[UPDATE 3:55 p.m.] Big Rig Crash Off Hwy 101 Near Big Lagoon

overturned semi icon featureAbout 7:13 a.m., a big rig overturned off Hwy 101 near Big Lagoon near mile marker 11, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

No one was injured and both the tractor and the trailer are off the road and on their sides.

According to Humboldt County resident Joe Filgas,

I was first upon the scene right after it happened (I did not witness the crash). The truck went off the east side of the highway and was overturned. The driver was out and standing on a pull out in the west side. I stopped and spoke with him. He was uninjured other than a minor scrape on his arm. He had just called in to his company who was calling emergency services. He said he had just come around the corner and it felt top heavy and then flipped. He was thankful he wasn’t blocking the road at all. I told him the main thing was he was safe. I then left and made it to my destination, Freshwater Lagoon where an ambulance was running that way Code 2.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 3:55 p.m.: A reader sent us this photo from the scene.

Overturned semi

[Crop of a photo provided by a reader]

*Note: This article has been updated with information from Joe Filgas



  • 🕯🌳Not again. Hope the driver is alright. 👍🏽🖖

  • It seems like a lot of the big rig accidents are from the load being top heavy. I wonder if it was a container trailer like the ones that laid over in Eureka. I believe one was carrying planting mix. Going too fast or mechanical failure. Glad the driver was out and ok. Thank you to the person that stopped to check on the driver. Kindness never hurts.

    • Big Lagoon has a couple er… ‘notorious’ curves that are famous for capsizing semi trucks.
      Over the years, they were mostly chip/shavings trucks… with an occasional tanker and other loads.

      Then there’s the curve down by Leggett… with the bridge ‘off camber’ and an increasing curve.
      Dunno why CalTrans won’t fix them. They are ‘engineered accident’ curves.

      • I agree with you Bozo. I have also wondered why Caltrans does not fix these same accident spots. I guess it boils down to a money issue. Save a buck, and lose a truck!

  • We went by after it happened, CHP was there. Could not see any identification on the truck. We went by again 2 hours later and they were off loading to a beer truck parked on the road. So, I guess it was beer…not 100 per cent sure…

  • The back tire blew and all went sideways after. The driver is a badass and he is okay. He gets to spend the holiday with his family. Thank you Buddy’s Towing, Caltrans, and CHP. To all you folks driving by asking for free beer with no regard for the carnage… 🖕

    • Ty, thanks for the info regarding why the truck tipped over. Just happy the driver’s cab did not impact a tree. People stopping and asking for free beer get my middle finger also.

  • Bozo, if Caltrans even suggested fixing those curves the protesters would be there screaming about the trees.

    • Cindy, the protestors should each pick a tree, and stand by it to prevent its damage by a big rig. Problem solved.

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