Five New Cases Reported Today, July 6

Press release from Humboldt County COVID-19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s confirmed COVID-19 case count rose to 149 after five additional cases were reported today.

Of the residents who have tested positive recently, most contracted the virus through travel to attend gatherings or participation in local gatherings. Travel by friends and family into and out of our county and subsequent gatherings with individuals outside the household unit are high risk for the individuals involved and the community at large.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich said, “Based on our current case investigations, we expect to see an increase in cases over the next few days as contacts of these individuals are tested.”

Dr. Frankovich reiterated that any time more than one household gets together, there’s an increased risk of exposure. “Once again, we can keep each other safe by staying within our household groups,” she said.

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  • It is good to see that, as the cases increase, deaths decrease.


    If it were the reverse, even I would join the panic.

    The cases are younger now, and the recovery rate has already been forecasted.

    • You have to wait two to three weeks for the disease to progress to death. Then you can follow the death rate to see how deadly the latest surge is.

    • Rod, I can’t see people even concerned these days let alone in a panic. I’ve been looking at webcams from CA and US and over the fourth on crowded beaches, downtown social areas, main street USA and there was nary a mask. One here, one there.

      That’s what scares me. The potential harm from this virus is no joke and no lie. I don’t want people to panic but I do want them to be concerned and that’s not really happening. Not enough anyway. Half the population is acting like it never even existed.

      I have been a ‘the sky is falling’ kind of guy before. Kinda hard not to when you research environmental destruction for a living. And I’ve been right a couple times. But nothing has scared me as much as this pandemic when I look at all the indicators and where it could head. We’ve seen how it totally changed the worlds economy in a couple of months and flooded hospitals. But if it continues into fall and people are still nonchalant (or heaven forbid mutates again), the world isn’t prepared, isn’t ready, and we need to be aware. We need to convince those who refuse to wear a mask that it’s important. To please wear one in town. Social distance as well. These aren’t hard things to do, and the lives they could save could be many millions by the time this train reaches the end of the line.

      • Out and about in my neighborhoods today I saw masks on 95% of the peopleon the streets and in businesses.
        I am concerned with how many people feel travel within and outside of the state was worth the risk. Especially if they are hanging out in populated areas. Camping in remote areas doens’t seem as risky.

      • You are 100 percent right!!!

      • I’ve looked at your links before. Please look at this video. Seriously.

        • Nope, I don’t agree with Dr Kelly. In just the first four minutes she made what I consider to be numerous misleading statements presented as facts.

        • She’s nuts. Too simplistic. No citation of where she got her information. Saying masks increase infection is wrong.

      • Yeah for sure researcher.

        I don’t want to effect anyone else’s approach to surviving this virus. We’re for the most part, surfin’ the same wave. I swear it’s not as bad as some people are anticipating. But that’s just me.

        In January when we first learned of this creature, I felt panic. Now I’m not so uncomfortable. I’m in great amazement of the medical and scientific responses to the fight. Survival is close at hand.

        I often think that the stats are in reverse order. How many of us won’t get this one? We seem to focus on the irrelevant end of the numbers. It’s better to understand why don’t I catch it. Didn’t today, the President say 99 out of 100 aren’t affected?

        • “I swear it’s not as bad as some people are anticipating. But that’s just me.”

          I hope you’re right Rod. I been praying for that. This is one time I’d love to be seen as ‘chicken little’ and totally wrong.

          “Didn’t today, the President say 99 out of 100 aren’t affected?”

          Yeah but thats impossible since even the death rate is more than that. Most estimates I see say 40% are not affected, asymptomatic.

        • Can’t rely on anything Trump says about the virus. Nothing!!!

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Good thing a virus almost always mutates to become less deadly.

  • Based on these numbers, temperature checking would miss a significant amount of virus.

    I’ve seen it used as a screening tool for entrance into public spaces, and at least in Humboldt it’s not a reliable indicator.

    Only a little over 1/3 had fever as a symptom. Cough remains the most common symptom.

  • I don’t know why they’re not telling the public where these places of businesses are that are having outbreaks. The say the pot industry, but they shut down a local daycare center in Eureka due to toddlers testing positive. I know for a fact that a huge pot extractions business in Arcata had an outbreak. These things should be mentioned. People need to know that it is not safe and businesses are potentially putting hundreds of people at risk.

    • local observer

      I don’t think the guys at the Legget Cal-fire Facility are growing weed, but I could be wrong. [edit] this virus is going to affect every nook and cranny on this rock until we create a vaccine.

      • Why the discrepancies with announcing some businesses and not others[edit]?

      • You realize that sars cov 19 is a coronavirus and there are bo vaccines for any coronaviruses.. Of which there are many. It is an rna virus and i dont believe there are vaccines available for any rna viruses but espexially the corona family of which sarscov2 is…so…run n hide

  • 🕯🌳I know this ain’t the right place to put it but I figured it might get the most views.Charlie Daniels died today in Nashville, RIP Charlie. 🛐🕊🛐🕊

    • Chicken In The Bread Pan

      Charlie Daniels was a racist conspiracy theory nut job. I consider his departure one step closer to Making America Great Again!

  • I no longer agree with the herd immunity concept. The reason being that we don’t know what this virus will do. It’s not influenza, and there have been previous cases of a novel coronavirus, SARS and MERS that have either disappeared (SARS) or went back to its wildlife origins and is no longer a threat (MERS). These didn’t need herd immunity.

    Will covid go thru a similar process. Will it die out completely after one more run. Will it live with us forever. Will we one day have a vaccine. We don’t know any of these, and until we know what it’s future is we need to treat it aggressively as if it were a wildland fire that six months or a year down the line can be put out.

    on edit; I know that covid is much more contagious than SARS or MERS, and there has been enough spread to make reversing it seem impossible, but we’ve still only had a fraction of the worlds population affected. With proper protection there’s still time to bring it under control.

    • There’s no such thing as forever with humans, and some fires don’t go out til they run their natural course.

    • Researcher, are you scared shitless or what? You spread the same assumptions everyday.

      • Agreed. Researcher, calm down and try a variety of resources outside of where you’ve been already.

        Fear is driving too much of everything these days, especially due to manipulation of facts by various ‘responsible’ authorities.

        Why don’t you watch Paul Cotrell and you then you can really freak out.

        • I agree guys, I’ve definately let this thing get under my skin. But most of my assumptions are based on hard facts. As I’ve said I’m not trying to scare people, just be aware. We have already dropped the ball way too many times with covid and I intend to keep posting info as I come across it. Just skip my posts.

          • I’ll tell you what “scared me shitless.” Having to go through SFO the beginning of February when the first wave of people were allowed to return from China. The look of absolute horror in their eyes, which was all I could see because they were all masked. The young Asian American woman who set next to me on the connection here, wiped down all three of the trays in our aisle. Then she let out a huge sigh from behind her mask, and apologized to me. I told her that it was ok, she must be tired from her journey. She looked at me with eyes of both relief and horror and said: “You don’t understand. It’s bad. Really, really bad.” She had been visiting family.

          • Don’t worry researcher, there’s plenty of anxiety to go around… those who say they don’t feel it are bluffing. I, for one, appreciate your facts-based approach.

  • today i heard of a mask to mask transmission

    some politician in sacramento

  • Again.. Masks will not stop a virus ever period amen.. Maybr an n95 for hardcore respirator will.. Maybe. They are .3 microns or smaller. Do some research

  • Masks do nothing. Come on people. You really think a piece of frabric can stop a virus that is .3 microns wide?

    • Industrial Disease

      There is plenty of evidence that masks are effective despite the small size of the virion. The respired droplets get intercepted by even homemade masks and reduce transmission. How people wear the masks can reduce effectiveness.

    • They absolutely are effective. And they not only keep someone who is a silent spreader from spreading it, it also protects the user to a lesser extent by limiting the amount of virus droplets they take in. Masks aren’t 100% effective of course but it’s all about the amount that a persons immune system can handle. Just like pesticides ‘the dose makes the poison’. A person can take in so much before the virus takes hold and they’re infected. Reducing that amount as best as we can is the key/

      • The key to what? We wont ever “beat” a virus. It will run its course weather yoire scared or not

  • BackupTambourine

    Oddly enough I’ve found that several quick sets of Macarena’s (preferably outside) keeps me healthy and free of the Covid-19.

  • It would be nice if WinCo actually enforced the mask requirement. Went yesterday and counted 18 people in the store with no mask on. Saw two employees in the isles with no masks on. Went a week ago and there was a guy who looked like death warmed over just wandering back and forth down each isle with no mask. Not buying or looking at anything. The Coop at least limits how many can go inside at once, WinCo is like being packed shoulder to shoulder.

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