Over 10,000 lbs of Illegal Fireworks Seized in Eureka, Says Cal Fire

Seized fireworksThis is a press release from Cal Fire. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

zachery brownOn July 1, 2020, at about 10:12 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the 700 block of Alpha Street in Eureka to investigate the report of illegal fireworks.

While on scene, deputies located illegal fireworks and notified CAL FIRE Law Enforcement. With assistance from Sheriff’s deputies, CAL FIRE Law Enforcement officers seized over 10,000 lbs of illegal fireworks from the residence. The fireworks will be transferred to the California State Fire Marshal and safely destroyed.

Zackery Edward Brown, age 34 of Eureka, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:

  • Possession of more than 5,000 lbs. of dangerous fireworks (Health and Safety Code Section 12700(b)(4))
  • Sell or deliver dangerous fireworks without a permit (Health and Safety Code Section 12676)
  • Possession of dangerous fireworks without a permit (Health and Safety Code Section 12677)

Residents are reminded that only fireworks bearing the Safe and Sane logo are legal to possess in the State of California. For more information on fire prevention please visit www.ReadyforWildfire.org.



  • Big ol' Jar of Pickles

    He bailed!

  • 🕯🌳Now these were probably from Mexico!!🖖🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Why would they be from Mexico?

      • Anonymous Humboldtian

        I can’t speak for willies intent but Mexico does have firework factories and they had a bad explosion in 2016 at a market that killed over 40 people.

    • Most are made in China

      • NoShitSherlock

        Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without your comments?

        I sure have, and support you 100% if you never post again.

      • made in China shipped to Mexico and smuggled across the boarder.

        • None yo business

          I mean they r fireworks…. why y’all acting like he’s some hardened criminal that deserves the death penalty? That is what’s wrong with our world… maybe focus more on the heroin and drugs killing our children smfh.. what a joke

    • Anti-assumptionalist

      [edit] It’s rather difficult and expensive to import fireworks especially blockbusters like which were seized.
      You already got the uhaul rental for driving the pounds east. Simple to stop through any Midwest state with an Interstate and native land to fill the uhaul back up with some boom 💥 fun. You definitely can’t miss the dozens of billboards.

    • No Willie, They would likely not be from Mexico

    • From yourchina

    • Logic vs. ignorance

      that is a stupid racist comment
      Guys name is Zach Brown and the closest place to get the good ones is Washington. why would anybody risk crossing the Mexican border with fireworks ?

  • Hmmmmm. Priorities! We can let two people who just transported a huge amount of heroin to Fortuna just walk with no chance we will ever get them to court. But, fireworks, which are likely legal in a huge percentage of the country are brought to Eureka, and this is called an important enough arrest to be booked. And to top it off, he’s from Eureka, not LA. Chances are we will be able to find him later, but not so with the heroin dealers.

    Just to be clear, I believe all criminals should be held accountable for their actions. This is just an observation of inconsistency between agencies. I am pro police 100%, but some of their managers who make stupid decisions need to be fired and replaced by those capable of making good decisions.

    • Angela Robinson

      In 2017, a kid deliberately threw fireworks into a canyon, despite being told by bystanders to not do it. The resulting fire burned 50K acres.

      The Eagle Creek fire in the Columbia Gorge, mostly in Oregon, but it jumped the huge river and burned some Washington land as well.

      We live on the coast and could look at the sun for days because of the smoke in the air.

      So yeah. Not to sound cruel, but heroin affects those who use it and, yes, any crime committed in search of more heroin (insert any drug here). A fire caused by fireworks (or any cause) impacts a farkton of people…as any Californian should well know.

      edited to say, the heroin transporters should be in jail as well.

      • Its not even the 4th yet. Already in Utah an idiot burned several homes to the ground. Countless animals terrified. 9000 fireworks injuries last year. Hospitals now have better things to do.
        If you insist on exploding things and destroying the peace for others, please do it in your own neighborhood, not our forests and wildlife areas. They live here and most have new babies. (and at least the fire dept. can get to you easier). PLEASE!

        How about just putting some headphones on of explosions and crank it to 10. Have a friend point a flashlight in your eyes. Think of the money you will not be sending to China!

      • Kid that lit the Eagle Creek fire was from Vancouver.
        He got 5 years probation.
        I think he was on the hook for $35+ million in restitution.

      • Anonymous Humboldtian

        I agree there are idiots who shouldn’t have access to fireworks but why ruin the fun for responsible people. I have gotten mortars previous years and always light them off at the beach where there is 0 chance of catching anything on fire.

    • Alf, you make some good point… Thought I would never text these words.

    • Isn’t it up to the district attorney to decide? I’m not sure.

    • Earth to Alf: There was a “report of illegal fireworks”, last four words of the opening paragraph. It would be a dereliction of duty were the sheriff or any other law enforcement with jurisdiction to not investigate the report. It was low hanging fruit, given to them on a platter…what should have they been doing instead?

    • My thoughts exactly!!So crazy,I say the drugs were way more dangerous!!

  • Might he may be super patriotic?

  • Is his favorite band th Zac brown band!?

  • Darn it! There goes my whistling moon travelers with report!

  • Thats Komiefornia for ya, two Hispanics carrying 4.5 POUNDS of Mexican heroin, free to go, a white guy with some supplies to celebrate the 4th of July, locked up. Must everything in this neo liberal shit hole be completely backwards?!

    • “a white guy with some supplies for the 4th of July”?????? 10,000 pounds of ILLEGAL fireworks is your idea of “some supplies”?
      I doubt that “white guy” will be in jail for long. He may already be out.

      Yes, the heroin was bad, but wasn’t really all that much in the scheme of things. Should that couple have been released so quickly? Probably not.

      The fireworks have a greater risk of harm to innocent lives and property.

      For the record, Hispanic folks are also classified as white (Caucasian).

    • Ever seen a child burned by a fireworks fire? Or a family and their history taken by fire caused by fireworks? Or the work of generations gone in a few hours by fire? Fireworks are fun, but not at that cost. Purveyors of heroin should be in jail or a work camp. It’s what we used to build because we couldn’t afford jails. I guess we need to build more.

    • He is not white or Hispanic, he is Native American

  • Remember for all of our safety in California you are only allowed to have snakes, sparklers and heroin.

  • Concerned Citizen

    So let me get this right, the two who were arrested for the 4 1/2 pounds of heroin are not in jail? I hope that is not true.

  • F Narcs and f the police ,not impressed .one state over this entrepreneurs fireworks stash is legal .


    “Possession of between 101 and 5,000 pounds of dangerous fireworks is a wobbler, which means it can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. A misdemeanor conviction carries a maximum of 364 days in a county jail and a fine between $5,000 and $10,000. A felony conviction results in the same fine, but is also punishable by a term of 16 months or two or three years in a California state prison.

    Possessing more than 5,000 pounds bears the same type of jail or prison terms as the previous offense, but the fine is increased to between $10,000 and $50,000.”

  • Those 2 people with 4.5 lbs of heroin are in huge trouble with the owners of the lost drugs. That might be punishment enough. ?

  • What they didn’t say about the heroin dealers was they got the name and adress of where they picked it up before they were let go.

  • I remember the old days at Clam Beach on the 4th. Lots of fun but the mortars became hazards to aircraft at the airport. And probably some problems for the Snowy Plover. But nobody burned down any houses there or the forest. It seemed like the safest place in the county to light them.

  • So can they dispose of them tomorrow? Say around 930pm one by one at the waterfront.

  • Just Another Punk

    Party Poopers.
    Gonna be a boring Fourth or July now.
    Cut this guy some slack. It’s not like it was a $million in heroin. Probably got turned in by his competitor. I love watching this kind of stuff go off at the Cove every year. As American as it gets.
    Who doesn’t ? I hope he just gets a slap on the wrist.
    Sparklers and shit just don’t quite cut it for me, and I won’t pay for that garbage.
    I know what you’re thinking, that I’m a fireworks junkie.
    Wrong, I just like to watch.
    I’m old enough to remember when Roman Candles we’re legal in CA but I was too young to handle one.
    Those were pretty cool.
    Squeezing piccolo Pete’s was the ticket back in the day and they made a pretty good report, bit I guess that’s big trouble now.
    Even had a sheriff once tell me he would arrest me at the Cove if he saw me launch one more lit ground bloom flower over the ocean with my wrist rocket.
    There were mortars going off everywhere.
    I’m all for lighting all of it off responsibly, don’t get me wrong.
    Fire is no bueno.
    Shooting it off on the 3rd is super tacky too if you ask me, even if you do it extra high. I think that is just plain premature.

    • Dear Just another Punk: I agree the fireworks are incredible here in the Cove however they are illegal; anything that leaves the ground. I hope you are helping our Volunteer Fire Department along with our C.E.R.T. team when they are having to stay up all night putting out the fires labor and financially. And then of course please be ready early in the morning so you can pick up the garbage and pay to dispose it. You will be exhausted but I am sure you will have no problem helping the fire department on Sunday washing their vehicles and assist with other calls. And last don’t forgot you may not be able to watch the fireworks because you will be comforting our pets who are scared.

      • Just Another Punk

        Dear Dena Meyer,
        In no way was it my intention to distress you. If it gives you any assurances, and hopefully to ease your mind, yes I was CERT trained.Wildland fire trained,and EMT at the top of the class and at my own expense.Yes, I have helped your fire department, responded to fire there first on scene heard a local man with a compound leg fracture screaming for help coming from the scene and reported the man down. You probably know of him.
        Helped untangle Tim Olsen’s hose, helped pack the guy out, held his IV bag, and tried to manage as another serious injury arrived. I was just camping trying for some much needed R and R. I was exhausted before I began.I ran towards the fire, not away, to help. That is my nature. You might actually be very surprised at how much I’ve contributed to fire departments and tech rescue and what I’ve done to try and save people. An ounce of prevention… Etc. I try to never miss a fundraiser for any department, Kettenpom to the Cove, Fort Bragg to Fortuna.
        Yes I have spent many days picking up after the party and many, many other days faithfully combing the beach for hazardous and unsightly debris. Every last bit. And yes I pay to dispose of it.
        I’ve always been impressed with how trash free the beach stays and have definitely done my share, at least, to try and keep it that way.
        Right down to the teeny last fiberglass shreds of the last now virtually non existent sailboat that ran aground.
        I love the Cove and go back a ways, even worked for Mario packing fish for a spell.
        Maybe the Cove being a little quieter this year will be a good thing.
        I’ve got nothing but respect for all the old schoolers from the Cove, and I wish you all a peaceful a celebration as possible.
        If I’m there and it becomes necessary, I will be glad to lend a hand. I figure it’s a man’s duty.
        I do enjoy the show.
        God bless you and yours.

        P.S. The punk reference is to the camel dung incense device for safely lighting fireworks we may be eventually reduced to our limit on what we can celebrate with.
        Trying to put the pun in punk.

        I try not to be that guy.

  • Set Him Free Now.

    Somebody needs to start this guy a go fund me account. Seriously. Just pack that shit back in that uhaul or whatever and take it back where he got it and let him go. Problem solved. Give him his money back too. I’m a big fan of The Fourth Of July.
    And to whoever turned this guy in;
    Your just a common rat. Nothing but peanuts for you on the fourth, smeared with peanut butter.

  • I’ll safely dispose of those this winter for free and only scare the bears.

  • The cops arrest some one for fire works but sit and rellise some one for 4pounds of black tar

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      I would agree but 5 tons of fireworks Stored in a residential neighborhood is literal insanity.

  • I take it no one who has commented yet is one of the neighbors?
    Personally…. I wouldn’t want to have someone with that stash of fireworks in my neighborhood.
    Mass quantities of improperly stored fireworks have been linked to some pretty damaging explosions.

    • Angela Robinson

      Yeah, I’d be none too happy if I found out my neighbor had five tons of fireworks next door.

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      I agree. I think the egregious part is the sheer amount. If that stash somehow caught on fire it would be a disaster for sure.

  • lone ranger(lol)

    why don’t they outlaw cigarets they hurt people and catch shit on fire as much or more than fire works legal or illegal, because there to much money in killing people with there government poison

  • let him go he didn’t want to harm anybody or get them high.

  • Curious George

    This guy is the Vice President of the Trinidad Rancheria. He has little kids.
    Gotta wonder why he would have that many, illegal explosives in a backyard.


  • Anonymous Humboldtian

    Are his charges just health and safety code violations or were these charges misdemeanors or felonies?

  • I wish I would have met this kid last week I would have loved to give him a hundo for some good old fashioned family fun . Fuck em if they can’t take a joke…

  • 40 pounds of explosives will level a stick (wood) house in good conditions. 10,000 pounds would blow up this dude, and a few of his neighbors. Something to think about.

  • there’s a lot of high fliers goin’ off tonight and i know they are not legal.

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