Redwood Acres Raceway Holding Season Opener on Saturday

This is a press release from Redwood Acres Raceway:

After several cancelations due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the 2020 season for Redwood Acres Raceway is set to begin Saturday July 11. All six local divisions will be in action including Bandoleros, roadrunners, mini stocks, bombers, Legends and late models.

Harper Motors is the title sponsor for the event. They have been a long-time supporter of Redwood Acres Raceway sponsoring numerous races over more than 30 years. The past few seasons, Harper has provided the official pace car for Redwood Acres Raceway and 2020 will see a slick new silver, black and orange Mustang which will lead drivers in the opening pace laps. The color scheme was inspired by the pace car used for the 1979 Indianapolis 500.

With most of the first half of the season lost due to the coronavirus epidemic, the on-track action should be very exciting with drivers itching to return to the track for the first time in nearly 10 months. Sadly because of restrictions, fans will not be allowed to attend the event. Redwood Acres Raceway will however have a live stream of the races on the track’s Facebook page. Because fans will not be in attendance, racing will start at 3:00 PM.

You can stay current with everything going on at the Acres by visiting Redwood Acres Raceway on Facebook or by going to



  • Bullshit!!! Recall your elected IDIOTS. Fans show up in mass and attend what rightfully belongs to us. Enforce and take back your constitutional rights. All these restrictions are in VIOLATION of OUR 14th AMENDMENT.

  • 'ol Homesteader

    Me , too, Jim …. But maybe I don’t want to get sick spectating another motor race after retiring from 14 seasons of IMSA racing. F1 opened last weekend in Austria with a spectacular race! They have their protocol down, with almost 5000 covid tests and ZERO positives over the last month. This country will never accomplish this feat, as it requires intelligent, diligent leadership from the top down; something USA has not experienced in 3+ years now. IMSA ran a short race at Daytona Saturday, with a driver testing positive on his way to track from his home in Miami. NASCAR has had at least one positive since they opened with JJ coming down sic last week. After working paddock & pit lane for 14 IMSA seasons, I don’t know how you can possibly do this sport safely without requiring all participants to live in a serious, no BS, bubble. you know, like F1 does in Europe now…

  • All those cars need to pass smog, same with all those classic cars you precious liberals own as well.

  • Don’t mind the races, but sure as hell don’t like the noise. Why can’t they install mufflers on the race cars? They will still go fast enough to crash and make everyone happy. Living near by is a pain in the ear. Time for a change.

  • Why do the masses have to suffer with the noise all day long ? For the few who enjoy the noise ? It echoes throughout Eureka.

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