Largest Report of New Positive Cases in Humboldt County at One Time With 12 New Cases Today on July 27

Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s total COVID-19 case count rose to 217, as 12 additional cases have been reported. While this is the largest single-day increase since the outbreak began, today’s report includes all new cases since Friday’s report.

Since last Monday’s update of case distribution by age, 28 cases have been diagnosed locally. Two of those were reported in people over the age of 50, while 26 were between the ages of 0 and 49.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich pointed out that the long-term impacts of COVID-19 are unknown even for relatively healthy people. “We’ve seen many positive cases associated with gatherings of friends and related to travel,” Dr. Frankovich said. “I’d ask everyone to consider their own health and the health of their loved ones, especially those who are medically vulnerable before getting together with friends. It’s vital that we all do what we can to limit spread of this virus.”

Today’s alert level stands at a three. Visit to view the county’s Alert Level Assessment tool.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

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  • Is it really a single day increase or is it an increase over three days – Saturday, Sunday and Monday?

    • Either way, it beat all the past numbers for Mondays.

      • Exactly. No other Monday had the same number or even close. But I worried that my original headline could have mislead someone into thinking the numbers were even worse than they are so I changed it.

    • Fair enough question. It is over three days. Though it is the largest ever reported at once but I think a title change would better reflect the truth. Thank you.

      • R David Franceschi

        Fake News!!! Why? To intimidate and cause fear.

          • It’s relative, Angela. While covid-19 is a serious illness which is worth effort to avoid, the amount of fear that has been generated over it has serious consequences too. The issue is whether the fear mongering has created its own unnecessary deaths.

            All the official blurbs include a bit about keeping up with normal, non covid-19 health care. Well, getting that done has become harder. Some doctor’s offices don’t return calls at all espically for a referral, it may not be possible to get ordinary lab work, pharmacies may make mistakes on filling perscriptions and diagnosis by zoom visit is not so good for diagnosing problems that a doctor really needs to see. And that’s if the patient works up the nerve to overcome their own fears of infection and is willing to come in. Stress causes medical errors, decreases health and frankly causes people to do really stupid things. If those stressed people are officials with power, they can really screw up like Cuomo sending covid-19 patients into nursing homes to recover. Newsome’s releasing infected prisoners may be another. Not based on reality but on worse case possibilities created from mass fear of the unknown.

            Besides, for every horror story about the devastation of covid-19 , there are probably 100’s of untold stories about how people are surprised to find out they were infected because they never really got sick. A little judicious restraint of panicked speech might make for less poor choices. For no other reason than one of these days a much more life threatening infectious illness than covid-19 will come along. But people will remember how much exaggeration came with this pandemic and not be so alarmed when they really should be.

            • I had a biopsy last month, with no problems or delays.

              Space between the chairs in a waiting room is a welcome change.

              • I was not going to respond as of course I have no way to evaluate your situation and I don’t like offering personal specifics that other people can’t verify either. Although that fact doesn’t seem to stop some from being dismissive. But I will say that I was turned away from a lab involving a simple blood draw because pandemic safety changes, have had to change a medication I take for a less safe one because the first was unavailable, have had two prescriptions issued with the wrong medication or wrong strength and even have been unable to get refilled a medication for one of my elderly animals who had being taking it for 2 years without a hitch. I had referral from one doctor to see a specialist 4 weeks ago and have not yet heard. It sounds like a lot of contacts that went astray but really it’s not a lot of contacts, it’s just they all had problems. It has become a lot more difficult.

      • Thanks Kym for hosting another gathering of the Covid Conspiracy Cranks. I’m sure its helping to keep the conspiracy infection from spreading to other threads. When they get done with their current harangues maybe we could go back to vaccines and autism, contrails or chemtrails, faking the moon landing, the real story of 9/11, the grassy knoll, Clinton ordered hit jobs yada yada.

    • Doesn’t really matter. According to the CDC’s own numbers it was mathematically impossible for everyone in the world to have not been infected by last Thanksgiving.

      Again, going by the CDC’s numbers for exponential spread, everyone in the world would have to
      be being reinfected billions of times per day (if not trillions) by now.

      The fact that here we are, nine months after the beginning of this, “outbreak,” and out of nearly 15,000 tests they’ve only been able to come up with 217 positives pretty much puts the lie to all of that, doesn’t it?

      Then let’s look at the CDC’s fatality rates. I’ve seen numbers bandied about from 1% to 6% (some sources go higher than that). Given an average two-week incubation period, that means if the CDC’s numbers on exponential spread are correct and everyone was infected by last Thanksgiving, there should have been between 75 million and half a billion dead worldwide by last Christmas.

      Instead, even with wildly inflated fraudulent numbers, they’re barely able to scrape up 2 million seven months later.

      Going by a very conservative number for exponential spread (1:2) and optimistically assuming that that first publicized case in March was actually the first case in Humboldt County, that means that everyone in the county had to have been infected long before any restrictions were put into place.

      Again, using the most conservative of the CDC’s numbers, that means we should have had 1400 dead before the end of April.

      Instead, months later, we have four — and it’s not because of social distancing and mask wearing because remember, no one was doing that back then.

      So when do we quit breathlessly awaiting the number of, “new cases,” each day? When do we realize we’ve been played?

      When do we stop asking, “But why would they do that?” and realize it doesn’t matter? When someone is breaking into your house you don’t question their motivation. You get them the hell out of there, and that is what we need to do with all this Covid nonsense. End it, and then pursue the question of, “Why?”

      If you’re ready for this to be over, don’t meekly acquiesce to the nonsense the disembodied heads on your screens tell you, that you must follow ridiculous mandates to, “stop the spread” — a spread their own numbers say had to have happened long before any of these mandates were implemented.

      If you’re tired of the nonsense, the fastest way out of it is not masking up and waiting on a vaccine. It’s standing up, speaking up and saying, “Enough!”

      • Pretty much everybody says average incubation period 5.1 days. Spread faster than you thought. But, how about the rest of your numbers? Are they as “accurate”?

        Results: There were 181 confirmed cases with identifiable exposure and symptom onset windows to estimate the incubation period of COVID-19. The median incubation period was estimated to be 5.1 days (95% CI, 4.5 to 5.8 days), and 97.5% of those who develop symptoms will do so within 11.5 days (CI, 8.2 to 15.6 days) of infection

        • My numbers are intentionally extremely conservative. In the beginning they were saying it could be anywhere up to 24 days. Now they’re saying 5.1. I chose two weeks as a middle ground.

          Your numbers only emphasize my point, that if the CDC’s numbers for exponential spread are correct, and their fatality rate numbers are correct, we should have had tens of millions dead before last Christmas.

          I intentionally chose the numbers I did because there has been too wide of a range of numbers bandied about to just pick one, so I used one far more conservative than theirs so no one could say I was exaggerating.

          Going by the official numbers for exponential spread, the entire world had to have been infected long before Thanksgiving, and going by the official fatality rates, and your 5.1 day incubation period, those 75 million to half-a-billion deaths should have occurred by the first week of December.

          It’s simple math. I did a large part of it in my head, then checked it on a calculator. The whole, “exponential spread,” thing had been bothering me so I ran the numbers and lo and behold, they’ve been lying to us the whole time.

          It’s just the math, ma’am.

  • Pharmstheproblem

    Numbers go up except hospitalized…

    • Cause younger crowd is getting infected, IFR is dropping like a rock, science predicted this but CNN and all the other news media denied it.

      • Something like 1 in 100 people watch Fox and somewhere around 1/2 a person in a hundred watch CNN, on a good day, so 1 1/2 people out of a hundred are apparently dumbasses.

  • Largest single day in recovered cases. Where’s the headline?

  • This good Doctor calls out COVID19 hydroxychloroquine nay sayers

    2 minutes

    • I’d like the “experts ” to answer a question. If diagnosed with covid 19 if your chances are higher of dying from an adverse reaction to HCQ than dying from the covid-19.

      • Turkey reportly administers HCQ to every patient who test posivite for covid and they attribute that to their lower death rate than some of their neighbors. Even though every doctor who doesn’t like trump tells them they are wrong. I’m convinced that trump should just say that the cure to beating covid is being fat and staying inside. There would be a record number of Americans getting fresh air and getting in shape.

      • Considering that here in Humboldt County we have a .003% fatality rate out of a population that, going by the government’s numbers on exponential spread, should have been thoroughly infected by either last November or last March, I’d say you’d be far better off with the HCQ.

        And that’s in the off chance you developed any symptoms at all after exposure to Covid.

    • Is it any wonder that that video has been taken down by YouTube for violating community guidelines?

      Any more, that’s the hallmark of truth: if YouTube deletes it, it must have been true.

  • All the protesters happy now? These new increases line up perfectly with the protests here..

    • Actually I was hoping for much more but….eh….you take what you can get. In all fairness though the reason we have had such low numbers in our area is because it’s a save area. And you should be grateful. On Nov 4th the progressives and liberals will be releasing, through out the US, the antidote to covid 19 but because Northwestern California produces the best pot (the progressives) and wine (the liberals) they decided to make this a safe area where the antidote is added in small portions to drinking supplies and night time heli overflights. Nothing that could be traced.

      Then when Biden is elected and the disease mysteriously disappears, (dubbed the ‘Miracle of Biden’), we can make him the next Jesus instead of Trump.

      Smart thinking yeah.

      (Sorry guys I couldn’t resist)

    • Oh, they were all wearing masks, which are 100% super effective at preventing virus transmission. Everyone knows this but you.

  • Cases don’t mean shit if nobody is dying.

    Here’s a nifty graph

  • R David Franceschi

    Woo-Hoo Flu in Humboldt, 5 months, 217 cases. 135,341 to go. Good reason to kill the economy!!!

  • I know I have been predicting a serious downturn for over a week and I still think it’s coming, or at least I’m praying it’s coming. The reason I initially predicted it was because the original surges of the EU strain that hit the northeast US and Europe in the Spring lasted for 1 and 1/2 to 2 months and we are closing in on two months for the EU strain hitting the south and west this time. If it continues surging and doesn’t have a serious slowdown that could suggest that the EU strain is becoming in some ways like a common cold (another coronavirus) that could hit anywhere at any time, which it’s starting to look like.

    I’m still betting on a serious slowdown, it’s just been extended. In 4 weeks time we’ll be seeing 4 cases a week. But that’s just Humboldt. The real problem is the south and southwest US (like Graceland except Trumpland) where people still flaunt basic protections and the number of new cases keeps rising at a strong clip almost daily. That’s got to be slowed down or it could create it’s own infecting inertia.

  • Industrial Disease

    “We’ve really got to make it very clear. If you want to pick three or four or five very simple tools that could have a major impact on turning around the outbreak, wearing a mask is definitely one of them, as is physical distancing, as is avoiding crowds, as is closing bars, as is washing your hands. I’m pleading with people to consider doing this consistently because, you’re right, if half of people don’t do it, it kind of negates the overall purpose.“ Dr. Fauci

    • Industrial Disease

      Fauci: If, in fact, and I hope it isn’t the case, we have significant COVID-19 activity as we go into the fall and winter season, that will be problematic and complicate things because that’s two respiratory infections circulating together, which is one of the reasons we’re telling people that, when the flu vaccine becomes available, make sure you get vaccinated so that you could at least blunt the effect of one of those two potential respiratory infections.

      • Scary disease, we might have 4 more fatalities in Humboldt for the second half of the year. Good to see most everyone back out and about for the last couple months.

        • Industrial Disease

          We have been very fortunate. The redwood curtain and our fairly diligent population have tempered the outbreak. Other regions of the country have not had the same experience. Some have been dismissive early and regretted that later.

          • How did they regret it? They did more testing and found more cases? Were more people dying (and I mean dying from Covid, not gunshots or leukemia or just plain old age)?

            I think not. Good Lord, does no one have the ability to tear their faces away from their phones, the internet and TV anymore, and run the numbers? To actually look behind the curtain and see the charlatan pulling the levers?

            Dr. Fauci has been proven to be a bald-faced liar. To see anyone quoting him as an authority on anything is laughable — but entirely indicative of the power disembodied heads on electronic screens can have over people’s thoughts and emotions.

            I thought perhaps you had posted your first two posts facetiously, but by the third one I knew you’d been hypnotized. Break away from your screen, man! It’s your only hope!

    • God bless Dr. Fauci. He’s been belittled, ridiculed, lied to and threatened and even our own president has insulted him for being honest yet there he is day in and day out speaking truth to power. You rock Dr. F and you give us hope. Thank you

      • Who is Dr. Fauci? Dr. Oz’s and Dr. Phil’s competition I presume. Dr. Fauci must be pulling some pretty high ratings to compete, good for him. He’ll be the next Oprah.

      • Screw Fauci. Truth to power? You’re being sarcastic right? He is as establishment as they come.

  • Virus-linked hunger tied to 10,000 child deaths each month


    All around the world, the coronavirus and its restrictions are pushing already hungry communities over the edge, cutting off meager farms from markets and isolating villages from food and medical aid. Virus-linked hunger is leading to the deaths of 10,000 more children a month over the first year of the pandemic, according to an urgent call to action from the United Nations shared with The Associated Press ahead of its publication in the Lancet medical journal.

    Further, more than 550,000 additional children each month are being struck by what is called wasting, according to the U.N. — malnutrition that manifests in spindly limbs and distended bellies. Over a year, that’s up 6.7 million from last year’s total of 47 million. Wasting and stunting can permanently damage children physically and mentally, transforming individual tragedies into a generational catastrophe.

    “The food security effects of the COVID crisis are going to reflect many years from now,” said Dr. Francesco Branca, the World Health Organization head of nutrition. “There is going to be a societal effect.”

    • We are going to have to reckon with the economic destruction that the health crisis has precipitated and ignoring it or pretending that people who bring up the question just want to kill grandma is not going to help us find an answer. In my opinion, we all need to be looking at this.

      • Yes. Many of us have tried to keep this topic alive; understanding the economic snowball that has, really, just started rolling. The pandemic could stop today and that economic snowball may run for years.

        • never trust a cop

          hey look more experts.
          why is it not valid to talk about this? it is a lie to think that “selfish individualism” is the primary motivator for questioning the logic in the last few months, at least for many of us but we are all reduced to either “conspiracy theorists” or “trump supporters” such erroneous and unfortunate circumstances that we are conquered in our division.

          • Industrial Disease

            Is someone going to say something? Lot of dancing around but no statement. What are you thinking of proposing? Open up? Either way, it’s lose-lose. That’s the reality.

            • we are open, where do you live?

              • What are they talking about then?

                • In my 1911 I trust

                  Not a lose-lose at all. Those numbers illustrate that the covid-19 panic has resulted in million of children that may be permanently messed up. More than has even been infected by covid. It also shows that hundreds of thousands of children are dying because of this. The only solution is to open up. Scared of sending your kid to school cause they might bring home covid? Maybe you shouldn’t have had kids. Being a parent is scary stuff. Terrible things may happen to your child. Is it really ok to destroy their lives because we are scared? No, not at all, especially when the disease doesn’t even get kids sick. Either take the risk and provide a good life for your child or hide your child away and produce a messed up individual that, at that point, probably should’ve never been had.

                  Parents are supposed to risk everything for their family and children. Elderly are supposed to educate and sacrifice for the next generations. Children are supposed to reap the benefits of those moral lessons and learn those lessons themselves in the process. It really seems back-ass-wards that we are sacrificing the well-being of all these children, and pretty much our future, for our own security and the security of the elderly. We are teaching our kids that they are pretty much cannon-fodder and that they should treat their children as such.

                  • Jeez, where’s your pioneer spirit? Kids used to travel with their parents into the wild woods and live for years without hardly seeing anyone else let alone going to school. I’ve homeschooled my kids before. I found the education level was better in a lot of respects (not as good in others) but definitely doable.

                    • But you were blessed to have a decent education yourself, before Humboldt county schools, and the vast majority of our entire nation was dumbed-down . So you were armed with adequate math skills and the knowledge of, and ability to form a complete sentence. Too many of the parents of today are literally illiterate . It’s all downhill from here .

                    • Anon, You homeschooled some of yours and obviously did a pretty fantastic job. Ideally, though, we as a society work to create a school system that works during COVID but you of all people should know that there are possibilities outside the everyone in a classroom model.

                    • Kym,

                      Surely you realize that many parents are nowhere near as qualified and/or capable of home schooling as you (a credentialed teacher if I’m not mistaken).

                      I also imagine that your children were not abused at home. Many kids aren’t so lucky. School is a safe place for kids who aren’t safe at home.

                    • Stars, I got my credential after I homeschooled. (And later homeschooled again for a bit after I got my credential) But, I agree, having kids at school is a good thing. I prefer it for most kids in most situations but sometimes (as I said to my kids frequently –I think they would call it a form of abuse) you can’t always get what you want.

                    • In my 1911 I trust

                      Tons of pioneer spirit Kym. Thats why I refuse to hide from some disease. Even if it were the plague, I would be the dumbass living life to the fullest. We are all going to die, some sooner than others. I was homeschooled for a couple years, nothing against that. I believe those who lack the pioneer spirit are the ones hiding out for their own health and causing their kids to suffer because of it. Be a pioneer and send them out into the world! Don’t be afraid!

                    • My kids are out of high school but are taking a year off school and working on gardens and fixing up a place to live. Not everyone is as lucky as we are and we, as a society, need to work on making the best school system work for the most kids during this crisis.

                      BUT just running towards COVID, inhaling deeply and taking your chances on dying or feeling guilty if you spread the disease to Grandma and she does die…seems like not the most thoroughly thought out response in the world–somewhere on par with…”Hey, there’s a hurricane. Everyone has to die sometime so I’ll leave the shelter and run towards it.”

                    • There are plenty of people who are needed to go to work everyday from grocery employees to fire fighters to medical personnel who do not have the option of having someone reliable to watch their children. They need to have schools open to do what we need to have them do. It would be good if such people had as much of a voice as those of us lucky enough to have the option to stay home and till pay the bills.

                    • I like stars got my point. Credentialed or not, kym (and apparently me) had an adequate enough education to handle passing the basics on to our children in a home school setting . Vast numbers of current parents left to home study their young aren’t so equipped. That’s all.
                      Not questioning “that there are possibilities outside the everyone in a classroom model.” Why would I? And why you gotta try and divulge personal stuff about me? Please don’t .

          • The whole “conspiracy theorist “ slur has really become so tiresome.

    • Did starving Burkina Faso and Venezuelen children become a big concern for you very recently?

      If the US had tried to help the situation pre-Covid, I can only imagine the comments of “wasting tax payer dollars” from ahem, some here.

      And wouldn’t, ahem, some here say these problems are just “poor choices” by their parents?

      Of course, hard liners would simply brush this off with lines similar to “people die” or “life causes death”.

      What would you like to see done for the starving children Ullr?

      I am curious as to your ideal solution for this problem.

      • Your partisanship and cynicism makes you myopic. Obviously what was happening before the additional 10k kids a month dying was working better than what is going on now. Let’s start with that. Also, the last generation of wealth creation has lifted more people out of poverty than any attempt by any government actions, but government actions have quickly destroyed that.

        ‘Temporary” measures strung out ad infinitum is the worse thing to do because it hamstrings people from taking action for self-preservation when everyone keeps think things will return to “normal”.

        • Daily deaths from Covid reached over 8,000 a day during peaks.

          That was post “normal” with shutdowns, businesses and physical distancing and masking.

          So, now that Covid is establishing itself worldwide, and with daily deaths on a rise, maybe it’s time to accept a new “normal” and adapt as best as possible, which essentially is normal.

          • Maybe it’s past time to look at more than that. Without a magic bullet of a really quality vaccine, which may never happen, or a universal successful treatment, the world is faced with the ancient reality that coping with a pandemic is not the same as hiding from one. Sensible precautions, being adaptable and knowing the limits of expert advice would be a good place to start.

            There is a natural Gaussian curve to respiratory infections. First it builds as people are exposed then peaks as some form of immunity applies to those who recover, those who don’t have died and then tapers off as people who can effectively spread the disease grow smaller. If people hide out until necessity forces them out, then the curve becomes a standing wave where each new group exposes themselves when they feel safer, curve rises again, becomes the sick and hides out then the curve falls again. Then repeats. Only by the time people have become older and more vulnerable, children have been born and maybe those who recovered have lost some immunity and are available to be reinfected even if their immunity levels might make the less sick. It could be that the very fearful unwillingness to be exposed is what will keep the infection going on indefinitly and there will actually be more deaths, spread over a longer period with the addition of a struggle with a damaged economy and its associated ills. It’s likely that science, when it has sifted through all the maybes that are creating surprises now, will come up with a best course of limited restrictions THAT COULD HAVE BEEN IN EXISTENCE from the start of fear hadn’t been the controlling motivation.

            • Acknowledgement of change, or the need for it, does not equate to fear.

              • It’s unlikely that policies that put so many out of work, bankrupted businesses, curtailed social systems, created inefficient medical care and caused so much harm to others a world scale had any other motivation than fear. But go ahead. Spin it as you want.

                • If you stand in front of a train heading towards you, I guess you could call it fear that motivates you to move your ass.

                  I call it smart, but you do as you please.

                  Similar to puma in a school yard while children are playing, you may call it fear mongering to abruptly gather the kids and bring them in, but I don’t.

                  Change is normal.

                  Adaptation is strength.

  • For those who think dying is the only concern with covid,a new study just released shows that people who didn’t need hospitaliztion still ended up with serious heart problems. The study showed that two months following their recovery, 78 infected patients were found to have structural changes to their hearts. A biomarker indicating myocardial injury similar to that occurring in heart attacks was found in 76 patients. Sixty patients suffered inflammation of the heart. The average age of the infected patients was 49. None had previous heart issues or other pre-existing conditions.

    The studies’ results appeared to validate concerns expressed earlier this month by John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases and vaccinology in the the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. “There is evidence now that the virus can directly attack heart muscle cells, and there’s also evidence that the cytokine storm that the virus triggers in the body not only damages the lungs, but can damage the heart,” Swartzberg told Berkeley News. “We don’t know what the long-term effects of that may be, but it could be that we will have a population of people who survive COVID-19 only to go on and have chronic cardiac problems.”

    • How do you know the heart problems weren’t pre existing? Heart disease does kill 2200 people a day. Now all of a sudden we give a shit about heart issues, give me a break. Mc Donald’s causes more heart issues than COVID-19 ever will,by ten fold. Speaking of that, a cheeseburger sure sounds good.

      • “None had previous heart issues or other pre-existing conditions”

        Thats in the report

        • So these people were given stress tests the day before they got COVID-19, yeah, bullshit. Yeah right , blame the number one disease in the world, “heart disease ” on COVID-19. Now that is genius, somebody is getting desperate. Let it go!

        • In my 1911 I trust

          And you gathered that information from where? Another blurb typed by “researcher” who has always provided “his predictions” over fact? I missed where “researcher” linked to the article so I could read the report myself and make sure that he isn’t full of shit.

    • That is true of many illnesses and has been forever. They are called complications and why they should sudden be more important in this illness than many others is odd to say the least. I suspect the complications from measles and strep throat alone is much higher than from covid-19 but covid-19 hasn’t been around long enough to scientifically measure then so it is all anecdotal right now.

  • The more important question is …

  • Reading all these conflicting opinions about covid makes it clear why USA is a failing country ! Covid just isn’t a political disease ! Please get together & treat this pandemic seriously. The more we are unified against it the faster we can get back to a normal life . Please !

  • Liberty Biberty

    Good news is the rioters AKA peaceful protesters are killing themselves with firearms. It was bound to happen. MAKE AMERICA SMART AGAIN!

  • People are coming here from out of the area so cal , sac , Bay Area out state travelers lifting travel restriction was a mistake.If you are not a local get the hell out of Humboldt county!!!

  • This PCR test doesnt even test for this “virus”. It tests for a RNA sequence that can be found in motor oil and papaya fruit. The RNA sequence they test for has no relation to any virus at ALL! So every new virus “case” is a lie. No caus of death can be identified in any “case” intill an actual virus has been isolated via Kochs prostulate. The sheeple buying into this are ultimately responsible for the fall of the American economy.
    Keeping your head down and obeying the lies will only make it worse and result in a global dystopia, controlled by psychopaths.

    • ———————

      Prof Robin May, Professor of Infectious Diseases & Director, Institute of Microbiology and Infection, University of Birmingham, said:

      “PCR testing detects specific pieces of DNA – so, for instance, this can be used to check whether a ‘lamb stew’ is really lamb, etc. In the case of COVID19, there is a slightly complication in that the virus encodes its genome in the related molecule RNA, rather than DNA (many viruses do this), so the viral RNA needs to be ‘copied’ into DNA and then checked by PCR to test for the presence of the virus. However, the process to do this is straightforward and fast and can be automated fairly well – hence the ability to roll out large scale viral testing. Consequently, PCR testing (or, more accurately, ‘quantitative RT-PCR testing’) measures the amount of virus in a sample (typically a nasal or throat swab) and a threshold is set, above which a person is deemed to be “positive” for the virus.

      • So the point which you’ve missed is that they’ve NEVER isolated the virus via the Kochs prostulate.

        So how can they test for “it” encoded in RNA?

        They have no virus isolated!

        What they’re testing for is an RNA sequence in which they found in 6 of the original 200 people infected at Wuhan(ground zero). This RNA sequence could have been found in those people years before they claimed to be sick with such a PCR test. The same RNA sequence has been found in motor oil and papaya fruit.. That means they’re using the test to enforce their draconian lock down measures only! With no virus isolated the test is a farce and is defrauding the public.

        “””Canada’s National Research Council: No record of ‘COVID-19 virus’ (SARS-COV-2) isolation by anyone, anywhere on the planet – in other words as I have been saying for months they have never shown the ‘virus’ to exist and therefore cannot ‘test’ for it or produce a ‘vaccine’”””

        • Canada’s National Research Council definitely believes there is COVID-19 problem. I think you and David Icke are either mistaken or deliberately twisting the information. Mr. Icke has suggested everything from 5G to Jewish groups being behind the virus. I believe in free speech so you may argue a position that is not demonstrably false (even though I think it is ridiculous) and I’m fairly generous on erring in allowing info up but posting false information such as this will get you banned. I’ll leave this particular post up. But subsequent posts will be removed and you will eventually be banned for repeating the information.

        • Angela Robinson

          You read David Icke?

          The guy who believes an ancient alien race of reptilian overlords have stopped humans from becoming all they can be? A lizard illuminati, if you will.

          Funny story, to me anyway. I was looking up RH negative online (I have this) and came across the “warning signs” of reptilian/human hybrids. That’s where I first heard of him.

          RH negative, extra vertebrae, reddish hair, green eyes, low blood pressure…and a few others. I did meet all the criteria I listed and I said to my husband “Honey, did you know you married a reptilian?” I described the above to him and he essentially said “Nah, you aren’t a reptilian overlord, you’re just Scottish”.

    • Gifford said: The RNA sequence they test for has no relation to any virus at ALL! So every new virus “case” is a lie.

      And the earth is flat.

  • 🕯🚑Even with a vaccine the virus will never totally go away. 🌬🌍

    • It’s been here for millions of years. You’re absolutely right — even if it were successfully eliminated from the human population with a hold-’em-down-and-shoot-’em-up vaccination program, it would still be here, waiting to jump on anyone who missed a vaccination.

      Better to let such an innocuous bug run its course and let everyone build immunity.

      • What immunity?

        Do you have information the rest of us don’t?

        • Yes, as a matter of fact, I’m still alive, 71 and survived 5 previous pandemics.

          Let the thing run, you can’t stop it. You’ll get over it !

          • Sorry Rod, replying to “furies:”
            Look (everybody) stop reading the headlines and panicking. Of course there are immunities. Read a few long sentences and discover the (possible) facts. Vox is a leftish liberal site that has never met a vaccine that it didn’t like. The article is titled “What scientists are learning about how long Covid-19 immunity lasts.”


            • Again to “furies”:

              ‘Herd immunity might also be achievable in the case there is no vaccine, and even if reinfections occur.

              “My expectation is that reinfections will actually be normal — but it doesn’t mean herd immunity is not achievable,” Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at Harvard, tells Vox in an email. He expects second infections will typically be mild, and “will not transmit much and will serve as immunological boosting events more than they do as transmission events that chip away in any substantial fashion against herd immunity.” Which is to say: Reinfections may serve to increase immunity in individuals.’ VOX News

            • When dod left and right politics become synomymous with vaccines? I know many many many folms who wluld b conaidered “liberal” or “left” that will never vaccinate.

              • I don’t know. The whole vaccine thing is really strange to me. Actually I think vaccine worship is primarily a “mainstream” and submission phenomenon and that vaccine panic is for folks who are insecure that our non-mainstream views will not be honored. I try to do the research and chose.

                The medical profession has substituted managed care for all individual choice in the past 40 years, mostly for financial reasons. So most individual choices seem to be made in the dark. An orthopedic surgeon I know used to refer without any irony to his consultations as “selling surgeries.” I find most interactions with medical professionals to be pre-rehearsed song and dance routines. That’s not a very good environment in which to make choices. Vaccines are particularly difficult because the standard practice seems to be for the professionals to use your submission without any thought as a measure of your sanity.

      • Angela Robinson

        ” innocuous bug”?

        • It’s not innocuous for everyone bybfar but then government regulation, not only here but in most countries socialist or capitalist alike around the world, have not been able to fix it either. Those very few who have been good at keeping it out have uniform populations with good community identity and they will be doing things not tolerable in the US for years to keep it up. Live by hateful politics, die by hateful politics. Life in the US is much more of an adventure than those countries.

          • Angela Robinson

            I took issue with someone dismissing an illness that has killed 150K and counting Americans as an “innocuous bug”.

            I know of three people personally severely stricken by it, and two have now died (not on the west coast). Humboldt is so far seeming to get by without too many victims. It’s easy to be dismissive if it doesn’t impact you (the greater you).

  • 🕯🌍California couple that insisted on having their wedding with a 100 people attending have tested positive along with 8 of their quests.🚑🚑

    • As did those who attended protests, barbeques, church services beach parties, riots, multigenerational households, impromptu sports, essential workers, etc. Unfortunately for marriages there’s usually a guest list for the contact tracers.look we each have our own cliffs of fall that we make excuses over. Don’t just pick on the ones you think are unimportant.

  • Didn’t they just bring cons in with COVID-19? Maybe that’s the reason the numbers went up. I don’t know. Just a thought.

    • It seems to be California’s turn at the batter’s box.

      Our numbers are increasing for sure. Deaths are being prevented by the very people who wish/can live longer.

      Catching doesn’t equate to probable death. It’s normal.

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