No New Confirmed COVID-19 Cases on June 10

Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Public Health Lab reportNo additional cases of COVID-19 were confirmed today. Humboldt County’s case count remains at 105.

New confirmed COVID-19 cases: 0

  • Total confirmed cases: 105
  • Total recovered cases: 93
  • Total deaths: 4
  • Total hospitalizations: 13

Transmission information for all known cases

  • Contact to a Known Case: 61
  • Travel-Acquired: 24
  • Community Transmission: 20
  • Under Investigation: 0

Number of tests run since last report

  • Public Health Laboratory: 79
  • OptumServe public testing site: 124

Total tests run to date

  • Public Health Laboratory: 3,598
  • OptumServe public testing site: 3,179

Public Health Laboratory testing Information

  • Supply capacity: Approximately 1,950 tests
  • Testing capacity: 70 samples per day
  • Turnaround time: 48 to 72 hours

For the most recent information about COVID-19, visit or For local information, visit, call 707-441-5000 or email [email protected].Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers

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Earlier test results:



  • Good job Humboldt, everyone has been out and about for weeks . Peace out.

  • 🕯🌳Alright that’s a good thing. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🖖

  • And kids still can’t play on the equipment at the neighborhood parks! Achtung Dr. Frankennazi.

  • This pandemic nearly wiped us out, just like the TV said!! I cant believe so many got infected, 76 thousandths of one percent!!! How will we ever come back from it!! Not to mention the Earth shaking loss of 4 people in their late 90s who also had dozens of other health afflictions. And to think, if more than 16 people or so actually followed Gov. Newsom’s lawful orders, that 76 thousandths of one percent could have been less, maybe only 50 thousandths of one percent….shame, when will people learn that our government knows whats best for us, genuinely cares for our health and clearly has know ulterior motives for crashing our economy, and causing the highest unemployment since the great depression, during an election year … ulterior motives at all…..Allen

    • Can we be clear at least that the Trump administration is the one in charge of the US and this is what his own site says about his actions:

      January 31: The Trump Administration: Declared the coronavirus a public health emergency.
      March 31: President Trump officially issued “30 Days To Slow The Spread” guidance to mitigate the outbreak of coronavirus.

      I may think he was late in doing so and you may think he shouldn’t have done it altogether but its ridiculous to blame the Democrats alone for the shutting down of the economy. Trump was late to do so but he did do it according to his own website:

      • Let’s be really clear: Despite Trump’s (and his detractors )assertions he is not in charge of this country. Our country enjoys federalism and the rule, under the Constitution, is distributed among the States and People as per the 10th Amendment. He is in charge of the executive branch of the federal government whose powers are explicitly limited by the contract that is the US Constitution.

        • Ok, but to throw out the conspiracy theory that COVID crisis and the shelter-in-place ruless are a Democratic plot is to ignore Trump and his administration’s role in responding to a very real problem.

          • Both sides of the aisle have proven that they can act like assholes… at this point I’m not sure they have any other setting for their personalities. Backstabbing, power hungry jerks. Every single one over them*.

            *There are a few that ae okay, but the way the internal structure is setup you need an asshole to be one of the power elite.

        • …..and the democrats and ms Pelosi fight Trump every inch of the way, from day one in office,till now.There is ZERO effort made to work together as a government entity. We are the victims of all this, therefore we are the ones that will pay the ultimate price.There ALL full of sh!t . Trump to Dr. Frankfurter. Rant over. Thanks squib.

          • Many Dems called trumps travel ban on China xenophobic. Hard to even pretend they would of done better. They actually tried to stop trumps late reaction. So, are they actually more incompetent, or are they just so against the president that they were willing to risk Americans life’s for political points?

    • Squib,

    • This is in reply to Kym. I dont disagree with you at all about Trump, he hasn’t handled any of this wisely at all, he hasn’t handled anything at all during the whole of his presidency wisely. I didn’t “blame Democrats” for anything. I was critical of our governor for the actions he has taken during this “crisis” he just happens to be a Democrat. Im not a Republican or a Democrat, I find the two parties to be merely two sides of the same coin deposited into the vending machine that only dispenses oppression, manipulation, and bullshit. I think our two party system is nothing more than a really long game of good cop bad cop. The two parties differ very little in most areas, the main areas of dispute seem to be social issues for the most part, abortion, affirmative action, lgbtq issues, although Trump was the first president in American history who has consistently expressed his support of gay marriage from day one of his campaign all the way to election day, even Obama and Hillary were opposed to it just a few years ago. Nothing really changed from Bush jrs first year as president all the way up to Obama’s last year, you could hardly tell there was a regime change other than the fact that the media supported one and not the other. Their policy was nearly identical, the only difference being their faces and names, their wars, their patriot acts, their failed domestic and foreign agendas, almost exactly the same. Trump even is not much different, he just says outlandish things.

  • Let’s be really really really clear. Over 112,000 Americans have died in less than four months. Due to covid-19. I’m sure if one of your loved ones or dear friend succumbed to this disease you would have a change of tune. So far the numbers have been lower than expected. Personally I am grateful for that. I wish people would stop the blaming and negative comments. Be grateful. You are alive to type your BS every day. Lucky us!

    • Thats about 33 thousandths of one percent.

    • Most of them were 85+ or very obese. At 85 each day is a blessing and obesity is entirely in your control.

      What we’ve learned is that we need to pay attention to the workers at nursing homes to protect the elderly and we need to promote health in the public instead of coddling them into thinking it’s ok to be 30lbs overweight, malnourished, and vitamin-d deficient.

    • Let’s be really clear. On average 164,000 people die a day around the world. People die. Old people die. Diseased people die. People will continue to die. Abolishment of freedoms and forced poverty is not helping to end death,only more people will die. Every occurred to you that the government WANTS people to die? Depopulation is the cure. Many know this. Many are in denial. Wake up. I am a pawn. You are a pawn.

  • 🕯🌳New Zealand declared themselves virus free just after 17 days of no new cases, let’s see if we can do the same? And they opened up everything but there boarders. 🖖🐸🕊🌍

    • Yep willi, that’s where all the “rich” Americans will be moving once socialism is installed in America. Switzerland and New Zealand. There borders have been shut long before covid 19. You have to have millions in a bank account to even think of becoming a citizen. They are smart. They don’t welcome the worlds sick and poor.

      • 🕯🌳But there not letting anyone in. Not even “not my potus ” with his 18,000 plus lies and misleading statements. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I am so tired of the comparison of these people who are making science based decisions to Nazis. Nazis were responsible for mass genocide.

    • Nazi sympathizer

      were they?

      • 🕯🌳Yes.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      • So were Africans……more so than the nazis. Who do you think sold all the slaves to the America’s and Europe? Who is still committing genocide to this very day? Africans. Who are still enslaving there own people to this very day? Africans.Yes Africans were and still are the most responsible culture and race to ever commit mass genocide. Chew on that for a moment…..

        • If you believe that, then tell me what that means to you. Let’s forget if it’s true, let’s ask what that means. Does it mean that people whose ancestors came from Africa are all bad or just mostly bad? Or? What point are you trying to make here?

          • It means just that. It means we are all to blame.You didn’t commit on nazis being responsible for genocide? Why because I guess that’s excepted liberal bashing. We are in a moment of BLM. If so, than maybe we should all dig a little deeper into some facts and history instead of blame. We are all to blame. There is a elephant in this country that needs to be addressed. What color is an elephant? Grey. And it’s big. Nothing will change until we all change. For now kym, I just see faults. Accusations,blame, and most of all anger. It will fix nothing. The division is stronger than ever with no real answers. I hope I’m wrong in the near future. My point and actual facts obviously struck a nerve. The big grey (black n white) elephant has not left the room. A massive realization that we all at some point have committed atrocities and that we all need to put those aside to have a hope in a future of prosperity and unity for all. If BLM matter, than maybe that culture and race should start with there own host of problems and yes, genocide. Black on black murders in this country out weigh all others by 250%. Can we start there…..?

            • I didn’t comment on Guest saying Nazi’s being responsible for genocide because I believe it to be true. I believe it an accepted truth. (Also, I don’t comment on everything anyway. I let a lot of untruths go because I only have so much time.)

              But unless I’m misunderstanding you, then you don’t think that Nazi’s are responsible?

              • You added a piece I’d like to address. You say, “If BLM matter, than maybe that culture and race should start with there own host of problems and yes, genocide.” But you watched that same video of George Floyd slowly being choked and murdered by a cop, so casual about the situation he had his hands in his pockets. Aren’t you losing sight of what most of us are angry about? We’re angry that a system is so broken that a representative of the state being filmed is so casual about another person’s life and how unlikely he is to face any repercussions for treating that life casually that he is unafraid to keep his knee on the dying man’s neck.

                That’s like me saying look my dad is dying of MS we need to address this terrible disease and you insisting we should talk about his smoking cigarettes. You have a point that smoking is bad but it’s not the much needed conversation I’m asking you to have.

              • Of course nazis are to blame for genocide!!! kym!!!! Jeeez,!!!! That police officer through his own fear and Protacalls of injustice killed mr. Floyd,
                But is too blame alone? Or is it a a far bigger picture that is to blame. Why did it all come to this point? I’m glad to see protesters willing to make a change for the better. If we all keep focusing on this one crime, this one murder, nothing will change.this is far beyond police brutality. This is far beyond even black or white, I’m done, have a great day kym. I always respect your comments and free speech.

                • Do think Africans are responsible for genocide? And still are responsible for genocide? The number is greater than 1.5 million (Jews). Especially if you want to keep throwing out this “400 year” quote.

                  Change only happens when everyone is willing to change.

          • 🕯🌳We all either came from Africa or the Middle east depending on how you believe. 🛐🐫🛐🐫

  • PS. I have actually been educating my self on a daily basis of all this. Including the true meaning of being “privileged”. The real history of slavery. The downfalls and hardships of what it’s like to be an African American in this country. The further I dig, and the more a read and listen, it just further makes me realize that there is no real one culture or race or color to blame. I will leave in this note. We are all to blame, this includes me. Until we can all agree on that, nothing will change. Peace kym. I’m off for the day. It’s nice out…..

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