New Shasta Trinity National Forest District Ranger for the Area From Hayfork to Platina

Press release from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest :

Shasta-Trinity National Forest Supervisor Scott Russell is pleased to introduce the new South Fork Management Unit District Ranger, Christopher Losi. “Chris is a dedicated and committed member of the Shasta-Trinity team, and we are pleased to have him as our District Ranger in the South Fork Management Unit,” said Russell.  Losi has been Acting District Ranger since March.

With a background in Ecology, Forestry, andImage of District Ranger Christopher Losi Law, Chris brings important skills and perspective to the South Fork.  “It is a great honor to be selected for this position,” Chris stated.  “I am excited to have the opportunity to build relationships between the Forest Service and the people that live, work, and recreate on the Management Unit.  On this fire-prone landscape, restoring the forest and protecting communities from wildfire are urgent needs that must be addressed.  At the same time, I want to ensure that all the resources that make our Forest special are conserved—from plants and animals to clean water and air, scenic vistas, and culturally important areas.”

Chris has worked for the past six years as the Forest’s Environmental Coordinator in the Redding office.  Prior to that, he was the Assistant Silviculturist at the Harrison Gulch office in Platina.  Chris, his wife, three young children, and their dog are looking forward to being part of the community in Trinity County.

The South Fork Management Unit, which surrounds the communities of Hayfork, Hyampom, Platina, Wildwood, Post Mountain, and Forest Glen, is home to half a million acres of diverse and productive land, the South Fork of the Trinity River, scenic South Fork Mountain, the Chanchelulla Wilderness, and the northern portion of the Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness.

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  • Swamp critter or someone who might make a difference?

  • Please find out why the little creak that runs up kingsbury in hay fork didnt run at all this year,atleast not by morgon hill that seemed to be running up kingsbury but then totally stopped for some reason with in a few blocks for morgon hill
    That creak is one of the reasons I bought my house here cause it ran in the far back of yard.only been here 3 years now & creak stop running or some one took it for there stupid pot.

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