[UPDATE 10:43 p.m.: Video] Motorcyclist Fleeing Law Enforcement Headed Onto Hammond Trail

High speed pursuit

Background photo by Oliver Cory

Just before 10 p.m., Arcata Police began pursuing a motorcyclist for reasons we haven’t determined. The motorcyclist fled northbound on 101 and then took an exit into McKinleyville.

From there the white sports bike sped onto the Hammond Trail. Officers are searching the area. At 10:06 p.m., the motorcycle was spotted moving at a high rate of speed through Hiller Park.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 10:43 p.m.: Law enforcement continued to look for the suspect but as far as we can determine has yet to locate them.  Here is a video of the pursuit as they headed into McKinleyville earlier on School Road.

Video by Sharon Hammond



  • Cops got a hard on for motocyclists lately, they are risking the lives of the riders by pursuing them for minor traffic violations. Better to let the cyclists be and stop pursuing with intent to make them crash. Poor judgement on the decision making of the cops. Hope he got away, Screw Blue!

    • You know, I’m no fan of cops, but you can hardly say it’s the police’s fault that the rider decides to drive in an unsafe manner. If they only are wanted for a minor traffic violation, and they’re not black and likely to get shot for no reason, they shouldn’t have a problem with stopping.

      • Are you trying to say if they are black its OK not to stop ? No African American is going to get shot by cops for being black around here. I am not so happy about a high speed chase in my neighborhood and plan on asking the Arcata Police their policy for high speed pursuits. Do not exactly like cops, think calcining Live PD/Cops was a mistake. Caved into the mob. But we need them for a civilized county.

    • Yeah, so officers have nothing else to do but harass motorcyclists – As if the motorcyclist didn’t do anything wrong. This motorcyclist is a threat to the public, not the officer.

      • Diane, motorcyclists are rarely a threat to the public, they are far more dangerous to themselves, a speeding bike is very unlikely to harm people in an automobile, they come out on the losing end of almost every collision. Its a dick move to speed on a bike, ride recklessly etc…but its rarely if ever harmful to anyone but the rider themselves. Not always of course, but usually.

      • And what’s the cop doing ? Oh ya protecting the public from idiots like the one running from cops !! Use your head for something other then a hat rack or sunglass holder !! Idiots like that kill people also !!!!

    • 100% agree. They are overly aggressive and will do whatever it takes to stop them.

    • Agreed,blue. It’s absurd that we have all blindly agreed to the idea of an armed and dangerous cop to pull us over for traffic violations. It could be done by cameras or unarmed traffic cops. But now we’ve created a monster, with cops pulling people over just to look for trouble. There needs to be a national conversation on this issue. Why should I be confronted by an armed and possibly intoxicated stranger because of a minor traffic violation? The driver probably weighed his odds and realized he had a better chance of survival accelerating than stopping for officer itchy fingers.

  • No reason to fly through a neighborhood like that. People and animals are out.

  • Defined the police. Riding motor cycles are legal.

  • Comments being deleted?

  • Yeah, so officers have nothing else to do but harass motorcyclists – As if the motorcyclist didn’t do anything wrong. This motorcyclist is a threat to the public, not the officer.

  • There are around 940 motorcycle/police vehicle crashes per year, most initiated by minor traffic infractions. Compare that to the dismally low number of 9 unarmed African Americans who are killed by police annually, yes thats correct 9. Granted not all 940 motorcycle/police vehicle incidents result in death, no that figure is around 350 deaths annually, simply for failure to stop resulting in vehicular murder by police officers. Why does this issue receive such little attention? Why when 9 unarmed individuals of color are killed annually its called an Epidemic of racism and police brutality, all while another unarmed group of individuals are murdered by police at 38 times the rate of African Americans, and the media is silent, no marches, no riots, no attention from Hollywood. The world is upside down and out of its mind.

    • This fact should help clear up your confusion, Whites make up 60% of the population. What you did there is called “cherry picking”. Things only seem upside down when facts are distorted by failing to use them in proper context. Disclaimer: I do not support BLM in any way, shape, or form.
      Protesting against ignorance is not going to make people stop being ignorant.

    • Maybe you can organize a protest to demand justice for two wheeled aficionados!

    • Becsuse it’s all a bunch of bullshit ,BLM IS A SCAM

  • Im a year round motorcyclist so I admit my bias against police on this issue. I, myself was nearly killed by a cop last summer while riding in southern Shasta county. I was on hwy 273, it was early morning on a Saturday and it looked like i was the only one on the road. I have a very fast bike, top speed just shy of 200 mph, so yeah, extremely fast. A sports bike is nothing like a car, and vastly different even from riding a Harley, or cruiser type bike. My bike likes to go fast, its absolutely stable even at 150 mph. This day i was cruising along at about 95, I was speeding, the limit is 70, like I said I was the only thing on the road for miles and was cruising comfortably when out of nowhere i see over my left shoulder a Harley flying towards me from two lanes over, it was headed right at me, i was on the far right with nowhere to go, as i braced for impact, red and blue lights and a siren suddenly flipped on, it was a cop, and instead on alerting me to his presence, hitting the siren and lights to pull me over, he took the stealth attack approach, charging me at 100 plus mph nearly colliding with me. I honestly think he was trying to wreck me. Maybe he thought i would’ve run if he performed a normal traffic stop, i dunno, what i do know is that bastard nearly killed me for speeding on an empty early morning hwy.

    • I speed a lot. The issue with super speeding on a bike though, and one I’ve basically accepted as a very likely outcome for me, is getting taken out by a car whose driver misjudges your speed and pulls in front of you.

      95 in a 70 is excessive.

      Don’t break the law and you’ve got no concerns with the man. Or, break it but accept in advance the inevitable of death or at the very least speeding tickets from stealthy cops…

    • Geez geez…and that was the cops fault? Wow!

  • If its really about safety

    Cant the officers intelligently discern between, “oh, its not worth the chase, it was just no blinker” and ” lets chase him down aggressively and force him to crash, nobody out runs me- I’m the police…..” At some point the choice of the officer to initiate the chase is way more dangerous than forgetting a turn signal… IMHO…. How many cyclist are killed every year in these hot pursuits for simple infractions and over zealous cops. Do the police really have to have final word and say everytime…. Why do we place so much power in these undereducated cops decision making. Most are not college graduates…. feeble minded cops with a power trip kill more people than anything, largest criminal group in the USA

  • i ride a Harley(actually two,a Sportster and a Dyna) and have zero problem with cops-when i blew a drive belt on the Sporty,a cops stopped to see what was wrong and why we were pushing the bike; i have nothing against sport bikes per se,but seems to me,the temptation would be to speed-i did when i was younger on my Norton 750 Commando; the funny thing is while riding my “slow” Harley,i happened to look down and saw i was going 100,LOL! i immediately backed off,of course…

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