Worried About Transporting Cannabis Legally as Wildfires Force Evacuations? We Got the Answers You Need

Fire marijuanaAs wildfires spread across California, many cannabis cultivators who don’t have transportation licenses are concerned about how to move their product legally out of evacuated areas. The Trinity County Agriculture Alliance shared information about how cultivators can partner with others to move their product in a document created by the Origins Council and many trade organizations like theirs entitled the Emerald Triangle Fire Emergency and Cannabis Resources.

In the document are a number of resources for anyone–places to evacuate, sites to check for the latest information, etc. But, it also has information on the laws governing moving cannabis and a list of distributors willing to help.

Here is the relevant information:

Moving Product: CDFA Disaster Relief Regulations

CDFA regulation 8207(h) allows cannabis to be moved without prior approval to prevent loss, theft, or degradation of cannabis due to a disaster. The rules for this are:


  • The cannabis must be moved to a secure location where access to the cannabis is restricted to the licensee, its employees, and contractors.
  • The licensee should notify CDFA in writing within 24 hours that they are requesting relief from complying with specific licensing requirements.
  • Within ten days, the licensee should notify CDFA in writing a request for temporary relief that clearly indicates the statutory and regulatory sections from which relief is requested, the time period for which the relief is requested, and the reasons relief is needed for the specified amount of time.
  • The licensee must provide inspection access to CDFA.


Similar disaster relief provisions are also available under the BCC (Section 5038 of regulations)  and DPH (Section 40182 of regulations). 


Oxalis has put together a template notification for regulators and other resources for requesting disaster relief.


Distributors confirmed as accepting product under disaster relief rules include:



  • Altum Mind, (707) 517-6463
  • Bear Extraction House, (707) 217-1214
  • Grass Roots Distro
  • Green Ox Distro
  • Hayfork Distribution, (707) 497-7812
  • [Humboldt Brand – Cannabis Company (707) 725-9377]
  • Papa & Barkley, (707) 599-8775
  • Sol Spirit, transport only, (707) 498-3957
  • Trusty Distro, (707) 599-1674
  • Redwood Roots, (707) 923 – 1236
  • SISU, (707) 923 – 1236
  • Humboldt Sun Growers Guild, (707) 444-8783
  • Ital Distribution Center, (707) 506 – 3071
  • Emerald Family Farms, (707) 630-5049
  • Root 101 Rio Dell, (707) 506 – 3071
  • Humboldt Distribution Company, 707-496-3546





  • Seed to Soul (Cloverdale), Michael: 707- 217 – 5138
  • Thrive Society (Santa Rosa)
  • The Galley (Santa Rosa), Annie Holman: [email protected], Cheriene Griffith: [email protected] 530 – 736-1368




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