Eureka Mayor Susan Seaman Gives Weekly Update

This is a press release from the City of Eureka:

Hello. I’m Mayor Susan Seaman.  As I’ve shared with you in my previous communications, the City of Eureka is continuing to work tirelessly to support the health and well-being of our citizens, our community, and our economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This weekend, we will be kicking off the third annual Eureka Street Arts “not really a festival” Festival.  While Henderson Center will be transforming to an outdoor art gallery over the next week with the addition of 12 new murals, all in-person events have been cancelled. There are still plenty of ways everyone can continue to be engaged from the safety of your home. Visit the Eureka Street Art Festival website to find videos where you can get to know the artists. You can also find ongoing updates to show the progress of the murals with daily virtual mural walks. If you do happen to be in the Henderson Center area, many additional precautions are being taken to keep artists and the community safe. Find out more at

Henderson Center is such a special part of town and it’s the business owners there that have made an investment to Eureka by selecting and sponsoring the murals that most reflect the personality of their neighborhood. Thank you to all of the Henderson Center merchants and property owners who are participating.

Thank you, also, to our Eureka Street Art Festival crew – Jenna Catsos, Michelle Cartlidge and Swan Asbury, for continuing to bring art to our neighborhoods. During times where our spirits are feeling weighed down, there’s nothing like a pop of color, a whimsical painting, heartfelt poetry or a visual tribute to our community to inspire a little bounce in our step.

And, if there’s a week we can use a pick me up, it’s this one. With 25 confirmed county cases of COVID-19 in one day, yesterday marked the largest increase in cases recorded in a single day. Only one day before, the county reported double digit cases for the first time. This is just continuing to remind us to stay vigilant.

Sheltering in place is inconvenient on a good day. On occasion, it requires that we make truly heart-breaking sacrifices for the safety of our friends and family – missing birthday parties, or family reunions– the birth of a child or a wedding. But, the repercussions from being lax about travelling and socialization can become a mistake you can’t recover from. If you’re making those hard decisions to avoid socializing, thank you.  From your whole community including your neighbors, our workforce, our health care providers. We’re all ready for this to be over, but throwing in the towel and ignoring the dangers will not bring the end any sooner. The only thing that will is a real, committed diligence to flattening the curve and protecting our community.  If you are out in public, remember to wear a mask, stay socially distanced, wash your hands often. Stay vigilant and stay resilient.

We also want to remember to take care of our health in other ways. Proper Dental Care can prevent chronic tooth and gum pain, and even heart disease and diabetes.  Smile Humboldt is Humboldt County’s Family Dental Support program. If you are enrolled in Medi-Cal and have a child under the age of 12 who has had dental restoration, or currently has a cavity or tooth decay, Smile Humboldt can help navigate the system to find a dentist. They can also provide free dental health supplies, including electric toothbrushes for the whole family. They can also provide coaching on what parents can do to keep their kids teeth healthy. If you are interested in learning more, call 707-476-4949.

As always, and in addition to our video updates and social media posts, you can find regular updates about COVID 19 at the City of Eureka’s website, which is, as well as links to other important community resources.


Again, I’m Mayor Susan Seaman, and I appreciate your attention to this message. Be safe, stay healthy, be patient with yourself and kind to your neighbors and family.  We’ll talk again soon.



  • 🕯🌳For those of you that might care as I do please say a pray for the children and the parents and the staff of the schools of Fortuna as they head back to in class school tomorrow. I hope that it doesn’t turn out bad but I fear as colder weather approaches it will. Please keep them in your hearts and thoughts. Thank you. 🛐🛐

    • Exactly my thoughts. A sad state of leadership in Fortuna schools to force this foolish return so early. Prayers.

  • And be sure to get your free electric toothbrush?

    Susan, your messages have spirit, but lack cohesive content.

    Thanks again, I will be sure to brush my teeth.

    Eureka. Not going there again.

    (All behavioral reminders by mom, Mondays With Michelle, and Sundays with Susie…)

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