Five New COVID-19 Cases Reported Today, September 1; Facial Coverings Order Revised to Align with State Order

Humboldt County Lab Manager Jeremy Corrigan displays the reagents needed to amplify COVID-19 RNA in a test sample.

Humboldt County Lab Manager Jeremy Corrigan displays the reagents needed to amplify COVID-19 RNA in a test sample. [Stock photo from HCJIC]

Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

The total number of Humboldt County residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 now stands at 393, after five additional cases were reported today.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich today issued a revised Facial Coverings Order to align local policy with state guidance. She noted that residents may not notice much of a change since California counties have been required to follow the state’s requirements since they were issued in June.

“In April, I had issued a facial covering order here in Humboldt, which was followed by the state’s Public Health Officer Order in June. This new local revision references the state’s, so it’s easier for members of our community to navigate prevention measures,” Dr. Frankovich said. The state order describes the settings in which facial coverings are required for individuals over the age of 2 and when exemptions should be made. Most importantly, children under 2 years of age must not use facial coverings.

The revised order takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 3. Read the revised order here:

Today’s alert level stands at two or level yellow. Visit to view the county’s Alert Level Assessment tool.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

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  • Two recoveries also. Would be interesting to know how many of these cases were people that were actually sick and showing symptoms.

    • Also zero new deaths and zero new hospitalizations.

    • There is a very good chance you already had the covid but didn’t know it. But if your one of the unlucky ones ,1 out of 5 then you might be laid up for a couple days or possibly fatal for 3 percent of that small group. What are the odds of a healthy person under 65 of dying from COVID-19? I think two thousandths of one percent, unhealthy people need to shelter up.


        “I’m locked down in Melbourne Australia! We currently have curfews from 8pm-5am, we can only exercise outside for 1 hr a day, we can only visit a supermarket 1/ day, we are not allowed more than 5 km from home except for work, we can’t visit friends or family.”

  • Wish everybody would take care. Nancy Pelosi today was photo’d not wearing a mask in a NAIL SALON. Oh the irony. How can Dems force these people to close and then do this? Hope this doesn’t turn into a SUPER SPREADER event.

    • Since Pelosi did in private, and the hair dresser was the only other person there, the only super spreading all be of b.s..

    • I’m pretty sure Pelosi isn’t the super spreader of S.F. politicians.

      • But SF has an ordnance banning indoor services like this. Outdoor salons are only permitted as of Sept. 1. And not wearing a mask! Nobody around here is worried about that though, right?

        • This salon owner is a single mom with two little kids, completely forbidden from running her business for 6 months, no income, fighting in courts to no avail, lost 60% of her clientele and will probably go under. Pelosi has the AUDACITY to walk in and use her CLOSED DOWN salon when she could have paid for a hairdresser at home.

          And what is going on in California anyway? Massachusetts was hard hit and reopened hair salons a full three months ago.

          • The death rate of the Newsom shutdown on small businesses, is alarmingly outpacing the virus death rate.

          • She just said she’s getting death threats and threats to burn down her salon along with hateful reviews on yelp.

            Nancy reminds me of Billy Boy ” i didn’t have sex with that woman” while shaking his finger in our faces.

    • Ever since the early days of the pandemic the WHO, CDC etc have been saying that people with underlying health conditions or a weakened immune system face the greatest risk of death. Why do you consider this new information.

      • Because the CDC says only 6 PERCENT of the deaths are from Covid ONLY. That equates to less than ten thousand people. The rest of the statistics are from people with pre existing conditions. Hardly an excuse to lock the entire country down and ruin peoples livelihoods.

        • Half the population of the United States has known pre-existing conditions. 40% have chronic conditions.

          It’s not like people with “pre-existing” conditions are a tiny minority.

            • Semantics. Perhaps I used the wrong verbage. Here’s from the CDC :

              Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. For data on comorbidities

              And while we’re at it:


              We are living in a PsyOp. I want my life back JMO

              • Joe Rappaport also wrote a book claiming HIV does not cause AIDS. Over 30 years ago.

                So yeah, his judgement on health issues..I think I’ll pass.

                • Good one Angela.

                  Doctor Fauci was involved in the counter 215 Compassionate Use Act in the mid 90s. He made a series of mistakes that most can’t remember. I can because I fought against Dr. Fauci specifically because I knew more about cannabis than he did.

                  • Even if you want to disbelieve Dr. Fauci, because you knew more about pot 25 years ago, that doesn’t explain all the other actual epidemiologists. virologists, etc.

                    Though how that bolsters Rappaport’s claims I am not sure. He was spectacularly wrong about a disease that has killed millions. I have tried to find any comment from him that acknowledges just how wrong he was and haven’t found it.

                    I find the idea that Covid is some vast conspiracy laughable.

                    It is tragically laughable in that this vast conspiracy required 200,000 people to die (all willing to die for the cause?). So now to try to downplay the death toll (can’t use the more die from the flu argument anymore) by deliberately misreading and latching onto a Qanon sourced meme, And that is just in the US. I swear the deniers think the entire planet is the US, or even just Humboldt County.

                    This vast conspiracy to..what?…make Trump look bad ?, would require the entire world to be in on it. They would choose to stop their own economies just to make him look bad?

                    That’s just nuts. Really it is.

              • Oh, boy, here we go again: I’ll just repeat what I’ve written before.

                Look, it’s common to report Comorbidities in deaths: See this about Alzheimers… Coroners report comorbidities as part of any death record.
                How about this report back in June that talked about comorbidities?

                It was common knowledge among people who read up on COVID that COVID-19 deaths were more common among people who had underlying health issues. In fact, many of the people on your side reference this by calling for the economy to open up and let the weak and the old stay home. This is not some new information.

                Look, here’s the form used to fill out all deaths at the CDC. It was issued in August of 2004 long before the pandemic. Notice they have a place for the cause of death and then all the contributing causes–the comorbidities?

                Here’s a study of suicide and comorbidty. These people died of suicide but they had contributing causes.

                It is normal to have other causes make someone susceptible to a disease. This is nothing new. But the people who committed suicide who had underlying mental health issues, still died from killing themselves. The people who died of Alzheimer’s still died of Alzheimer’s. And the people who died of COVID, still died of COVID even if they were obese, or asthmatic or diabetic or had pneumonia. Without COVID, in many cases they could have lived for decades longer. If I die of COVID, my death certificate will list obesity as a comorbidity. But I would have probably lived decades longer judging from my family (90 year old not skinny great aunt still going strong among others)

                • Yeah, this. I have a form of congenital hypoglycemia. It doesn’t affect me much. Though I chuckle at those Snickers commercials where someone is portrayed by some big mean wrestler or something, then given a Snickers and it turns out they are actually Dolly Parton or someone like that. Because that does happen to me rarely. My husband even joked once when I was getting low blood sugar cranky “Eat a Snickers!”.

                  Anyway, and I have no idea if my kind of hypoglycemia would impact me if I caught Covid and died, the Covid would have killed me, but the congenital hypoglycemia might be listed as a comorbidity even though my mother, who also has the same thing is still going strong at 81.

                  • Thank you for taking the time to point out something that people are clearly misunderstanding.

                    • What’s the confusion about being overweight and not cardiovascularlying fit?

                      Let’s see how the high degree if training and focus on strength building is Lacking in a majority people thinking covid is the problem.

                      Your underlying cofactors should not infringe on my ability to keep my family fed and working.

                      Let there be a physical wellness test before you are able to speak truth to illness.

          • Angela and Kym,

            Co-morbidities also make you susceptible to OTHER non covid diseases that are fatal … but we do not shut down the economy, “reset” and re-order the the whole world for peoples chronic conditions.

            I have a chronic, you have a chronic. 🎶

            Lets turn the whole world off.🎶

            The fact is, not every chronic condition will cause you to die if you get covid.

            • Critter, yes, of course you can have comorbidites and COVID and survive…that’s a given. Obviously comorbidities make you susceptible to other diseases. We’ve been talking about that.

              HOWEVER, we are not shutting down the economy because people have comorbidities. People have had these for a long time. We are however, shutting down the economy because if we don’t, hundreds of thousands of more people are predicted to die of COVID if we don’t.

              • But that is the same thing. The virus can’t be eliminated and the only choice is on how to deal with it. If 1 percent of the population will die from the disease, assist the 1 percent to protect themselves as best as can be. A good solution is not to shut up 99%of the population, wreak 33% of population’s ability to work then because, 100% of the population gets fed up with being locked up and pushed back and forth, expose the 1% anyway only they no longer are considered important by government because it’s all or nothing with public pressure. Which is where we’re heading.

        • Bingo!!!

          I’m supposed to quarantine while the obese refuse to loose weight?

          • Well forget us fat people (we’re obviously of no value–though I can think of quite a few fat people that probably contribute to your enjoyment of your life–Some folks believe in Trump, he’s fat; some love Aretha Franklin, she’s fat. Some even like my website, I’m fat.)

            But forget the fat, do you think you can wear a mask and social distance for the elderly (it is kind of hard to avoid getting old), for those with diabetes (lots of folks inherit the condition), for those with asthma, etc? Or are they not worthy of a strip of cloth either?

            • Now Kym easy.

              Fat is your word not mine I used obese. And no, we have 5 year olds who are obese.

              Hell I’m too fat myself. I carry a full time pacemaker and don’t breathe as good as I used to.

              Again, we shouldn’t focus on the unhealthy habits of Americans, we should keep on living and stop hiding.

              • Trump, Aretha Franklin, and myself all fall into the obese category.

                • Funny thing I know several “fat” people in better physical condition than thin people.

                  Shorter people tend to be more round in features than tall people.

                  SOME of the weight Hype is another myth pushed by so called experts. Even so, there are over weight people where the weight is unhealthy.

                  The thing is people are individuals and rarely does one size fit all.

                  This is true of Covid advise as well.

                  Some people prefer quality of life and others quantity of life.

                  Some want happiness over health and others health over happiness.

                  Most just want to survive.

                  • Wrong.

                    Obesity, heart disease, diabetes in that order are the largest contributors to death from infection.

                    • And sometimes medications used for Obesity, heart disease, diabetes cause weight gain.

                      Other than that it’s basically a matter of calories in as opposed to energy used. A many are sitting on there butt cause they can’t go anywhere or do much that they would normally do.

                      I was Head Chef for a weight watchers spa and worked closely with a nutritionist for 2 years.

                    • Hotcoffee, I cry foul.

                      A human cannot gain weight by taking pills only.

                    • Rod Gass

                      I should have added links sorry.

                      When Your Weight Gain Is Caused by Medicine

                      Some medicines can cause certain people to put on weight. This can be a good thing if you are underweight to start with. If you are at a normal weight, then gaining a few pounds also might not be a big deal. But, if you are already overweight, weight gain might be more of a problem.

                      Weight gain depends on a number of factors. These include your specific medicine, your age, and other medical conditions you have. You might only gain a few pounds over a year. But some people gain more weight, like 10 or 20 pounds in a few months. If you need to take the medicine for months or years, you might gain a lot of weight.


                      8 Medications That Can Make You Gain Weight

                      n unexpected increase in weight can be concerning for anyone. But it’s an unfortunate side effect of many common medications. Insulin, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and even migraine medications can all cause weight gain, and some may even worsen the health conditions they’re trying to treat.


                      “As many as 10% to 15% of weight issues are related to medications,” says Louis Aronne, MD, director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Center at Weill Cornell Medical College.

                      Some meds can make you feel hungrier. Others slow your body’s ability to burn calories or cause you to hold onto extra fluids.

                      The effects aren’t the same for everybody, though. “One person might gain 15 pounds on one drug. Another might not gain anything,” Aronne says.


                      Reference Weight Loss
                      Which Prescription Drugs Cause Weight Gain?

                      Which Drugs Cause Weight Gain?

                      Medically reviewed by Leigh Ann Anderson, PharmD. Last updated on Feb 8, 2020.

                      For example, these common medical conditions are often treated with prescription drugs that may add on unwanted pounds:

                      obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
                      bipolar disorder
                      type 1 or 2 diabetes
                      high blood pressure
                      epilepsy and seizures
                      pain and inflammation


                      I can pull up more if you want…. but for now I will just add on my own experience cannabis! most of us have heard of the munchies but that’s not ” pills alone” :).

                • Aretha is dead though

                  • Yes, well obesity isn’t a healthy condition. But it doesn’t mean that obese people don’t add to the value of our communities.

                    • Obese people are living testament to a failure to stop eating more calories than is necessary.

                      Now, explaining that significant aspect should not be lost on those who don’t over indulge.

                      There’s somehow an inability to look in the mirror, yet parrot the truth that keeps others suffering while some bellies never go empty.

                • Kym,

                  It’s your life to live, just live it. Don’t expect me to quarantine.

                • I’d like to add Mama Kass Elliott of the Mommas and Papas. What a super voice and on-stage presence.

                  California Dreamin’

            • Oh, if it was only “a strip of cloth.” Or even voluntarily “social distancing.” What it means on the ground is failing hair salons, restaurants, music concerts, schools, charity events, small store, even dentists and medical offices, etc. It means no appliance home deliveries swap wood or puppy training classes. Or kids playing on swings, FFA shows, knitting or cooking classes. Me? I’m creating my third “brick” cell device due to having only an incompetent phone assistance over a minor problem and even that becomes impossible when the phone number is no longer available. Even going to the bank has become surreal. This is not “only a strip of cloth.”

              • Exactly! It’s death to their way of life!

              • The economy and the disastrous effect on the poor and small businesses is definitely an area where we are hurting some to help others. There is an argument to be made that it isn’t tenable. I may disagree but it is a place where reasonable people can disagree. Or even better—discuss and try to come up with better responses.

                But denying that over 180,000 people have died of COVID in the US doesn’t have a place in that conversation. They did die and the COVID pandemic is responsible. We can’t make good decisions and have good discussions until the facts are understood.

                • I haven’t denied how many people have died, but I do argue that many, many more are being hurt if not destroyed by the shutdowns.

                  It’s quite possible for people to distance and wear masks and still open businesses.
                  I also believe that it all would have worked better if it had been requested rather than the power tripping mandates. Like So. Dakota did.

                  I’m also disgusted by the Hypocrites like Nancy Pelosi and her elite white privilege the left ignores while laying it on thick when it comes to others.

                • The CDC’s own numbers is showing the relevance of Co factors that you seem to ignore as the primary reason.

                  A drink at home won’t kill you, but a drink in a car could.

                  The 1% and managing class are laughing at the sheep.

                  Window dressing and absolutely no liability for the rules, guidelines and codes that are not helping.

                  You still want to believe so bad in the big bad covid, but no real Consideration for all those things that have been killing humans before 2020.

                  The sad part is this is being used as a wedge issue for all those who really want to stay sane, healthy and employed, and those who think they can shut down an economy for a flu virus.

                  Pathetic and Weak

                • Then do some articles about the cost of such orders if it merits discussion. Just so those who are deluded about the cost of ordering businesses closed get some information and might understand the long term social costs of that too. About 5% of people laid off in a recession never work again. About 20% never catch up to the earnings they had before they lost work. Some lose homes and investments. Some fall into depression or drug addiction and never leave it. Families split, good people leave. Sort of a reverse where Pottersville is the reality, not Bedford Falls. Unfortunately, Humboldt Co is without other resources to act a prosperity pump so losing businesses mean losing people too.

                  These are important too and not much covered in the press. Just like the devastation of losing a business in a riot is never the front page news.

                  • You want to see my list of unwritten articles…? I have ones from mid July. I’ve pretty much decided that I can’t personally do in depth pieces as I’m overwhelmed.

                    • An interview from a business organization about numbers of closures or losses or a letter from person whose business has been close about their frustrations is not an in depth article. Maybe some of the cannabis articles could be put off as not so timely. It’s only seems fair to me as so many of the angry at grandma killing seem so unaware of the effects of their demands.

            • How about going hungry for a few days, kym.

              Then you might have a reference to true suffering that happen’s everyday because of this shutdown

    • wake up to the fuckery

      Thanks Prof.
      It is clear that the “disease” is far less serious than hyped.
      “Cases” are being hyped based on faulty, worthless tests.
      We are indeed being played like a fiddle.
      It’s easy to identify the ones who see through the charade……..They are ones not wearing breathing restrictors

      “The PCR test amplifies genetic matter from the virus in cycles; the fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus, or viral load, in the sample. The greater the viral load, the more likely the patient is to be contagious.

      This number of amplification cycles needed to find the virus, called the cycle threshold, is never included in the results sent to doctors and coronavirus patients, although it could tell them how infectious the patients are.

      In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found”

      • Wake the F up people! You cant even see any herpes on my face. Only 60% of you will even ever get a sore at all. Are you gonna let a twice a year lip blister rape my freedom! If you dont want to tongue kiss me then you are a godless communist.

      • Yup..

        This excerpt from that article also:

        The Times goes on to report that the PCR test machines essentially run the molecules through 40 cycles in order to discover viral load. That is the equivalent of zooming in 40 times, known as Cycle Threshold, CT. Every increase of 10 cycles means the viral load detected is 1,000 times smaller. In other words, as the Times reports, if the CT were set at 30 instead of 40, 85-90 percent of the positives in Massachusetts would come up negative.

        • That’s not from the NY Times article.

          It’s obviously talking about the NY Times article.

          You trying to confuse us?

    • wake up to the fuckery

      Even if the test were actually detecting something useful, how does this factor in?
      77 out of 77 false positives!

  • It's all bullshit

    Dr.f is playing the political sport called politics with people’s lives and lively hoods this will continue tell November 3rd remember we all live in commie California if you have the chance to escape from this state RUN!!!!!I am sure everyone has had the opportunity to read the new CDC numbers

  • Angela, co-morbidities also make you susceptible to OTHER non covid diseases that are fatal … but we do not shut down the economy, “reset” and re-order the the whole world for peoples chronic conditions.

    I have a chronic, you have a chronic. 🎶

    Lets turn the whole world off.🎶

    The fact is, not every chronic condition will cause you to die if you get covid.

  • And here I thought that we were still debating whether the virus circulated locally around Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2019.

  • Viruses such as COVID-19 are opportunistic, they can affect those in weakened conditions more strongly just like a lion when hunting prey goes for the weakest in the herd.

    This is a fact of nature and a normal process. It culls the herd.

    No matter how strong your system is someone is always the weakest.

    In nature do you lock up or shut down the whole herd to protect the weakest?
    Can you stop the whole herd of animals from going for water or food or do they continue on in their normal process of life?
    When it comes to wild life how often are we told not to interfere.

    As humans we have made many strides in overcoming nature with antibiotics and such, even so nature always wins in the end.

    This is true when speaking of people, plants or planets.

    Humans also have a ” normal” rhythm of living and many don’t want it shut down they believe it’s harmful to their survival.

    No links… No experts, just thinking.

  • It just isn’t that hard to wear a mask. It is the considerate thing to do, it protects you to whatever degree and it protects others.
    All the drama is unnecessary and annoying.

    • I wear the mask, now open everything back up, that is the issue. Open it up ,open travel back up, open restaurants back up! We are masked up now open up!

  • Event 201

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201,[29] a high-level pandemic tabletop exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe coronavirus pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.[30] The exercise took place a few months before the World Health Organization announced the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the statement from Johns Hopkins specifically states that the exercise was not predictive of the current pandemic. In fact they say that “the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019”.[31]

    I find the last statement interesting, why would they need to say that?

    And how have they ” in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences” accomplished this?
    Total failure?

    Can I sell you a bridge in the Mohave desert?

    • At which time the issue of there not being enough masks would have certainly come up and been good front page material, in the interest of public safety. From my reading, 1st the Obama administration didn’t resupply after the last pandemic, then the Trump administration seemingly failed to act on that information which was surely presented to them, and now some of the medico bigwigs get together and plan for a pandemic pre-pandemic– YET FAIL to announce the critical shortage of the the one thing most important to stop the spread? Oops, we forgot to get a good supply of masks for the country. Why didn’t that group go to the press back then?
      Months back I was reading up on seriology vs serology and one professional was bemoaning the PCR test being used for diagnosing coronaviruses and declaring every positive as a case. Case definition used to mean infected. With the PCR test we apparently have been magnifying the virus up enough to lower the bar for what is considered “positive”. So now, in the case numbers we have recorded by testing MORE people, an unknown number of people whose “cases” have been based upon an insignificant and untransmissable amount. We hear “positive” reading and assume that they are pre-sympomatic when the Times article admits at the higher CT numbers you may just be looking at dead viral fluff showing you had it. The question I wanted asked months back to our former spokesperson was about viral load. Quantification as they put it in the NY Times article. So again what CT number has the county been using?! Enquiring minds want to know.

      • Exactly, it’s about the percentage.

        //With the PCR test we apparently have been magnifying the virus up enough to lower the bar for what is considered “positive”.//

        If I took a handful of native Humboldt soil to the capable laboratory, I could document the finding that enough Mars particulates were detected to be scientifically classified Martian soil rather than Humboldt.

        Or a modern way to measure … If you wish a different test result to publish, just change the rules.

        The original lab tests for $64 “legal” cannabis pulled millions of dollars of product off the shelves. Ask a local “Legalite” how much was ruined by laboratory manipulation.

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