Man Arrested for Assault of Partner in Laytonville Area on July 4, Said Mendocino Sheriff’s Department

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Aaron Salvador Gomez

Aaron Salvador Gomez

On 07-04-2020 at about 8:10 AM Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to contact an adult female regarding a physical assault in Laytonville, California.

Upon their arrival Deputies located the adult female being treated by Laytonville Fire personnel. The adult female had visible injuries to her face and body which were bleeding, consistent with being physically assaulted.

The Deputies learned the adult female was in a romantic dating relationship with Aaron Gomez for numerous years and the incident took place at a residence in the 59000 block of Bell Springs Road.

On 07-04-2020 in the early morning hours, the adult female and Gomez got into an argument wherein she tried to leave the residence.

Gomez attempted to prevent the adult female from leaving by grabbing her arm. The adult female got in her vehicle and attempted to leave but was followed by Gomez on a dirt bike.

The adult female stopped her vehicle and Gomez reached inside and grabbed her by the hair.  Gomez then struck her with his fist.

The adult female fled the area in her vehicle and drove to Laytonville for medical assistance.

Deputies also learned of an unreported domestic violence incident between the couple.

Reportedly in June 2020, Gomez got upset because he could not find his duct tape. There was a verbal exchange and Gomez pushed the adult female into a wooden railing on the porch of their residence.

Gomez pushed the adult female down onto her back where he put his hand on her neck and choked her.  The adult female fought back and Gomez struck her one time with each of his hands causing her to lose consciousness.

When she woke up Gomez’s boot was on her face and Gomez threatened to hit the adult female’s dog with a shovel. The adult female got between the dog and Gomez and he hit her in the right side of the body with the shovel.

Gomez then took the adult female’s cellular telephone so she could not call law enforcement and later took her car keys so she could not leave the residence. Gomez told her that she was not allowed to leave the property and it took about a week before Gomez returned the cellular telephone and keys.

The Deputies noticed injuries on the adult female’s body consistent with the reported physical assault from June 2020.

On 07-05-2020 Deputies were able to locate Gomez at his residence and placed him under arrest on the listed charges.

Gomez was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $30,000.00 bail.



  • Black Rifles Matter

    What a sweetheart

  • thats some real mad max shit, grabbing her and punching her while riding his dirtbike with his collar popped

  • What an idiot to stay with the guy, y’all ever heard of a ccw.

    • Victim blaming? Men should never get physical with women. Only cowards hit women. Only dipshits blame the woman who gets abused!

      • Such a sexist thing to state. If a male deserves to get hit for something the female also should deserve the same. What if a male was identifying as a female when they got hit ?

      • The facts and stuff

        My mother was married 7 times. Everyone of those men beat her at least once.. I was a witness to everyone… She pushed the buttons and pushed. She would scream and hit and throw things. Finally those men would snap and beat her until she was crying or a couple times unconscious.. She would call the cops and play the innocent victim..
        When i was a little kid i was scared and sad for her. By the time i was 15, i would turn up the volume of the tv and ignore her cries because she got what she wanted, what she wouldn’t quit without…
        I realized then, people get what they deserve. Just like this guy and the woman who choose him…
        May they grow and find new ways of life. But i imagine she will be living with some redneck who chokes her within the year… He will find some woman who will allow him to tell her what to do.. let’s be honest, they will probably get back together and have 2.5 kids…

        • Finally those men would snap and beat her

          No, he should have left…if it was his house he should have taken video, showed the PD and evicted her..

        • So sorry to hear about your experience with your mother. My mother was also violent, physically and emotionally and sexually. It is sometimes very hard to listen to other people’s generalizations about men, women and abuse. My experience differs so severely from what they (think they) know about men women and violence from their experiences and beliefs.

          I don’t think anything justifies beating another person. But I have known people, both men and women, desperate enough to make someone else responsible for their own violent urges and actions, that they got into relationships with weak helpless people and manipulated (and abused) to the point of breaking the other person. If we’re friends (or neighbors) with either of those two people we need to everything we can to keep the kids safe and help the adults get out of those cycles of abuse.

          As a kid, that was not your job. I’m so sorry you had to live with it. I suppose that getting anywhere near a situation like that is not safe for you even now. I wish you healing and hope that the rest of us can work to prevent similar experiences for other children.

  • Don’t get between a man and his ducktape.

  • Wow, everything from victim blaming to justification of violence to jokes. Happy to see you guys have never been in an abusive relationship, but that does not justify your lack of empathy and outrage.

    • Only to point out the utter absurdity of this pointless violence. It’s not funny. I actually know this guy but have not seen him for many years. Bail should be much higher.

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