Simpson Family Fund Supplies Life Saving Equipment to Arcata Fire District

This is a press release from the Arcata Fire District:

(L-R) Rob Cannon, Will Smith, Jason Carlson VP & General Manger for Green Diamond Resource Co, Justin McDonald Fire Chief, Anthony Benelisha, Ross McDonald with the LUCAS Device

Courtesy of the Simpson Family Fund and the Arcata Volunteer Firefighters Association, the Arcata Fire District has received two new lifesaving tools. These tools, or a device affectionately known as Firefighter LUCAS, will benefit patients and firefighters by providing continuous chest compressions in cardiac resuscitations.   “The LUCAS device is a great asset to our team.   With only two engine companies on duty, it would be extremely difficult to provide enough staffing to provide all the tasks involved with CPR.   The LUCAS frees up firefighters from doing compressions to focus on other important treatments as part of the resuscitation efforts,” said Fire Chief Justin McDonald.   Since receiving these devices, all staff have been trained in their use and the devices have already been used on several cardiac arrest incidents.

According to the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest affects nearly 475,000 people each year.   In recent years, survival numbers have increased thanks to the increasing number of private citizens being trained in CPR, as well as the prevalence of automated external defibrillators (AED’s) in the community. However, manual CPR is physically demanding, making it difficult to provide high-quality consistent compressions required to maximize chances of survival. Additionally, manual CPR creates inherent risks for rescuers when transporting patients in the ambulance, as they cannot effectively perform CPR while safely secured in a seat. The LUCAS Devices change all that.

The LUCAS device provides mechanical chest compressions at a rate and depth that are consistent with current American Heart Association guidelines for CPR. It works in conjunction with AED’s and, like the AED, is portable and quick to apply.   The LUCAS works by providing uninterrupted, consistent, high-quality chest compressions that are critical to maintaining blood flow to save a cardiac arrest patient’s brain, heart, and vital organs.

Simpson Timber Company was founded in 1890 by Sol Simpson.   Green Diamond Resource Company was created in 2003 with timberlands contributed by Simpson Timber; however, the Simpson family is still engaged with the management of the Company, including supporting the local community. The Simpson family actively supports charities in communities where its members live and have business operations. Green Diamond President Douglas Reed, a descendent of Sol Simpson, said, “The family is delighted to sponsor organizations and projects that can deliver measurable and meaningful outcomes to our local communities. Working with our staff in Green Diamond’s California operations, the Simpson Family Fund identified that the LUCAS devices met the spirit of the Fund’s targeted donations.”



  • Wow my Mother worked for Simpson Mad River Plywood in Arcata, California back in the early to mid 70’s before they closed there doors on West End Road in Arcata. I never thought I would ever hear the name Simpson Timber Company again.

  • Nice; giving back! Wish all corporate businesses were that passionate.

  • Unless the Lucas device just became pocket sized or my training is seriously outdated, the Lucas is a TRANSPORT device. You slap this on a dead guy and let it go to pound town while the EMT is driving really fast and the medic is getting said dead guy intubated, starting IVs, giving meds. It has to be cot mounted. Arcata FD doesn’t run ambulances or have cots. What is the purpose of a Lucas for a non transport department? You aren’t realistically going to use this on the side of road… and then if you do use it on the side of the road, do you d/c it when the ambulance takes over, or do they run with it to the hospital, thus keeping your $10,000 device? My questions are legitimate, I’m not trying to sound like an aye-hole. Someone who has current training on a Lucas care to answer?

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