Multi Day Island Mountain Operation Removes Over 28,000 Illegal Cannabis Plants and Snags $100,000

Island Mountain bustInformation from the DFW:

During the week of Aug. 24, wildlife officers at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) in collaboration with the Humboldt County, Trinity County, and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Offices, served eight search warrants on 11 parcels on Island Mountain Road (on or near Raff Creek Road) for illegal commercial cannabis cultivation. The Island Mountain area is at the heart of the Emerald Triangle where Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties converge.

A records check confirmed that none of the sites had a state license for commercial cannabis cultivation.

During the operation, officers eradicated over 28,000 illegal cannabis plants, removed over 4,900 lbs of processed cannabis, seized six firearms and confiscated approximately $100,000 in cash. CDFW’s environmental scientists documented more than 75 environmental crimes. Violations included unlawful stream diversions and alteration, and water pollution from sediment, the placement of petroleum products and litter where it can enter waters of the state among other activities that harm the environment.

During the operation, officers also observed two subjects associated with the illegal cannabis grow actively poaching. Both were seen with a shouldered rifle on a nearby cattle ranch and cited for that offense as well.

Several subjects were detained during the investigations. Due to multiple limiting factors, no physical arrests were made.  Formal complaints will be filed with the Trinity and Mendocino County District Attorney’s Offices for consideration. No further information is available at this time as these are ongoing investigations.

To report environmental crimes such as water pollution, water diversions and poaching, call the CalTIP hotline at (888) 334-2258 or text information to “TIP411” (847411).



  • Lotta stupid people out that way, eh?

  • What is the photo meant to illustrate?

    • The bottomless pit of all of this…

    • I am wondering the same thing!

    • The “unlawful stream diversion” part… Looks like a small holding pond for diverted water, maybe fenced off to keep critters out.

      Why arrest or cite ’em? They’ll just be back at it, killin’ fish, poisoning wildlife, rapin’ the woods and, hell, let’s start a fire while they’re at it. Shoot, shovel, and shut up – the Triple S. Eliminates repeat offenders every time. Also cuts back on new offenders, who see more than a slap on the wrist.

    • It’s meant to show that even if you are coaxing water out of a tiny spring that is little more than a wet spot in the ground, you are diverting water illegally, altering a streambed, desecrating a wild and scenic waterway, and probably a few other things, and a team of experts who learned about the outdoors in a classroom are writing you up for several thousand dollars per day in fines. Had you been a grape grower diverting water in huge pipelines, or a logging company denuding the hillsides, you would not have garnered any attention from CDFW. I hope that answers your question.

    • the very small area of turbidity in the center of the pool is the sediment contamination. i am not joking.

  • >”During the operation, officers also observed two subjects associated with the illegal cannabis grow actively poaching. Both were seen with a shouldered rifle on a nearby cattle ranch and cited for that offense as well.”

    Carry a rifle = poaching ?


    Interesting all these people who have no business in Island Mountain on here making negative comments; Island Mountain is one of the most remote parts of Northern California. It is the past territory of the Wailaki Indians. It has the history of being the scene of one of the biggest genocides in Northern California. It is remote. The people who live there live there for the purpose of being left alone. These “Scientists with Military Law Enforcement” come from the outside to the community every few years and set up a “base camp” from which they go around the Country side and steal, rob and plunder from the neighborhood. This parallels the clandestine Military raids of the 1850s in this very same countryside. This is nothing more than robbery and theft being waged against a cannabis growing region which is tucked far away from neighborhoods and urban trouble, why does the sheriff and state continue this Nonsense against the people of Island Mountain?

  • Defund DFW. They don’t care about the environment, just revenue generation

  • The last time law enforcement officials came to this area for busts just a few years ago, it made national news. What didn’t make the news is what was stolen (allegedly) by them, but never made it into evidence. Same old story. The only thing that changes is the date and location. Nothing new to see here. Carry on.

    • If anyone wants to talk to me off the record about alleged violations and theft by law enforcement, my email is mskymkemp.

      • Thank you, Kym. I don’t recall if I reached out to you about it then or not. I do recall that I wanted to. But, I also remember the person that it happened to telling me that his attorney instructed him that it would be best for him to not even bring any of the missing items up in an attempt to alert tptb that it happened. Catch 22. But it’s no secret that these things have been going on for years. Too many folks with similar experiences have occurred for it to be just an isolated incident here and there.

        And just to be clear: I don’t hate all cops. I just hate all thieves.

  • When the SafeHomesAct comes into effect in 2022, code enforcement will be able to go after any unpermitted structure, anywhere in the county, and levy their heavy fines indiscriminately. A true land grab! Recall John Ford! He is not community friendly.

    • Code enforcement officers are being utilized everywhere in the state as yet another weapon in the arsenal in the war against growers. If they see unpermitted structures, i.e. greenhouses, onto the property they go. And of course they can bring a cop with them for safety purposes. It is done this way by design, or they’d simply notify the property owner by mail of the alleged violation. So, even if they can’t see what’s being grown in them from the street or the sky, they’ll still walk on. And when they find what they suspected, but could never get a warrant for it, it still sticks. I had photos sent to me just yesterday of a caravan of law enforcement personnel going up a long driveway down in a rural area Riverside county that started the same way. And they weren’t the only ones in the neighborhood that got the visit. The serfs must obey!

  • They missed all the illegal ponds and huge grows up on Fitzhugh.
    Lots more to go!

    • Entering a World of Pain

      Sounding like a snitch more all time

      • She’s looking out for her community if more people did that we wouldn’t be in the mess we got in. Allowing in all the dumb shits, Eastern Europeans, and every other gangster is what ruined our once great way of life.

  • dishonestintellectuals

    If they claim 100k there was at least double, we all know that around here. Just like when drunk old bruce turner got busted in ettersberg he had 500k on the table, they took half and split it all gst them then told the press there was half that amount.

  • Let’s be honest, a war on growers is a war on the poor! Because 95% of growers would be poor if it wasn’t for growing. They are just trying to find a way to make sure you can’t sneak out of poverty.
    PS I have the biggest crush on Kym Kemp

    • I remember trying to explain to a reporter interviewing me that marijuana gave folks a chance to move up financially and that my biggest regret for legalization is that it would remove a way for folks to pull themselves out of poverty. I don’t think they got it or maybe, like many they don’t understand how hard it is to pull up from poverty or even from working class into the middle class.

  • Why didn’t my comment post

    • You are a new commenter or at least commenting under a new name so it should have been held for moderation. (It was.) But then my software glitched and allowed this comment and your repeat comment to post. I have no idea why that was.

  • With liberty and justice for all

    Elected thieves stealing our farms,stealing our land, stealing our freedom.!!!!!! Evan if you don’t grow they will be there to rob u too soon !!!!!!

  • Here’s something really interesting for all to ponder. Chew on these facts for a while. You leave California and you go to other states Michigan for example, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Arizona. Yes they do have cannabis programs and sales. But everyone and their mother is not a user of cannabis in those other states People work normal jobs. I was just talking with a family who is on welfare and they trim and they think it’s funny to just lay around and play video games when they’re not trimming with two small children in the house. The kids see everybody getting high all day, seeing chaos and lack of motivation.
    So they get their $500 in food stamps in their $800 Cash Aid and then earn an extra thousand trimming a month why the hell should you want to work when you can lay around all day? It’s a huge thing that’s missing in this county is a good work ethic for many residents. Breacktown a trimjob after all the time that you spend working or Idol you’re making pennies on the dollar. That’s the real source of poverty folks!!! By lulling people into thinking that they have something when it’s really just nothing. Not building a 401k, retirement, savings, paying no taxes, no workers comp if it is an illegal site!!! The grower goes to Hawaii in the winter, the local trimmers go to the food bank. 20 years from now it’s really going to be a shitshow if you think it’s bad now. Cannabis does not = education or financial stability or a future for all, only the CHOSEN crew, which are few.

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