[UPDATE 5:19 p.m.] Eureka Police Gathered at Central Avenue After Man Armed With a Pellet Gun Said He Wanted to Die

EPD at the scene with an armed individual.

EPD at the scene of a man armed with a pellet gun. [Photos by Mark McKenna]

As of 5:15 p.m., Eureka Police are on Central Avenue near Winco after multiple people called 911 reporting that a man with a pellet gun was in the backyard of his prior residence yelling he wants to die. His wife is in the home and the man reportedly has an unserved restraining order against him.

Officers requested the wife leave the home. The approached the front to escort the woman out.

We’re attempting to learn more information.
EPD at Armed suspect

UPDATE 5:19 p.m.: According to a report from the dispatcher to the Incident Commander, a mental health negotiator has just reached the scene and being directed to the correct area to contact the male.

UPDATE 5:32 p.m.: The wife has been safely escorted from the scene.




  • 🕯🌳Damn. Hope they don’t fill him full of holes. Now this is the time for one of those Mental Health people. 🚑🚑

  • don’t kill this one, guys.

    also, do a better job of securing a perimeter. that was a joke. amateur hour out here.

    • Internet expert

      They are hiring. Maybe you should apply.

    • This guy must be a professional law enforcement trainer. Thank you for blessing us ignoramuses here on RHBB with your brilliance.

    • Do you live close by Max ? Police blocked Central off Harris and idiots are driving around the blocking car.

        • No it was resolved around 5:30 Kym. I don’t know the resolution but police, fire and ambulance have left.

      • i do live close. i was driving northbound on central at maybe 5:03ish. of the more than 6 EPD cruisers and SUVs on the scene (all but one right up at the intersection with Pearl), none had lights on. given the way that EPD frequently park (i.e., with no regard for traffic patterns), there was no way to know that the SUV with no officers anywhere around, sticking only halfway into the lane, was supposed to be a roadblock. i got 40yds or so into their perimeter before they even noticed.

        i’ve lived in other cities. i’ve seen other police departments handle situations. need i remind everyone that nearly half of the city’s budget goes to EPD, due in large part to the excessive insurance premiums brought on by the frequency of brutality and wrongful death settlements? did everyone forget how many people that posed zero threat during a mental health crisis have been killed by EPD, including a woman alone in her apartment by a sniper from across the street? maybe it’s because i come from a military area and as such have seen plenty of cops with combat training, but EPD are recklessly quick to brandish their guns in public when there’s no cause for it.

        sorry, but between stuff like this, the frequent instances of APD dropping the ball on things, and Sheriff Antifa Buses, Humboldt law enforcement is amateur hour.

    • *Perimeter Master and Police Expert Max has entered the chat*

  • PLEASE don’t kill him! PLEASE!

    • You people really believe that’s what they want to do?
      You need to go ask the dude not to point his gun at anyone instead.

  • I personnally know this man has abused his wife for years. He has serious anger issues. She’s finally had enough, and he cant stand that she wants out. She deserves peace. He needs help.

  • Billy Casomorphin

    Every time I see these skinhead thugs with the M-14’s out I want to vomit.

    If you get out of control, they will be happy to shoot you to death…

    Eureka is a poor choice of places to live, but these bozos make it intolerable.

    Eureka. How many citizens will be killed by the EPD today?

  • you sir are an asshole

  • easy there sponge Billy, shit happens every where, even in your neck of the woods/ hill.

  • “If you get out of control, they will be happy to shoot you to death…” Exactly i am totally agreed with you !

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