Poster August 7 Drive Through DinnersPress release from the Mateel Community Center:

Mateel Community Center presents the Drive Through Dinner fundraiser Friday, August 7th, with Russian menu planned by Natalya Verona. Orders for dinner begin at 4:30pm at 59 Rusk Lane in Redway. Orders by phone can be placed by calling 707-923-3368 between 4:30-8:30pm on 8/7 or drive up and order for pick up. Drive into the lower parking lot to pick up orders and exit out the back gate. Limited table seating is available on the hillside.


The Mateel’s Drive-Through Dinners fundraiser began Friday, June 26th with local, guest chefs cooking meals for sale with donated supplies from the community including supporters:  Chautauqua Natural Foods in Garberville & Shop Smart in Redway. This week’s Drive Through Dinner fundraiser features a Russian theme, on the menu this Friday:

Oladi z Łosos      $9

Little vegetable pancakes topped with smoked salmon & sour cream

Shashlik, Lamb $17, Chicken $14, Vegan $12. 2 skewers marinated in fruit juices, herbs & spices.
All dinners are gluten free & served with Plov (rice pilaf) and 2 salads: Olivie (potato salad with ham or vegan) & Salat Pomidoro i oguret (tomatoes & cucumbers)

Compot- refreshing mixed whole fruits drink $4
Poppyseed cake

Caramel filled wafer cookie cake

Gluten free, vegan plum cake

Assorted donated beverages


Call for Volunteers: Summer Drive Through Dinners: August 7th

The Mateel is seeking volunteers to help with the Drive Through Dinner this week, Friday, August 7th.  To sign up to volunteer email to: [email protected].  Each two hour shift worked in exchange for a dinnner.  



  • Billy Casomorphin

    Work 2 hours, get dinner!

    Or just combine with the GBV Rotary, show up, pay $17, make it yourself!

    Or heck, just send in $25 to:

    Mateel Community Center
    59 Rusk Ln
    Deadway CA, 95660

    “Because we just want some money”, Mateel Community Center Restaurant Inc

  • Odd that endless completely inane comments are permitted, while witty tongue-in-cheek comments, which are somewhat critical are deleted completely… Need more emojis, apparently, or perhaps a county permit…

    (Compot is a composting method, while a Kompot, is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink.)

  • Well, I have a moratorium on arguing with certain individuals, and primarily upon arguing with the editor…

    Useful news is another thing that is in the eye of the beholder, and, the amusing news, is always with us, and is the amusement from reading and creating inane comments…

    I know you love the Mateel, so I will shut up now… Thanks for all you do!

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