Kneeland Road Blocked After Logging Truck Crash

Overturned logging truck

[Photos provided by a reader]

Just before 2 p.m., a logging truck flipped over on its side near mile marker 37 on Kneeland Road. The driver was stuck inside the vehicle and Kneeland Road was blocked and is still blocked as of 3:45 p.m.

According to Humboldt Bay Fire, “Fortunately, crews were able to extricate the driver who was pinned during the crash, sustaining only minor injuries.”

Kneeland Volunteer Fire Protection District, Humboldt Bay Fire, the CHP, and Arcata Fire District assisted at the scene.

Humboldt Bay Fire offered thanks to Samoa Peninsula Fire District and
Loleta Volunteer Fire Dept “for helping to cover HBF jurisdiction while several crews remained committed to this scene.”Overturned logging truck
Overturned logging truck


  • 🕯🌳Drivers have gone kind of crazy here lately in Humboldt. 🐎🐫

  • I have to say my cousins and I JUST missed this accident coming back home to Kneeland.. I so hope the driver to heal well.

  • Was this one of trucks that tailgate you in the fast lane on Broadway? CHP needs to stop some of these guys and tell them there is a speed limit on roads around here.

  • Log truck drivers—slow down. I would bet high speed was the sole cause of the accident. These guys rip up and down the roads, drive in the middle of the lane, almost slam into school buses…. it’s crazy how fast they drive even with a load. It’s not all log haulers, but it’s a good handful of them. I think other people would agree with me. CHP should do more commercial enforcement…

  • Planet Earth Neighbor

    Yes I too wish for more surveillance of drivers. I live on Fickle Hill Road. I see first hand drivers going well past the 25MPH speed limit through our neighborhood. With the Arcata Community Forest popularity, there are many pedestrians, bicyclists, runners,etc. of all ages crossing the road. We also have wildlife and domestic animals in the area. Please slow down and stop tailgating drivers that are respectful of the speed limit or attempting to enter their driveway.

  • Please, everyone, just slow down a bit.
    All the time this guy thought he was saving……..was taken up by this crash.

  • Sure, all drivers should be cautious. But in this case, his brakes failed.

    • Hauled a lot of logs out of that area. Brakes seldom “fail”. It’s the drivers.

      A little tip from an old timer, who never had his brakes “fail”:

      Keep your brakes adjusted. If you are running long downhills, check them twice a day.
      Most importantly; pick a gear that allows you to maintain control of the revs and speed by using no more that TEN pounds of applied pressure and some jake or retarder once in a while. You can run ten pounds for miles and miles without overheating.

      In my time, some guys ran jake, retarder and water on the brakes. They could fly downhill and were almost always first to the mill.

  • Very bad place to ride a bicycle

  • well outta work for awhile.

  • After hearing that his brakes failed, he is lucky to be alive. Thank you to all the responders who came to his aid, and got him safely out of the cab. Everyone bitches that it is always the driver’s fault because they were speeding. I have driven the road between Bridgeville and Blocksburg for thirty years, and I have failed to see a speeding logging truck. But I have seen plenty of pickup trucks using the road for a race track!

  • Please don’t ride a bicycle on such narrow road . There’s nowhere to go.a bicyclist would have died If ran over by a log truck

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