[UPDATE] Bicyclist Throws Large Rocks in Fit of Road Rage, Says APD

Older man wheeling a bicycle

The suspect [Photo from the Arcata Police]

Press release from the Arcata Police:

On August 30, 2020, at approximately 4:00 pm, officers responded to the Union Town Shopping Center for a felony assault.  The suspect attacked the victim with large rocks and shattered a shop window, following a bicycle road-rage incident.  Anyone with information as to the identity of the suspect, is encouraged to contact the Arcata Police Department at 707-822-2428 or the anonymous tip line at 707-825-2588. A video depicting the suspect and incident can be found on the Arcata Police Department Facebook page. [Click here]  

UPDATE 5:18 p.m.: APD posted on Facebook, “The suspect has been identified and is in custody. More information will be released in a Press Release later today. We would like to thank the community for the [numerous] tips leading to his arrest.”

UPDATE 5:35 p.m.: Rock Throwing Bicyclist Arrested Charged With Assault With a Deadly Weapon




  • Lance Armstrong…

  • Road rage? Looks be on the sidewalk.

  • Mr. Arcata has had enough!!!
    “Falling Down”…..
    Northern Humboldt style

  • Where does one acquire large rocks to assault with in a strip mall? Oh. Note, prepositioned riot fun…

  • As usual we don’t get to see what provoked this man. I seriously doubt he just rode up and started raising hell because he felt that way without warning. Hopefully we get the full scoop after this bad man is apprehended and made to pay for his crimes. Obviously a trump supporter!

    • I swear I wasn’t there.

      If I met this man I would- 1) contribute to his defense fund 2) violate the current fashion and shake his hand ( Harvard says I can hug him so I might do that instead: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/how-risky-is-a-hug-right-now-2020062520329)
      3) hand him a (edit: remove the word “rock” do not substitute the words “grenade” or “gun”) cold drink 4) contact the police, never.

      • If you read the article you should see that it does not say it’s ok to hug. It says do it at your own risk.

        • Oh, if it doesn’t specifically give me permission, I need to “do it at my own risk.” Oh my!! Personal responsibility without a medical directive. What confusion I will face without a clear directive.

          To clarify for any people who may need to know exactly what they have been instructed: the article says that it isn’t medically recommended against to hug someone. It IS recommended that you not linger and breathe the same air. Let me also make it clear that no teacher or boss has specifically recommended or ordered that you read this article, so you must do so “at your own risk.”

    • Wrong again. All bicycle enthusiasts are Bernie Bros. He’s in the senior support group. Still mad about November 2016. This November will see him setting local businesses on fire (since liberal D.A. and judges will see to it he does ZERO time for this incident). Buckle up.

    • Nope, a Trump supporter would still be at work. I still get a kick out of these alt-lefters sucking up their enhanced unemployment benefits by day and looting and rioting by night. Congress has even caught on to this. Just imagine if their universal income gets approved. Go blue

    • I know the (attacked) biker, he literally passed the man on his bike and the man took offense to the fact he didn’t say “on your left” and followed him for 2 miles to then attack him verbally and then physically. Maybe he was in a drunken he is an self stated Alcoholic. What a disgrace of a man.

      • Have you ever been passed by another bicycle while riding? It’s not just courtesy to call out before passing.

        Bicycles are pretty quiet and having a rider pass can cause a startle reflex. A reflex that may cause a rider to lose control.

        Something tells me this kid made a dangerous move beyond an immature lack of cycling courtesy.

        • So are we supposed to yell out passing you on the left when we are in our electric car too?? Come on. That’s no excuse to react the way this guy did. If he had followed Him for 2 miles and then Verbally explained why he was uVerbalee explained why he was upset problem solved right? I ride bikes all the time and yes it’s nice when someone calls out but the majority do not. He’s guilty plain and simple. Should have emjoyed the beautiful day and pedaled our the anger.

        • He lost control. That’s for sure.
          A loose cannon.
          Plenty of evidence of that.

          How a speculative lack of courtesy or etiquette or some other perceived slight justifies a felony assault is even being considered baffles me.

        • I know they’re funky but a bell on the handbars works well for that and pedestrians.

  • I hear there is now a $500 reward for his (rock thrower) arrest from the shopping center (they should take it $ from the lame security guard’s check)!

  • I saw this guy on the Hiller Park Bluff trails maybe 2-3 hours before this.

  • Ban assault rocks.

  • The present state of American perceptual Stupidity

    Red Herrings in the comments. Let’s be patient and see who / what this is on about. Can’t judge a book by its cover. Lots of GMOB: Grown Men On Bikes : do surprising things in Humboldt.

    he could be a Trump supporter, Bernie Supporter, a separatist. He could be waitin for a Libertarian, He could be a veteran.

    do you really claim to know Everything? That is pretty unwise. Think Harder before you throw away everyone’s freedoms by making assumptions! Property can be replaced. A Life Can Not.

  • I’m curious what that kid did to get that response? That guy might have just flown off the handle, but it’s more likely that reaction is to something that kid did to put that guy’s own life in danger. He very well could have pushed him out of the bike lane into traffic, caused him to crash, etc. (Not that the reaction is justified)

    The assailant is lucky that kid didn’t fight back too. The kid reaches into his bag for a bike lock to defend himself and I kept waiting for him to hit the older man with it. I’m glad he didn’t. That could have escalated into a really bad incident, really quickly.

    • Fog Dog, Really,
      You guys might want to rethink things.
      Check out his Instagram account.
      He is a self proclaimed “Arrested adolescent, alcoholic, asshole”.
      Not my words, his own.
      Pretty telling, I would say, and pretty accurate, if I might add.
      Rogue nomad, from what I could surmise. Not a local.
      Loose cannon.
      Obviously dangerous.
      Why victim blame?
      He did some damage with the boulder.
      Or was it two?
      He could have killed someone the way he was hurling those jagged stones.
      Was that three or four? Maybe more?
      Good thing that last one hit the post, it may have been on a collision course with somebody’s melon.
      As it was the last stone crumbled.
      Must have hit hard.
      He wasn’t throwing underhand, thats for sure.
      He’s 6’2″ according to him.
      Kid must’ve had a guardian angel .

  • this guy doesn’t look local and looks anti-mask related. didn’t the CDC recommend not to confronting anti-maskers as it could lead to bad health.

  • He needs more shit on his handlebars.

  • Rocks don’t kill people! People kill people!

  • Whoa man, you can’t blame this proud boy behavior on CBDs.

  • People that ride bikes like this are soooo funny.

  • Assault with a deadly weapon?!

    That is ridiculous. A woman randomly (as in not provoked) threw a large rock at my husband’s truck as he started over the 255 bridge and out of Eureka. The large rock broke my husband’s windshield and glass ended up everywhere, including in the hair of my two little girls in the back seat. Luckily I had just been dropped off at work or the glass & the rock would have landed in my face.

    My husband called the police & she was arrested… and then released. Because why? Maybe because she was in drugs and the police knew her – “Oh well, she Isn’t paying any bail and if we keep her then we have to deal with her withdrawals and that was Terrible last time.. yeah, lets just let her go – quick!”
    But this man, who likely was provoked, and likely doesn’t have a record – gets “assault with a deadly weapon” the one time he retaliates? (Clearly this is a guess. But I’m probably right)
    It makes me angry – endangering the lives of two innocent little girls – gets, well – nothing. And she will probably do it again.
    Getting angry while riding your bike and throwing rocks – you are now a criminal.
    So wrong.

  • Obviously a Trump supporter. wearing a thin blue line shirt and attacking people at random. There now that’s a standardized comment for this site.

  • Is there anyone who can watch that video and not realize that guy is a menace to society?

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