Four Suspicious Fires Saturday in the Phillipsville Area

Arson Tipline

[Image from Cal Fire]

Early in the morning of September 19, firefighters responded to four suspicious fires in the Franklin K. Lane Grove just north of Phillipsville.

“Cal Fire Law enforcement is investigating these incidents,” Cal Fire Battalion Chief Paul Savona. He noted there has been “an increase in fire activity in the Phillipsville-Redcrest area.”

He told us, “The community is advised to be vigilant.”

Savona said that if “they see something, say something.” He said that Cal Fire has a 24/7 tip line available for the public to notify Cal Fire Law Enforcement regarding information relating to suspicious fires.

Arson tip line: 1 (800) 468-4408.



  • Details? More info please…”suspicious fires” isn’t information. Given that there’s an almost straight line of fires from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, it kinda seems like something is very amiss. Let us know some things, please?
    Also, how are we supposed to see something in a grove off the road? Where? Is it in/near homeless camps? What do we need to lookout for?

  • there have been acts of arson linked to Antifa/BLM all across the state. interesting how the media doesn’t focus on these, but shifts the emphasis on”climate change”

    • No there haven’t. You are lying. Cite ONE example.

    • You are a purveyor of fake news. There is not one single fire linked to any political groups and certainly not the ones you mentioned or anyone remotedly related to them. It’s just a made up story you are repeating to make yourself feel good. Name a single shred of evidence–one little tiny strand: a single fire, a single suspect or more, a single police investigation of those groups, just one and please post the legit police link here–not one of your fake news websites. Thank you.

    • 🕯🌳Well according to your picture there was an increase of 23,000 so what’s your point?

    • Oh BARF! Interesting how you would shift the focus from a very local issue to something national and politically charged. We need to be looking out for one another, NOT making assumptions and pointing fingers.

    • There have RUMORS and CONSPIRACY “THEORIES” of Antifa/BLM arson.

      It is a lie. Such a lie that our very conservative (constitutional) Sheriffs in Oregon have had to come and publically debunk them.

      It is a lie.

      • The article you set the link to doesn’t say ANTIFA, BLM or Proud Boys were not responsible for arson. It simply says nobody linked to these organizations have been arrested for arson. The communist agenda does call for the setting of many wildfires however. Someone prone to jumping to conclusions, after watching our cities burn at the hands of left wing radicals has about a fifty fifty chance of being correct, and you have the same odds of being wrong when you call the rumors lies. How can you be so cocksure about your statements when you really don’t know any more than the person you are arguing with?

        • Oh just stop.


          “Communist agenda”…LOLOLOL.

          Clearly you don’t know who John Hanlin is to not realize if he could have he would have linked it to Antifa.

          And for the last fucking time (sorry Kym), the cities are not burning. I swear you all think Portland looks like Dresden after the WW2 bombing. I yes, I know about that because we just up there shopping for our house renovation, stopped by to chat with some family, had lunch, and tried to get out before the nightly traffic jams. Now THOSE are hellscapes. 🙂

          Oh yeah, and as much as I despise the Proud Boys, I sincerely doubt they were setting fires either.

          • Portland’s a big city. So you’re saying that during your quick little jaunt in and out you saw enough to be an expert on the situation?

            I can tell you right now, if you were in Portland shopping for material for a home renovation hundreds of miles away, you were probably nowhere near the areas that are burning.

            Your story reminds me of the two blind men feeling opposite ends of an elephant and both claiming to know what an elephant looks like.

    • Those have ALL been debunked. Nice try at shitraking

    • Put down the Kool Aid

    • ANTIFA? BLM? Seriously?
      I cry bullshit!
      I’m seriously done with a bunch of [edit] fascists falling for whatever propaganda best fits their petty prejudices.
      Enough already!
      Arson is a sexually motivated crime and most arsonists are repeat offenders. So instead of waving your racist paranoia about the community, perhaps you might rip your eyes off your television and watch out for your neighbors.

    • Nathalie Richcreek

      Your ignorant remark doesn’t help anyone…..yes there are arsonists about but most of these fires enlarged because of the winds and people who are conspiracy theorists should be helping others instead of making up theories

  • Even if Antifa was lighting these wildfires the only reason why they can be so easily lit and can become mega wildfires is still due to global warming/climate change. Also how do you explain the past couple years of wildfires?

  • Whoa. I drove past there on Saturday morning around 10. I saw a few fire trucks, smelled fresh smoke and wondered what was going on! That spot is a pretty dark redwood grove, and thankfully it was a foggy morning.

  • Probably some tweakers hoping the area will be evacuated so they can sneak in and rip off all the houses

  • I commend you, Kym. Thank you for the news!


    Although this article brings climate change into it unnecessarily, it pretty clearly shows that yes, arsonists are setting fires, and at a huge rate.

  • Dude, all my in-laws and shirt-tails live in and around Portland. My husband grew up there (after his family lost their dairy farm on the coast). It isn’t an abstract thing to me. I am not “hundreds of miles away”, 120 miles give or take. We drove right through downtown on 405. We even stopped at a store on NW 23rd. If we had any business closer to the Federal Courthouse, we would have had no hesitation going.

    My friend who has to go to OHSU weekly also isn’t quaking in fear. But it seems that a whole lot of people who don’t even live in the state are scared sh*tless or at least want to pretend they are.

    The city is not burning. It seems very, very important to some people that the city is a huge disaster area. Including the Trump admin with it’s purely political “anarchist jurisdiction” bullshit. Seriously, he only, through Barr, said that of three cities (Seattle, PDX and NYC…wtf? NYC?) Even though protests are going on in places like Louisville, but that is in a red state…don’t want to mess with that.

    You better sit down for this, aside from downtown not getting the traffic they “normally” would, with COVID. And you know what? A lot of that is because numbskulls from somewhere nowhere near downtown Portland think the city is on fire.

    Meanwhile, other parts of Oregon, as are parts of California, are literally on fire. Small towns wiped off the map. People have died (we don’t even know how many yet).

    • I should add that a couple of those relatives have fled Portland because of the fires, They are staying with our daughter. But it isn’t because the city is on fire, but from the smoke from the forest burning. They were fine staying in town during the protests, it was the forests burning that drove them out.

  • This press release says ‘see something, say something’, and misses something obvious: take a photo with yer f-ing phone!!!! Might be really useful for identifying the firebug.

  • BLM setting fires is a thing that started when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) set back fires to combat blazes and some dipwad misread it for Black Lives Matter. Man the stories being told about the people fighting political fires are getting pretty desperate.

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