EPD Asks Public’s Help With Unsolved Homicide

Homicide Investigation Feature IconPress release from Eureka Police:

On January 8, 2010, Eureka Police Officers were dispatched to a report of a deceased person in a residence at the 1600 block of County Lane in Eureka. Upon investigation, Eureka Police Detectives determined the deceased to have been murdered. The victim was 57-year-old David Rogers. Rogers was the sole occupant of the residence. Eureka Police Investigators are asking for the public’s help solving this murder.

Anybody with information about this crime should contact Detective Harpham at 707- 441-4305 or [email protected].



  • Cold case files?

  • In 2003 my brother was murdered In Southern Humboldt. The perpetrators have never been
    Apprehended or brought to Justice ,one of the guys who was driving the green neon that night He still lives in arcata .I have brought this to the attention of the authorities and nothing has happened, I am sure if the guy had an indoor they be all up in arms to deal with it , there’s no profit in solving murder crimes ,,everything is profit oriented , I would say his name. Then I’d be arrested for liable or deformation. Meanwhile and murder goes fre. Cruising the clubs in arcata. Jigi jgii on bro

  • libel*
    But I kinda like your words better!!

  • Things that make you go hmm...

    2010⁉️ 🤷 is that correct Ms Kym?

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