Man Pointing “Makeshift” Weapon at People in Redway Taken Into Custody

Deputies detain man suspected of brandishing a makeshift spear gun.

Deputies detain man suspected of brandishing a makeshift spear gun. [Photo by Luis Ruiz]

Reports of a man pointing a “makeshift spear gun” at people and vehicles not long before 10 a.m. sent Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies near the car wash on Briceland Road in Redway.

According to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, Samantha Karges, “The man was taken into custody.”

The red arrow points to the makeshift weapon being held by the deputy

The red arrow on the far right points to the makeshift weapon being held by the deputy. [Photo by Luis Ruiz]

As deputies haven’t had time to report the information, details are scarce at this time.



  • Why the police dont just throw a net over this type situations is beyond me….putting all that man power on one lost soul, running the risks…. net them!

  • Another failure of our mental health system. They really need to put folks like this in.a mental facility for life insted of in and out of jail and prison.

    • For life? Are you nuts! Yes, off you go.

      • This guy is a grade A scumbag. I’m the one who called 911. Believe me, if he was just some random, non threatening tweaker, I wouldn’t have done anything at all. He was however, “aiming” it at children riding their bikes, as well as passing vehicles, and screaming at them like a lunatic. I feel bad for the kids that had to be on the receiving end of his tirade. The only mental illness this guy has is self imposed. Screw him and good riddance.

      • Well what is your solution? They go off their meds and are a danger to others since it can not be cured what other options are there? Prison? That does not fix anything. Why not put them in some type of facility of appropiate level insted of.letting tem out and let them victmize more people.

        Out patient treatment does not work. I am not saying anyone with mental illness just ones that pose a threat. The murder in Arcata is a prime example. The parents must be sick but asked for help for their some several times. Tell me what is your solutiin

    • Remember Reagan?

  • I saw him earlier in the morning by the Redway laundry. His weapon consisted of pieces of aluminum tubing about three feet long tied in such a way that appeared to shape out a rifle with a towel or rag wrapped around it. It was not a weapon. It was tubing that was shaped and tied/taped together with a rag around it. He was aiming it like a child aims a plastic rifle at birds, sidewalk and imaginary targets. He’s high.

  • Too much meth!

  • That meth must have been potent!

  • Is it a weapon if it is just made to look like a weapon?
    Let the law decide.
    a child with a pretend gun.

  • Another self inflicted mental health victim.

  • Thanks to the HCSO for removing this threat before someone was injured…

  • Humboldt County, and all of California is turning into a zombie apocalypse.

    Because of all the coddling policies that criminally prosecute NO low-level crimes anymore we have evolved to people camping (and relieving themselves and shooting drugs) on our sidewalks, and on our formerly pristine and regulated beaches, and specifically in our own forests, riverbar and underbridges full-time!! With their trash, and their drugs, their feces and their needles, and their disgusting, de-evolved lifestyle. I’m grossed out by the state of our state!

    Creating sanctuary for criminals and the severely mentally ill at obvious risk to others , is the death of California as we have known it.

    • Realistically, Redway is where the whirlpool spins before the wash water goes down the drain… Go work at Jerold Phelps Hospital for a month and meet these guys in the ER at 3AM after they have shot or stabbed each other, or overdosed in the streets…

      The total lack of Mental Health Services in SoHum (the county’s MHS office is a complete joke) and the ready access to very bad drugs in Garberville/Redway plus the lack of interest by the overpaid Sheriff Deputies, adds up to a critical mass of drug and mental health issues that any other community would reckon intolerable.

      In five years of living in Redway, I was never personally affected by crazy behavior, but I was badly frightened by what I saw in the streets, the sheer volume of bums lying outside the Post Office and ShopSmart at all hours, and the 24/7 incursion of folks on bicycles cruising around looking for something to steal…

      But the regular citizens of Redway smoke plenty of weed and Meth, and there are certain houses where the weed and crystal customers are coming and going all day and night… You can obtain an encyclopedia of drugs in Garberville, virtually around the clock/365 days a year, and, most of the players are known to LEOS…

      Humboldt County is “Disneyland for Druggies”, and, Redway is “Tweaker Central”, thanks to certain individuals who make very good livings selling large quantities of crystal and weed… Heroin is always present too…

      Until Humboldt takes Mental Health and Drug Treatment seriously, nothing will change.

      Applause for Redwood Health Services for their outpatient rehab and Suboxone program!
      No credit for SoHum Health, which ignores Detox and Rehab as necessary and appropriate services, right along with SoHum Health’s failures to deliver Counseling/MFT/Women’s Health/Maternity and Outpatient Pharmacy. Congratulations for missing opportunities for yet another year, Matt Rees!

  • Have to agree to an extent with all the crazy Meth monsters roaming the streets In Gville and Redway. I actually speculate Gville might have been infiltrated.. and possibly meth and other and users encouraged to come here too be disruptors, and make the town and community look bad, and cause trouble.. Who would ever hire half these folks?? Crazy town… However it’s not just tiny ole G’ville that has this problem. It’s California specifically that has a huge problem with chronic homelessness.. poverty, wage disparity, and hard drug abuse.. Bottom line.. It’s also too bad that G’ville has never put together some sort of workers hostile for responsible trimmers or seasonal workers coming thru. Often the good gets thrown in with the bad..
    I think this guy has done this before? Same spot.. not sure if it was the same guy.

  • Good Lord.

    It was nothing close to approaching a spear gun. It was a piece of tubing wrapped in string and a rag. The string was attached to 2 or 3 pairs of Crocs shoes he was dragging along.

    I gave him coffee 10 minutes before this occurred. He was not aggressive or anything of the sort.

    He actually came to apologize to me for being a nutcase in the last few days before he was sent to prison a few years ago. We had a nice conversation. I listen, he rambles. We have a smoke and a coffee. He’s still there inside. He calms when someone takes time to listen.

    The government has failed him. I’m so far from a socialism kind of guy, but the government has failed him. I realize he has a huge stake in his position in this world, but also he has been dealt a crappy hand.

    Dylan isn’t completely lost. The mental health system has failed him.

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