pantry…and having a rally (you know, feeding the hungry and participating in a key right of the first amendment).

      Is the Trump rally the day before the Election a similar exercise by vicious morons and clever bullies? or is just a lovely expression of people’s beliefs?

      • It’s just fortunate for Biden that so many of his supporters don’t have jobs so they are able to have events during the work week.i wonder if they scheduled it to end at 5 o’clock so they can impede trump supporters leaving their jobs?

        • All jobs end at 5? Mine doesn’t.

          • Most do, it’s called a 9 to 5 not the kym kemp work day. Mine usually starts before daylight and ends at 4 but the majority of this country doesn’t model its work day around me either.

            • Will you now do the “more superior dance?” You may be a delightful person in real life, but you seem so full of hate and bile online. Kym is often posting or updating stories into the early hours of the morning, but you sit in judgment of her workday hours? If you don’t like her site, then stay off of it.

              • Hate and bile? Why don’t you tell me how you really feel? I’m not critiquing her work day, she can work 14 hours every day non stop but when google american work day it literally say 9 to 5, it doesn’t reference her work hours or mine. There are expection to every rule, and there are allot of exceptions to this “rule” but I’m not backing down on a fact because you feel offended.

                • Many people work non-typical hours, but if you have some reliable and verifiable data showing most Biden supporters are unemployed then please post your source. Otherwise, yes, the “hate and bile” comment seems to be correct based on most of your posts.

                  • 9 to 5 usually refers to the 40 hour work week.

                    Although the 40 hour workweek is less relevant than it once was.

                    I recall a movie called 9 to 5.

                    Just not seeing hate or bile. Many people need help at times, most don’t make it a lifestyle.

                    next point….

                    During the riots in Philly last night I saw people looting the game store, and the liquor store, not the roasts and turkeys at the local stop and shop….and please don’t tell me they were all vegetarians.

                    • Yet, you have. I know exactly what 9 to 5 refers to, but that is not the point and you know it. The point is that, just because people show up to a rally during the work week does not mean they are unemployed. Now, disprove it instead of deflecting.

                  • You want to hear another joke? You know what Joe Biden said to the Chinese? Have you seen Hunters, you kn ow the thing laying around anywhere?

            • In a country where many stores either stay open 24/7 or at least until 10/11/12…or restaurants or bars…or people work from home…

              Not to mention folks in commercial fishing and it’s associated plants, etc. where “9 to 5” might be the number of days spent out on the ocean.

              • And astronauts work around the clock in space. And hospitals have night shifts, but We’re going to sit here and argue that the work day, for most people doesn’t end at 5? Well apparently people will argue over anything. It’s literally called having a 9to 5, if you don’t like it take it up with your clergyman because I have no control of the modern work schedule. go to a major city and try driving through it at rush hour, then get back to me.

                • You were the one that made the assumption that everyone works 9 to 5. It is less common than you want to pretend.

                  I’m not arguing. I am stating a fact. Used to be around here (on the Oregon coast), the worst time for traffic was when the mill shift changed, which was never 5 o’clock.

                  I think it just hit the “Protesters don’t work” button, an assumption I find ridiculous.

      • Not that I expect you will ever notice but there is a world of difference between campaigning to ask for votes and protesting in advance of what you protest happening. Creating divisions by assuming other citizens will do you wrong and attacking them first can not be absolved by “going to the Little Free Pantry”. That smacks of corporate good publicity donations as a sop to having ripped off the public. The flyer not informative, going to the link was no better. It is only a knee jerk political insider posting to rally the troops for a preemptive strike against your fellow citizens. And what about doing that in a pandemic for which you blame others for exacerbating? Means nothing to you?

        • I don’t see any attack happening. I see a rally in support of an election being fair.

          From the Facebook post: “All Americans—Democrats, Republicans, and Independents—must be prepared to verify, protect and defend the results of the election. We reject any attempt to undermine the election, including any attempts to intimidate voters, nullify legitimate votes, close polling sites, or other instances of election fraud.”

          So unless you think that one side of the political spectrum is more likely to intimidate voters etc., this is a non partisan rally.

          Seeing a “preemptive strike” when there is no wording that indicates one, seems a bit excessive.

          As for a rally during the pandemic, we’ve already had this discussion. It is perfectly possible for me to support the right to rally and wish people wouldn’t. (Though a car and bike rally seem about a socially distanced as a rally can be especially when coupled with the organizers’ message of 1.) Wear face mask at all times
          2.) Practice spacious solidarity
          3.) Bring sanitizer* if possible)

          • To be fair !

            It’s called protect the election-results. Good any way we describe it.

            Hanging a cool sounding title on a protest in todays atmosphere is a gamble with public safety. It ought to be called “Biden’s parade of broken dreams” Nobody would show up and nobody would hurt somebody else.

            We’ll not even know the election results for at least 5 days after the election. Which makes this protest subject to the humiliating reality where Trump/Pence will keep the peace and safety.

          • You did not title the piece as “Rally in Support of Fair Elections.” You titled it “PROTECT THE ELECTION RESULTS RALLY”! In other words, you expect that those you have expressed hatred for are going to lose and they will not accept it. As if that has not been what “Clintion-ites” have done for the last 4 years. You are afraid that they will be as bad as yourselves. And to ensure they are as bad as yourselves, you will engage in self fulfilling hateful rhetoric.

            Nope- ballot box burning, mail diversions, threats, rushed regulations made in the name of pandemics do not allow any questions over your agenda framed by TDS. Unless you happen to lose then it will. Can’t vote in person due to the pandemic but you can protest en masse despite the pandemic! Over something that hasn’t occurred, might never occur. Is there no level of Pecksniffian behavior that will make you pause before shoving people over a cliff?

            • First: The title comes from the Facebook post of this event. I am not involved in the event.

              Second: “Protect the election results” is a title that could be used by either the winning or losing side. The post explicitly states that all political sides are welcome.

              Third: You can vote in person if you choose. There is nothing stopping you.

              Fourth: I disagree with almost everything you say but the word “Pecksniffian” is a delight. Thank you for that. I shall add it to my vocabulary list.

          • People could vote by “1.) Wear face mask at all times
            2.) Practice spacious solidarity
            3.) Bring sanitizer* if possible)” too. And voting is a million times more important than this artificial prospective protest. But that was not accepted. This is would not not acceptable even if there was no pandemic but the different standards when there is should raise some questions about your own thinking.

    • First, Kym runs a superior site to Twitter, in that she allows all sides. She allows what the Washington Post said, or to post info they found out through it’s investigations, Twitter does not. Twitter allows posts by the Ayatholla about Israel being a state of vermin needing to be wiped off the face of the earth, but you cannot talk shit about Hunter Biden. Kym allows all conversations to roll. I find it very hard to find where she edits much at all. She is much more fair and honest and factual than the ABC and CBS and NBC crowd. Also, she does her homework, try’s real hard to make sure she has the facts, and actually apollogises if she is wrong, which is almost never. Like Rush Limbaugh, who is right 98% of the time. Hey, lol, you keep good company, lol. Sorry Kym, it just slipped out.

  • So don’t bother driving 4th or 5th next Wednesday. It’ll be closed.

  • Pedagogical malfeasance

    The interference is standard operating procedure

    It keeps the meek from inheriting the earth.

    The meek are just too darn good at letting evil have its way with our system.

    “There will be blood”, shows you what you need to understand about power.

  • The quote at top is idealized.
    As we saw in a earlier article, it was american workers that pressed for the Chinese exclusion act in earlier times.
    It is also “ the workers”(immigrant workers, aka scabs) who will replace american workers that participate in labor shutdowns.
    Without the funding brought in organizationally from above, workers would have no work to do!
    I’ve lived with these commie types before when I could only afford a room for rent.
    The house was always a mess and the yard was piled with rotten vegetables collected to “feed the homeless”.
    Well intentioned people perhaps..
    Just don’t live with them.

    • Not well intentioned at all. Rationalizing damaging behavior by pretending that they themselves aren’t the evil fascists they like to claim others are. If they were well intention,a modicum of self examination would be triggered by the misery and meanness that they create. They would care about the damage they do to others in their self righteousness instead of diverting criticism by saying things like “for wanting to fill the Little Free Pantry” which can be done anytime without the rally as an excuse.

      • How is it fascist to rally? Unless the Trump rally is also fascist? (which it darn well isn’t)

        • A Trump rally could devolve into a fascist exercise but this starts out with that as it’s intention. It is not you versus Trump, despite your insistence on framing everything in those terms. It is you versus civility at the most basic level.

          • I don’t know if you can call Biden’s efforts fascism, a puppet regime might be more accurate. Except it’s domestic influence controlling him not another nation. For it to fascism he would have to be in complete control, and I doubt he even has control over his bowel movements, he damn sure doesn’t have control over his cognitive functions.

            • Pedagogical malfeasance

              Carefully scripted to use plausible deniability to prevent him from being tried in the courts. *Dementia*, ah hem,

              This is a perfect script to take focus away from Kamala.

              It’s a disaster masterpiece.

              The narrative is no longer helpful for voters.

              It’s blunt force trauma to the human psyche.

              Good day

            • Fascism is historically right wing extremism, like Mussolini or Adolf Hitler.

              So find a different box for Joe, Donald has the fascist box filled up.

          • Guest,

            Why are you framing this in terms of “you” as if I personally wrote this, organized the event, etc.? That’s bizarre.

  • Are they going to stay mostly out of the streets ? Or just see what develops? Have they found courageous girl that got knocked or her butt yet ?

  • Maybe instead of a protest in the streets they could all follow the actions of their great leader and just hide in their basements. If no basement, the bathroom or anywhere out of site and out of mind works!

  • Is Biden really going to be there handing out crackpipes? Thats what I read on Facebook.

    • Yes, please know that everything you read on Facebook is 100% true and verified by Mark Z. himself! But, you have to bring your own crack.

  • To protect an election you don’t need to use censorship!
    So why is all Biden news censored?

    By Glenn Greenwald

    The left-media firebrand Glenn Greenwald has resigned from the news outlet he co-founded – the Intercept – after his partners censored his critical content of Joe Biden.

    Writing on his personal blog, and linked from his personal Twitter account, Greenwald states:

    “The same trends of repression, censorship and ideological homogeneity plaguing the national press generally have engulfed the media outlet I co-founded, culminating in censorship of my own articles.

    He states:

    Today I sent my intention to resign from The Intercept, the news outlet I co-founded in 2013 with Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras, as well as from its parent company First Look Media.

    The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.”

    ” The censored article, based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony, raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct. Not content to simply prevent publication of this article at the media outlet I co-founded, these Intercept editors also demanded that I refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication.”

    End Quote

    more here

    • I love that the right wing is embracing the work of Greenwald, a gay socialist. Greenwald’s a strange fish; a double/triple agent? Hard to read. Big supporter of Julian Assange, who used information from Guccifer II, a Russian hacker, to help elect Trump.
      I would like to read this article. Greenwald says it’s coming, but so far, only airing his beef with his editors.

      • I tried to post it but I guess wordpress might be blocking it since it won’t post.

        I’ve tried a couple different ways so it’s definitely censored.

        And I’m NOT accusing Kym of censoring.

        You can find it listed and go the the article from this site.

        Maybe it will post for you.

        Quote: I love that the right wing is embracing the work of Greenwald, a gay socialist. Greenwald’s a strange fish; a double/triple agent? Hard to read. Big supporter of Julian Assange, who used information from Guccifer II, a Russian hacker, to help elect Trump.
        end quote

        He also brought news on Snowden.

        Maybe your info about the right isn’t correct and they aren’t all the nasty slurs the Dems claim they are.
        It was Hillary selling our uranium to Russia remember.
        It’s DiFi that had the Chinese spy for a Chauffeur for 25 years remember?
        It was DiFi that shut down our rare earth mine remember?
        It was Eric Holder selling arms across the border remember?

        Maybe all that finger pointing to Russia was just to distract from what the Dems were doing in China…hmm

        • No, one doesn’t cancel out the other.
          Just as corrupt Democrats don’t cancel out corrupt Republicans.
          I’ll repeat what I’ve always said; it’s not about left and right, it’s about up and down. The ultra-wealthy class that buy off the government are the problem. It is a massive victory for the Republicans in particular, who are the party of millionaires, that they have sold a bill of goods to the sub-millionaires (ie everyone but the 1 percent), and receive their support. They are not on your side, despite throwing you a bone once in a while. Don’t tell me there are millionaire Democrats, too. I know. But you gotta start somewhere.

  • BLM, Biden’s Laptop Matters

    • Just perfect Mike,

      But people are just to stubborn to peek at anything outside their bubble.

      As for me I watch both sides, like right now in Fl. with about 200 cars for Biden and Thousands for Trump.

      Every Biden speech is like a funeral for Beau and Hunter doesn’t seem to exist, I wonder why, I also wonder if Hunter got fed up with his dad and left that laptop on purpose.


      A 2015 New York Times article reveals how CEOs from America’s largest technology and social media companies – including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos – fawned over meeting Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping.

      As the New York Times put it, the tech bigwigs “paid homage” to Xi.

      According to the establishment rag, after posing for a picture with Xi, Apple’s Tim Cook was “impressed” and, with a smile, inquired “did you feel the room shake?”

      end quote

  • Kym, you are a remarkable, tolerant, patient and articulate woman. Thank you for all you do to bring us news and keep us current.
    It is very difficult for me to understand people who attack you on a personal level for your excellent and unbiased reportage.

    • Balderdash. Kym climbs on the anti-conspiracy soap box quite often in comments, wrote a comment saying “I am Antifa”, announces quite fequently she has more sympathy for minorities even if she attacks those doing similar things if they aren’t minorities, posts the press releases of the same few leftist lobby groups all the time and says that she would post press releases of others if they would send them to her but they mysteriously never do. She constantly chastised certain posters for not following science yet is totally silent when groups she supports don’t follow science either. Sharing your bias is not being unbiased.

      • Send me a press release from an event you think in fairness should be posted but isn’t. Make up an email address so I don’t know who is sending it. And see if it appears. If it doesn’t, your hypothesis about my bias is correct and you should flee this site immediately. If it does appear, I’ll graciously accept the apology that you will never offer.

        • And…don’t you think it the slightest bit odd that I don’t delete your nasty comments when I am so likely to not post press releases from conservatives?

          Right now, you would be the first commenter I would delete if I didn’t allow opposition on my site.

          • I don’t think you meant to say what you said KK.

            //you would be the first commenter I would delete//

            You want your site to prosper and flourish, right? Then of course you want opposition, why state the meanness?

            To delete, moderate, edit and so on shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, I knew a guy who closed his site because he assumed that he should police every word. Bad idea.

            • The point is that people who not only oppose policies I believe in but people who personally belittle me can have a space to talk on my website, Rod. Guest insinuates that I deliberately don’t post press releases from those who are conservative even though I say I would because I’m a liar. And I make the point that if I was that sort of person…she would be the first one gone.

              I’m not that sort of person.

              What really amazes me is that she would think I lie and yet read my website. That is the dumbest waste of her time.

              • Agreed.

                I too wish for everyone to put forth better manners while posting on your site. I know you try.

                You just can’t tame the talker when it’s talking, if anything, tolerance is illusive on talk sites. I would improve that if I could. Certainly, co-commentors ought to help maintain some decorum. Too often it seems, someone will post an offense that gets accepted only because nobody wants to risk correcting the mistake. Everybody could try harder.

  • The journalist’s job is to provide transparency, not to worry about elections or be society’s hall monitor.

    • Journalism happens above the comment section. And in this post’s case, it is a press release describing an event, HC. And there is no journalism involved. I did not write it and I am no more responsible for its contents than I am for an anti vaccine event post. I host it. That’s it.

      Under the posts, we have a comment section—here, most of the commenters are not even attempting to apply journalism standards. Everyone, including me, has just as much right as you to comment with their opinions. Some Republicans and right leaning folks might say as a small business owner, I have more of a right in my own business to decide what opinions are allowed here than other folk.

      Now this may be a hard concept, apparently it is because I’ve expressed it before without making an impression, but…every single journalist has opinions. Their job is to present their articles neutrally no matter how they feel though. And I try very very hard to do that. HOWEVER, I believe it is more honest to express my opinion in the comment section of my website so everyone can be clear what my possible biases might be and hold those in their mind when judging the articles’ fairness.

      • It’s hard to justify a journalist posting personal comments “everyone can be clear what my possible biases might be and hold those in their mind when judging the articles’ fairness” when you also post comments like “Why are you framing this in terms of “you” as if I personally wrote this, organized the event, etc.? That’s bizarre.” No it’s not bizarre. It’s exactly what you say should be result of your posting personal comments. People are going to judge bias.

        I admit this confusing, insider of a “press release” really was especially egregious and irritating. Too many leftists constantly complain about rightests refusing to accept “scientific” justification for just about everything they advocate while they also get nasty and hyper defensive if someone dares to apply their own standards to them. Does being civil to opposition mean anything to them at all? Can’t they see that bitterly attacking even a whiff of prospective disagreement in every cause creates the social dissension they then complain about others creating? It’s a bad case of they can dish it out but can’t take it. The US cannot take any action on anything where consensus is important because the ridiculous left AND the ridiculous right have a pit bull grip on everything. They rather attack each other than succeed. And they drag everyone else down with them. No one should give either of them credence much less pick sides the way news sites do.

        Right now there’s a pandemic, government public health orders disrupting everything, an election in which the inability of the country field a competent consensus candidate is obvious, violent protests, wildfires, wars springing up, a press careening wildly through life, pounding drums to urge everyone to go to hell even faster, while only interrupting the beat to swack anyone who cares have a sense of humor about the whole thing. No one needed a preemptive protest because a bunch of idiots think they are so important. That is not news. It’s propaganda.

        • This is not news…It’s an event listing…

        • Founding Fathers warned against competing political parties and how they could/would mess-up the Constitutional intentions. Now we have a free for all where everybody looses because nobody wins.

          The better suited single party system is the original design.

          The Constitution is under attack. Socialists see an easy win for liberalism IF they can continue to alter the Constitution. How many Constitutional changes have already been attempted this year? There’ll be even more next year and on and on.

  • Kym,

    I didn’t reference you, I wasn’t commenting on you, it was a general statement. It wasn’t a reply to Juanita, but a separate comment.

    I was actually thinking of Glenn Greenwald needing to leave his own company and the whole big tech bias, which is what I’ve been speaking to the last several comments.

    I compliment you often on your letting both sides comment, yet you seem to keep insisting I have it out for you…why?

    Perhaps you have it out for me??

    • My apologies, HC.

      A statement about a journalist just under Juanita’s statement about me personally seemed pointed at me.

      • No worries lets be friends. I sincerely like you and very much appreciate your site. And the opportunity to speak my mind.
        Also the life saving fire info you provide our communities as well as other community info.

        You have my respect even though we completely disagree politically.

        Just for the record I didn’t read Juanita’s comment before I posted mine or I would have posted it elsewhere in the comment sections.
        I have arthritis in my hands and it often takes me awhile to get my posts to read the way I want them to, so I usually take the full edit time to fix them up.

        • HC, you have a kind heart and I have a hot temper. I apologize again for mistaking your meaning.

          • Kym,
            Sending you hugs! I can understand how it looked the way you took it.

            TRB brings out the snark in me. We all have our buttons we don’t want pushed.

            I think you’re quite calm considering the chaos of 2020 and all the juggling you’ve done..

            • You look pretty bad on your own, without my replies.

              You’re a mouthpiece of misinformation, at best.

              Your information is 90% junk, and I stopped paying attention to you, so I don’t know how bad the other 10% is…

              And it’s cute, your snake oil charm, but I just don’t buy it – though others obviously do.

              The difference between us is honesty: I am an ass.

  • Recording purports to capture candidate’s son rambling about big Chinese business, disappearing partner, and a criminal trial.

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