Yesterday, Firefighters Responded to Six Illegal Debris Burns


Non-approved combustibles shown above are never legal to burn

Cal Fire says, “Non-approved combustibles shown above are never legal to burn.” [Photo provided by Cal Fire]

Press release from Cal Fire:

The CAL FIRE Humboldt-Del Norte Unit would like to remind the public that the burn suspension remains in effect. Burning during the suspension can result in enforcement action under Health and Safety and Public Resources Codes. Additional civil and criminal charges apply for burning non-approved combustibles, if a fire escapes your control or burns another property. On September 25, 2020, fire resources responded to six illegal debris burns throughout Humboldt County. Burning during the suspension increases fire hazard, negatively impacts air quality and generates 911 calls requiring local resources to investigate.

Non-approved combustibles shown above are never legal to burn

CAL FIRE and the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District (NCUAQMD) will notify the public when the burn ban is lifted.v



  • Just because we had a little drizzle doesn’t mean it makes it safe to burn. What’s wrong with people?

  • Looks like a lifetime of bad decision making led to this moment…

    • Or perhaps a lifetime of bad decisions by their parents left these people without the skills required to make good decisions, and so on, and so on,…

    • Yes. Bad decisions in industrial policy, in food distribution policy, in accepting the policies of the chemical industry, and in waste policy. You can’t just blame the poor soul at the end of the chain. How about issuing some ‘dump stamps’? How about tax-subsidized trash pick up? One needs a vehicle, fuel, and money to use the ‘recycling’ centers. If a system is breaking down, the system itself is flawed. No use blaming the people–human nature will not change. Adjust the system until it works.

      • That is one of society’s problems, “no use blaming the people”. No acceptance of responsiblity for your actions and lack of morales. It’s not my fault, it’s the big business…it’s the government….It is not my fault. Between the intitled generation and lack of ability to reason our society is going to be lost. The system works when everyone contributes and quits making demands with no workable solutions.

      • I remember talking to someone who thought his $15 co pay for inhalers for Asthma was a good deal when his insurance company picked up the $85 extra… Then I made him aware that the year before when his parents could buy them off the shelf they were a little less than $15.

        So, when the Government made it where you couldn’t do that, people didn’t pay less, and it cost a LOT more.

        Keep hating companies though…Thinking the government can somehow do it all…somehow.

        • What was the fall out from refrigerator chemical mandates? Crappy refrigerators that need constant replacement but the ozone layer is intact. What will be the fall out from electric vehicle mandates? Less damaging chemicals spewed into the air but a huge volume of energy and environmental damage done from mining needed chemicals on batteries not fully recyclable. Health insurance, banking, flood insurance, zoning, etc, etc, etc. All seeking to fix a problem. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t but always they create new problems. Vaccinations increase the likelihood of children surviving to adulthood but then the sheer volume of people… Nothing is as simple as demanding someone else fixes the problem.

  • 🕯🌳Like the firefighters don’t have alot to do already, knuckledraggers.

  • What are we supposed to do with our trash??

    • Non CRV Plastic can be recycled, just not the CRV plastics!!! Newspaper, in fact all paper can be recycled as well!!! As can Non Aluminum cans!!! It’s free as well as easy just dump the separated items off & boogie

      • Doggo the commie ☺

        Less than 10% of plastic has EVER been recycled. None is being recycled at present. You can take it to the dump and put it in the recycle bin, but it does not get recycled. It just makes you feel good and you don’t have to pay a dump fee. It is just another trick.

    • Take it to the freaking dump [edit]
      Here’s the deal. Recycle what you can, put the rest in a can so critters don’t spread your garbage through the neighborhood and take a [edit] dump run every couple of weeks.
      I hope this helps clear things up for you.🙄

    • Take to the Bridge like every body else Duh (satire)

    • Hmmmm…. There just might be some incentive to create less trash so that you don’t have to risk burning down your own environment…

    • Man I hope this is just someone trolling. No one can be that uninformed about trash disposal in this day and age, can they?

    • Duh. You use your backhoe to dig a pit. You fill the pit through the dry season. After the first big storm, you burn anything that weather and animals haven’t scattered. You stop burning in spring and repeat the process. Easy peasy.

      I choose dump run instead, but the above was the way it was done at the first place I worked at on the hill.

    • If you burn it the dust and ash go up into the air and makes stars, and everyone knows stars are enviormentaly friendly.

    • Think about “What are we supposed to do with our trash?” when you purchase items. See if the item you are purchasing comes in less packaging (maybe from a different producer? vote with your $). Ask yourself before purchasing that new car/tv/boyfriend: “Do i need this? Is the item itself, or is the “need” it would fulfill worth me contributing the garbage from packaging, and materials used to create the item itself. Look at the cost worldly and dollarwise before you pick up that environmentally “awesome” Tesla that’s going to make all the guys down at the gym jealous/horny/excited. It may just be better for everyone (especially your grandchildren) if you were to keep your (actually pretty environmentally awesome) Honda CIVIC. Get a bike. See the out of doors, and live longer.

  • What is wrong with some people’s kids!!!

  • What kind of idiots?! Time for some common sense lighter control

  • If you hold a BLM sign you can burn whatever you want though.

  • The Family Downwind

    If you can carry it in, you can carry it out (whether in a vehicle, on foot, or by horseback). It really is that simple.

  • Its a sad throw away society.

  • If you look closely you might just see what i see on the right lower side of the barrel, which appears to be a hip and femar and some rib cage.
    I might be crazy cause i could be seeing things but their insane for posting the picture.

  • Why do people insist on burning trash? Especially those living in areas with mandatory curb-side waste pick-up? It’s bad enough burning organics, but trash has toxins in it that when burned go straight into a person’s lungs where it either gets stuck, or enters the bloodstream. Do they not care about other people and animals, let alone themselves or their families?

    • And where do you think it goes after it’s picked up at the curb. It doesn’t just magically disappear. It’s either burned or buried….one big pile, or many small piles …doesn’t matter. People have been burning and burying and living to ripe old ages for centuries. The solution to pollution is dilution. Fire and decay is part of the cycle of life, maybe don’t stand there and take deep breaths, or plant your garden in it but, you’ll be fine, life goes on.

  • They all should have been arrested on arson charges…

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