Mendocino COVID Update: 16 New Cases in Five Days and More

novel coronavirus Covid-19 MendocinoPress release from the Mendocino County Public Health Officer:

1. Number of Mendocino COVID-19 cases: 107 (85 recovered; 0 hospitalized; 22 on home isolation; 78 close contacts in quarantine).
Number in Isolation by Region
North Coast: 2
South Coast: 1
South County: 2
Ukiah Valley: 10
North County: 7
Total: 22

2. Mendocino County has experienced an increase of 16 cases over the last 5 Days. Included in the recent positives are an employee at a skilled nursing facility and an employee of facility which provides homeless services. These two cases each involve the employee acquiring COVID-19 from a close contact outside of the workplace. Public Health provided testing resources to the facilities to test all the employees and residents/clients to contain the situations.

3. Mendocino County is informed based on recent disclosures from the family that the 14th case from the Redwood Valley Assembly of God outbreak, who tested positive on May 15, died on July 1, after a hospitalization and subsequent treatment beginning June 9, at an outpatient rehabilitation facility in Marin County. Mendocino County is awaiting the official death certificate from Marin County and cannot confirm this death is COVID-19 related until receiving further official information.

4. The County has received a number inquires requesting clarification on what the term “recovered” means on the County’s COVID-19 statistics and dashboard. A case is considered “recovered” when the individual is released from isolation order. The County Isolation Order requires the following criteria to be met to be released from Isolation:
a. Individuals with a positive test who never develop symptoms must isolate for 10 days from date of test sample collection OR
b. Individuals with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must isolate until the later of the following three conditions:
i. At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery, defined as resolution of both fever without anti-pyretic (the use of fever-reducing medications) and improvement of cough, shortness of breath and other symptoms; AND
ii. At least 10 days have passed since the date of test sample collection; whichever is later. AND
iii. When cleared by individual’s health care provider and/or Public Health.

Whether someone is released from isolation and is “recovered” also reflects the decreased/diminished/viral shed such that their contact with others will not result in additional cases. All individuals have unique personal experiences with recovery and may take more time than others to fully recover from all of the effects of COVID-19.

5. Governor Newsom and State Public Health Officer announced, July 2, 2020, revisions to the Places of Worship Guidance effective immediately statewide for all counties, including Mendocino County. Specifically Places of Worship must discontinue singing and chanting activities, limit indoor attendance to 25% building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower, and all must comply with the facial coverings order. An updated Religious Services Summary reflecting the State changes is available for review on the County website.

6. Consolidated Tribal Health Project in collaboration with Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, the Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians and Mendocino County is offering FREE COVID-19 testing to the communities in Hopland and Willits. Please wear a facial covering when you arrive.
a. Hopland: July 10 from 8am to 11am at the corner of Hwy 101 and 175
b. Willits: July 11 from 8am to 11am at the Sherwood Valley Tribal Office

Remember, to help our community stay safe, slow the spread of COVID-19 and continue reopening, everyone, should avoid the three C’s:
• Confined spaces – especially with poor ventilation. Outdoors is better than indoors.
• Crowds and gatherings – the more people the higher the risk.
• Close contact – staying further apart is safer than being close together.

Every resident can take simple steps to reduce their risk of COVID-19 by washing hands often, wearing a cloth face covering around others, avoid touching your face, avoid sharing food, drinks, toys, sports equipment, keep interactions with others outside of your home or stable bubble short and give yourself space from others (6ft).



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    • No, I think we should “sue” those jerks who endanger others by refusing to be a community member and wear a mask.

      This whole deal could have been run better but now we’re dealing with months of misinformation and rhetoric reinforced by platforms such as this, sadly.

      If anyone wants this all to end, blowing off public health *common sense* recommendations is the stupid thing to do.

      No man/woman/fill-in-the-blanks is an island. I, as a vulnerable person living alone cannot hunkerdown and not get groceries, go to the bank/pharmacy etc. live my life — I just don’t have the minions to do my bidding. So wear a mask, please. If we slow this thing down, cures can be worked on. I have zero hope for a vaccine (can’t vaccinate against the common cold now, can we?) and the unknowns and residual effects of even having a mild case of Covid can adversely affect an individual for the rest of their shortened life.

      Our lives matter. I am not ready to go, and all you yahoos willing to put us all at risk for your ‘freedums’ piss me off no end, but then I realize; we are all being manipulated to fight amongst ourselves rather than uniting and taking on the corruption at the tippy top of things.

      This country is in a tailspin; USA dominance is at an end. This is our ‘exceptional’ country, an experiment just like humans themselves, has failed.

      Cooperation not competition is how we evolved.

      Peace out. All the best to all of you and good luck out there.

  • Too many people from other counties are being allowed into Mendocino County. And most refuse to wear a mask. It is a danger to us.

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