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Not sure how you can help during a local emergency? Be a part of something bigger and join or support Humboldt CERT! The Humboldt Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coalition is made up of nine teams throughout the county. Each team coordinates and participates in regular training courses, enabling them to provide essential supplementary aid to professional first responders in their communities. Whether responding to COVID-19 or a local disaster, Humboldt CERT Coalition is prepared to help our community. Learn more at



  • đŸ•¯đŸŒ³That’s interesting.

  • True heroes and lovers of their communities!

  • Burnt Roach (new handle)

    This sounds like a great opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to make a positive difference in their community, and feel good about doing it. You would get some good training, meet some dedicated people, get called to help out in various types of emergencies.

    Highly recommend this to anyone who has some time for it, is in reasonably shape, and want to be a part of a group that help when help is needed most.

  • Kathleen Marcotulli

    winner Susan Fox with 180 votes other Contenders..144, 113,113..there are 150 unaccounted Residential votes. I suggest a Run off Jan. 5th like States have when less than 50% won. Top 5 contendors. Mail in December bills if there is a meter there is a bill. If there is a landowner they must be sent ballots or pay fine for being deadbeats..the Cove has Gone to Hell. We lost a million grant fire danger worst it’s ever been. Our pipes are lined with asbestos the fault quakes loosen fibers and you all mfers are gonna have Cancer in your abdomen and balls. People owners of property have homes elsewhere..we are facing a fucking disaster those pipes have 50 year lifespan.and we live in a fire zone with electrical poles that are ready to burn us.
    Kathleen Ann Marcotulli. shelter cove.

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