CDFW Extends Land Closures Through Monday, Sept. 21

ClosedPress release from CDFW:

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has extended closures on 49 properties that lie within or immediately adjacent to U.S. Forest Service (USFS) boundaries through Monday, Sept. 21. The closures were put into place on Saturday, Sept. 12 due to unprecedented and historic fire conditions.

All closures are CDFW wildlife areas or ecological reserves, and they cover many parts of the state. They were closed following the USFS announcement of the temporary closure of all national forests in California.

Fire danger is extreme in California currently. Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to check for closures before leaving on any recreational trip. The following links show up-to-date closures:

CDFW acknowledges that hunting opportunities will be impacted. Tag return and preference point eligibility requirements and additional information may be found on CDFW’s website.



  • Me too! Me too! You get a closure. And you get a closure. I hope Oprah don’t skip me. I’m so tired of this crap. 2020 will be one for the books. If we don’t stop closing stuff, we won’t have anything to close next year. Conservation folks! The most dangerous thing to closures is running out of things to close. People better start opening new businesses so the people who do the closing have a job. Or maybe the closeres will run out of things to close. Then they’ll have to find a different job. Then we can open again until some new Karen’s have been hired. Haha funny but true. Have a good day everyone!

  • 2020, the year the ‘free-world’ died, closure with this death is going to take a looonnnngggg time. I grieve already and coffin isn’t even closed yet.

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