Three Search Warrants Served on SoHum Cannabis Grows

Humboldt County Marijuana Eradication ActionsPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On July 29, 2020, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) served three search warrants to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Southern Humboldt area. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, CAL-FIRE and Humboldt County Code Enforcement assisted in the service of the warrants.

Three parcels were investigated during the service of the warrant. The parcels did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially. Additionally, all three parcels were the subject of numerous citizen complaints from community members regarding illegal cultivation operations.

Deputies served one search warrant at a parcel on the 11,500 block of Dyerville Loop Road in Miranda. During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 19,523 growing cannabis plants. Deputies also located and seized 1,599 grams of Butane Honey Oil (BHO), 596- one-pound bags of manicured cannabis bud, 288 grams of cocaine, 36 explosives and nine firearms.

Assisting agencies found the following violations:

  • Six water diversion violations (up to $8,000 fine per day, per violation)
  • Two water pollution violations (up to $20,000 fine per day, per violation)

Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

Dylan Toews, age 50, and Jennifer Toews, age 51, were cited on charges of possession of a narcotic controlled substance for sales, possession of an illegal explosive, violation of Fish and Game Code 1602 and possession of cannabis for sales.

Deputies also served two search warrants at parcels in the Shelter Cove area. During the service of the warrants, deputies eradicated approximately 857 growing cannabis plants.

Assisting agencies found five water diversion violations (up to $8,000 fine per day, per violation).

No arrests were made during the service of the two warrants. The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

Anyone with information about these cases or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • 600 lbs damn that’s gotta hurt

    • Also cocaine, explosives& firearms…

      • Yes they should be turned in. If the animals and forest could talk, they would be begging for help to stop this illegal assault on them. Cocaine? Firearms? Such wonderful assholes they are. People who support these grows are supporting the destruction of habitat, major criminal activity, and destruction of peoples lives. 36 explosives, such butterfies, so safe and beneficial to our communities. Keep turning them in, end this plague on our lands, be legal or be gone.

  • 🕯🌳So they were snitch off.😥

    • IDK..
      Almost 20 thousand growing plants and what sounds like an onsite BHO lab was probably already on METs radar.

    • Yes. Why And when did so hum turn on one another, And involve the law????
      Just wow.
      The Supe’s are laughing… divide and conquer
      Sad sad. sad
      STOP IT!!

      • The new legal people are turning in all their neighbors it’s a new community.

      • With liberty and justice for all

        Rats everywhere these days,you got the “good players ” working for the man !!!!!! They sold there soul,honor,and the outlaw code to Estelle and Ford for a weasels life

        • Outlaw Code, that’s a laff. The Sixties called, they want their Outlaw Code back…
          Some of you have been in the woods for too long…

        • Sorry but sounds like it was a circus. Did they have explosives but not use em? Even tannerite they bought at the store will annoy the shit out of your neighbors. traffic in and out to deal with 19000 plants? An old mutual friend of mine and Dylans used to say ” better to have a little bit of something than a whole lot of nothin!”

      • The result of legalization and the green rush isn’t it just great criminals and snitches everywhere meth, cocaine, home invasions, kidnappings the list is much longer. What a great place to have moved from.

  • They ought to stop eradicating plants and start eradicating all the damn snitches in the area… just saying!

    • There’s a difference between a snitch and neighbors who are sick and tired of the BS that happens in a neighborhood.

      If you’re going to live outside the law, there are rules, generally about respecting those around you.

      I say, get rid of the trash.

      • There are other ways to deal with your neighbors besides calling the cops. And ya if you call the cops on people for nonviolent crime you are snitching. We’re not changing definitions because Karen thinks there’s a difference.

        • I am self admitted fan of generalizations but let’s extrapolate your point of view.
          Let’s say I live in a suburban neighborhood and have an inconsiderate asshat for a “neighbor” and is by all standards disturbing the piece.
          How many times do I have to try to peacefully deal with my neighbor before I either have to do something myself (should always be your last resort) or call the cops?

        • What if they tell you to go fuck yourself after asking nicely ? Just take it?

          • Absolutely snitches and Karen’s GTFO. But 19,000 plants, already 600 bagged,
            Half pound of cocaine,
            Explosives and guns. They might have been a little out of control. An ounce of coke and guns can turn a scene into Paranoid delusional nightmare with shadow people and explosives for kicks.

            • ” A little out of control” ??
              I’d say it was more than a little. Then again, I like a nice peaceful neighborhood .
              Karen’s are people that exaggerate a situation. Snitches is a word usually used by someone that was doing something wrong and got caught and is mad about it, or people that look the other way when people do fucked up shit because, you know , it’s not cool to call the cops kind of bullshit .
              Upshot is, the greenrush is over along with its mentality, get a permit or adapt to a more low key undetectable style.

            • Don’t forget the potentially explosive bho lab. Past experience with neighbors leads me to believe that cocaine doesn’t mix well with propane and propane accessories.

            • So in other words you’d turn them in. They MIGHT be out of control. That’s almost funny.

        • Endangered chinook

          To local farmer: I am pretending to be a salmon. Water pollution and diversion is violent to me.

          • I love salmon too. I store all of my water from the rainy season in water tanks. I have donated tens of thousands of dollars for creek restoration in my water shed. If you’re worried about water and fish, quit eating beef and supporting the wine industry. Those industries are way more harmful to our watersheds than cannabis. All water for cannabis farms should be stored from the rainy months and liquid fertilizer should be banned for the dry months. Those two steps would make cannabis harmless to the watersheds. Snitching should be a last resort, it’s cowardly!

            • I don’t agree. If you’ve asked nicely with no response, to me just laying down and taking it is “cowardly”. Upholding some code of silence while people run roughshod over a neighborhood is “cowardly”. My guess is you’ve never had your quality of life impacted by uncaring growers. I don’t wish it on anyone, it sucks.

            • Growing pot in that quantity should carry a life sentence at hard labor in the deep south.

            • If snitching is cowardly why are you dry snitching on all the good work you do shouldn’t you seek congratulations from yourself but you insist on letting others know the good deed you do probably because your a shitty person

              • Oh dang! You really got me there!🙄😂

                • So, you know Humboldt produces a lot of very high quality grass fed beef because your sooo local, right?

                  Beef is typically really sustainable, and grass fed alllll the way to the feed lot. It can actually be carbon negative, if the animal is finished appropriately with enough space. So I think you mean, stop eating feedlot beef. People should eat less beef of a much higher quality.

                  Try to learn something new, and stop reiterating the same old phrases.

        • Who the hell is Karen?

          And what’s a nonviolent crime got to do with it? If I see someone stealing your truck, I’d be snitching if I told you or the cops? You make no sense.

          I hope you’re not my neighbor. I need people I can trust and rely on.

          • I hope you’re not one of my neighbors. If I saw somebody stealing one of my neighbors trucks I’d call my neighbor and tell him as I followed the thieves. My neighbors know I have their backs. No snitching karens in my neighborhood. Big difference between calling your neighbor to tell him/her their truck got stolen and snitching your neighbors to the cops for growing. Sorry you don’t see the difference. Snitch all you want, you’re the one who has to live with the consequences. Not my cup of tea.

            • what if your property valued has plummeted and you can’t put it back on the market because no one wants to live surrounded by dope? Property owners and communities should just accept a loss because someone “wants to be a millionaire”?

              • In my 1911 I trust

                Blame the county for shooting property value in the foot

              • The price was bloated from the greenrush. I’m glad property prices have come down. You think you can snitch the value up?

              • I have sold over 1000 houses in my life. All in Humboldt. I can count the ones that were worth what the buyer paid on one hand. Humboldt county homes are comparable to the huts we torched in Vietnam. I’m sorry your property isn’t selling. However, it’s real value is most likely 33% of the ask and that is based on the inflation from cannabis.

    • That era is over. Be a bad neighbor, suffer the consequences, nobody has the patience for putting up with grower bullshit any more, especially rogue unpermitted bullshit. Times have changed.

        • Sounds like you have never dealt with the anger and frustration of dealing with a shitty grower neighbor. It’s not fun.

          • Yeah sure, you bitch about the people with permits. Now you say no permit get snitched. I guess you just hate anybody growing commercially, because of water use. Go have another hamburger and a bottle of whine.

            • The permitting process is flawed for sure, I bitch about the flaws and people using the flaws. I bitch about the greenrush mentality because that was one giant shit show.
              And funny thing, I’ve never bitched about the “water issues” yet.
              I bitch about permitted grows in residential areas impacting many households. And anyone thinking that given the current laws in California and Humboldt yhat they’re going to get away with huge thousands of plant grows with no permit is just taking a calculated risk. Either that or they don’t consume any current news and think the greenrush is still happening. If you’re going to grow unpermitted you had better adapt back to the old days of stealth and low impact.
              I didn’t write the laws. Everyone is working their own angle. I wonder how it’s going to be five years from now. Yum, a hamburger sounds good !!!

            • sounds like the local grower guy owes the Gov. alot a money. probably not a grower at all .maybe a cop

              • Is that what you gathered from the conversation? Wrong on all accounts. Sounds like the corn farmer doesn’t know shit from shinola. Nice try Sherlock.

      • Entering a World of Pain

        Times have changed. Many of the old timers that made loads of cash illegally back in the day have turned into busybody snitches I their old age

        • Why should they have to pay fees and taxes, adhere to ordinances, do a shit load of paperwork, deal with multiple agencies, be inspected, tag their plants, keep records and eventually be in total compliance when the guy down the road isn’t doing any of that?
          Sounds like a lot of you crying “Snitches” can’t get over making all that tax free money like you’re used to. Quit cryin about it…

          • Remember you said I was a bootlicker for having my permit. Now people deserve to get snitched for not having one?!? Yeah sure!

            • I NEVER SAID THAT.
              You must be thinking of someone else.

            • “Remember you said I was a bootlicker for having my permit. Now people deserve to get snitched for not having one?!? Yeah sure!”

              Typical Bernie supporter. Yeah Sure hates anyone who is not a loser, hence the double standard.

              Farce hit the nail on the head. Especially with: ” And snitching is usually an act of jealous cowards”

              • WTF does Bernie have to do with this?
                Laying down and letting people run over you is cowardly. Gonna cower and hope your asshole neighbors have an aha moment and change their ways while the quality of life of all the neighborhood goes down the tubes.?
                Admit it, you’re afraid.

          • ‘Why should they have to pay fees and taxes, adhere to ordinances, etc etc.” ? Because…THEY SIGNED UP FOR IT! They took what they thought was the easier way to make lots of money. Now they complain and snitch?! And YOU justify this snitching?! There may be an extenuating circumstance here but SNITCHING IS THE LAST RESORT. This is not a “style” or an old 60’s philosophy but an issue of morality and ethics. And snitching is usually an act of jealous cowards. Every “good player” made their own adult decision and they shouldn’t blame anybody else for that decision. Indeed- they made a conscious decision to pay fees that would be used to eradicate their unpermitted neighbors! Their neighbors who never did anything to them…Then most of them made the decision to sell their weed on the black market anyways. That is the reality in Humboldt County.

            • “snitching”. Turning in someone for 20 plants or complaining about the thousand plant grow down the road acting like assholes?

        • or moved to Jamaica

    • The cops are going to bust as many grows as they have time for this summer. Snitches aren’t saving the salmon. I know it makes you feel like an environmental warrior for snitching but your not. The cops will miss busting somewhere else so they can get your annoying neighbors. Snitching doesn’t increase busts.

      • You don’t think they are detecting grows on their own? You think it’s all “snitching”? Think again.

        • Reread my comment. You obviously didn’t understand it the first time.

          • I didn’t know that all the busting , snitching or otherwise was all about saving the salmon. By the way, I’ve never mentioned the salmon in all of my bitching.

    • Eradication snitches is your job the locals snitches are the scum of the earth.

    • Hell yeah I agree

  • And I’m afraid to grow over 6 , some people have big balls in the air!

    • It is pretty sad that in this time of economic disaster the county is still making backyard growers fear for their ability to simply survive. I am an elder. A legacy grower. A tiny greenhouse owner. A medical grower. Struggling. And LIVING IN FEAR.
      Where is my representation on the BOS. It is non-existant.
      I supported Estelle at the beginning but have been utterly and completely betrayed.

      • Deputies served one search warrant at a parcel on the 11,500 block of Dyerville Loop Road in Miranda. During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 19,523 growing cannabis plants. Deputies also located and seized 1,599 grams of Butane Honey Oil (BHO), 596- one-pound bags of manicured cannabis bud, 288 grams of cocaine, 36 explosives and nine firearms.

        “How many times do I have to try to peacefully deal with my neighbor before I either have to do something myself (should always be your last resort) or call the cops”…..

        Neighbors of Michelle Bushnell have had to put up with her and her workers megabullshit for years and have pretty much had enough of her bullshit practices putting our whole neighborhood at risk. We hope the cops will be shutting her shit down too.

        • Blocksburg boy. You best get your facts figured out before you slander Michelle’s name. She works her ass off and it seems as she gets mentioned in every bust. She must be doing something right because she got haters up the ass. Mega grow? That’s funny. Best believe if she had a mega anything the cops would have already busted it do to the hate surrounding her.(jealousy)[edit] Why because people like you are 100% threatened by her. Maybe get up and grind like she does and you might have a little bit of success. [edit] Straight dry snitching, hatin ass bullshit. Hiding behind a fake name.[edit]

          • Right on Kym. You can edit the truth but you can’t edit the part where a specific person is continually getting slandered.(for no reason) What a joke. You’re part of the problem letting people comment under a fake name. What a shame.

            • Your momma named you “Smh?” If you believe that posting under another name is okay, while you protest my practices of allowing someone else to post under another name to protest Michelle’s (Whether they or you are accurate or not), is that logical?

              To be clear, I didn’t edit the truth. I edited out an insult to another commenter which is against the rules.

              Michelle is running for political office which means she has to accept a certain level of ugly comments being slung at her. I accept it as part of being the host of this site. As long as no one is accused of illegal behavior, the commenter can say all sorts of things that are unpleasant.

          • Hiring workers is “grinding”?
            Seriously, her workers will carry on even if she goes to Eureka every day as a stupidvisor.

          • You’re real name is “The Truth”? And what the hell is “dry snitching”, I’m not up on all the snitching lingo.

      • There hasn’t been an insignificant bust yet. All without permits. They’ve all been hundreds of plants and hundreds of pounds, and diverting stream, river, and creaks. Are you doing those things? If not, you have nothing to worry about.

        Stop being a victim.

        • I agree 100% with the exception that most of the eradications are in the thousands of plants count and more and more often thousand plus plants not hundreds.
          When I was a youngster, nobody thought of actually growing a thousand plants…to be fair though, those were actual plants and not branches (clones).

        • Not true. Something like thirteen busts this summer have been on farms that were in possession of County permits for commercial cultivation, either Interim or Annual. Paying taxes and forbearing registered diversions to storage or using wells or rain catchment. They royally screwed up because they did not have State licenses so were not legal. It must be pretty easy to put up GIS layers of people who have County permits, then add the layer for State licenses and see which ones don’t add up. What you won’t see a headline about is the 25 permits completed this month, including properties that were abated and then applied under 2.0. Now they are legal- until they aren’t again.

      • It was less fearful before legalization wasn’t it and more profitable?

  • They are one and the same.

  • What kind of explosives? Tannerite ?

    • Right? Or outta state fireworks? I’m really curious…

    • I’m very curious too. My first thought was, “okay, so they have a few tannerite targets from before they were made illegal just a year or two ago?” I’m definitely wondering what they were and if it’s being exaggerated for more positive press.

  • I would imagine fireworks, such as mortars and the like. Although I’m surprised they didn’t call in the bomb squad to dispose of them. I guess they’re too busy blowing up boxes of Records.. I hope inconsiderate growers start thinking of their neighbors more now. To everybody that’s raw rawing this that owns rule property, chances are you have a violation too. Don’t be surprised when they start focusing on you next, when the coffers Run dry… Everybody should be worried when a government agency can trespass onto your property and take everything you have because you’re diverting some water from a creek, or have a plug culvert or a few bags of garbage or a small container of oil next year generator ect..

    • I get what you are saying but water rights in the current and recent (couple hundred years) past in the western US is a big deal.

      • Water rights in California basically no longer exist. Every use of water is diversion in the eyes of the water police.

  • Okay so here’s the deal I guess….19,523 plants, 3 1/2 pounds of honey oil, 596 pounds of bud, 10 ounces of cocaine, 39 explosives and 9 guns. They were cited and released. Not arrested. Why would anybody take law enforcement seriously at all ever again? Why don’t we just all start doing exactly what we want with absolutely no consideration for it’s legality? I mean…8 1/2 pounds of heroin is not an arrestable offence anymore either. Why stop anymore- just do what you want. That’s what I get out of reading this…

    • Leela the Cosmic Play

      Why are you taking law enforcement and growing cannabis so seriously, this life is a dance and a dream. Get with the living and growing and you may decide you love life. Life is too short to be taken deadly serious

    • Getting cited doesmt mean you don’t face charges. Just because they didn’t get hauled to the clink doesn’t mean they won’t have lots to pay, possibly face time in jail and also lose their business (pretty much) and a lot of value in their property.

  • I thought we we’re defunding the police making it the wild west. BLM

  • With liberty and justice for all

    Agreed farce except they’re openly admitting that their only interested in stealing the equity in your property, garnishing your wages for the rest of your life, and levying your bank accounts. SORRY TO INFORM YOU DEMOCRATS YOU’RE BELOVED REPRESENTATION IN CALIFORNIA IS ONLY OUT TO ROB YOU

    • Not an Expert Like You

      There’s a difference between democrats and republicans other than gay rights, taxing the super rich, and abortion?

  • We all have to live in the watershed and some of us depend on water from the creeks and river for farming and tourism (including fishing). I appreciate the regulated environment if it’s gonna help us bring back salmon and other wildlife. All the water diversions and chems in the water suck for fish and those of us downstream of your get rich quick scheme. If you are gonna destroy the wild commons without regard for your human and wild neighbors, then you’re a sh**y community member and earned your own consequences. Love thy neighbor or at least respect them. If you can’t do that, then move. Pot growing aint the only business in So Hum. And now that’s it’s legal (and soon to be nationally) we best start thinking of ourselves as the caretakers of another kind of green: nature. We will have to diversify our economy if we want to thrive: eco-tourism, sustainable logging, and hopefully one day again salmon fishing. We got way more to offer here than just dank buds. Peace.

  • Maybe they were arming up for the next BLM “protest”.LOL

  • Watersheds without water are, um, sheds?

  • I’d be fine with the whole druggie cannabis thing shut down, legal and illegal. So fed up with drug addled people who think they’re gods acting like their septic tanks don’t stink. This whole area looks like an immense pile of crap, people, buildings and all. What would Humboldt look like drug free? Let’s make it so.

  • Like I said, but it was instantly pulled down.,….close it all down, legal and illegal. I’ve had enough of drug scum, legal and illegal. I’m not sure which is worse. They’re all drug addled disgusting punks.

    I’ve had enough of pot, legal and illegal turning this place into a huge craphole.

  • Take it down a million times, still druggies will be removed from society. Mark my words. There’s not a darn thing you can do about it. It’s way bigger than a two bit website in nowhere land. You were given a try, and have failed. Get used to it.

  • There’s ALL kinds of outlaws! Thems that commit victimless crimes and thems who absolutely need to be removed from society. The only question that should be considered is, what kind of outlaw are YOU?!

  • Permit What Permit

    A bunch of cocaine and growing does not go hand in hand. Remember a few years back when the dumbass got all coked up and shot his 18 year old worker thinking he was a rip-off? Now that parcel has a bunch of new greenhouses on it. Same owner??

  • Ratatouille’s everywhere

  • Endangered chinook

    To local farmer: It’s good that you consider the environment and all the beautiful creatures that live down stream from you. It is not ok in my eyes to have little creatures suffering because of low river flow. And yes, wine and cows also are an issue. However, that aside you cannot deny we have Cyanobacteria in our rivers that are very dangerous mostly because of chemical fertilizer run off. Dogs die and possibly other animals, and people can also get sick from this bacteria. I have lived here and observed. The rivers were fine to swim in when I was a child. My parents grew responsibly and just enough to get by. Almost all of the people my age are greedy. I have watched. You do not need huge four wheel drives and brand new luxury cars. You do not need multiple properties. This contributes to homelessness. Why should wildlife pay the price so your women can have a brand new BMW every year. Yes I am generalizing but that is the mentality around here. I choose to live modestly because I recognize that there are only so many resources on this planet, and when one group over uses resources another group goes without. Anyway you want to slice it this is wrong.

    • I also grew up here and totally agree with you EC. You think people snitching their neighbors out is the solution? I don’t.

      • Endangered chinook

        Local farmer: I have never snitched my neighbors out nor do I advocate doing that. Ideally, I think people should get along and love their neighbors. However, I realize we do not live in an ideal world and real life situations are complicated.

  • Help me rearrange these deck chairs, will you?

  • Doesn’t matter

    Growing weed isn’t eating up the water grapes are. Something like 80% of our water is diverted south to Napa valley and Sonoma. I’ve been here my hole life. I used to watch the salmon run from alderpoint bridge. Save the salmon wasn’t about weed it was about the dam that diverts water from the eel to the Russian which takes the water back south to grapes not the ocean. California aqua duct along the 5 freeway always full.

  • It’s pretty messed up to be ratting out your neighbor over petty nuisances. Unfortunately, the reality is that many neighborhoods in so hum, and beyond.. the whole, hey bro your grows too big, bringing heat to the neighborhood, and killing the river.. has kinda not worked out either. Just look at the Conditions of the rivers. Honestly, as much as the green rush is a driving economic success, it is an ecological fail. I am not a fan of giant AG in general. None of it is ecologically sustainable. No matter WHAT your farming. But on some level, I would have to say, it’s not that these grows are giant, it’s just that, in my view, GIANT Cannabis farms on a certain level are ecologically incompatible with the sensitive habit that it’s in..

    Not to say there is also a fair amount of green washing and underhanded over excessive policies at Play in this Saga as well.. There are good and bad players on both sides of the spectrum. The county has cleared some major destructive grows, while arresting and economically devastating smaller more ecologically minded neighbors and oldtimers.

    Some people say.. they want to see Humbolt be the Napa Valley of weed.. Honestly, I hope that it NEVER is… Wall to wall Vinyards? Yuck! Never ever want to see wall to wall weed here either..

    On the other hand this excessive raiding and over funded exorbitant police state the county has turned into is not really an exceptable solution either. Turning so hum into a “safe nice place to live” is not going to happen by killing the Economy and turning the place into a devastated war on weed zone. Favoring Big Ag has never and will never bring about economic prosperity or sustainable solutions to So Hum. Look at the many many communities actually in bad shape BECAUSE of big Ag…

    It’s a whole new chapter in the Reefer Madness Saga.. to be continued…

  • Hey kym, Any offical word from the raids up in weitchpec? I personally know a number of properties raided.

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