Stolen Assault Weapons and 5,000 Plants Found in Early Morning Round Valley Raid, Says MCSO

A helicopter involved in today’s Round Valley marijuana raid [Submitted by Round Valley resident who asked to go unnamed]

A helicopter involved in today’s Round Valley marijuana raid [Submitted by Round Valley resident who asked to go unnamed]

In the early morning of August 5, 2020, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office conducted a raid on a marijuana growing operation in Round Valley, California. According to Sheriff Matt Kendall, several stolen assault weapons were confiscated, roughly 5,000 marijuana plants were eradicated, and ten individuals were interviewed at the scene.

The grow was located near the west end of the Round Valley Airport runway abutting the headwaters of Town Creek.

Sheriff Kendall said the raid was a continuation of MCSO’s efforts to rid Covelo of illegal marijuana. Ultimately, Sheriff Kendall said the aim of the raids is to demonstrate that it is “too expensive” to grow illegally in Round Valley.

Note: An earlier version of the story incorrectly stated that the raid occurred on August 2nd.

Mendocino County Sheriff Office's photograph of the firearms confiscated at today's raid in Round Valley [Photo provided by Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall]

Mendocino County Sheriff Office’s photograph of the firearms confiscated at today’s raid in Round Valley [Photo provided by Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall]



  • To expensive to grow at the end of the airport runway?

  • what’s an assault weapon?

  • Please Check One

    So, just wondering, this article says that the raid was Aug. 2. We heard all this action, including the chopper, here (out at the airport) this morning, Aug. 5. Are you sure about your dates, Matt? Was there a possible 2nd raid this morning? Thanks for your conscientious reporting, btw.

  • Buenos nachos?

  • WW2 just called and they want their bolt action rifle back:

    • Here or something like that



      • I saw PRIMUS at Lolapaooza and when they stepped on stage we started chanting PRIMUS SUCKS! …a girl in front of me said … If you don’t like them …just sit down…. don’t ruin it for the people that like them

  • Robert L Nichols

    Max its the gun the guy who dies trying to rob you is holding

  • Sleepy Alligator

    I think it would be interesting to read about the raids that happened in Weitchpec (Humboldt County)every day last week. No disrespect to the folks from Round Valley …….wherever that is.

  • I agree, seems like ‘Operation Yurok’ was happening and I have heard a peep from anyone about it except friends watching the net loads being flown in.

  • Let this be a lesson: If you get caught with 5,000 plants and stolen guns, the sheriffs will interview you!

    • Ha Ha! That’s what I got out of this also. 5000 plants and illegal “assault” rifles and zero arrests. So it’s cool to try growing 5000 plants and have some stolen rifles…I need to adjust my “allowable limits” to the new reality…. Also since they’ve been “cleaning up” Covelo this year how come they waited this long for something of that size? I’m sure a bunch of mega-deps have already been harvested and processed out of that valley…More media relations for the uninformed city folk “Look at us we’re doing our job give us more resources to make you safer” same as always. But of course everybody appreciates the price support program so maybe I should just shut up

    • You’d expect that in Humboldt but Mendo! Hell I once spent the night in the Mendo lock up for smiling on a cloudy day. I guess there’s a new sheriff in town but one would think that being in possession of stolen firearms would warrant a trip to Ukiah.

  • Industrial Disease It these guys, though.

  • Shame on You Kendall

    Whats the point. What a waste of tax dollars at a rine Mendocino Counry and Cities like Willits are going broke! Shame on you Matt Kendall!

  • Waited an awfully long time to show up and start enforcing the law. The grows in the Round Valley have been increasing and blowing up for years.

    Thanks for doing this LEO, please keep up the good work.

  • Look at it from another angle.

    How much does the grower invest per plant? Low ball $20 likely much more?


  • Was this the one where they detained the native language teacher and the district’s prized native language student who they were piling college grants on?

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