Four New Positive Tests on June 29

Press release from Humboldt County COVID-19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s total COVID-19 case count now stands at 133, after four additional cases were reported today.

Information is now being released on the

We’ve gathered the information and show it below.

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Earlier test results:



  • 🕯🌳Thank you Kym for that information. 🖖

  • I like the dashboard layout. Needs current hospitalizations but oh well. Wish they would say what the “episodes ” were. The first swarm I think is the people returning from Europe/ Humboldt State busing from hotspots. The next I think is the Alder Bay affair and the current one, could it be protests? I mean we had some people at the courthouse over being put out of work…..

  • Had enough yet?!

    As long as there are people who refuse to wear masks and who refuse to social distance, this will never end. There will be more and more and longer restrictions and the people who will bitch and moan the most are the ones who refused to wear masks and socially distance. Ironic isn’t it?! I just don’t understand the ignorance. Good luck everyone.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      I got news for ya bud. This isn’t going to end. “Flattening the curve” does not mean getting rid of Covid-19, it means slowing the rate of infection. This virus has found its host, all 8.4 billion of us, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. All of us are going to catch it. Might take 3 to 5 years, but all of us are going to catch it, and the people who are at risk are going to die, might not be now, but it will definitely be later. Don’t think a fast tracked vaccine is going to save the world either, a good vaccine takes many years to develop, a fast tracked one is often as bad as the virus itself. Best bet is to stop eating crap food, stop drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, stop sitting on the couch, and go out and get healthy. Maybe if we get enough people out of the risk group by actually improving our collective health, then the mortality rate will drop. Unless we start doing that, the same people who will die today from it will die tomorrow, we are just delaying the inevitable and destroying every semblance of our society in the process, as well as causing untold suffering to countless families. Over 75? Probably going to die from Covid-19 in the next few years, every last one of you. Diabetes, heart disease, COPD? Probably going to die from Covid-19 in the next 5 years. High blood pressure, obese, drug addict, alchoholic? Probably going to die from Covid-19 in the next 5 years. No mask or any amount of social distancing will save you. We must all face the consequences to our choice of lifestyle eventually, Mother Nature is a cruel mistress, were all of you so naive as to think she wouldn’t come for us all one day? Best bet to survival is to get healthy and be prepared to survive, its no secret, been that way since the beginning of time, I know we have become so civilized for so long that many of you have forgotten that, but its time to get with the program!

      • This is a dumb really dumb forecast.

        I’m 71 and have survived the previous 5 virus pandemics. 4 Of them were also from China.

        Since recorded history, how many pandemics have circled the Earth? Thousands.

        Those of us alive this moment, are resilient and possibly immune to #19.
        Nobody has yet discovered why this virus is anything special. (MEDIA)

        • In my 1911 I trust

          Yes it is. Its about as dumb as the people who believe that masks and social distancing are going to make this virus magically disappear. Its as dumb as all of the failed projected models that all our information and mandates have been based off of. Its as dumb as thinking a piece of cloth somehow protects anybody from anything. Don’t worry Mr. Gass, I think you make some great points, I like to match dumb with dumb sometimes. You think I’m dumb enough to fully believe my completely unsubstantiated, overly grim comment? Can’t we all just make models and predictions to fit our MO? I thought thats what everyone was doing…

        • It’s an animal borne virus that crossed over to human hosts *zoonotic* so humans alive now (or ever) have NO natural or built immunity or resilience.

          The virus is the third zoonotic coronavirus, after SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, but appears to be the only one with pandemic potential….that’s why everyone is freaking out .

          But fear not. Just keep vitD levels up and don’t be a fat diabetic .

  • It’s prop-a-fuck-in-ganda!!! The Chinese/Wuhan flu will continue to make people sick, some will die. The non-stop media blitz, however, will end November 3rd. And the sheeple….they will drown when the rains come, looking for the falling sky.

    • And still what about all the cancer and cardiovascular disease not being proprely addressed….

      • Republicans are generally against laws that address cancer and cardio vascular disease.

        • Hmm.

          Never heard of this.

          As humans, can we ask those hard questions?

          Why Snit Does Not Add Up?

        • They also want to cut Social Security and Medicare. Let the old folks depending on it be poor and die. I guess that’s what Republicans think they deserve. Republicans would vote in people that negatively affect their own parents. That’s some real backwards shit …

          • In my 1911 I trust

            Yeah let all the young people pay for the damn retirement that you had your entire life to plan for, cause that makes a helluva lot of sense. You should help your own parents, not depend on other people to do your job. Your parents should have been smart enough to plan for their own retirement, so if they didn’t it makes sense why you didn’t plan for yours. Don’t tread on me.

          • Your comment is not a constructive one. It would be similar to saying something like this:

            Whigs support abortion rights. Kill the babies. I guess that’s what Whigs think babies deserve. Whigs would vote in people who negatively affect their own children. That’s some real backwards shit…

            See how that works?

            If you want less backwards shit, stop contributing backwards shit. As Ghandi suggested, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

            • More of the blaming of people who take care of themselves for not also taking equal care of those who don’t. It’s the childlike determine that an equal distribution is the only fairness while shunning the idea that an equal responsibility is also fair.

              It is confusing how the same people who want the government to enforce equality of goods and services object so ferociously when the same government expects something liking effort of themselves. Thus driving businesses into bankruptcy by government shuttering their doors is perfectly acceptable while government protecting businesses in a riot is not. The business operating represents effort- unimportant. The business in a riot represents goods- needs redistributing.

            • One of the Freaks

              Reminds me of Jonathan Smith’s “A Modest Proposal.”

        • What a great idea! If cancer and cardiovascular disease are illegal, only criminals will have cancer and/or cardiovascular disease. Problems solved!

          Seriously though, both the current political parties are slime. If any of you thinks the one you prefer isn’t, please look closely.

  • Starting back in April I have been posting to this forum the fact that there are two distinct strains of the covid virus. I was able to track this new strain when it first started by using statistics (ratio of hospitalizations and the CFR (death rate)). Though all scientific thought at the time said a new strain with it’s own branch appearing this fast and being more deadly wasn’t possible, there has been at least one previous example, the Spanish Flu, and it appears to be happening again but only faster.

    The importance of understanding two distinct strains is because it changes the playing field and in fact gives us two instead of one. If they recirculate in the fall, which they most probably will, will they combine? Will one vaccine work for both? If a person gets one strain and is then immune, are they also immune to the other?

    This bug is much different than anything else we have experienced, and what we have now is two distinct strains circulating the world. Right now we are being hit with the first wave of the second more contagious strain, the EU strain (D614G), after our early infestation with the Wuhan strain. These two articles somewhat explain this process. The first calls it the G strain, that it’s more contagious, but doesn’t appear to be more deadly, while the second admits it’s possible.

    Coronavirus Mutation Has Taken Over The World
    “What was interesting was that this mutation, called D614G, seemed to be more common on the East Coast of the United States than on the West Coast, and the disease seemed to be more severe on the East Coast. While a causal link between this mutation and more severe disease remains to be proven, this may explain at least part of the difference between the severity of infections on the East and West coasts.”

    In the west and south the EU strain has now landed. Hopefully it will die down soon. When fall comes it’s anyone’s guess. The greatest fear is that the two strains recombine, giving us a third strain. Irrespective of what it is, or becomes, or how it began, we have to accept the fact that it is real, it’s here, and it won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

    In the meantime many of us will continue to be infected by others due to their refusal to wear a mask and other protective measures, claiming they’re standing up for their rights. But refusing to wear a mask is not a freedom issue, or standing up for one’s rights. Wearing a mask may be the only way to rid earth of the coronavirus, and being free from covid is a million times more important than someone showing that they are free to do whatever they want (especially if it harms others).

    • 🕯🌳Your the first one that’s on track. Keep on building that immune system and wear the masks and hope they actually start enforcing the health and safety codes they’ve put in place for this virus at places that are opening up like bars were its starting to respread in communities and closing them down. 🖖🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Actually the seasonal flu was/is similar. A person who has gone through a seasonal flu of one variety will likely get sick from different though related strain but not as sick as if they hadn’t recovered from the earlier strain. This was what happened in the Spanish Flu pandemic. When different strains came back around, those who recovered from the first wave might get sick from the second but were less likely to die from it than people who had never been exposed.

      As for eliminating the corona virus, it is unlikely no matter what is done to slow the spread. Some places with strong immigration rules might be able, with strong tracking authority for years, to minimise it in their territory but they will have to keep up the effort for years to keep it out. The US with its lack of social cohesion, divisive politics and obviously incompetent immigration controls will never be able to do that. Tracking and enforcing quarantine would end up in court as illegal with judges in each region making and enforcing their own rules, the press would run stories about how its racist because a minority community is more affected and getting the Congress to make a firm law on it is not likely at all. And the international community knows it can get away with ignoring whatever rules the country can manage to cobble together.

      • You’re getting closer to the reality.

        The world smells blood in the water. Blame China. Financial reparations are being cataloged and asserted.

        This Chinese caused pandemic, I hope was a mistake. Time will tell.

        The part of this infection that is so damn simple to understand is, lots of people are getting sick, but few are dying. That’s normal.

        “Let it run” was one of the choices on day one. That has always been the norm. The social distancing concept is good but impossible.

        • Rod, you’re a voice of reason. Get ready to get thrashed by the local masses.

        • Actually, many of the people who aren’t dying from Covid are ending up with torn up organs and lifelong, serious health problems.
          As far as social distancing being “impossible”, I see people doing the impossible everywhere I go.

        • Level 4 bioweapons labs are tools of war and genocide.


          The fact that everyone can seem to overlook that is why we have no problem killing unborn and now born children, and if they are born are subjected to an assault on their immune systems and then….

          Wait for it,

          “Drag fuckin queen story time.”

          The bar for intelligence and morality has been the target of those who seek consensus on agendas that target good , strong and moral people, not to mention their children.

          Take back our communities from external top down driven adgendas.

          Get back to the garden and grow some food, and some huevos.

    • Great post and information researcher, thank you.

    • We dont where masks to prevent even more virulent diseases circulating the globe constantly. And your masks do nothing! Have you seen what scientists wear as protection from experimental virus? If this was real danger, Pelosi would be wearing a space suit and not a color co-ordinated silk mask.

      What is wrong with your minds?

      CDC says masks to be worn only when treating the ill.

      And …
      Says no significant spread by asymptomatic spreaders.

      The media is scaring you on purpose. Find out why and you’ll understand.

      Did you know 6 out if 9 NIHZ members (including Fauci) are invested in Gilead, which makes the $3000 A PILL CURE Remdesivir.

      The death percentage is negligible

      Good grief ya dummies.
      This will end Nov 4.

      • It makes no sense that countries across the globe (nearly everyone) is tanking their economies to get rid of President Trump. That is a wild conspiracy theory.


        The CDC recommends everyone wear masks:

        “CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
        Cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.
        Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings.”

        • Hello Kym: As I have commented before that this plandemic is a coup to reset our financial systems, our religions, our laws, to conform to a New World order run by the U.N. Papa’s Bush statement of the 1990’s. Look where this has gone since the plandemic started, City blocks taken over, statues pulled down (history) violence in the streets with no accountability or punishment for their actions, de -funding of law enforcement. I’m not a fan of bad cops (which in my personal experience there are quite a few) BUT we do need law and order in a civilized society, Black lives matter, which I agree in principal, BUT the organization of said group is commie in action to take down America. The MSM is formenting anything and everything against Whites which to me is very racist in itself. Business’s shut down, which might not ever open up again. It was and is wrong for anybody to have a higher authority over another person! Slavery is wrong BUT what I’m seeing now is you can’t make two wrongs a right makes no sense to me. Not everybody believes in a God figure BUT in my opinion there has to be a creator out there and that creator does not make any junk. We are all beautiful in the creator’s eyes and wishes Love and HAPPINESS (there’s that word again) for all of us humans to enjoy. I’m a light brown person. (I’ve seen whiter Asians than me, I’ve seen whiter south Americans than me) What about the people that are on the pink side of skin color, what about people that are on the orange side of skin color. As MLK said; One day I hope we can judge people over their character and not about their skin color. What I’ seeing and reading is this is a battle of good v evil; truth against the lie. Who is the father of the lie, JOHN 8:44

          • “I think God is weary of the argument on both sides of the fence.” Charles Frazier

          • As my ex wife would constantly remind me,

            “who wants rational thinking to mess up a perfectly good argument”

            I miss those days.

        • Kek

          “Conspiracy theory”

          Worldwide it’s the same.
          Its called globalelite.

  • It is here, it aint going away. We are all going to be exposed. Folks should use this time to get as healthy as they can in preparation. Exercise, good eats, supplements, sunshine, stop smoking those corporate smokes, and drinking that corporate swill. America failed. Now you are on your own. Good luck.

  • Why are we not being shown the antibody results? How many People have tested positive for antibodies because they were Previously sick already? I want to see those numbers too.

  • It is interesting that the dashboard doesn’t show the 9 cases from the farm in Southern Humboldt, it only shows 4 cases in So Hum. Does this mean that the 9 farm cases weren’t actually in So Hum? A rumor perhaps?

    • The farm was/is in SoHum. The infected people live somewhere other than SoHum. Cases get listed based on the person’s residence.

      We’re probably about to see a good chunk of future positives assigned to Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, etc.

      • but what do I know? (Just Rumors I guess)

        Seems like if you were Argentinian, but IN Humboldt, TESTED in Humboldt, it’d be pretty silly to add the case to Argentina’s count, and not Humboldt, as you’d obviously be sick, be spreading, etc. in Humboldt. I’m sure they mean something more along the lines of: Live in Eureka, worked in So Hum, or Live in Piercy, work in Benbow type of thing.

    • Lurch, I like stars is right. Dr. Frankovich would not confirm that there were 9 connected to a SoHum grow (She says that she does not give that kind of information) but I have the information from someone who would know. And got other information from more people to back that up.

      Dr. Frankovich did say that people who work in one area but live in another are counted in their place of residence.

    • More questions than answers

      how and where did you hear that?! How long ago was this suppossed to have happened? Cuz it’s the first I’ve seen anywhere.. 9 new cases seems like it’d be big news. In Northern Mendo? So Hum? Did your neighbor just bring in 9 new trimmers? 9 sick people who havn’t got tested wouldn’t show up on any dashboard….or just because your neighbor is harvesting early doesn’t mean they all have Covid!

  • I wonder how many of us will be alive this time next year…how many of us are going to die because the anti-maskers think they are ‘special’. No doubt the same assholes that used to park in crosswalks when I lived in Gville.

    I only wish that if those assholes get Covid that their insurance company refuses to pay for their selfishness and stupid stances.

    Good luck out there. Hard for the vulnerable to ‘stay home’ when we need to shop/bank just like everyone else.


    • Masks wont get rod of a virus. Stop using masks like its the answer. Sso dumb

      • Manufacturing CONSENT.

        most people don’t have a clue as to where policy is shaped.

        We are run by a small group of people who delegate the task of enforcement to the government arm, which has outposts in every town.

    • Heres to your masks.

  • Face rags. As per the cdc

    In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks

  • I haven’t commented on this plandemic for over a month now. I have commented on how our Health director has not written one sentence on HEALTH! To me that is a shame! Enough of that. I have read many studies from other countries who have studied and analyzed the blood of those who get the sickest and die. What all confirmed is that these people who get the sickest and die have VERY low Vit D ( really Vit D is a hormone) in their body (blood) And they have tested the people who do not show any signs or have very mild reactions to have high levels of Vit D in their systems. Coincidence, I think so! Another vitamin that should be considered taking is Zinc, it’s suppose to help the human cell in rejecting this virus ( or any virus) Who does not believe that Vit C helps the body defend itself against viruses? Your health first of all comes from the food you eat daily, eat good ole ORGANIC vegy’s grown in your own garden, if not go and buy some from your stores, FARMERS market or neighbors. If you can’t do these things take supplements! My recomendations is when outside take some cloths off, it feels good to have an hour or so of sunlight fall onto your skin (body). Eat as good as you can do! Yes I do believe that most of us over time will catch this bug, you just might want to be as healthy as you can be to ward off getting very sick, and of course who wants to die?

  • Even though though I dont agree with everything said, its good to see a serious discussion about what we are dealing with. The bottom line is that this virus cant be compared to the flu or anything else because its never been on earth before. Only time will tell.

  • Deaths per million.

  • Humboldt Covid updates only go from Monday thru Friday. No reports on Saturday or Sunday, why is that

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