Nine New Cases Today, August 4

Humboldt Test Results by the NumbersPress release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

The total number of Humboldt County residents confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 now stands at 245, after nine new cases were reported today.

Of the 245 cases, 126 people contracted the virus through contact with another known case, 67 acquired it through out-of-area travel and 34 were a result of community transmission. Eighteen cases remain under investigation.

Today’s alert level stands at three or level orange. Visit to view the county’s Alert Level Assessment tool.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

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  • 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    • I posted this yesterday too but there’s 4 people in the hospital and 1 person in ICU with suspected COVID right now. I hope they are negative and recover quickly. If they do have COVID we might be on the state monitoring list before we know it. We had a 10% positivity rate today.

      • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

        Why don’t we yet know if these “suspected” cases are positive or not? I know for a fact the county public health can process a test through the lab in under two hours. I’m guessing they’ve been tested and it came back negative otherwise it would be reported in county stats already.

        • I’m not sure since the county won’t release info on hospitalizations the only way I would know is to check Calmatters tomorrow and see what it says

        • Here’s what I found on the states website. Sounds like someone is on a ventilator too because only 96% not 100% of our ventilators are available

          • It sounds like someone likes to assume. Maybe ventilator under repair, or someone needs heart surgery since heart disease kills 2200 Americans a day. How many heart disease people on ventilators? Maybe someone in a local vehicle accident is on a ventilator. So many questions, soooo much time.

        • Good luck folks, this is real. Please wear your masked in public and don’t host folks from out of the area… we don’t need new cases, it’s ‘f-ing’ everything up. ie: kids safely going to school, businesses staying open , ICU’s full of covid, ER’s compromised, old age homes full of scared elders, essential workers scared to work and bring covid home to their families ‘but have too to keep bills payed’ , and so much more. Why should the innocent have to fear what the ignorant bring to them… Mask up

          • Muddy Black Dodge with a covid catalytic converter choking back the engine efficiency and performance.

            You won’t even remember that diesels were designed to run on non gasoline products.

            The years go by and that catalytic converter has moved in front of your mouth.

    • HOJ in Training

      Nine new cases and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt.

      Enjoy that economic slowdown, folks.

  • R David Franceschi

    And the severity is…so much bullshit!!!

  • Zero new deaths. Zero new hospitalizations.

    • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

      A thousand new cases would be a good thing if there were no new hospitalizations or deaths. That would get us further down the road to herd immunity.

      BTW, the objective of the vaccines under development, like the annual flu shot, isn’t to prevent covid but only reduce the severity of the illness. FDA routinely approves vaccines that do no more than that for as little as half the people getting the shot and they’ll do the same for covid.

      Anyone hiding in their hole waiting for a miracle shot of covid immunity may be stuck at home until they’re cray cray.

      • If we have too many cases were going to end up on the watch list and schools and a bunch of businesses are going to get shut down again. And I’m going to have to disagree with you because we really don’t know what the long term effects of having this disease are yet. We’re going to have thousands of people with chronic lung damage and other problems. The whole situation is so sad.

        People can stay home and social distance for a year some people spend their lives in prison which is far more isolating and less comfortable and are okay and survive. It’s not that bad to stay in our homes for a year while we get this thing under control in my opinion. Please stay home and wear a mask everyone.

        • we really don’t know what the long term effects of having this disease are yet, then you say ,this is too funny ,can’t make this shit up. We’re going to have thousands of people with chronic lung damage. Didn’t you just say we don’t know the long term effects? Keep assuming.

          • There is no PhD or MD that i would trust with my immune system or health advice.

            ESPECIALLY if they will not be honest about who holds their ability to PRACTICE MEDICINE.

            BROKEN BONES AND MAJOR TRAUMA /incidents is the best place to enjoy modern medicine.

            It’s so sad to see people afraid of their mask less neighbors enjoying the fresh air with out a mask.

        • It’s not magically going to disappear in a year..

      • And immunity doesn’t last more than a few months. People are getting sick and getting it again sometimes worse the second time. So herd immunity is not a realistic strategy. A vaccine probably won’t be effective they’re just buying time and trying to stop people from panicking. We need effective anti viral drugs.

  • It’s reseeding.

  • HOJ in Training


    Fast forward to the evening of Nov. 3rd when a reporter points out to Trump that, as a sitting President, he just took the worst political “ass-reaming” in the history of the US.

    I can only hope his response will be “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

    What a truly disgraceful bunghole he has proven himself to be.

    • How has trump affected your life?

      We made it through the Bush /Clinton years, and we will get through the next 4 years of Trump.

      Joe Biden is not HOPE NOR CHANGE.

      We will never get a real chance until the majority wake up and stop feeding the cancer of non stop government growth, and incursion into our private lives.

      Even the founders understood the concept of medical tyranny.

      Oh yeah and that Russian collusion was 100% fabricated to sink an elected president.

      Liars, crooks and thieves….

      Just leave the damn children alone.

  • Humboldt fatality rate dropping fast.

    • With a fatality rate of .003% already, it doesn’t have far to go to nothing, does it?

      But yeah, let’s go on about the daily case counts.

  • Woo-hoo! And NO new illnesses!

    When are going to stop giving a shit about this crap?

    • No new illnesses Steve? There are nine new illnesses reported. We all know you think the Covid is a big joke and mask wearing, etc is all ridiculous in your mind. Gawd knows you have voiced that opinion ad nauseam on several blogs but can you at least get your excitement right. Nine new illnesses Steve. Not zero.

      • How many people had diarrhea today?

        That’s what a healthy immune system does when Fightin off amy infection.

        You start bringing the healthy people down to your level of sickness.

        We were given immune systems and we need to recognize what modern science has been trying to monopolize for a century,

        YOUR HEALTH.

      • I’m afraid you’re confused. Cases do not equate to illnesses. Put your excitement back in your pants.

  • Every day my prediction of a serious downturn both locally, statewide and nationally slips further away. And now they’e saying that a technical issue has recently caused California’s numbers to have been under reported and the slowdown statewide in the last 7 days may have been in error.

    This thing is more and more acting like the other known coronavirus, the common cold, in as far as temperature and time of year don’t affect it like they do the flu. But it’s a novel virus, and no one knows what comes next.

    It would be nice if everyone wore a mask in public but it’s obvious this will never happen so the new rule for me is wear a mask and avoid those who don’t. I’m opposed to a mask mandate and fining or arresting people.

    Unfortunately, if allowing people to go maskless causes a marked increase in cases then we’ll probably go through another lockdown and no one wants that so we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    • If more people just had common decency, hygiene and respect for the science and what they’re being asked to do. But people refuse to follow the rules. It’s really selfish and makes me sad that people can’t put they’re life on hold for a few months or a year to SAVE LIVES! People traveling, not wearing masks etc. with total disregard for the people that have to go out and work and have to put their kids in school and day care.

      • Agreed. The bummer is that the fastest way back to normalcy is to follow medical guidelines. The people who ignore them and spread the virus are only contributing to the continuing problem that we are all having to live with. Everything will not go back to normal until this thing has run it’s course on the 300 million Americans yet to get it or until we can get it under control. As you say there are 2nd cases, so a vaccine will most likely be a perpetual booster (if there ever is one). The economy and life will not bounce back until the risk is gone. Too much money will sit on the sidelines in our service economy otherwise.

      • Mama…I agree! Whatever happened to the group spirit that was,( no matter what our differences), when it’s necessary, we all pull together & accomplish the goal for the good of all? If everyone wld consider giving it their best effort for 3 weeks, wear a mask, stay away from crowds…be the safest we can be, I think we would make a big dent. If everyone tries to mainly stay home, I think they will discover a new way to fulfill the days of their lives.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          And after we do those three weeks that you are suggesting, what sort of dent would we put in covid? Slow down a disease that, by the numbers, isn’t even an epidemic in Humboldt County? After those 3 weeks, how would things have changed? If one person has it, everything would just start over again. Someone could come visit who has it, and the whole process would start all over. Businesses were shut down and we all pretty much stayed home from March up until the blm riots in May, thats 3 months, what would 3 more weeks do?

          • 3 More weeks wld slow this way down…ddnt we have a 2-3 week stretch (a few weeks ago) with only 1-2 cases? Even if it starts over again, it will still be better to dial it back than let it run rampant. It’s hard to comprehend ppl not wanting to all work together on this. Surely, even nonmaskers must have older relatives that they want to help keep safe. It’s not a lot to ask…wear a mask. Caring about others (and the planet)never goes out of style. You can’t go wrong by doing the right thing.

            • Move to China and see what happens when you let a corporate governance remove your freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and your very ability to work independently without the threat of imprisonment or being disappeared.

              A symbolic gesture of allegiance to the

              “new woke order”

            • In my 1911 I trust

              Sure we all want to find a balance of keeping people safe. I can guarantee you that a starving, broke, impoverished community would be much more detrimental to your health than covid. We did have that 2-3 week stretch that things slowed down, and then it started all over again. What you are proposing is a wash rinse and repeat cycle that will never end. So we shut down for 3 weeks, cases slow to a trickle, nobody works, everyone loses money and gets one step closer to hunger. Then what? We open back up? Then cases will start to rise again and we will be right back to this same conversation. So I am asking, what is the NEXT step? Close down for 3 more weeks, open back up, then what? This cycle clearly isn’t working for anybody. People are still getting sick and people are still going broke, it almost seems like we’re taking it in both ends at the moment. How do we change the status quo?

          • What riots? I’ve seen more destruction after a Super Bowl win!

            • Yeah, the 2011 Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver BC.

              There was a huge dust-up in San Francisco after the 2014 World Series. And that was from the fans of the winning team!

      • Healthy people OWE YOU NOTHING, mama.


        Some people were asked to return chattel property to their southern owners…

        It was the law and people thought the big boys in Washington knew what was best for the rest of us

        It’s important to recognize that censorship in 2020 about the covid exaggeration of the pandemic and the erroneous guidelines and mixed statistics and some straight up deception from our liars in suits and ties.

        There is a good chance there are multiple scenarios being played out right now and the push against our physical freedoms to SAY NO TO EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES, THAT WILL MOST LIKELY CAUSE UNFORESEEN LONG TERM BLOWBACK.

        I guess we all want our happy ending romanticism.

        • Angela Robinson

          “Healthy people OWE YOU NOTHING, mama.”

          That’s nice. So if I see you in a car wreck, I can just keep going because people who are not in car wrecks OWE YOU NOTHING.



          So growing old is a fault? Being born with or acquiring as a child an immune suppressed condition is the fault of that person? Or any number of reasons for someone to be vulnerable to COVID.

          It boils down to “don’t harsh MY buzz” with you.

          • If you don’t want to save money and work hard and build something, from the massive opportunity to engage in the free market, you can’t blame anyone else for your poor financial state of being.

            The same goes for health.

            People who ignore the cost of living on a poor diet, drinking tap water, and absorbing toxins from a lifetime and even generations of poor decision making will create people who rely on the medical system.

            Some people are not lucky enough to have local farm raised food in their lives.

            Ranked 37th in the world in education, and 26th in health care.

            That is a by product of years of neglect and poor government leadership.

            How do you reconcile the many years of exporting jobs and manufacturing over seas at the detriment of our working class families.

            Oh, by wearing a symbolic gesture of y/our inability to connect the dots.

            History is written by the winners.

            Victor Davis Hanson


            “His description of the elites is very good: people who feel entitled to impose their moral utopia on society but who have the money, connections and culture to exempt themselves from the results of their ideology. Every liberal/progressive I know talks one way and votes that way and judges other people that way, but lives not at all that way. World class hypocrites.”

            ***Critical thinking***

          • In my 1911 I trust

            Everybody has their own cross to bear Angela, its up to our own selves to bear that cross and not put the burden on others. Immunocompromised? Not that person’s fault, but definitely their cross to bear. They should be taking precautions to ensure their own survival. I have no idea if the person walking down the street is immunocompromised or not, so they probably need to look after themselves. If a person is immunocompromised and made it this far, they probably have their own ways of keeping themselves alive and safe from pathogens because the common cold is just as dangerous as covid to someone who is immunocompromised and its a hell of a lot more prevalent. Getting old and dying is what happens, do we shut down the world for something that has been happening for as long as we have existed? Why the sudden fear? We will never be able to buck that natural system, no matter how hard we try. Oh, and nature always holds the trump card, in case you missed that. Funny how concerned we were about polluting and destroying our planet and then our planet put the shut down on us in just a couple months. Think about that.

          • You have any idea why we are ranked 37th In the world in education?

            Because weapons of war, and blanket surveillance systems do what no education system can do with heart felt educators.

            Kill in the name of resource allocation.

        • 💕💕right on P.W.
          these people have lost their minds.
          I don’t know you, or Swine, or I like stars, or any of the others speaking up .. but would like to shake yer hands some day.

    • A, “novel virus,” eh? Did you know that all viruses are, “novel?” That’s the nature of viruses (bacteria, too — that’s how we got MRSA) — they mutate constantly.

      The flu we had last year is not the flu we have this year. That’s why flu vaccines are hit-and-miss. They have to guess at what they think the flu will become next year, and try to prepare a vaccine for the upcoming, “novel,” flu virus.

      Corona virus is the same way. It’s a virus that’s been around for millions of years, in numerous forms. We deal with it everyday. Covid-19 is no more, “novel,” than next year’s flu bug.

  • 🕯🌳I think the warm weather has kept it at bay,we will see when the colder weather comes along. 🖖

  • Research from Loughborough and Sheffield Universities suggests new approach to recording COVID deaths

    3 July 2020

    A new study by academics at the Universities of Loughborough and Sheffield, and economic consultants at Economic Insight, seeks to provide a more statistically robust approach to the question: “How many deaths in England and Wales are due to COVID-19?”.

    Currently COVID-associated deaths or excess deaths are used to track the impact of the virus. However these figures may be distorted as to record a COVID-associated death you require only weak evidence that COVID ‘may’ have contributed to the death, and counting excess deaths assumes that any variation in weekly mortality relative to a five year average represents ‘excess’ deaths due to COVID without taking into account other drivers of mortality.

    The new study, co-authored by Karligash Glass, Professor of Financial Economics and a respected economic data scientist within Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics, Professor Anthony Glass (Professor of Managerial Economics, the University of Sheffield), Sam Williams (founder and Director of Economic Insight) and Alasdair Crookes (Consultant at Economic Insight) proposes an enhanced approach to crunching the COVID numbers.

    The authors have used statistical techniques to better identify deaths due to COVID, applying the excess death framework more robustly and controlling for other factors that affect mortality. The key findings are as follows:

    –Actual deaths due to COVID are some 54% or 63% lower than implied by the standard excess deaths measure, and reported excess deaths likely include a significant number of non-COVID deaths.

    –While it is well known that COVID deaths are concentrated in the elderly, the study finds them to be particularly acute in the very elderly (75-84 and 85+ years old).

    –Over the lockdown period as a whole Government policy has increased mortality rather than reduced it.

    This final finding may be alarming to some, but the authors point out that the lockdown initiative was always intended to ‘flatten the curve’ (delaying the spread to avoid overburdening the NHS) and not necessarily to lower mortality rates. They also assert that the overall increase in mortality is a result of significant unintended consequences of the lockdown, for example, reduced A and E attendances and reduced cancer and cardiac treatments.

    Speaking about the new study, Loughborough’s Professor Karligash Glass said: “In addition to providing a new way of measuring the impact of COVID-19, this study raises questions not simply about the efficacy of the blanket lockdown response, but also whether Government communications to encourage public compliance have inadvertently driven other, more harmful, behaviours.”

    Professor Karligash Glass and Professor Anthony Glass are also academic associates of Economic Insight, a leading UK economics consultancy.

    • Deaths are underreported, not overreported! Any deviation from this will be met with hostility.

      • It actually has been seen to go both ways, depending on the country and whether or not the numbers have a significance whether more or less.

        The problem for me is that people have become fixated on the death rate, and it shouldn’t be the main concern. Initially I was because of the intense rise in the CFR in Europe and the Northeast early on. But that was because I suspected mutation.

        The high numbers that we saw in the EU, 10% to 15%, have not been duplicated except in much smaller countries and these numbers usually come down quick like they are supposed to. Why much of the EU is still in the 10 to 15 bracket is a complete mystery.

        Mostly we’re seeing .5 to 4 these days so it appears either the EU strain has faded out or further mutated to become far less lethal. The latter is my bet.

        But the thing that concerns me and I think should concern everyone is that we have these unknown entities circulating around the world that are constantly changing, and viruses make mistakes. The Spanish flu killed too many and disappeared for lack of hosts. It is this threat, this possibility that should give rise to concern, and it is not a minor concern. If everything turns out OK we can rejoice, but until then we have to stay aware of the fact that we have aliens infesting the planet.

      • Make that covid cash baby.

  • I want to comment further on what I said about a mask mandate. The idea that we would give a person a criminal record over a mask is ridiculous. I agree with the knuckleheads on that one. That is overreach and all that will do is create even more distrust in the govt.

    Fines I don’t agree with either but there is also a silver lining there that shouldn’t be ignored. If an offender is first given warnings and allowed to mask up-no fine. Data would have to be kept and after three warnings a small fine ($10) would be imposed. Fines would then be progressive to where after 10 fines they’re up to a $100 a pop and continue the progression with all money going to fight covid. I mean, what a money maker for the locals with a cut to the state. Free masks and testing for everyone. All hospital bills paid. I don’t know, that ones a tough call.

  • I want to also comment about my use of alien. I’m not talking foreign country, I’m talking more like an extraterrestrial. Something that has never been on earth before. Because covid never has. It is an alien species that has already caused great harm and needs to be dealt with as such. If a visible extraterrestrial had come to earth and done the damage covid has done the people of the world would be up in arms, united against a common enemy. The difference is that this invader didn’t come from outer space, but nature, and it can’t be seen. And it has become a political football and I’m as guilty as the rest. But from this day forward I will never lay blame as the past is meaningless and unchangeable and the best and most learned don’t have a clue so how could we. All we can do is try to shape the future with the little that we do know.

    • It’s called a level 4 bio weapons lab,

      Do some research on why the heck we need level 4 bioweapons lab.

      Tell me that lymes disease didn’t come from Plum island and I’ll see the veritas In how people can be compartmentalized into little cubicles with no idea what the true nature of their life’s work truly means.

      What makes it so hard to look at the root cause of this virus.

      Why are so many people arguing the semantics, instead of the true casual factors of this virus ?

      If billionaires talk about their belief that the world is overpopulated, why is itso hard to believe that people don’t become billionaires by being nice and philanthropic.

      It a savage world full of exploited people who want to believe the government is our friend.

      Government is the best example of a modern uncle tom I’ve seen.

      They take one third of your wages right off the top, and who on the street would give that to anyone who doesn’t produce a better life for you and yours?

      37th in the world in education.

      And yes, most high level government officials are pathological liars.

      “But only because it is for the greater good :

      Mike drop.

  • Please stop the ignorance!!!!!!!!

    My veteran great uncle died the day before yesterday. He lived in another state. He’d been fighting this for a couple weeks n after surviving war, poverty, racism, heart disease & diabetes, he finally could not fight any further. He leaves behind a wife, 3 sons & numerous grandchildren.
    I say wear a mask n be aware of your surroundings, someones life, including your own, may be saved. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t it worth the effort to help protect others and yourself, the way this man put his effort & life before your very freedom? Is it really that hard to ask? RIP great man!

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. I want everyone to take this seriously and I don’t have any personal experience with this disease yet thank god and I pray I won’t. I try to share things I’ve read and my honest opinions on here but it seems that people just want to deny, deny, deny. Deny the science, deny the truth and deny the fact that people are losing their lives to this. And i don’t understand how people can have the attitude that we’re all going to go someday when many of these deaths could have been prevented if people would just wear masks and stay home. Again so sorry for your loss may your uncle RIP.

    • My condolences on the loss of your great-uncle. Your post brings up a point, though.

      He was an elderly man with heart disease and diabetes. Did he die from Covid, or with Covid?

      There is a difference.

    • The collateral damage from bad policy on covid runs far and wide. Undoubtedly nobody will be held responsible.

      • Let’s ask Herman Cain what the collateral damage from stubborn ignorance is.

        • You’re turning into a troll.

          • What would Herman Cain say today?

            • Oh, the hypocrisy in these threads is a thing to behold. He knows the answer but you’re a “troll”.

            • Do you have any evidence that Herman Cain contracted covid because he didnt wear a mask?

              There are certainly many people wore a mask and still contracted covid.

              • The focus is on Cain because he had called COVID a Democratic Hoax.

                Then he caught it and died.

                I posted it before, but here is one of his tweets.


                • As usual an allegation was made with progressive ear filters on high. What he said was the Democrat LOCKDOWN (note not the virus but the political use Democrats make of it) was a hoax. And it is certainly being used as a tool to bash anyone they find objectionable as is displayed in the above post.

                  • He also also hashtagged “#coronavirus hoax” before the one you quote.

                    I do love how some folks are bending over backwards to rationalize and nit pick just how unseriously Cain and his ilk (including Trump) were about the virus, thoroughly politicizing it….now that it killed him.

                    He dismissed it and then he became on of the 157,000 and counting deaths. It should, I say should, serve as a lesson.

                    Hubris and all that.

                    I hate this virus. And I am still so sad that it killed John Prine.

                    • He dismissed it, because he was battling other serious health issues.

                      He called it like many others are seeing it.

                      The economic shutdown is overkill and it will be the fuse that sets friends and families on a collision course.

                      I don’t think people understand the lack of accountability on the government mandate of a mask that DOES NOT GUARANTEE SHIT.

                      NO WONDER THE PHARMACEUTICAL industry is looking for another massive opportunity to guarantee sales with absolutely no LIABILITY.


                    • “Health problems:

                      In early 1998, Prine was diagnosed with squamous-cell cancer on the right side of his neck. He had major surgery to remove a substantial amount of diseased tissue, followed by six weeks of radiation therapy.[45] The surgery removed a piece of his neck and severed a few nerves in his tongue, while the radiation damaged some salivary glands. A year of recuperation and speech therapy were necessary before he could perform again.[46] The operation altered his vocals and added a gravelly tone to his voice.[47]

                      In 2013, Prine underwent surgery to remove cancer in his left lung. After the surgery, a physical therapist put him through an unusual workout to build stamina; Prine was required to run up and down his house stairs, grab his guitar while still out of breath, and sing two songs. Six months later, he was touring again.[46]”

                    • I love how people dismiss the deaths of someone from COVID with a wave of their hand–‘health problems,’ ‘they were old’, they were fat–as if people with health problems, elders, and obese people aren’t valuable. Now people who don’t care about others—that might be a class of citizens we could most afford to lose…certainly, I would prefer to lose them before musicians with health problems, teachers who are fat, writers who are elders, first responders who are minorities, etc.

                    • Most of the 157,000 deaths took place in NY as Cuomo sent sick patients into nursing homes with healthy patients. ( healthy meaning no corna )

                      NY has had more deaths than CA, FL,and TX combined.

                      And still Cuomo whines.

                • Herman wasn’t battling other health issues for years?

                  Lewis died recently as well.

                  If you have other significant health issues, you might want to get your affairs in order.

                  The hospitals have just experienced the July Effect, and are struggling with their bottom line.

                  If the government is paying a high dollar amount for Deaths with aND By covid, it goes without saying that covid will show up on peoples death certificates, who died from motorcycle accidents, gun shot wounds to mention a few.

                  Cognitive dissonance is making a strong nation of free people loOK like fools.

                  Stop drinking, smoking, eating commercial dead food, and meditate or pray and visualize a rock salad immune system.


    Peter Hitchens

    The authoritarian left never rests.

    11 minutes of an Ex bolshevik.

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