Three New Cases Reported Today, July 17

Press release from Humboldt County COVID-19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rose to 181 after three new cases were reported today.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich said it is important to continue to refrain from gathering with people outside of your household. “We need to remember that gatherings continue to be high risk for transmission and are responsible for most of our cases at present.”

Today’s alert level stands at a two. Visit to view the county’s Alert Level Assessment tool. To learn more about alert levels, go to

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

Humboldt County COVID-19 Data Dashboard:,
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Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers

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  • Kym, you have yesterdays dashboard graphics up for this.

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    My husband says 4.5% of the US population died from the 1918 Spanish Flu so that’s 14 million dead Americans before COVID is as serious, 6000 dead in Humboldt alone.

    • People are still not taking this seriously. I think the lack of leadership by our top government officials is appalling.

    • The Spanish flu didn’t post those high death totals until the second wave hit in the fall. The first spring wave was mild cases with very few deaths. When the second wave of covid hits (OK, if it hits) then we will know if it’s going to be a nasty ride or nothing at all or something inbetween.

      • Very few deaths in the first wave? 5 million , thats 10 times what we got! Plus the population was lower , so closer to 100 times more death rate than us. How is that few deaths ? C/R still has open online enrollment, their math classes can be helpful.

        • Sorry LR, I worded that wrong. I should have said the death rate was exponentially higher in the second wave. Or I should have worded it like the CDC below. I should also note that estimates for the first wave are 2 to 5 million, but no one knows the real total. Its all just guesswork. But thank you for trying to keep the facts in line.

          Now, comparing the SF to covid should only be done in terms of the diseases progression, that it went from a more mild flu like condition to a beast that ate through the world. Since covid is a novel coronavirus there’s really nothing to compare it to and the SF is the closest thing available.

          Here’s the quick from CDC,

          “Between September and November, a second wave of flu peaks in the United States. This second wave is highly fatal, and responsible for most of the deaths attributed to the pandemic.”

          This is what you should be worried about, that covid might do the same. This is the issue at hand and the only point I was trying to make. But you’re right, I didn’t word that properly. My bad.

  • 🕯🌳5 major Holidays left in the year and I don’t know about some but I’d like to enjoy them even if I do have wear a mask and not be locked down because people didn’t want to.🖖🌍🖖🌍

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    In our worst imaginations five years ago, not a single liberal or conservative could believe our 2020 choice would be between these woefully incompetent senile old motherfuckers for President. How in the world did we bring our country to this fork in the road, both leading to certain disaster in our near future?

    • Proof we are living in a simulation designed to push the limits of credibility.

    • Because ever since Reagan we have only had one real party split into Republican heavy and Republican light (Clintons and Obama) with progressive ideas pushed as far out of sight as they can. The good news is that behind Biden are now powerful progressives who should be able to push him and the party away from the Republican light version we’ve had up to now. I’ve got my fingers crossed anyway.

    • So your choice will be between two old guys who have limited brain power; one who won’t read or listen to anyone qualified and insists he’s a genius at everything and one who will actually read and take advice from folks who understand what they are talking about and doesn’t have to continually tell everyone he thinks he’s a genius.

      Kind of clarifies things a little, doesn’t it? Neither are anywhere near perfect, but one is clearly not like the other.

    • Good old BOYS CLUB, you were never invited

    • squirrel,

      //How in the world did we bring our country to this fork in the road, both leading to certain disaster in our near future?//

      Because the fork in the road is you, not America. Your perception is wanting to catch-up, and understand.

      America has always been in flux, we get to pick the trail of our own choosing.

  • I have friends who do not take the virus seriously. They want to come visit at my house. I thought, well, ok, because we will be outdoors. But now, I’m reading the warnings. Even outdoors!!!

    • I’d find new friends.

    • With covid surging in CA and even up here to an extent it’s not the best time to visit unless people take precautions. If everyone wears a mask and does distancing outdoors should be OK, but I’m no medical expert so take my advice with caution.

      But if the visitors don’t take the virus serious then that means that they have probably put themselves in high risk situations and I wouldn’t chance that.

      • This morning, a girl friend of my Wife, is having a yard sale. Mask sign is up front and polite. Yep, our 46 year old Daughter is headin’ on over too.

        My gosh people, try to live a safe life, but live !

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