Motorcyclist Injured After a Hit and Run in Fortuna

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Background photo by Oliver Cory

A motorcyclist is injured after they collided with a van near Safeway on Redwood Way in Fortuna.

An ambulance is picking up the injured person.

The vehicle, reportedly a blue Astro van with black wheels, fled the scene northbound on Fortuna Blvd, according to information coming over the scanner.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 1 p.m.: The victim, a male, was wearing all his safety gear, according to a report from medical personnel speaking over the scanner.



  • Looks like Marci’s out of the halfway house..

  • bahahahahahaha…….

  • Wow I bet your ex misses you like a hole in the head. Get some psychiatric help.

  • America LOVES its Bill of Rights but will NEVER Live Up to a Bill of Responsibility…

  • Hope the motorcycle rider will be fine. Ok people, keep an eye out for the van that hit the rider and call the police ASAP! The van driver needs to be taken of the road before he hits someone else and kills them. Nothing but a gutless low life.

  • Everyone knows who it was

  • The through way along the shopping center entrance/exit is incredibly dangerous. Whether you are driving along redwood Way, exiting or entering the parking lot it’s always dicey. Either someone comes popping out of nowhere from the lot, or drivers are commuting too fast. We actually should get speed humps installed along that corridor. It would reduce the speed of some of you hicks racing along that road.

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