Six New Cases Reported Today, September 15

Humboldt Test Results by the NumbersPress release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

The total number of Humboldt County residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 now stands at 479, after six additional cases were reported today.

Wildfires continue to burn across the state, with many evacuees seeking shelter locally in individual households or in hotels, campgrounds, RV parks and short-term rentals. Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich said gathering with those outside of your household is inherently risky in the time of COVID. “As we offer our support to those in need of relief from wildfires, we should all keep COVID-19 precautions in mind.”

For a list of ways to provide shelter as safely as possible in Spanish, go to For English, visit

Today’s alert level stands at two or level yellow. Visit to view the county’s Alert Level Assessment tool.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

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  • Zero new deaths.

    One new hospitalization.

    Best wishes to all who are suffering. May you be safe and well.

  • How come in the pic at the top says Overall Alert Level 3 in the orange box, but in the next pic it says Level 2? Also when do cases become “sporadic” enough to warrant Level One? Looking at the definition “Cases are sporadic and contact tracing can be used to control the virus.” Isn’t it like that now? It seems like we have about 6-8 new cases a day, some days less. I know the contact tracers are working very hard but it seems like The County should be able to staff enough Tracers to handle six to eight cases a day. It all just seems so arbitrary.

    • Because I’m a tired idiot. Fixed now.

      8 cases per day would put us on the state watch list, according to Dr. Frankovich. Some businesses would have to close. If all 8 cases had 10 contacts which seems on the very lowest end, you would have to trace 80 per day.

      • Ok so then your suggesting we are less then 8 per day as we are at alert level two still. If 80 per day is too many to trace then how are places able to do hundreds a day? If it means the County needs to pony up for more Tracers then so be it. Also who makes the determination on when the cases are sporadic?

      • Does it have to be each day or are they running on a 5 day average. The reason I ask is that we have had 32 cases in the last four days yes. Friday late to Tuesday late. If they run on a 5 day average then if we have 8 or more tomorrow would that put us on the watch list?

        • My understanding is it is a 7 day average.

          • Watch list? Kind of funny, isn’t everyone already watching? FUHS knocking down 6 weeks, 42 days ,no cases . Over 500 kids in one location, can’t trust them to stay 6ft apart, can’t count on them to mask up. Only two answers, covid either doesn’t show much illness with them or it’s already been to FUHS in November of 19, I think we all know the answer.

        • I thought u werent commenting anymore????

  • School staff member

    How many of these cases are students? Not all the schools are being transparent. it only seems like we hear about the Southern Humboldt School District. Redwood Prep had a confirmed positive student but I never saw an article or public statement. There are employees at that school that share households with staff from other schools…There are kids at that school who’s parents are teachers at other schools. The chain effect goes on and on and it’s kept hush hush…

  • R David Franceschi

    How ill are they??? In the words of Bugs Bunny we should all be verwy, verwy affwaid!!!

  • Third World County

    We all have family and friends that are a serious risk of getting gravely ill if they catch covid. Please be careful not to spread the virus to our loved ones!

  • [Quote]

    Despite 741,000 tests today we slipped to 30,600 positives, of which likely 61% are false positives.

    That would make 12,000 actual new Covid cases yesterday, well below the flu off-season rate of 25,000-30,000 cases per day.

    • Where is a reliable citation for 61% false positive rate? Statistics from reputable sources seem to say <1% to a maximum of 5% depending on the test. False negatives are much more common. A test that was found to have a 3% false positive rate was considered so unacceptable that the FDA promptly notified labs to not trust it. This is much less than 61%. Also, if 2/3rds of tests were false positives, that would make our case fatality rate three times higher…

      • The 61% is for this particular day not across the board.


        Graph is in comments of previous link.

        • They found/estimated a 0.8% false positive rate based on tests in previous years for other illnesses, without using any data specific to covid-19. The tests being used for covid-19 are believed to be extremely specific, often quoted as “100%”, which they even mention in that report.

          They are making a valid point, in that if you do zillions of tests for something only a few people actually have, the results will be mostly false positives. For example, if you test everyone for a disease that actually no one at all has, you might still think 0.8% of people have it. However, our test positivity rate, and rates nationwide, are far too high for this to be the case. The nationwide average positivity rate is about 6%, which, even if the 0.8% is true (it likely isn’t, given the higher specificity claimed for covid tests than for the previous illnesses they used to generate that number), would mean about 12% of cases were false positives. However, this ignores the fact that much testing is based on symptomatic cases or of contacts which are much more likely to actually be positive, lowering the false positive rate. It also ignores the high false negative rate, much higher than the false positive rate – if you want to skew the data the other direction, you could quite reasonably claim that a good chunk of the 94% of people who tested negative were actually infected, and our numbers are lower than reported.

          And 61%… you’d have to just start pulling numbers out of thin air to come up with that. And even if it were true, it’s actually a horribly bad thing – it would mean only a third as many people were infected to generate the number of deaths we’ve had, that the case fatality rate is three times higher than we thought, that three times as many people as we expected were going to die, and that we’re generally three times more fucked than we thought.

          • Yep, your right, we’re fkd, 6 people have died. That’s 6 times more than i thought would die in 6 months. This sheet is out of control.

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka



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  • I don’t know why so many are into downplaying this thing, or overstating the current threat. If covid fizzles out we’ll all rejoice and for places like Humboldt that were spared the brunt as well as any other lightly affected area people will be especially happy, but not true for places that were hit when the virus first mutated with deadly results before letting up. But no one knows what the future will bring and thats why its best to accept its here and follow the data stream (trends, surges cfrs new mutations new illnesses etc) in the now to post information that is useful. So far, in much of the world, it hasn’t been the monster it was in Europe and the east coast, primarily NYC. What the future holds though is all that is important to try and figure out and stay on top of. If it does fizzle out then the scare level was unnecessary. Or maybe we shut it down through masking and distancing and shutdowns when it was a vicious monster and that saved the world. Or maybe one day a truly nasty virus will appear and what we learned from covid will save us. Alot of different ways to look at this thing.

    But like I said, let’s wait till this thing plays out before giving it a grade.

    • Scare level? Wtf are you talking about. Why would anyone be afraid of life’s natural cycle. You have seen it your whole life. People are born and people die, alot of drama over a fact of life. But being realistic, any region covid looks like it didn’t hit hard , already had it go through that region in 2019, pretty simple sherlock. Lets try not to make this more complicated than it really is.

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