Coast Guard Rescued Woman Having Mental Health Crisis Yesterday

Coast Guard preparing to lower a rescue swimmer.

Coast Guard preparing to lower a rescue swimmer. [Photo by Stephen Gieder]

Yesterday, a rescue swimmer with the US Coast Guard supported by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and other emergency personnel assisted a woman having a mental health emergency from where she was stranded south of Patrick’s Point north of Trinidad, according to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident began in the morning when 911 received the report of three people assaulted and possibly kidnapped in the Patrick’s Point area. According to Karges,

…[A]bout 10:52 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Patrick’s Point State Park for the report of a possible kidnapping and assault.

Upon further investigation, deputies learned that the call was not as reported and a woman, who was the reporting party, was experiencing a mental health emergency had become stranded on the beach due to the tide just south of Patrick’s Point. Law enforcement were unable to reach the woman on foot due to her location. A United States Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay helicopter and rescue swimmer were deployed to rescue the woman. The woman was rescued without further incident. She was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Traffic gathered at the scene.

Emergency vehicles gathered at the scene. [Photo provided by a reader]



  • wonderful job. well done. I hope the woman recovers from this ordeal

  • It’s a wilderness out there.

  • Yes, a wilderness of wackadoddles the taxpayer must contend with and finance. They should be in care homes, etc. or helped by their families not draining public resources at the beach.

      • I thought demeaning a commenter was not allowed in this site…

        The liberal, pro riots, anti police, anti reality (like trying to deny and change history by destroying monuments and rewriting textbooks etc.), pro psychobabble crowd around here needs to step back realize there is far too much money spent on things that family member and friends SHOULD be taking care of. Instead, liberals spend their precious time teaching gangster mentality of hating those who disagree with them and all is ok if under the guise of “protest.” The mental health crisis would be far reduced if drug abuse, promiscuity etc. were fought with the same vigor as the recent riots. The liberal mentality and behavior is indeed the cause of most mental illness.

        • Industrial Disease

          Weird how they didn’t need to kill her to save her.

        • “Promiscuity”! Hahahahaha!

        • Alf – your comment is spot on.

        • Let’s see if I can parse this out:
          Protests against masks and shutdowns = good but protests against disproportionate police violence = bad.
          Removing monuments that celebrate slavery and treason against the Constitution = bad, ignoring the inherent racism in those monuments so you can be proud of your heritage = good.
          Anything outside of the conventional family unit as viewed by religious conservatives = bad, missionary position = good as long as the intent is solely on procreation.
          Drug abuse = moral shortcoming and hence bad, alcohol abuse = accepted tradition and hence good.

          Having a mental health crisis, particularly after months of elevated stress and isolation = someone in the family failing to fix things so the rest of us didn’t have to be inconvenienced by reading the news that resources were used to help her.

          That summarize everything?

          • Cy, You made me chuckle.

            • 🕯🌳So its alright for them to make fun of a person with a disability and that may not be in total control of there actions?🚑🇺🇸

              • This is common, and accepted as merely impolite or mildly uncool in this society. Verbal attacks on and suggesting death for inconvenient disabled people (similarly to attacks on women) are considered normal behavior, because they are so common.
                I’m not suggesting that discussion of gender or ability should be heavily sanctioned or monitored, but unprovoked viscious verbal outbursts should be viewed as psychological trash.

                • It’s the trump affect. Being hateful is now the patriotic thing to do

                  • No, the behavior long predates Trump. Perhaps Trump grew up with it and has never gotten past it. But he is not the cause, nor are Democratic politicians the cure.

              • Willie, I was responding to Cy, to the best of my understanding s/he did not make fun of anyone with a disability…unless Alf has one.

            • Shouldn’t have funny except as a display of everything ugly about the left, but as a long biased intrepretation, it certainly was agreeable to irrational thought. Might have phrased it as “protests against overreaching government orders”- bad but massing together to protest in the middle of an epidemic- good. encouraging rioting and looting is good. Or destroying monuments because of being too ignorant to know that Ulysses Grant (and McKinley for that matter) fought against slavery even though they were never going to be slaves themselves. And good luck with finding the Constitution without George Washington have fought for the guarantees that gave her the right to be as miserable an example of free speech that she seems embrace safely from a couple of hundred years from danger and innovation that it was. As far as I could tell, Cy Anse objected to religion all on her own even though large swathes of religious people were the ones doing the fighting and taking risks to help slaves even before the Civil War. How can people so intolerant of dead people that they make war on them? What risks do they suffer for their ideals that they are stupid enough to believe they would magically created all by their little selves if not for the continual struggle of all those people they presume to hate without one iota of understanding what they owe them. They deserve Trump because they can’t understand anything better.

          • There sure seems to be a huge increase in mental illness, dementia, and autism
            does anyone wonder why?

          • You forgot in-n-out may open next week = good. Chill out and have a cheeseburger.

          • Another fishwife

            Good analysis

          • One of these days you’ll bump your head REALLY hard (or in some other way sustain a TBI) and you’ll see the “rightness” in his thinking.

          • Comparing apples to oranges, good
            Using False equivalence to support your arguments, bad

        • punkybrewstersmind

          Holy cow. Without knowing a single thing about this woman or the situation, without a care for her, you use this place to go off on a rant about ‘liberal mental illness’?
          Utterly unaware and unaffected by actual reality, you appear to have some sort need to
          have an outburst of hate and paranoia, accusing your neighbors and fellow citizens of ‘causing’ mental illness?

          I’m sorry sir, I think it is you who needs to see a professional.

        • The biggest “denial” going on right now is the Rights inabilities to see Trump for what he is. Complete denial. A corrupt administration paid for by the taxpayers.
          The railing against the “leftists” is just weak sauce anymore when you look at Trump realistically. Weak, like their gasping their last gasp as Trump sinks lower and lower taking them with him. Gasp, choke, cough.

          • And there’s the trump rant, right on que. my wife won’t let me watch the daily show with Trevor Noah because she says if he wasn’t allowed to say the word trump he would have nothing to say at all. Seems to be the theme anymore

            • I don’t want to seem to approve of folks running amok with blaming entire groups for the actions of the few but to be fair to Yeah, sure, Alf went there first. Why blame only Yeah, sure?

              • Alf referenced liberals, yeah sure can’t say two words without saying trumpers or trump. It’s not blaming one group it’s fixating on a single person as the personification of all evil which is asinine. It’s no different than every dilhole ranting about Obama’s birth certificate. Trump has next to zero influence on any current policys in California let alone humboldts, especially when it pertains to our mental health facilities or therefore lack off. You might as be blaming lizard people. Newsom
                Sues trump everytine trump tries to institute any policy. You don’t like California’s situation? Blame yourself if your a liberal. Don’t blame televangelist IN Texas or 2a protestors in Virginia they haven’t been in charge of anything here for decades

                • Alf regularly blames everything on liberals even though the current National administration is Republican. And, it looks like you are doing it too. But I guess, it’s par for the course for folks trashing on the other side and there’s no law against it.

                  • Is California not one of the most liberal states In the nation? Is humboldt not one of the most liberal county’s in this state? After all it is home to the self proclaimed “most liberal city in the nation” Arcata. Trumps not responsible In any way shape or form for anything in this article, except the coast guard who apparently acted very professionally. How are liberals not responsible for the policy’s in the areas that they are governing? Because trump ain’t governing anything here. We just went though this with the protests turned riots, trump tried to tell some liberal states what to do and their response was “no you don’t rule us”

                    • Poor Trump…

                    • That about sums it up, truth hurts.

                    • punkybrewstersmind

                      One of the few great thing thats left in this nation is your right to move to one of those ‘red’ states where there are no murders or crime, taxes are low and people you dont like get locked up forever.
                      I should warn you however, having lived in a few of those places myself: they are not 100% white and conservative! I know! Scary for you huh? Also, California, believe it or not, is not 100% liberal either!
                      Wow! Who knew?
                      Its almost like hating a state of 40 million people because you dont like the current governor is..gee, I dont know, maybe Ignorant or something?
                      Anyway, be sure and write and tell us all about the Con utopia we’re all missing. Bye!

                • 🕯🌳Its not Newsom suing “not my potus” idoit it’s the courts of California. 👁🖖🇺🇸

                  • Idiot? Ain’t that the chunk of coal calling the kettle black?

                    • 🕯🌳Well at the very least I know they differences between the branches of Government a basic fundamental you learn in school not off the pages of a Hustler, Playboy or a NRA magazine. 🖖🇺🇸

                    • Hey willie so trump is to blame for every problem in the nation despite what or who is governing it, but using Newsoms name for California courts is what goes to far for you? That’s rich

                    • 🕯🌳If so liberal then move,and since I can’t reply to your post below here it is,your educated from the same stock as most of the “not my potus” supporters and that’s not saying much. I like to try and respect Kyms page but lately I’ve seen her slipping and and letting alot of let’s say less educated posters get away with some slight of mouth,either they donate big or your all part of the League of Growers. Ha,Ha.🖖🇺🇸

                    • Willie, I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Brian, it pisses me off to have people say that I favor people because they donate big. I don’t. If you think that about me, get off my website.

            • Trump himself lives a more liberal life than I do. What do yo call having an immigrant 4th wife that you cheat on with a pornstar? Tv celebrity fan of Russian culture soft handed $200,000 a year allowance at age 3 Roger Stone Jeffery Epstein buddy grab em by the….

        • What planet are you living on?

        • “I thought demeaning a commenter was not allowed in this site…”

          Apparently it’s OK if you do it with a broad brush. I’ll try and make sense out of what you have written.

          The liberal = not really sure, but it sounds like a soccer team.

          pro riots = again not really sure. I’m sure there are young hotheads out there that cant wait to start something but by and large I think most liberals (?) would rather sit on their cushy asses and watch the tube.

          Anti-police = well this one is easy. Anyone who has had an illegal and unconstitutional experience with police overreach. Millions on that one. Billions, me included. Not anti-police though. Just anti fascist police.

          Anti-reality = Since most of the human race is lost in a fog of TV and news and propoganda, and reality’s getting hard to find, you gots to go to the head of the class to identify the real anti-reality crowd. Good place to start would be the Trump administration, but really, you could take this one anywhere.

          As far as rewriting history goes once again the Trump admin shines above all the rest.

          Pro psychobabble crowd = Well I got ta say that this line, “The mental health crisis would be far reduced if drug abuse, promiscuity etc. were fought with the same vigor as the recent riots. The liberal mentality and behavior is indeed the cause of most mental illness” is about the most confusing psychobabble I’ve ever heard.

          So basically you have demeaned most everyone including yourself. I’ll let Kym take it from here.

        • Weird how you claim people in the comment section shouldn’t insult one another, and then go on to insult a whole group of commenters.

          • punkybrewstersmind

            So where is your site Bob? You pay nothing for this site, and are free to go somewhere you find less offensive. Or start your own and see how easy that is. Kym is free to have her opinions, just like you.

        • Free traders? Socially liberal? WTF?!

          The cause of who’s mental disease?

      • So its ok to call the mentally ill “whackadoddles”(sp) but its not ok to point out sociopathic behavior? ok….

        • Dan, here are the rules:

          Insulting groups of people, though not indicative of fine thought processing, is not against the rules. Insulting another commenter is.

          My reasoning on that goes that if I had to delete every time someone said politicians are moneygrubbers, cops are arrogant, growers trash the land, etc. I would never have time to write a story.

          But if another commenter is insulted, the other commenter’s defensiveness takes over usually and another insult is hurled…and then one is returned again. And soon my comment section is basically your mother wears army boots.

          I’m trying for something better.

    • Well let’s hope that when you go to crazy from your current status of just plain mean, you do so in the privacy of your own home, where first responders will be called as well. And there you’ll be, on the public dime.

    • Yes, the world is full of “wackadoddles” that are helped at public expense. Like the ones who drive drunk and have to saved when they crash their cars or the ones who take drugs that impair their thinking and get into fights or tear around the countyside on their motorcycles, bicycles or ATVs and have to be carried out of the backcountry or the ones who think a virus will magically never personally make them sick. Yup. Lots of “wackadoddles” of all sorts running lose.

      • or run around town without a mask on spreading disability and death

        I hope whatever ‘treatment’ this poor woman received did not further harm her…

        • Spam, I also hope her ‘treatment’ did not further harm her.
          I consider that an intelligent comment.
          It is certainly possible.
          First thing they will do most likely is to force medicate her. There is no due process.
          Somebody accuses you, you’re getting dosed.
          They won’t even consider checking her liver and kidney function first to make sure she won’t have trouble metabolising it.
          They won’t medicate your dog at the vet until they check that.

          The stuff they will jack you with can make you stop breathing, or suppress it until you must make a conscious effort to breathe.
          If that doesn’t cause you severe anxiety, nothing will.
          Good luck trying to sleep, or not sleeping…
          All kinds of other nasty potentially fatal side effects, as well.
          Out of the frying pan and into the fire, that is our mental health system in a ‘nutshell’.

          Heaven forbid that she asks for seconds on the jello…
          She’ll be in for a rude awakening… They take that shit pretty seriously. That’s where they draw the line.
          Seconds on dessert is strictly
          And that is a hard and fast rule!
          No exceptions!
          Feeling better yet?

          • Too too true. We have a mental HELL system here and for most people it is out of site out of mind “Hope they got the help they needed”. Meanwhile our streets, libraries, parks and green spaces fill up with people needing stable shelter and real care.

            Also police can assume someone is drunk, not test them for alcohol or any other substance and put them in solitary at the jail, without water toilet paper and only a cement bench. They can force drug you at the jail too. Sempervirons is a hell hole though many good people work there those who run the place are out of some sort of bad movie and no one cares except perhaps the Grand Jury who recently reported on the tip of the ice burg.
            Creepy place this county (and our species in general) when it comes to compassion ..oh other than patting themselves on the back about how charitable people are here. Eye roll.

      • Wackadoodles Я Us.

    • One of the [edit] who thinks all government spending is “a waste” unless it’s being spent directly on him.

    • So, you think the taxpayers are wasting $$ On a rescue?? Let‘s talk about spending over 40 million a year to finance Trumps golf trips!

    • Leigh VanDeWalker

      To you folks complaining about resources-
      F*ck you. A good friend of mine lost her son to drowning in the Trinity. Did the “authorities” show up for her and her family? NO. She was left to search for her son, for MONTHS, with no help but her two other children and a few friends. Those “authorities” even opened the dam, knowing there was still an active search for his body going on. I called them myself. Apparently they would open that dam even if one of their own children were missing in that water.
      Paul was not found until SIX MONTHS LATER, at the mouth of the Klamath. He was found by accident. His family is lucky he wasn’t washed all the way out to sea… at least he was recovered, and a proper service could be held.
      Then, IDIOTS like YOU come along and make absolutely HORRENDOUS comments about a water rescue. At least this person GOT rescued. There a many that the county turns a blind eye to. Do you really think money means more than a life? Then DONT call the fire department when your house is on fire. Just lay back down and go to sleep. I for one would not want to see any taxpayer money wasted on someone who values money over human life.

  • So many resources for one insane woman.

    Optionally, you could leave her out there. The tide does go back out.

    • WTF is wrong with you people?

      • Thank you, Dan. I guess these folks don’t want first responders to assist them or their loved ones, if they should need it.

        • Do you even remember when the woman from Southern Humboldt went missing and friends, family, Sheriff’s deputies, Search and Rescue volunteers and many other agencies spent 2 days and thousands of dollars in resources just to find out she “needed some ME time.” She abandoned her child, husband (not the child’s father) and turned off her phone and went to stay with a friend on Humboldt Hill. She called in later to apologize for all the trouble she had caused. The irresponsible friend also did nothing to get her help or report she was safe.

          Do you really expect sympathy, empathy or anything but detest for this type of behavior? Most of this is avoidable. Most of it should be left to its natural results.

          • You THINK you are being “realistic”. You aren’t. You lack empathy. Would you get a kick out of watching someone with mental issues die? Or are you just some keyboard tough guy spewing dumb crap ?

            • How many days did you risk your life searching highway 101 and Avenue of the Giants with traffic rushing by trying 2 find Ms. I NEED ME TIME? I spent 2. So, yes, I do care about people who legitimately need help for accidents, etc, but I have zero respect for those who purposely create problems that risk lives. Just today I called 911 for a bad quad wreck I witnessed on the other side of the river where I couldn’t get there for at least an hour due to no roads, bridges, etc. I’ve been a volunteer first responder almost 20 years. I guess it comes down to getting somewhat hardened from the irresponsible crap that happens seemingly more than just accidents. I’m still praying the 2 young children and one adult from the quad are ok.

              • Alf, You were the one that called it in?…Thank you.

                I was listening on the scanner. A helicopter was initially called for but then, after some time, the copter was released before it got there. I didn’t hear more but my assumption was that at least the injuries weren’t terrible.

                • Yes. It looked horrific. It took them about half an hour to all 3 limp over to the quad and slowly drive away. The adult was tending to the younger child for quite some time. I was on the north spit at the mouth of the Eel directly across from Canibal Island Rd. They were on the south spit at the mouth of the Eel. The access to where they were is Centerville Beach up miles of wave slope or by boat. I was close enough to hear the children screaming, but couldn’t do anything but report. The quad cart wheeled at least 3 or 4 times and came to rest on its side. The 3 individuals were spread out along the bank of the river. Fortunately the children had helmets on.

          • Love this comment about people needing “me time”. I sincerely hope that the hospital was able to take care of the woman and direct her for help. I am so tired of people going out on the beach and not paying attention to the “sneeker waves” posted all over the place. Even foreign people who cannot read our language know better. thank you to all of the wonderful people involved.

          • Doggo the commie ☺

            I guess the parents of those 2 little girls who got lost should also have been left to their own devices.
            Many of the commentors here have either forgotton or mever learned the concept of “community”

          • punkybrewstersmind

            My God dude, so everyone who has a crisis is just like that one lady you remember? And they should all be left to die? Wow.
            Maybe dont drink so early in the day, O.K.? And maybe learn what the word ‘compassion’ means too. That’d be good.

    • Pike Mortar, I seriously considered deleting this comment as a form of advocating for violence. I still might.

      • If you weren’t so set on interpreting his admittedlyharsh statement as “violence”, you would realize that it simply means that, if a person is trapped by the incoming tide, then they will be released when the tide goes out. Period. Nothing more meant. That is not “violence.” Stop encouraging hate.

        • It is violence of a kind to refuse to help someone when you can. Just think of someone refusing to pull a child who was drowning out of the water when it wouldn’t injure themselves.

          No one will make you do it but it is just a little “harsh.” And no, it is not hate to say that it is a form of violence.

          However, you did succeed in getting me to answer you when I vowed not to because you twist everything to your own agenda and seem to have a particular animus towards me.

          You win.

          • Thank you, Kym. So often you say exactly what I was thinking. I really despise the crap you willingly sift through daily. You serve your communities with dignity and respect. Unlike so many commenters on YOUR site. Why can’t they just move along if they don’t like it. I don’t visit places that piss me off. Easy….done.

          • I have a particular animus to the press exacerbating hate by partisanship in the US. And yes it is hate to call something violent when it is not. If every non action is a form of violence because you think there is a requirement for others to act according to your own wishes, then it is violence to turn a blind eye in reporting too. For example silence following law breaking accompanying a protest covered as news .

            Hmm… I think that I have just noticed one thing though. By this idea it is violence when publishers use their occupant power to grossly filter the news. And even worse violence when they carry on an agenda while relying on government protection to do it. No wonder I get angry by having to gather bits and pieces of information by trawling through opposing hateful sites in order to figure out what really happened. I have been subjected to violence! Maybe you’re right. Inaction can be violence.

            BTW I noted your circumspection lately. And enjoyed it.

        • Guest,
          You obviously missed PM’s last deleted comment. He’s toned it down, but taken in context with his last statement, I’d say Kym is cutting him a great deal of slack.
          Maybe too much, but I won’t question her methods.
          He’s definitely pushing the envelope, though, imho, to the very limit of what he can get away with.

          What really bothers me though, from all his comments I’ve read, he might wear a badge.
          Add that to a disregard for human life and pushing the limits and it becomes dead serious.

          • Ooo, I’m intrigued. What else do you think you know about me based on my post history?

            Political affiliation?
            Family situation?

            This is fun. What do you got?

            Incidentally, I already predict you’ll be wrong in probably 3 of those categories. I’m a difficult nut to crack.

      • No advocating of violence. I don’t wish crazy people ill. I do think we devote too many, and the wrong kind, of resources to them. We probably spent what, $50,000 on rescuing her? To take her to Semper Virens and have them kick her out tomorrow, still untreated, still crazy, and have a repeat of this a week from now?

        The tide goes out. Post up one social worker, wait for it to recede, and drive her to SV and then treat her legitimately. Stop throwing resources at the front of the problem and focus on the part that needs fixing.

  • Mental health crisis equals self absorbed drama queen costing taxpayers thousands.

  • Thank you to the Coast Guard, Sheriff’s Department and other people helping to bring the woman to safety. Sounds to me like she thought the ocean would come up higher, and sweep her away. Being in that situation would scare many people to death. I hope she will be fine.

  • 🕯🌳Thank you Coast Guard for your diligent hands in your rescue. 👍🏽🇺🇸

    • Willie, I just want to say thank you brother. Im 90% sure the mentally unstable woman rescued is a good friend of mine. I was going thru the comments looking for confirmation. Out of all the political nutjob comments, on both sides, you thanking the hard working folks at the Coast Guard is much appreciated. Please keep up the good work

  • What a bunch of politically polarized rants- it reminds me of a bad family gathering. I think most people agree that there are not enough mental health facilities for people who should not be on the street. It takes taxes and money to deal with these people- it’s the only way. I say bring back the old asylums and put these people in there instead of have them out on the streets, homeless and drug addicted. We end up paying one way or another as a society.

    • It matters what kind of facilities …look at the history of Napa.

      I watched a segment of hoarders a couple nights ago and they have a psychologist
      on site. They wanted a woman to stand there a give up her items one by one.

      She didn’t want to give them up, but she said she would however she wanted to let her family decide on the items.
      She didn’t want to to be there and watch.

      She used the items much like a flea market, it kept her engaged with other people and gave her a sense of value as a human being.

      The psychologist didn’t even hear what the woman was saying to her, she had her RULES so she spent most of the show forcing the woman to stand there and watch her things trashed.

      To help a person you need to hear them not impose more rules on them. The woman did what they wanted and they could have let her leave and come back after it was finished.

      Maybe psychologists need some new training.

  • If it weren’t so pathetically sad I’d laugh, but the revelation of some commenters psychopathy eclipses the mental health issues they have no sympathy for.
    Look at yourselves, such arrogance and little mindedness. You’re sad .

    • As opposed to big old wonderful you?

      cough….. cough….

      If I was ever in trouble I wouldn’t exactly look to you for assistance.

      • For your information I have NEVER said mentally ill people should just die.
        When someone outright lies for Trump here, repeating his lies and bigotry, yeah, I volley back.
        Yeah, I have a lot of opinions about Humboldt, I’ve only lived here 50 years.
        I don’t ever advocate cruelty and bigotry like some commenters do here on the regular. It’s disgusting and maybe that’s why some of you like to do it. You fancy yourselves Shock Jocks. You love eliciting outrage so then you can gaslight them. That game was played hot and heavy for years on loco. Some of those are here now although they have to be semi-clever to get past Kym.
        Yes, I’m opinionated. Tell me someone that comments regularly that isn’t…

        • Trump, trump, trump. Like I said earlier, trump, trump, trump. Be proud of wear you are, trump has had virtually no influence here. You’ve lived here 50 years? by Everyone I know you’re a transplant. Liberal policy’s run humboldt and as soon as anyone questions them it’s (edit) trump. I can’t wait til biden gets elected and you don’t have a arguement anymore, just like 4 years ago. Anyone that believes either party is looking out for their interests isn’t a student of history.

          • You keep talking like I love Democrats. I have never stated that. I’ve always said I detest most politicians. You seem to take my digs at Trump personally, very personally. For someone that “claims” neutrality you sure get upset with my criticism. You infer that since Trump doesn’t affect me here in Humboldt I’m probably not entitled to have much of an opinion one way or the other. Seriously? How very insular of you.
            And how very born and bred “Humboldt” of you to not consider 50 years enough to have an opinion on it.
            I know you wish I would just shut up about Trump, believe me it would be damn nice if we had a president that was actually presidential and not a retaliatory, enept whining dirtbag.

    • Yeah, sure :
      I think you have a load of arrogance and am disrespectful to others. How’s that?

      • Margot bray, why don’t you stick to one name instead of using a new one every time you comment?
        How’s that?
        Yeah, I’m “disrespectful ” like every one else commenting here.

        • Why are you and Brian obsessed with what name people post under?

          Not everyone here is disrespectful. But some sure tell a lot of lies and just make up stuff from out of thin air, and pretend it’s truth.

          • That’s right, and some here have to use a different name every comment in an immature attempt to appear to have “other people ” agree.
            It’s another loco stale overplayed tactic . Just be one person, otherwise you’re playing silly games.

            • Some have to use different names and emails every time as Kym shadow bans those she disagrees with.

              • Try not using offensive emails addresses to insult me. I delete those. Though I do allow insults to me publicly so go for it here. On the slight possibility that you may not be aware that insulting someone is not a good way to get published, I decided to allow your relatively minor Kiss my feet email through.

                As to deleting comments I disagree with…sigh…

            • Only if a person innately values other’s opinions more than their own. Which must be why it’s so important to some to think that one person is responsible for being in disagreement. It matters to them. Although they don’t seem to question the ones who agree with them.

              Really it’s more of camouflage to make online predators at least read a post, if not understand it, before their claws come out. Not that too much effort is wasted on reading carefully. Assumptions are easiest.

  • mlr the giant squirrel in Eureka

    I onetime felt that way many years ago. A dolphin helped me to the beach and my heartsoul somehow came by and saved me. I’ve been inseparable for decades, even though he sometimes says weird things. He saved me that day and I saved his life over the years, especially when LA police shit canned him.

    • Those who know compassion and gratitude are truly wealthy! Bless you both!

      • hahahahahahahahahaha


        some good ones up thread–so far and few between

        I so miss witty people

        gotta thank RHBB for this; making me laugh is not easy these days

        • You find that hilarious? Anyone whose kept up with loco comments for years knows what “MLR”s name means and what the comment means.
          You’re obsession knows no bounds. Sad.

          • No YS

            I was laughing at something that went straight over your head from a completely different commentator. Can you find it??

            OK back to our regular programming.


  • Respect and gratitude to the Coast Guard. A life was likely saved.

    Hope this woman gets help. Our system is both inadequate and broken. So many people need help.

    I’ll leave it there because I don’t want to write a manifesto.

  • ‘Liberals’? Call them what they are – Communists bent on destroying this Republic. They stink so bad.

    Glad they rescued the woman though, any of us can have a bad day and slip out to the other side for a bit. I hope she recovers fully.

    • Words right out of Trumps last rallies. I heard it the first time. By the way, what was wrong with him, mispronounced words, snuffing, holding on to the dias for dear life, twitchy shoulders, low energy. Definitely not one of his adderall fueled rants. Must have been a diazepam day for him.

    • punkybrewstersmind

      ‘nope’-Uh, you DO know Vladimir Putin is your glorious leaders boss, right? And the GOP, NOT the Democrats, but the GOP-have sold this nation to those ‘commies’?
      Do you get that at all? I’m sure to you its make fake news as you put your fingers in your ears.
      However, its worth noting that an awful lot of Republicans have arrested and charged with collusion and most of those have taken an awful lot of trips to guess where…?
      But Keep Drinking and Never Thinking, Comrade!

      • That as usual with such comments makes no sense. It’s just as if a person says “the sky is blue” and the antiTrumpers respond “Trump is orange.” It’s an autonomic response to insert contempt without sense. It dirties the waters so no one can benefit.

      • Hmm….Punky are you really Adam Shiffty? Got your evidence in plain sight??

        August 15, 2018 Updated: August 16, 2018

        FBI agent Peter Strzok was finally fired Aug. 10 after more than a year of intrigue surrounding his bias against President Donald Trump.

        He joins more than two dozen other top FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials who have been fired, demoted, or resigned in the wake of investigations of the 2016 presidential election—in yet another confirmation that the DOJ/FBI swamp is being drained.

        The once-respected Federal Bureau of Investigation was compromised by politically motivated insiders, including James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Strzok, and many others. As more evidence of corruption comes to light, their schemes have rapidly begun to unravel. Such schemes included the exoneration of Hillary Clinton for her illegal email practices, the stonewalling of the separate investigation of the Clinton Foundation relating to Uranium One, and the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) investigation of Trump associates that’s known as “Spygate.”

        Much ink has been spilled in detailing the machinations of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Lisa Page, as well as other former DOJ officials such as Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, and Bruce Ohr. Shockingly, Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for the Clinton-financed Fusion GPS—the firm behind the infamous anti-Trump dossier.

        Remember the uranium Hillary sold to Russia???
        and Where’s Hunter Biden?…not campaigning for daddy?

  • Conservatism is a mental illness…

    • I understand the frustration but do you really want to fall to the same level as the people who say that about being a liberal?

      • Kym, thanks for putting Willie and Dan’s small gauge railroad back on the tracks.

      • Some months back, I was curious about what counties in California were Democratic or Republican. I came across this map that showed the counties divided up as red, blue, and purple. The article with it stated that the purple counties were Liberal-Conservatives or Conservative- Liberals.
        I laughed and then thought about it.
        Maybe voters that have independent thought that don’t vote strictly party line.

      • A hateful person is hateful whether their hate is pointed left or right. And a hateful person who has a limited understanding of language interpretes words hatefully no matter what the person speaking means.

        As for wanting to be just as bad? It’s too late. They already are just as bad. As they have been supported in being.

    • Conservative in the US does not mean what you choose to say it does. It means valuing what exists. If a society has managed to create a place where people can control their destiny, have freedom to keep the fruits of their own labor, has government that protects the freedom to innovate and change, it merits preservation. That being a conservative sometimes means resisting change that would allow a better chance for more people sometimes happens because frankly most people are not so bright and most are fearful that they lose out by change. They don’t want to lose what is a great good in exchange for an attempt to fix lesser problems.

      However if liberals would display even a small understanding of how damn good they have it now, then conservatives would move to liberalize, being assured that liberals would be less likely to screw it up for everyone. But, looking at the posts here, the parochial lack of understanding and hatefulness in most liberal comments reveals the total lack of understanding of the level of progress created from what existed in the past. They want to sweep away everything with violence, whether those things are what created progress the liberal thinks they created themselves or holdovers from a past everyone would be better off without.

      Liberals, when they get the power, have spend almost all of the last century creating disasters out of reforms attempts. They created the Soviet Union, the Khmer Rouge, the People’s Republic of China, the Communist Part of Cuba, among other mass man made disasters because they only see problems to be overcome, not a mixture if good and bad to be adjusted. Of course people are rightly fearful. The evil done by liberals in the name of good is legion. A little liberalism is a good thing. A lot of liberalism is fatal. Modern American liberals are just as evil as those they carefully define as conservative only they are too small minded to notice. Antifa is just the latest manifestation of that evil that calls itself good and necessary.

      Liberals of the order posting comments here are like that repeated Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said in his 1964 Order that he could not use words to describe pornography but “I know it when I see it.” Liberals here know when something is wrong but they can’t define it either. And therefore can not fix it. They are inarticulate abusers.

      • Angela Robinson

        “”Conservative in the US does not mean what you choose to say it does. It means valuing what exists. “”

        Just because something exists does not mean it should. What is the Confederate equivalent of Godwinning a thread?

        Well, here goes. Slavery existed, and the conservative South fought tooth and nail to preserve it because they valued it.


        Women didn’t have the vote until 100 years ago. That women couldn’t vote existed, should that have been valued?

        There are many other examples, but I hope the point is clear.

        • The point should be that what we have made change possible. Not that, along with every other country in the world, there were evils. As Lincoln put it “”Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. ” That the founders were all imperfect, even by their own standards much less by the standards 200 years later, does not mean they didn’t create a mechanism that was capable of improvement. It was remarkable adaptable and simultaneously stable through a whole lot of bad choices. That should be honored as an example of a way to compromise yet improve. It needs an understanding of history to be appreciated.

          If all people who particpated in slavery at any point in history are to be condemned and dismissed, no one- not a single human- would be left to say anything. No one excepted. There is no place on earth not tainted by slavery, misogyny and butality. Only those who never wrote their evils down can delude themselves that they are not equally guilty. So would you in any way support purging such records that do exist in the futile hope that fixes human nature?

          • Angela Robinson

            As I said, it was “conservatives” that fought to preserve that slavery. It was also “conservatives” who voted against the Civil Rights act, and the Voting Rights act.

            As William F Buckley said:

            “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.”

            He said it as a positive thing, but really it boils down to “Things are fine! We shouldn’t change anything. Even the bad things, because those bad things don’t affect “us”….

            Modern day conservatism wants to go back some mythical “good old days”….which may have been fine for them, but kinda sucked for the rest of us.

            Also, I am not from other parts of the world, I am an American and discussing American issues.

            • Perhaps “the good old days” means…

              Not having to lock your doors
              Not having your streets filled with homeless and feces
              No epidemic of mental illness
              Autism was rare
              being able to leave your car or bike without it being stolen

              Maybe it doesn’t mean the claims made of ….

              Women’s suffrage
              General victim-hoods claimed

              or other deliberately mis interpreted reasoning.

              Also lets remember the Dems were the conservatives at the time.

              • Do you mean to say that the legal erasure of women’s rights or the holding of people as slaves and the continuing consequences of those abuses are “General victim-hoods claimed”?
                Wow, I hope not.

            • Again that is because you assign “good” as liberal and “bad” as conservative- that is a self fulfilling assignment. It’s much more complex that that. For example, a conservative Northerner might have opposed slavery because of religious conviction, regional bias of an industrial state versus an agricultural one or simply because he was a colonialist who wanted expansion that was opposed by Southern slave owners who were afraid of becoming outnumbered by anti slave states. While on the other hand, many anti slavery activists equally opposed war and objected to military action such as John Brown’s effort to end slavery. A number of anti slavery activists were part of the American Colonization Society, which was considered a humanitarian effort to end slavery by “repatriation” of slaves back to Africa as it was assumed that black people could never integrate as Americans.

              As to women’s voting rights, a notorious racist, William Bright, was the one to provide a bill in Wyoming giving women the right to vote. For the very “liberal” reason that if women could vote, the number of white voters would still exceed the voters of other races. The anti female voter lobby tried to repeal it later but the Wyoming governor appointed by U S Grant vetoed it. The governor of said “no”

              The greatest success of conservatism is not activism but, as Buckley said, they said No and kept more than a few idiocies from damaging the US. There has always been a strong conservative opposition to various wars. Liberals have weighed in on the “no” side too- many liberals aligned with conservatives in anti war efforts. Many liberals opposed entering WWII for example.

              Only recently have liberals shoved all conservatives in to the same pigeon holes as the KKK and fascists. And that ugliness is the liberals choice in presuming to themselves all virtue, despite plenty of evidence of the opposite, and all evils to conservatives, using the government treasured and protected by conservatives to do it.

  • Well, in the future, when the Demoncrats are in charge and all the “defunding” is complete, this whole situation will be handled by one or two social workers.

  • It’s all funny until it’s YOUR sister, mother, aunt that’s wanting to kill herself! WTF is wrong with society these days? People are either Heartless or Stupid! What happened to COMMON courtesy and COMMON SENSE? Empathy?? NONE of it even exists anymore!🤬

    • Compassion requires awareness of having a heart and it being valued more than the mind/ego and its relentless offgassing. My mother’s guide for speaking was—“Is it kind, is it neccessary?” –When values of helping rather than dominating/competing are encouraged, little boys will grew up to be better men. Fortunately for us, the more heartfull men usually volunteer to help serve their communities in so many ways. Thank you to all rescuers!

  • I’m not sure if this was addressed, but if We are to have emergency services those agencies should be good at what they do. The only real way to train is to deal with real world situations with multi-agency collaboration. The more agencies work together the better they become at executing their jobs. We pay for it one way or another; they might as well be good at it.

  • I’m thinking Alfs next handle should be Roger Stone I wonder if they look alike Both sure love turmup

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