After a Woman Was Stabbed in Eureka This Morning, EPD Arrested the Suspect

This is information provided bythe Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

William WhippleOn September 15, 2020, at about 8:45 a.m., officers responded to West Hawthorne Street for a stabbing report.  The female victim had received non-life threatening stab wounds earlier while in an altercation with a male near the 1100 block of 5th Street.  The male suspect was identified as 30 year old William Whipple.  While officers were investigating, EPD received an unrelated call at 9:35 a.m. for what appeared to be an argument happening in a moving vehicle near the 3400 block of F Street.  Officers ultimately located the vehicle near Harris and Montgomery right outside the City jurisdiction.  The passenger of the vehicle was quickly identified as William Whipple.

Whipple was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for assault with a deadly weapon in relation to the stabbing and violation of parole.

Law enforcement at the arrest of Whipple

Law enforcement at the arrest of Whipple. [Photo by Barbara Anne Weaver]



  • Black Rifles Matter

    Looks like a fine upstanding citizen to me.

    • Probably the woman’s pimp, or rather some dumbass working for the pimp. Drug addiction drives its victims into the gutter.

      • Probably his girlfriend/wife.

      • Excuse the victim and he’s not my pimp..I was only trying to help a friend get her stolen car back.if u don’t know what happen please don’t assume like u do. This is unnessary .

        • Everyone has one, but some are nothing but ass holes

        • If the stolen car was a Ford I may have some info on this case. I found some keys and they had a health sport tag on them so I called health sport and they called the owner though I didn’t ask for id as I should have cause maybe the keys from stolen car were put on the healthsport member’s ring, not likely and the guy that drove the woman to pick up the keys looked like him…I only got a quick look ..he was wearing a cap/hat of some kind but the whole thing felt weird to me…and I couldn’t place why.

        • Hay girly it’s Red down in Santa Barbara area glad to hear you survived this assault but it’s fucked up you got assaulted in the first place I’ll keep ya I. My prayers yr strong women!!

        • People are assholes. I apologize for assholes in the world. Hope you’re doing well❤️

      • You have absolutely no basis for that judgement, [edit].

    • Does he have best life tattoed on his mustache area? Anyone want to solve the puzzle. Lol

    • Just misunderstood.

  • wonder how he was “Quickly” identified

  • Defund the police, this guy looks like someone who just needs a social worker.

  • Whipple has killed a few people and got out of prison. He has been a psychopath since he was a teenager. He should have already been in prison for the rest of his life. Well done, Humboldt. He is a 5’5″ wimp who goes around stabbing people. The guy should not get out. He should’ve been a 3 striker already.

    • Well since they let Marci out they might as well let this guy out too, you know because covid and stuff. In the name of public safety and all.

      • what marci did was a terrible accident.. i doubt this guy accidentally stabs people. as long as youre not walking in the middle of a road oblivious of a car thats coming straight at you then youre safe from marci.

        • It makes me sick when I see that people say what Marci did was a terrible accident. Let me re educate you on what you think was a so-called accident. She hid her daughter and her daughter’s friend and left the scene of the crime and went home and tried to cover it up which actually she did for a short time. She told her son that she hit his sister and her friend and she was drunk at the time that she told her son that per her son. She left her own daughter and her daughter’s friend in the street knowing that she has hit them. Her daughter’s friend was on the other side of the road and died at the scene and her very own daughter died at the hospital and she told her son to cover it up so please spare me your bullshit when you say it was a terrible accident because it was not an accident at all she killed her own daughter killed her daughter’s friend covered it up and told her to lie and took months to turn herself in. So please don’t be a bleeding heart for this murderous woman who killed her own daughter and her daughter’s friend because it was most certainly not an accident when you hit your own trial and kill her with your vehicle while you’re drunk and you hit and kill your child’s friend with your vehicle while you’re drunk and try to cover it up and try to have your son cover it up is not an accident and you’re disgusting for having the nerve to say it was an accident if you don’t know the facts keep your mouth shut

        • Sooooo do you NOT know how to read? Just willfully ignorant? Maybe you were high af when reading the press releases? Because what she did was not an accident. Also, that stretch of road was completely straight, on a clear night, while the sky was still light. If the girls were skateboarding in the middle of the road, that doesn’t mean they deserved to be hit, especially because it wasn’t like they were doing it on a blind corner, in dense fog, or in low visibility. Not only did she stop and realize she hit the girls, she got back in the car, drove home, asked HER SON to ram the jeep into their basketball hoop (which he refused to do), and then told him to drive the jeep into the backyard and cover it with a tarp (which he did do). It wasn’t until after all that, she mentioned she hit the girls. They also went through the house and tried to hide the processed pounds they had within the house. THEN went back to check on her daughter and daughter’s friend. Marci then continued, shortly after her daughter’s death, to fight for her FREEDOM so she could go out of state, out of the country, and wherever else, to party and vacation until she was charged. Nah, not an accident.

        • Entering a World of Pain

          Anyone who defends that [edit] Marci must be one of her scummy drug addict friends

      • Soo true. That’s how it works now

      • Mike, Stop bad-mouthing the woman I love from afar. I truly love her and wish I can be with her. Why? Because she is willing to lie to the cops for you and that is easily the most important thing in any relationship!

        I think it goes STFU!!!

    • Exactly. Killed someone in 2006 and then stabbed people at the mall. He should never be let out of prison. He is violent and he is dangerous.

    • Well, in the old days it was 3 strikes. BUT because of the recent ballot measure that reduced felonies to misdemeanors plus the low if not no bail those days are gone – voters have no one to blame but themselves. READ both sides of all ballot measures! Rescind the CRAP law that took away felonies!

      • Whipple is a dork. So are the rest of the 18th Street wannabe gangbangers around here. He obviously can’t fight worth shit that’s why he is stabbing people and stabbing women. What a tough guy, that Whipple! If more people were willing to stand up to these dorks, the world would be a better place.

        • Your exactly right a 5ft midget will only use a weapon as he has no hands . Lol I for one would love to kick his teeth in …left kick lands nobody stands ….

    • He stabbed me and my brother last year in Klamath and only did a month in del Norte county jail

      • U guys showed up at 1am to “get his stuff”, yea ok. U guys went there with the intention of hurting him cuz he was fucking stacie. If ur gonna speak on that situation atleast tell the whole story. That u guys jumped him, punched stacie in the face, stole her car and got it impounded. Then wanna go around playing the victims in a situation u guys caused. Not to mention u guys did ALL of this in front of children.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Holy shit what a wimp. My dogs can kick his ass. Does that need to happen with this freak of nature now? No moron, those tattoos you spent all your money on didn’t do a damn thing other than say you’re an NON-rehabilitable mess. Lock up up until you’re 70.

      But as long as Becerra is AG none of this will happen.

  • Defund the DA Office. Defund the Courts. They never seem to get serious about why they have jobs, so why waste the money… at least until we can get some people that actually will lock up these scumbags. The cops are trying, but with the losers in charge, they are just spinning their wheels and booking criminals into a revolving door. It used to be the door would quit revolving once a criminal killed someone. Now they can kill any time they want and still never serve the time they deserve. They usually get some reduced sentence for some ridiculous plea bargain deal.

    There is absolutely no reason to have anything more than zero confidence in anyone in the “system.”

  • Nice thats what 3 felonies?

    Thats a write up. Assign him a social worker and a therapist.

    On your way now!

    Oh, and give gim back his knife, thats his personal property!

  • I’m here just for the comments.

  • A mug shot waiting to happen..

  • Can we please go back to judging books by their covers?

  • How can somebody be so stupid as to paint “I’m a criminal” all over their faces and then go out and commit crimes? It just boggles my mind.

  • the person he killed in 2006 was a friend of mine. He didn’t even know this guy. It was a completely random crime. The guy he stabbed at the mall didn’t know him either and this guy stabbed him a bunch of times. He was trying to kill him. I don’t understand why they keep letting this murderous psychopath out of prison.

  • AKA, “Ink pad.”

  • A perfect example of “a waste of oxygen”!!

    But hey folks lets put this one in the rehab system for the third, fourth, or maybe it is his fifth time. I am getting sick and tired of this catch and release process that this California administration has implemented. The liberals have absolutely destroyed what used to be the best state in the U.S.

    • I think most liberals want violent criminals behind bars. I know I do. This clown needs to go.

      • “I think most liberals want violent criminals behind bars.” Then  why do they keep voting for exactly the opposite?

        • 99 percent of the politicians conservatives label as liberal are middle of the road. The conservative wing has swung so far to the right that moderates are seen as liberal.
          To answer your question, unfortunately we are given limited choices when we vote. In this computer age, it’s too bad we can’t vote for policies, one by one. For war? yes/no. For more corporate rape of the environment? Yes/no. Etc. For letting violent criminals roam free? I think if that was put to a vote, it would be ‘no’, overwhemingly.

  • …No way! This guy?!
    (Sarcastic gasp)….
    … Though, I do have to give it to him, he is dedicated!!!

  • No ,no, you need to go lower his target is folded in half just below the belt thats why they walk around with the top half of their target hanging out.

  • Someone’s going to play Batman sooner or later during these crazy times I bet.

  • on his way back to arcata?

  • Another one of the Eureka 18th street whiteboys that gangbanged here in the 90’s and all went to prison. They were a wannabe 18th st. click until they went to prisons and met the real 18th st. boys and got some gang cred..Anyone remember the drive by shooting at Bsyshore mall food court back then?..

    • I haven’t lived in Humboldt since 2000. I can’t believe I am reading about the notorious Eureka 18th St. Gang (sarcasm). I remember that shooting quite well. I was 17 at the time and had a car that resembled the car used in the shooting. My girlfriend and I were mistakenly surrounded by EPD in the Winship parking lot in connection.

  • Excuse the victim and he’s not my pimp..I was only trying to help a friend get her stolen car back.if u don’t know what happen please don’t assume like u do. This is unnessary .

  • Nice of them to let him keep his sun glasses on his shirt.

  • Dime to a dollar says the first person that shoots this delicate snowflake in self defense ends up with a gun enhancement and a life sentence.

    Guns bad. Knifes gud. Poor little misunderstood kid.

  • This is what happens when you scold people for squeezing the Charmin but can’t resist the urge.

  • Black Rifles Matter

    Kamala says she’s proud of him

  • Black Rifles Matter

    Kamala said she’s proud of him

  • The judge that ordered his release in the first place should be accountable for crimes committed after his release..

  • M, victim . Sorry people are so quick to jump to conclusions. I hope you are doing well and recover from this ordeal.

  • I’m guessing growing up with the name William Whipple got him pissed from birth when he really wanted the name “Machete”or”Buck Knife”and looking like his face went through a blind man’s failed midnight jailhouse ink session and being five foot one had something to do with Iggy pops song he’s doing what a five foot one man can do but with a knife instead of a microphone…Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!..stay alive Iggy we need you…Glad he didn’t pick me or my kids to stab because you never know living in stabureka.

  • Now think about the dems wanting to refund the police again and re. Locating hundreds of these whipple types on the north coast.

  • By the look of his face…I’d say innocent!

  • I heard he is out of jail already. Humboldt county justice.

  • Can you picture him watching the Tellie Tubbies?

  • He made it through the pat down search and medical clearance with his Sun glasses Hccf officer at there finest!!

    • Just a heads up, for my own sanity, if I find an email address offensive I will delete the comment. This is your warning that the next time, if you use the same email address, I will delete the comment.

  • I found out this POS died in Dec. 2021. Good riddance

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