Marijuana Enforcement Team Eradicated a Little Over 400 Growing Cannabis Plants in Multi Parcel Shelter Cove Bust

Humboldt County Marijuana Eradication ActionsThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team “served a search warrant on multiple parcels in the Shelter Cove area today,” according to Samantha Kargas, spokesperson for the Department.

She explained, “The investigation resulted from multiple community complaints for illegal cultivation of cannabis. MET deputies located and eradicated approximately 408 growing cannabis plants. Deputies also located one water diversion violation. No arrests were made and the case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.”

She also told us, “Additionally, MET deputies assisted the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife with a search warrant today on Sprowel Creek Road in the Garberville area” and “Our Criminal Investigations Division is conducting follow up on a case and serving a search warrant on a property in the Ettersburg area.”

We have requested more information on the incidents.

Below are all the rest of the marijuana enforcement actions we know of with brief summaries and links to more complete stories if we have them.

Known Humboldt County Marijuana Enforcement Actions So Far in 2020:

  1. On Monday, April 27: Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) Served Search Warrant in the Mattole Road Area
  2. On Wednesday, April 29: Indoor Grow Raided Today
  3. On Thursday, April 30: Marijuana Enforcement Team Served Search Warrant in Garberville Yesterday
  4. On Friday, May 8:  878 Plants Eradicated in Redway Bust
  5. On Monday, May 11Over 17,000 Plants Eradicated at Miranda Property Today, Says Sheriff’s Office
  6. On Tuesday, May 12: There wasn’t a press release but our request, Karges was able to gather some details for us. She told us,

    …[D]eputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) served two search warrants to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Cathy’s Peak area of Honeydew. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife assisted in the service of the warrant.

    Two parcels were investigated during the service of the warrants. The parcels did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

    During the service of the warrants, deputies eradicated approximately 2,000 growing cannabis plants.

    Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

    No arrests were made during the service of the warrant. The case will be forwarded to the DA’s Office for review.

  7. On Wednesday, May 13: Citizens’ Complaints Lead to Marijuana Bust on Wilder Ridge, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office 
  8. On May 14, Karges said a search warrant was served in the Dinsmore area. At this point we haven’t received information on what MET discovered. We will request information again.
  9. On Friday, May 15: Over 14,000 Plants and Nearly 2000 Pounds of Marijuana Found at Salmon Creek Grow, Says HCSO MET Team 
  10. On May 20, Karges confirmed that there were search warrants served in Southern Humboldt but she hadn’t been able to gather details at the time we requested information. We have reports that at least one warrant was served in the Weott area. We will request information again.
  11. On May 26, MET went to a Large Indoor Grow in the Weitchpec area–18,690 Plants and 818 Pounds.
  12. On May 27, MET Served three search warrants on parcels without any permits in the Dinsmore area.
  13. On May 29, MET eradicated approximately 58,395 growing cannabis plants on a Blocksburg property without any permits.
  14. On June 3, MET eradicated about 353 plants as well as 62 grams of meth and prescription pills packaged for sales. The grow–in the area of Tobacco Road, Petrolia–did not possess any permits. One woman was cited and released. One person fled.
  15. On June 4, MET served four search warrants in the Alderpoint/Rancho Sequoia area. Deputies eradicated approximately 10,299 growing cannabis plants and confiscated a ghost gun.
  16. On June 5, we had a report of a convoy in SoHum but no further information. We will request information again.
  17. On June 17, MET served two search warrants in the Blocksburg area. “One parcel did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially. The second parcel did not possess the required state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.” One person was cited. In addition, one trespass grow was eradicated.
  18. On June 22, a law enforcement convoy went to Fruitland Ridge and to Eel Rock Road. We will request information again.
  19. On June 24, MET “served two search warrants to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Mad River drainage area of Dinsmore…[D]eputies eradicated approximately 10,735 growing cannabis plants.”
  20. On June 25, MET served two search warrants in the Mattole River drainage area of Honeydew. “One parcel possessed the required county permit but did not possess a state license to cultivate cannabis commercially. The other parcel investigated did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially…[D]eputies eradicated approximately 7,930 growing cannabis plants.”
  21. On June 30, a convoy went to Holmes Flat in Redcrest, then to Fruitland Ridge in the Kelsey Lane area, and returned to a Salmon Creek watershed property. See this story here.
  22. On July 14MET served one search warrant at a parcel without any permits in the Shively area and eradicated approximately 2,600 growing cannabis plants. Also, “MET deputies served one search warrant at a parcel in the Honeydew area. The parcel did not possess the required state license to cultivate cannabis commercially. “[D]deputies eradicated approximately 6,900 growing cannabis plants.”
  23. On July 15MET served a search warrant at a Briceland farm that had a County permit but not a state permit and “eradicated approximately 2,000 growing cannabis plants….MET deputies also visited an additional cannabis cultivation operation in Briceland. Upon contact with the parcel owner, deputies learned the parcel had just received its state license and verified that it was in compliance with current state and local orders.”
  24. On July 23 and throughout that week, MET conducted aerial investigations.
  25. On July 23 in the Swains Flat area, “During the warrant, [DFW] eradicated 2,181 cannabis plants and confiscated 497 lbs of drying processed cannabis.
  26. “On July 29, 2020, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) served three search warrants to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Southern Humboldt area….During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 19,523 growing cannabis plants. Deputies also located and seized 1,599 grams of Butane Honey Oil (BHO), 596- one-pound bags of manicured cannabis bud, 288 grams of cocaine, 36 explosives and nine firearms.[And] Deputies also served two search warrants at parcels in the Shelter Cove area. During the service of the warrants, deputies eradicated approximately 857 growing cannabis plants.”
  27. “From August 10-12…deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) served 10 search warrants to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Blake Mountain area of Eastern Humboldt County.”
  28. During the week of August 17 through August 20, Met served multiple search warrants in northeast Humboldt County. “Deputies eradicated approximately 28,399 growing cannabis plants. Deputies seized and destroyed over 1,408 pounds of cannabis bud and approximately 5,007 pounds of drying cannabis. Deputies also located and seized eight firearms.”
  29. During the week of August 24, the Humboldt County MET team working under the direction of the Department of Fish and Wildlife and also with the Trinity and Mendocino County Sheriff’s served warrants at properties on Island Mountain Road near the intersection of Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino Counties.
  30. On September 2, MET served a warrant on several parcels in Shelter Cove and eradicated 408 plants. (See above.)

(*Note: This property is near the home of this reporter)



  • Now a days it seems like, 400 plants…Meh.

    Just somebody’s head stash.

    • There has to be a raid everyday from April to December to knock out illegal cultivation local law enforcement heavy millatary presence squads in all 4 corners of Humboldt county north south east west for the law to snuff out the problem until this happens it’s still wide open to roll the dice!

      • The places busted in April would replant in May, over, and over, and over. And aaaaalllllllll that enforcement money will have done nothing but keep the price high enough to make it worth growing. Now when they weren’t doing anything.. that’s when the free-for-all of the market broke a lot of people and forced players to the bench. $500/lb for top shelf is just barely worth it, and if your yield sucked, you’re out the game.

    • Previously, they identified over 10,000 huge grows. If they busted 3 per day for 5 months, that’s about 450 busts. We know they don’t get anything close to that& therefore, the odds are in favor of the grows….not to mention the re-planting factor.

    • That was 400 plants between “several” parcels. Are we eradicating peoples personal smoke for Gold Stars and “Atta Boy!!”‘s. At what (low) point does it get the: “planted for personal” endorsement? Or are these people all gas, and no brakes until after Black Friday?

  • The MET cut down my plants in my back yard last year somebody needs to stop this economic carnage that is being inflicted by the humboldt county sheriff department. I worked for 4 years on a permit with the humboldt county planning department they are scamming our community and local culture.

    • So you give them all your personal information and a map to your garden, and you are surprised that they come and cut it? You are a permit patsy and got what you deserve.

    • I agree it’s all a scam from law enforcement. There ripping community’s apart.

    • MET that must be for those people who didn’t have a job but had a buddy hi up in the rankings. I wondered how they was gonna handle the new legal weed situation. So they are looking to make money that all it stems to. They do drug and sell drug steal drugs and bust others for doing it psh

  • Eradicating millions of dollars from Humboldt County’s economy! Causing financial hardship, unemployment! Geez, they just don’t get it…

  • With liberty and justice for all

    November is almost here , [edit] and go vote for incumbents people!!!!!!

  • The HCSO managed to successfully turn growers against each other with legalization. Now the legal guys are so bent they got robbed they’re calling in the smart ones who didn’t waste their time and money here. Sour apples.

    • Permit What Permit?

      Explain “the legal guys are so bent they got robbed”. Zero, none, zilch, not one legal farm has been robbed by the county. Actually robbed by thugs, maybe. Major cash is being stacked right now. Farms that are not fully permitted have been given a green light to grow and sell on the traditional market. Hell, they don’t even hide it. Look on Instagram and they put it all out there for everyone to see, but the county seems to be blind.

  • Support the local economy and the community

    I wonder if the sheriff’s department is really getting complaints, or are they just saying that. Are people really turning in to snitches? Thats been local protocol for ever! We have quite a few little local rules I don’t tell you my last name you don’t tell me yours I don’t want to know you are responsible for anybody that you bring here and you don’t snitch on your neighbor is it really that people are snitching on other people now or is the sheriff’s department just saying that or is it all these new people that have moved here to make our money cuz if you haven’t noticed there’s a whole hell of a lot of people that have moved up here bought property and are growing pot now and I don’t think they adhere to our local protocol I don’t think they care people don’t understand the black market held this place together forever we provided good paying jobs to locals where else you going to get paid $25 an hour to go water plants or $200 a pound to trim weed and everybody pays their taxes you just claim you’re a contractor and artist you have a personal business everybody claim their money and claim their taxes otherwise you can’t buy stuff like trucks property houses boats yeah this whole thing really screwed up everything it completely screwed up our local economy cuz now there’s so many people here and the money’s going out of Humboldt and when you look at the amount of taxes what was it 204.8 billion dollars in taxes that they collected and I live in Shelter Cove and there are so many people now from the bay area that have bought houses and live there I don’t feel safe I worry if I’m going to get snitched on for the little bit of stuff that I do you know what used to be that a mom could just do something small and it supplemented her income so she could support her kids and not need child support and not have issues not anymore now it’s all going to corporations and big rich people that came here and bought a farm and it’s all going somewhere else and the wages that they give you for working on one of these Farms by some rich person in the Bay Area or in LA 15 to $18 an hour to trim weed $15 an hour wages have drastically gone down and all the money being made isn’t being spent here in this community anymore it’s all going to the Bay Area or LA in December these pocket cuz that’s where they live they just hire people to run their Farm up here but all the money goes somewhere else and it’s really screwed up support Black Market cuz that keeps the money here that provides jobs for local people and it pays the taxes and supports our community

  • This isn’t even scratching the surface of the plants they’ve cut on people that are in-process, trying to get legal and the Board of Supes remains abjectly incompetent, delaying hearings on applications, playing with themselves. What a joke. Life was easier under CAMP. At least they didn’t have names, maps, details and everything else these dirtbags collect for information simply to go cut down someone’s hard work. As directed by the “monied” growers that managed to get the permits ahead of everyone else. Won’t matter in 3 months anyway. The great orange one is fomenting civil war with all his lies. This is going to be a colossal shit show. Time just to cut and run for a few years. Panama and Costa Rica are looking real good.

  • #growerslivesmatter who is the most qualified lawyer to sue the county?

  • What a joke! Seriously! Catch some real criminals already!

  • Maybe move to a state where it is legal??

  • We had a huge influx of “suitcase growers” here in southern Oregon late this spring. Almost all Cali license plates, mostly Hispanic worker bees, all illegal pvc and 2×4 light dep hoop houses on a grand scale, trucked in water. Guess we have to thank northern California law enforcement for that. Another interesting year in the Oregon green industry.

  • With liberty and justice for all

    Can’t wait to hear of the class action or massive lawsuit baught against our fraudulent county !!! Gonna go to cecil’s and celebrate!!!! Gonna go and celebrate when fenell is no longer our supervisor as well. Big [email protected][email protected]@#$$”””#[email protected]#[email protected]@;


  • Do they have a FIND THE MISSING CHILDREN enforcement team?

  • Find the missing money/property team?
    Oh wait, that would actually serve the people, and bolster our economy.

  • These ppl were growing on someone’s property who had no idea this was going on. Local tweaker crew set up shop. Diverting water, trashing the property. Got busted. Replanted. Got busted again. They terrorize a quiet neighborhood w loud diesel rigs spewing black smoke morning noon and night. No surprise as they consume meth and other substances at the same rate. They have taken over multiple spots in an otherwise beautiful area. What’s funny is that they act as if nobody notices their activities and behavior. Or just don’t care. And the other shoe? Well that has dropped. Nothing will happen and they’ll do it again. There or elsewhere. Sad, really. And this snitching on you’re neighbors bullshit? STFU, because if your neighbors where these human stains, you’d be calling the cops WEEKLY. Different vehicles up and down the road daily and nightly. Not hard to figure out what the deal is. Unless you’re like them and happen to have a bunch of shit you shouldn’t have, and do a bunch of shit you shouldn’t be doing, then no, you don’t see the harm. In this case my solution would be to confront the wrongdoers w the entire neighborhood willing to participate present

    • And people aren’t getting it… the way of life here was over when 64 got voted in. It was a fork in the road. Anyone who went down that fork, it was/will be a dead end. National legalization will crush you. It’s just a bandaid that will keep you flush a few more years. But remember you put all your information down on paper for that permit, and the law has a memory and so does the IRS. Everyone thinks they are so clever but they may be letting you spin your web while they watch.

      If we were the real deal we would stay outlaw 100%

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