One Arrested After DFW and Other Agencies Found Over 8000 Marijuana Plants in Two Day Eradication Operation in Del Norte County

Water diversion [Image from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife]

Water diversion [Image from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife]

Press release from DFW:

On July 27 and 28, wildlife officers at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) in collaboration with the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office, served five search warrants in Del Norte County for illegal commercial cannabis cultivation on remote parcels off of Low Divide Road and Rowdy Creek Road.

Support was also provided by CDFW Environmental Scientists, Pelican Bay State Prison Critical Incident Response Team, Del Norte County Code Enforcement and CAL FIRE.

A records check confirmed that none of the sites had a state license for commercial cannabis cultivation.

During the two-day operation, officers eradicated approximately 8,194 illegal cannabis plants, seized four firearms and documented 17 environmental crimes. Violations included unlawful stream diversions and alteration, sediment and petroleum product pollution and depositing litter where it can enter waters of the state.

At the sites, staff observed water actively being diverted from tributaries to the Smith River, which is characterized by exceptionally clear water and steep forested mountains that support a diverse assemblage of fish, wildlife and plant species.

Officers detained five suspects and arrested one subject for felony cannabis cultivation and possession of a firearm, while committing a felony. Formal complaints will be filed with the Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office for consideration. No further information is available at this time as these are ongoing investigations.

To report environmental crimes such as water pollution, water diversions and poaching, call the CalTIP hotline at (888) 334-2258 or text information to “TIP411” (847411).



  • No! No permits!? No way! It’s just a plant, man. No damage. It saves people. It’s from the earth, it can’t possibly hurt children, teens, and young adults! No way!

    You growers are complete narcissistic hypocrites. It’s all about the money!

    • The plant isn’t the issue. It is from the earth and has many medicinal properties. The problem is humans. They divert water. Let fertilizers and chemicals run into water ways. All for profit. If they just let people grow in their back yards it would take the money aspect away and people would stop growing for profit. Im not talking just locally, I’m talking nation wide. Most of the money comes from back east where most of the goods are shipped to

      • Sure- but then how can the corporate parasites seize control and make billions of $$? And how could the parasitic government agencies get their hands into everybody’s pocket? It must be “legalized”…in a certain way profitable to certain groups- meaning not really legalized but regulated, taxed and controlled…

      • Stupid is what stupid does

        non of you actually know what you are talking about. Commifornia is the problem, way to many Democrats in control driving this state and country into ruins. We are dealing with a pandemic and our state gave themselves raises, taxing the crap out of everything. All on purpose! To force the nation into socialism. Nothing is free in life unless you are Democrat ,you can get rich in politics with all that insider information, and selective over regulation.

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • Does fish and game still deal with animals or just pot?

  • One person was arrested for felony cannabis cultivation?! Is that still a crime on the books? If so then why are there zero arrests for that charge in Humboldt where the numbers of plants are way higher? What must you do to get arrested for that charge?! Or is it a fake charge that will be thrown out of court (and they were really arrested for the gun charge and the cultivation charge is bullshit fodder for the media)? I am honestly confused and interested in the answer…

    • Entering a World of Pain

      From what I understand cultivation can still be charged as a felony if certain environmental crimes are present also. Not clear on the details though

  • Cultivating marijuana and possessing a gun = felony.

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