Five New Cases Reported Today, July 7; Dr. Frankovich Cautions SoHum That ‘a number of people have contracted the virus there’

Press release from Humboldt County COVID-19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s confirmed COVID-19 case count rose to 154. Five new cases were reported today.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich said it’s important for county residents to remember that there are cases in all parts of the county even if numbers may appear low in certain areas. She said it is crucial for people to remain vigilant and avoid gatherings.

“As Sheriff Honsal pointed out this morning during the Board of Supervisors meeting, although there are a small number of confirmed cases in Southern Humboldt, a number of people have contracted the virus there,” Dr. Frankovich said. “The case numbers reflect the part of the county where patients reside, not where the virus was contracted. The virus is circulating in all parts of the county. I can’t stress this enough.”

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000. Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers

Earlier Test Results:



  • So the sheriff gets to know where these cases are…?….

  • Festus Haggins

    This is bullshit, I’m going to change my race to African American +70 years old, I think I’ll leave my gender the same. Anybody know the requirements?

    • Birds of a feather? Not the same bird.

      If you are implying that blacks are being treated special then no need for you to change your race. As a white person you have been treated as special for 70 years and as a male sometimes inappropriately. If you want to experience the lifestyle, give all your money way. Have your neighbor choke you.

  • local observer

    after consulting with Nostradamus, the Soros family has been funding the overthrow of the GOP for six century’s. my only question is what the hell is wrong with people. is it ignorant pride or just ignorance or are they brainwashed by trumps campaign staff which is made up of fox news employees. either way history tells me you are wrong and this isn’t going to turn out so well for your pride.

    • ok, so the first part was kind of funny but what’s with the second part? What history? And are you accusing Sohumers of being trumpers? Because I know way more people in sohum that are antivaxxers than trump supporters. Most of the people here think he’s the antichrist, they just can’t give any specific policy that supports it. I’ve heard way more conspiracy theory’s in sohum about Monsanto than soros

      • The Real Brian

        Anti-vaccine misinformation and Trump’s misinformation is misinformation all the same.

      • You do know that Trump is an anti vaxer, don’t you?
        I don’t know where he stands on it publicly now but in the past he was vocally anti vax. [People’s kids are off limits]

      • Hey, what policies does Trump have?
        Massive tax breaks for the rich? What policy?
        Did you ever consider the fact that he’s a sociopathic asshole, he’s racist, Ill-informed, illiterate, obviously on some sort of drugs, doesn’t read, is willfully ignorant, accused of rape, appointed his inept kids( what have they done lately, if ever, ) Flubbed the pandemic, tells the American people lies every day, has an unamerican love for despot leaders of other countries.
        And by the way, where’s our First Lady? What a joke .
        You ever stop to think that he’s just an asshole and that’s why they don’t like him? “Policies”, what a joke.
        Seriously, what has he done for you? You’re just not rich enough for him to even acknowledge that you exist…

        • You didn’t post any specific policies either, you posted an emotional response, proving my point, thanks for that. Now yell something about blm or anti amazon

          • Ok, what are your favorite policies? Let’s hear them.
            You accuse my reaction as “emotional”, therefore you can ignore his glaring inadequacies because I’m just, well, an emotional person. Seriously?
            Ok, let’s hear about Trumps wonderful policies. Name your favorites and why.

      • Specific policy that looks like pure evil to me: Put people coming across the southern border in what is effectively a prison, separate them from their children, “lose” their children in the system, and not care that children will never hold their mother’s hand again, that a number of fathers’ last memory will be watching their child be led away from them by Americans directed by the Trump administration. They didn’t believe that this would be their last glimpse for who would believe that a country that doesn’t want you will steal your children and never return them.

        • Uh oh Kym, that was an “emotional response”, therefore it is invalid…

          • Make a series of stupid regulations and stupid results happen. Congress could have fixed the problems but refuses to do so. The end result is that there were a series of court orders that prevented the detaining of minors even when accompanied by their parents. So a parent or guardian with child shows up at the border (or more frequently is caught having illegally crossed), says they have a fear for their safety if deported and by law must be released into the US before any such claims can be verified. It became a way of circumventing any border checks. Children were even taken by criminals specifically for use as a free pass across the border. Have a child- skip any border checks. Other countries get around this by simple announcing that children held with their parents are not “detained” at all. The parents are but the children with them magically aren’t.

            So what to do? Kym says let every one in because of course all claims of meeting refugee status are always honest and reliable. Therefore the evil, when it inevitably happens, is never the fault if such emotionally charged but irrational decisions. It must be the fault of a person she despises already -Trump. Never mind it happened in prior administrations but simply they had no stated “policy” to do so. Who had the choice of either releasing parents and children within a couple of days of apprehension or separating the family so the children could be placed in care while the parents were held for verification of their claims. Not to mention the policy ended shortly after it was started. When emotions lead to irrationality,yes Virgin there is a Santa Clause. And the gift Santa brought is no enforcement of immigration standards which is the goal of that agenda.


            • Thanks Guest.

              Bringing a child along while willfully breaking the law should not result in a free pass.

            • Different Strokes

              There’s an enabler under every pile of horse shit

            • I recall the promise to Regan if he would just legalize the immigrants in the country…it would be for the last time.

              Republicans asked Congress during the Obama administration over and over to come to an agreement on fixing the situation.
              Instead he passed an EO that even he admitted was illegal.

              However the left loves the situation cause they can just use it to scream racist at Republicans during every election, yet they never have a solution.

              So the people of Ca. voted on it and of course the court overturned the people.

              California Proposition 187 was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit undocumented immigrants from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the State of California. Voters passed the proposed law at a referendum on November 8, 1994. The law was challenged in a legal suit the day after its passage, and found unconstitutional by a federal district court on November 11. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals of this ruling.

              They have plenty of lawyers to send south of the border to help subvert our laws though.

              Not to mention our State AG who has family here illegally and files lawsuits every opportunity he gets.

              So, yup lets blame Trump.

              Never underestimate the lefts ability to keep trying to wear you down.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          I think its great. Teaches them that when you involve your whole family in an invasion on our country, you might lose your whole family. I think its an excellent deterrent. They should be put in forced labor camps to pay off the tax dollars we spent housing them while they broke our laws, jumped our border, attempted to invade our country, and decided to bring their kid along with them. Obviously not fit to be parents. “I’m broke and my family is hungry, lets go rob a pot farm, hey honey don’t forget to buckle up little Billy in his carseat first.” Don’t break the law and don’t bring your kids along to do it. And don’t forget that that is an Obama era policy either.

          • You seriously believe that everyone coming from the south is here to raid your pot farm? Or even say a quarter of them? Would you define what you think racism means?

            • Do you seriously believe that no one comes from south (or for that much, north) of the border for criminal activity? That somehow drugs made in Mexico, which are responsible for so many cartel deaths there, magically dematerialize at the border and fall like manna from heaven on innocent foreign nationals just on the other side?

              • So let’s steal the children and “lose” 1,300 of them into thin air. Where are they? Sold into child sex slavery? No tracking was put into place. They were shuttled all over the place and now they’re gone , but they deserved it because their parents were potential criminals. I didn’t know America was in the business of stealing children and making them disappear.
                I also didn’t know that so many people think that that’s just fine.

                • In my 1911 I trust

                  I didn’t know America was in the business of child sex slavery. I would like to see a little bit of proof because if we are I’ll even leave this country and you should as well, its our moral obligation. The fact that you know that the United States of America is selling children as sex slaves and are not making everyone aware and still live here leaves me to believe that you are either lying or a morally bankrupt individual. Why? Is there more security or better jobs here? Is your retirement tied up in some pension? You shouldn’t stay and support a country that sells child sex slaves. Do what is right, not what is easy.

                • I wonder how many children were stolen and / or sold before they even got to the border.

                • I don’t think it’s fine.
                  I think when you have 100,000 people storming the border it’s chaos….here we are months later look at dem run cities ,they are chaos, if I had to use only one word for dem politicians it would be chaos.

                  Most people coming over the border had phones with cameras, where are the pics of their kids?? They could be on milk cartons, nightly news reports, but not when the parents are hiding, or the Dems don’t really want them found.

            • In my 1911 I trust

              Actually that was supposed to be a parallel. Read my comment carefully. Them taking their children along on an invasion is the same as Joe Shmo and Jane Doe buckling up lil Billy in his carseat before taking him to steal someone’s pot. I figured you would be able to catch that, and you probably did, but you would rather paint me as a racist to discredit me rather than attack the content of my statement.

              • I think most folks reading that comment would have the same questions I do.

                You don’t see yourself as racist. But when I read those words, they look like they blame all people coming here illegally for an invasion (rather than say an escape from a bad situation–you know much like your neighbor fleeing gangs attacking his home might run to yours. You blame all people coming in from the south for being unfit parents even though you don’t know if they are fleeing to here to give their children the only chance they know of for a decent life>

                If you are blaming all folks coming here who might be fleeing gangs, poverty, corrupt governments (many corrupted by ours and our businesses) for criminal intent similar to pot thieves, you might be a racist or you just might not have much knowledge of the situation.

                • In my 1911 I trust

                  No Kym, not all folks. Just the folks that come here illegally and don’t go through our proper immigration system. There are millions of people who navigate that system every year and immigrate just fine. What are the people who are supposedly “fleeing” hiding that they can’t properly immigrate? People are able to claim refugee status, but need to be vetted. Whats the problem with going through the proper legal channels? Why do you have a problem with conflating immigration which I have no problem with and illegal, unchecked immigration(which IS an invasion) which I do have a big problem with?

                  If my neighbors were to run to my house because gangs were attacking theirs, you bet I would let them in, but I will also call the police to handle the situation, and if the situation isn’t as they originally said it was, best believe I will send them packing, and be mighty pissed that they lied. Next time around I would be less inclined to help my neighbors.

                  • Great point, we cannot pay for the world’s refugees to come and live on the backs of the taxpayers.

                    The whole socialize the losses and privatize the profit is what we are dealing with.

                    Vaccine injury is the same

                    The tax payers need to say hell no.

                  • Here’s one refugee I wish we hadn’t helped, Ilhan Omar flees Somalia, is not only accepted as a citizen but allowed to be a Rep. in Congress and says thanks buy trying to turn this country into Somalia.

                    World Report 2020: Somalia | Human Rights Watch

                    Ongoing armed conflict, insecurity, lack of state protection, and recurring humanitarian crises exposed Somali civilians to serious abuse.

                    If she wanted to change a country she should have stayed in Somalia and changed that one. Seems she would be much happier there.

                    Trump was right on that one.

                    • You mean where she supports Campaign Finance Reform, wants to cut defense spending, supports Universal Health Care, doesn’t want Israel expanding settlements into occupied Pakistan areas, doesn’t like Trump’s Border Wall, hates the caging of children on the border, and wants a $15 an hour minimum wage? Dang…those are all things I support…should I go back to where I came from too? (Hint most of my ancestors came to America before 1700 and the most recent one came over before 1850.)

                      Or is it because she wears a hijab?

                    • Palestine… Pakistan is a bit further east… but I expect you know that.

                      How about we stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, including Israel and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Germany.

                      …And Palestine is a territory created b y the British and the League of Nations after WW1.

          • You are well aware that your comment is complete BS, you think you’re a shock jock commenter and we’re going to go nuts with you’re pathetic trigger attempt. Back to the drawing board with you, silly person…

            • Well, since Kym agrees with it, that personal insult will ,like the rights of illegal immigrants, cease being an insult and become emotionally acceptable.

              • Never fear, there will always be emotionally cold people to cheer on the stealing of children and stopping all those potential brown criminals from coming here.

                • In my 1911 I trust

                  I mean I think we should stop anyone who is attempting to cross our border illegally from coming here. Doesn’t matter if they are “brown” or not or have children or not. Yes I am emotionally cold, especially towards overly emotionally people. Its called balance.

                • I love Children no matter what color.

                  I also hate the left using them as shields to cover themselves while trying to force others to accommodate what ever looney tune idea they pushing at the moment.

          • Different Strokes

            Please Jesus rob more pot farms.

        • And…

          Several Caravans each with thousands of people attempting to storm our border all containing children, many not with their parents being used for entry into this country. Then put into the cages Obama used previously.
          All while the MSM used Obama pics while blaming Trump.

          I really do feel for the separated children maybe more than most would think.
          My Grandmother being 1/2 Cherokee was separated from her mother who was White in Tennessee when she was 9 years old and put in an old folks home because the orphanages were full.

          She never saw her mom again. Since people were dying in the Old folks home she thought she was sent there to die.

          Very traumatic!

          However you can’t just let 10,000’s of thousands people storm your country and if he did we’d be talking about all the children that were trafficked or sold at the border.

          If we took in the oppressed from any country that decides to come 3/4ths of the world will come here and the countries they come from will be creating more oppressed people.

      • Monsanto just agreed to settle a lawsuit for 10 billion, ….wait for it….

        Yet assume no responsibility or accountability for their product.

        Business as usual moving forward.


        That’s the biggest conspiracy theory I’ve seen this week.

        Sohum is connected to the world,

        And so is Bill Gates

        • Yet assume no responsibility or accountability for their product. -you

          Being a staunch Trump supporter, why do you give a shit about responsibility?

          ” I don’t take responsibility at all” -Trump

          • Come on Brian. Just because someone supports Trump, they can’t see the fuckery with Monsanto? I know you can do better.
            Disclaimer: I think Trump and Biden
            are both senile and corrupt and
            won’t vote for either

            • Word, he’s not part of the deep state. I don’t like what I see coming from the left these days, so I will be forced to vote for the orange man.

              To me, he’s the lesser of 2 evils.

            • Different Strokes

              Well that’ll fix things. Fuck you very much. If you’re dumber than dirt you should not vote. Kiss two facists and call me in the morning.

          • Monsanto has and still is pushing their poison where was the Obama / Biden team for 8 years? You claimed to be the great environmentalists?

          • Just focus on the settlement and the lack of further liability. Not sure trump has anything to do with the lawsuit.

            Sounds like Monsantos products mess with people’s gut biome, and may be a part of the health issues we see because of the ingredients that have been proven to cause cancer for quite a few people.

            Soft kill is still killing.

            Most people can’t be bothered.

  • Is she saying people are getting virus in so hum at pot factories 🏭.Almost like we are knee deep in the first wave of a pandemic.

    • Lions tigers and bears

      And nobody is sick, hospitals are not full and the pandemic never happened. More lions and tigers and bears

  • So they can tell us if its at alder bay or target but not a pot farm or where? I call b.s. fear mongering. Go back where you came from.

  • Three Card Monte

    She can tell us all about,
    what she can’t tell us all about.

    She can say it’s definitely there,
    but she can’t say definitely where.

    And she can say there were only a few confirmed cases,
    But the number of them that have contracted it there, she can’t say.

    And she can say, specifically,
    it’s circulating in particular everywhere, but she can’t say it’s anywhere in particular.

    So let me get this straight;

    She can’t say it’s anywhere.

    But she can say it’s everywhere.

    But she can’t tell us anything, so

    She’s really telling us everything.

    And she can’t overemphasize the fact,

    That she can’t stress this enough.

    Now, just to see if you were paying attention, which ball is the cup under?

  • Third World County

    Why was the legal farmer with nine positive workers going shopping in Redway last week after he found out his workers were sick? He wasn’t quarantined? Did he even care?

    • Herd Immunity worked for millions of years

      Does quarantine really matter when we are all building herd immunity, what are u so scared of, its a common virus, are u super unhealthy or something…. Darwin solved this a century ago

  • Is our county looking into testing our sewage for Covid19?

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Honestly what would that prove? What would that accomplish? County? Which sewage treatment facility in the county? Are they going to test my septic? Test sewage for what? To show covid is in humboldt? Of course it is, its been here since before we knew it was here.

      • So scared of a virus that doesnt get you sick

        Lets test the road signs for covid would have the same effect 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • So less than 50% of the people testing positive have any symptom at all and roughly 20% of the positive cases have most of the common symptoms. Something sounds wrong with the symptom distribution chart….

    • Exactly, everyone has a virus and nobody is sick….. lets lock down the entire nation and cause mass starvation in 3rd world countries while we save the lives of people who are not even sick when they test positive, that’s a really good ideA!!!

  • 🕯🌳Who’s watching the bars,gyms and salons and making sure there following the guide lines sit up by the County health department to follow. 🚑🚑

    • Every body needs to be watched now and governed over…. get real Willy. Your health is your own responsibility, not anybody else’s, if your so scared stay home

      • 🕯🌳Not scared just wondering if the health department was doing there job!!👁I mean there’s a bar and a gym in Fortuna that’s joined at the hip that are basically a Labor Ready for trimmers. 🖖

  • Lions and Tigers And Bears oh my

    So what people have corona virus in So Hum, no huge doom and gloom, no huge increase in hospitalizations, no huge spike in deaths, no big deal! You can keep telling us how bad it is and lions amd tigers and bears all day, but the truth is the death rate is plummeting and herd immunity is happening, if your scared and think it is healthy for you to breath your own exhaust all day then wear a mask, if your scared and afraid of human contact stay home, my freedom does not end where you fear from watching cnn begins…. this is shit brainery to be so fearful of a virus. Live your life everyday to the fullest, let the weakest and unhealthiest among us lock down. The rest of us are surviving just fine, lions and tigers and bears oh my toto.

  • Not scared boohoo

    Kym, are u deleting comments of people who aren’t scared of covid, Why?

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