New Netflix monster film references Humboldt in dark light, signifying a trend

A promo image for Tremors: Shrieker Island from social media

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week

Humboldt County was again referenced in dark lighting on Netflix, but this time replacing the documentary-style “Murder Mountain” with the new monster film “Tremors: Shrieker Island.”

“Had a rifle in my hand,” says one character after stating they were born on a weed plantation in Alderpoint, also known as Murder Mountain. You can note the actresses’ pronunciation of Alderpoint saying “Al” like the name rather than the more traditionally-heard “all.”

The film stars John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), who was scheduled to do a local show before COVID canceled everything, along with Tremors franchise vet Michael Gross and Jackie Cruz (Orange Is The New Black) among others.

The synopsis from IMDB: “Graboids (monster worms) are illegally taken to a new island resort by a rich playboy as a dangerous form of trophy hunting, and Burt Gummer steps up to save the day.”

The flick is getting mixed reviews. It seems like a great film to watch while coming up with amusing remarks.

If you’ve seen it, please leave your review in the comments.

Maybe the next time Netflix references Humboldt County they can shine a light on the upsides of our beautiful area.

Episode Description: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, that TV comedy with Sara Bareilles, Revolver Magazine, Tremors, an upcoming horror movie, troubles behind bars, Ruth sadness, our ninth COVID death, our helpful nature, housing, an interesting SoHum bust, and more.

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  • Own it, as it’s surely true…

    Remember, outsiders are not welcome in the lands “East of Garberville”, which is the title of my latest book!

    Pick it up wherever nauseating violent trash is sold, and remember, just dump the bodies at Jerold Phelps Hospital…

    • Wow! Not everybody lives in your world of trash and negativity! There’s a whole lot of brightness and beautiful people in Humboldt County! In as soon as you all negative people Wake up on the right side of the bed it’ll be a better day for everyone so keep your ship to yourself

      • Well, as we always say:

        In Southern Humboldt, it’s a thin line between Campaign Posters and Police Line-ups…

        Elsewhere in this blog is a poem from farmer to crop… I can’t think of any other “industry”, where you would see such a thing!

        Imagine, a Sutter County grower composing a paean to his prune crop…

        I know, I know, my comments need a warning label: “For Amusement Only….”

        Don’t take everything so personal, Mary! It’s just work, after all…

      • Don’t worry Mary. He doesn’t live here anymore. He’s like a loser boyfriend who, after you dump him, makes sure to let everyone know he never really liked you anyway (over and over and over again).

  • Wait til they make a documentary about wade Harris.

  • I tired watching it, didn’t make it to the Humboldt reference.

  • 🕯🌳Then they’ll bring Burt Gummer back.🤔

  • I think it’s important we keep promoting the dark, scary and ugly narrative about Humboldt. Out-of-the-area urban yuppies are eyeing our area as an escape from their home areas which they’ve allowed to become toxic cesspools. They have those city $$$ and will price the working-class locals out of ever being able to afford homes here. I’m glad if people that don’t know will get scared and continue to not know. Welcoming the world with open arms has not worked out for pretty much all locals everywhere….although a small minority stand to make lots of money from selling out their county. Slow down those yuppies!

  • welllll. Humboldt has gotten pretty dark the last few years, so whats the big deal about movies that are less than up lifting. I moved here 48 years ago, raised 4 children and am sad to see the darkness of such a beautiful place. maybe people will quit moving here, ok by me! just saying……

    • Only in some places that get undue amounts of publicity, and the end result is copycat killers, a psychological profile that degrades a community by bringing in people of like mind, lost revenue from tourism and whole bunch of other stuff. Never a good idea to get a jacket put on you that says I kill.

  • Yeah if only all the druggies, scumbag growers and other bottom dwellers would stop creating mayhem and killing each other then there would be some light, right weed promoter Kym?

    • I agree! Yay, for agreement.

      I’m just sorry that good folks who grow marijuana get tarred with the same brush as the bad…Hopefully, we agree on that, too, o person who claims to be a truthteller but I have high suspicions may have been banned in an earlier incarnation for lying.

    • Won’t you be my neighbor?

      I watched Shriekers last night. The Alderpoint reference (app. Min.28) jumped out at me and I called my son who attended Southfork H.S. In the ‘90’s with the “Murder Mountain “ kids. He laughed too.
      Great Camp. Tremors and it’s sequels are not trying for Oscar Recognition. Also, the film locations in Krabi are great eye candy.

    • I’m an outsider of Humboldt but travel up often…

      I agree with you locals, tell everyone it is VERY DANGEROUS HORRIBLE & RAINY…

      You are 100 correct about outpricing the locals too…

      I hate when I see people post spots up there with locations, I literally cringe everytime I see it…

      “Once u tell one about your favorite fishing spot it will no longer be your fishing spot…”

      It will be full of disrespectful travelers & TRASH!!!

      Our world is full of greed & people only care about themselves & trash the place especially on the giants…


      Shit we all piss there but take your F#CKIN WIPES WITH YOU OR DON’T VISIT!!!😡🤬

      People are so disrespectful!

      I am a huge nature lover & can’t stand the lack of respect for the trees!!

      KYM, I follow your work to stay up to date with what’s going on up there…👍

      Would love for you to do a piece on the pee wipes all over the giants…

      Honestly every female just needs to carry a zip lock bag & put it in there empty at a trash can & reuse bag…

      Very simple!!!!😁

      I actually would love to get together with some of you locals & go out possibly collecting them ALL on a weekend or something well as many as we can find which is literally hundreds to thousands…

      It has gotten really bad…

      I’m up there camping like 4-5 times a year…

  • Shouldn’t the monster be colored green?

  • I swear !

    The movie poster is showing Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden, trying to escape from the Wuhan Virus Worm.

  • Its just like the anti marijuana posters in these forums. There aint no neutral ground. You grow pot then you’re a gangster outlaw AK-47 wielding drug addicted psychopath who will blow your brains out if you so much as come within a half mile of the patches. Booby traps everywhere. Cannabalism feared to be happening cause no one ever finds the bodies. Full moon devil worshipping harvest festivals prevail.

    I wrote a play in the early 80s that made light of all of this cause thats when it started. Right after Kathy Davis was murdered. Over the next 5 years anything that had to do with violence and marijuana was exploited and used in the media with bold capital letters.

    I’ll admit it was wild west but it was a beautiful kind of wild west for the most part. The uglyness was few and far between, unlike today. Lot of wonderful things happened back then that got no attention what so ever.

    • Absolutely 💯💯💯💯💯💯

    • Wow! A drug lauded for making everything feel just fine especially when it isn’t, attracts all sorts looking to profit from it, who in turn attract violence like sugar draws toddlers, yet its aficionados see no connection. The only thing that reaches through the fog of chemical satisfaction is if the drug is not worshipped by everyone. Yup, brain cells are certainly not being affected here. No way.

      • See, its bullshit like that. Have you ever researched marijuana. If you had you’d know that it isn’t a drug, its a medicinal herb that has so many beneficial properties from hemp to medicine it could save the world. Unfortunately there are too many close minded and ignorant people in positions of power who don’t know how to discriminate between good and bad. Thank god their day is almost over.

        • ” it isn’t a drug, its a medicinal herb “… Right. Sure. Look up “drug” in the dictionary.

          • The only drug you need to worry about and look up is alcohol. And no pot isn’t a drug unless you believe idiots like Reagan. Time to wake up

  • Don’t forget about Virgin River, where they have the young, sad protagonist move to rural Humboldt to escape her tragedy, only to get kidnapped and threatened by big, scary pot growers.. *heavy eye roll*

    Does someone at Netflix harbor some deep rooted animosity against our gorgeous, mostly progressive county?

  • I had a romance-fan friend persuade me to skim a couple Virgin River novels. Obviously the author knows next to nothing about Humboldt — for example, she referred to the danger of wolves coming down from the mountains in the spring, for one thing, and all her descriptions were so generic they could have been lifted from travel brochures. The author has written numberous other series set by the sea, in the desert, etc. Any “romantic” setting will do. No one reads these kinds of books for authenticity, anyway. The sex scenes were pretty good.

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  • Won’t you be my neighbor?

    Virgin River’s HumCo was filmed in Canada.

  • I’m a friendly and non-violent, non loitering, hard working person who is new to the area and I have a passion, like many, for cannabis. I have to admit that I have been afraid of the monsters I hear about in the stories from the media and the locals.

    I am often very wary and stressed about where I park my car and honestly expect some form of gun violence to break out at any moment. I expect tough guys on hard drugs to rob me of what little I have at any moment. People here in Humboldt constantly say “stay safe”

    Is it any wonder that this negativity shows up in the movies, really?

    Either acknowledge that this is a dangerous place, or acknowledge that people say this is a dangerous place in order to ward off visitors and new people.

    Either of these acknowledgements present a problem for any county. On one hand you apparently have murderous outlaws running about, and on the other hand you have a force that is actively disparaging the economy.

    Long Live Burt Gummer

    • The world is a dangerous place Jonah. You should always be careful about where you park.

    • Awareness of violence is greater since by the minute access to world violence is possible now. Change your algorithms or go outside and search out the beauty and protect and take care of our incredible home world. It is good to stay aware but be the shining star as much as possible. Kindness is a profound act.

  • My Mom is in an episode of Murder Mountain. A few of my life long friends moved to Humboldt after HS back in the late 80’s. Both left (fled) in the last few years.
    Sad it’s gotten so ugly..

  • I stayed in Eureka and Arcada at the end of January. I was immediately taken back by the beauty of the area. The locals were friendly and It was a wonderful time. Low tide so I got to explore a cave, that was really really cool. The amazing Redwoods and the beauty of the forest was magical. The homeless population and the consequence of their living conditions (feces on the sidewalks and used needles) was really difficult to see. The sociable ones were even friendly. Sad to see this place getting so much negativity, it was paradise for me! However, I was only a visitor for two weeks and do not live there full time. Maybe my outlook would be different, but I doubt it, crime is everywhere and doesn’t discriminate.

  • Travler.
    I’ve lived in humboldt county for 70 years, “Arcada” for 30. I have yet to see needles or feces on any downtown sidewalks.
    By the way— it’s Arcata. Not Arcadia or Arcada.
    I graduated from SFHS in the mid 60’s. Saw the hippies show up trying to live like Daniel Boone. This whole downfall started in the 70’s when some growers found they could trade pounds of pot for ounces of coke. Knew some guys flying pounds out to the hollywood infested ski slopes of Colorado where there was a lot of cocaine.
    Object? The paranoia, and anger, fueled by crank, has been predominate here for 50 years. I am sad to see folks not be able to walk all the land without fear of being shot over a dope grow.

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