Vote Yes on Measure F, Says Letter Writer

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Measure F Arcata FireDear Editor,

We desperately need to pass Measure F this November 3rd to keep the communities of Arcata, McKinleyville, Bayside, Manila, and Jacoby Creek safe from fire.

These days in California, it shouldn’t take much convincing for one to understand the importance of having a well-functioning fire department serving our community.  Although coastally in our area we are fortunate enough to not live in a high-risk fire zone (yet), localized fires still occur regularly, and in order to protect our personal and professional livelihoods, it is paramount we are able to fully staff our currently overwhelmed Fire Department.

A severe budget crisis has resulted in the loss of 8 firefighters.  Due to inadequate staffing, the District’s 3 fire stations have been forced to implement rotating fire station closures.  This has created a terrible situation and a serious threat to the public safety of our community. There has been a lot of incorrect and misleading information circulating around. Despite ongoing efforts, it’s been very difficult to reach the 37,000 people the District serves with accurate facts.  For example, it is still common to hear from people who don’t realize the Arcata Fire District is also the fire department for McKinleyville, Manila, Bayside and Jacoby Creek. I’m also hearing from people who don’t realize the Fire District receives no funding from the City or County governments!

How can our 5 communities go without a functioning fire department?!  We must find ways to better inform the people who live within our 62 square mile Fire District of this very urgent situation. Please get the word out and vote YES on Measure F this Nov. 3rd, to restore the vacant firefighter positions needed to keep our fire stations open.  Thank you!


Jason D Osburn Arcata resident



  • What does the HSU contribute?

  • They we’re upset when the last request was on the ballot wasn’t approved. It’s always more and more $$, the timing with all that’s going on is perfect to ask for funding. The budget crisis is due to the ever growing pension responsibilities, which takes away from services needed.
    Would be nice if all the money went to the firefighters they deserve it. The heroes through all these horrible wildfires.

  • 7 years of Ca. burning down and Fire Depts go begging? Why?

    Ca. State budget should make sure ALL Fire Depts are funded through out the State.

    Less pork and more necessities.

  • Burnt Roach (new handle)

    I don’t live within Arcata’s fire district but I do have a vested interest there. Why can’t the people living in Humboldt County (or other counties) put a measure on the ballot to set aside a percentage of the money collected from property taxes and dedicate those funds specifically for fire districts (or other needs), and specifically for those working, and the equipment they need?

    I see taxpayer’s money spent on many things, some of them surely for politician’s and bureaucrat’s pet projects. So much money is wasted by these people. Maybe it’s time to take back the power of the purse and use the money for things that will actually help those who pay the taxes in the first place.

    The issue of pensions for those working in public service should be considered separately. This is not done because generally speaking, many people would be shocked to find out how pensions are taking such a large bite out of the budgets of these service groups. Also, how that bite is increasing each year, and how there is no increase in funding to help with it.

  • Hey but newsome made sure that those illegals got stimulus monies …….

  • So where is all the money from measure Z going?

    What happened to all the road improvements we were supposed to get after the Cannabis tax?

    Maybe if California collectively paid
    More in taxes then any other state in the country, we would have better infrastructure… <(that was sarcasm As We already pay more then any other state.)

    • Liberal progressives love to tout that California, if it was its own nation would have the 5th biggest economy in the world, then why can we have nice things? We pay the taxes, but we have a crap government then things like this have to fleece the citizens even more. Why is it greedy for me to want to keep my money but the governments not greedy for wanting to take it against my will?

      • Push back against the government, pseudo science that is forcing Independent business to compete unfairly against the corporate government lynch mob.

        Follow the money as it leaves your hand and emboldens the corporate run take over of our society

    • measure z money pays for the sheriffs double salary retirement package. should have scrapped z and made a new tax measure that didnt pay that crook who took two job titles (for one year) in order to collect two retirements.

  • They said if the last measure didn’t pass they would demote 3 Battalion Chiefs. They didn’t. 2 retired. 1 of them only retired because they paid him an extra 6% on his retirement check forever. I thought they didn’t have any money? If they have 4 people on duty, there is a Chief for every 2 firefighters. They need to do what they said and get rid of the Battalion Chief. These people are only asking for money to pad there hefty retirements at age 50 ( full medical coverage for them and their families). Vote No on Measure F.

  • Where did you get that information from Guest? I am interested what percentage of the 2.2 million would go to unfunded pension liabilitys and increases in salaries. Also with the increasing cost of health insurance, having afd pay for health insurance from retirement to medicare age seems unsustainable. Since property owners fund them 90 percent through taxes and bonds, shouldn’t we be able to decide where the money is spent. Maybe add something that says they wont put another bond for 20 years since this one has a 10 year sunset.

    • The 2006 AFD tax hike was supposed to sunset 4 years ago….it didn’t

      Now they are asking for another 92 percent increase and a promise that it will be up for sunset review in 10 years.

      They never sunset a tax

      Guest has it right

      Vote NO on F

  • Well said they shouldn’t be allowed to work two shifts in a row either because the second shift is 2x pay that’s where they’re coming up and sucking up that money

  • What in the world. We need to support our firefighters. Yes they work two shift sometimes because someones home is on fire or they have to stay because a person is trapped in a vehicle and is dying. I don’t understand why in the world you would not want to make sure our fire department is funded. And yes they deserve medical after they retire. Do you have any idea how many toxins they are exposed to or lasting trauma from people dying in their arms. Try looking at someone you love after they have lost a child patient. They won’t tell you how bad it was they just go back to work and do it all over again.

  • This measure is putting 90 percent of the cost on property owners. I think those costs should be shared equally with everyone in the district. I understand we cannot have a sales tax to support it because it is classified differently, but because of this maybe it is time to do what is necessary so that it would be eligible to receive those funds. If that means merging with humboldt bay fire I am for it. I believe they cut 750,000 from APD, times are tough and I do believe we have voted on this more then once before. Do you think it is right to just disregard peoples votes until you get the answer you want? I also am disgusted how they are going about promoting this measure, using fear and attacking someone with differing opinions. Yes, I have read the measure and no I do not think the money is being spent wisely. Property owners cannot afford to pay those huge salaries and benefits, and with retirement the way it is, there will be another measure in a few years to pay for more.

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