Humboldt County Asks Growers to Fill out Cannabis Industry Questionnaire

Humboldt Cannabis iconInformation from the County of Humboldt:

In order to help the county’s cannabis Local Equity Program, which is provided through Project Trellis, the state asked the county to collect anonymous demographic information on local cannabis industry participants who may be eligible for funding through this program.

The county is asking cannabis business owners to respond to this short survey to help satisfy this request. The survey does not ask for any identifying information.

Humboldt Cannabis Industry Questionnaire

UPDATE: The survey does ask for name address etc but you can skip that and continue.



  • The County is at least 3 years late asking the community for input and the deadline was 2 days ago 🙁

  • “The survey does not ask for any identifying information.”
    Address 2
    ZIP/Postal Code
    Email Address
    Phone Number”

    … lol

    • Do I have to report my 20 illegals that I pay in trim at the end of the year or my Asian manicures that I pay 65$ a lb tax free? Just wondering……

  • Morning paranoia: alphabetically you have LEO now LEP.

  • Fun with facts!

    They state they’re not asking for identifying information, but that’s all they’re asking. Down to your RACE/SEXUALITY? So this is clearly a poll for those who DO want to be identified, and put on the map as a special case for special consideration.

    When they introduced Project Trellis, did they say they were going to pander to people who like to have sex in a particular manner? Or look a certain way?

  • Fun with facts!

    I encourage everybody who fills out this poll to say they’re a transexual eskimo. Let’s see how they doll out the funds with that.

  • Is this a joke?

  • i dont think so

    such BS! for a minute I thought about applying for some trellis dinero but fuck that. My utter disdain for this county’s two faced approach runs deep: I was arrested, prosecuted, kids held at gunpoint, money wrongly seized, years of stress and more, and now I should beg for a handout? Fuck that

    • Yeah because you decided to be a criminal and put YOUR family into that situation. YOU made that decision. You created that. Jesus Christ I’ve never experienced so much chronic cognitive dissonance within a culture in my entire life.


    Here’s my entry for the questionnaire ====== fuck you Humboldt county and the rotten,theiving,corrupt,extortionists running it. I will be voting against incumbents and encouraging everyone I know to do the same until ALL current slimeballs(politicians)are looking for a new livelihood!!!! May you Treasonous theives all burn in hell !!!!!!

  • Classic.
    Guest was paying attention.
    We are Humboldt County Government.
    We are here to help.
    We are informing you now to apply for a ride on the gravy train that left two days ago.
    All aboard!
    Cronyism and nepotism at its’ finest.
    They were hoping nobody clicked on the link and noticed the deadline was already over.

    • Fun with facts!

      A million and a half bucks, to be distributed based on a person’s appearance and sexual behavior. I wonder how many people are being suckered into telling them how long they’ve been growing illegally and without a permit. The county’s survey is shameful. They should rescind it immediately.

      • They didn’t ask how long someone had been growing. It took five minutes to fill out. They do ask where you live, name etc. But you can skip that part and submit anyway.

        • Fun with facts!

          I can’t view the survey again, even though I didn’t answer any questions just looked. It has a question pertaining to number of years involved. Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s very inappropriate altogether. Exactly how one would rightfully be pissed off to be judged when applying for a school, job, loan etc.

          • If you are on Chrome, you can use an incognito tab to check it again. The closest thing I could find to that is #4

            4. Have you resided in Humboldt County for at least 5 years during the period of 1971-2016?

            • Fun with facts!

              You hackin’ me? You’re correct, I stand corrected. I like that “gay” is spelled “gayy”. Heeeyyyy, I’m gayy!

            • …as long as the fox continues to run the hen house, it’ll be business as usual… yesterday, the same faction that wanted to kill you, will they help you tomorrow? I don’t think so!

  • I’m a homosexual greenrusher, does that mean I get money?

  • This equity money is being misplaced. POC namely Native Americans in Humbolt county have been disproportionately negatively affected by the war on drugs. I, a white male, showed up in 1995 to play cat and mouse with CAMP. Yes on a idealistic push to help Ganja’s cause but also to monetarily benefit. I could have worked in many other fields of my choosing. I chose to put myself and my family’s security at risk for the lifestyle it provided. These monies should go to folks who had fewer choices

  • Not even signing this unless they wanna pay for the whole legal fee … And if it’s finding to help where was it 4 years ago … Hmmm smells like bullshit to me they aren’t gonna help fumd just like they only issued 300 or less permits !!!

  • Permit What Permit

    FUNDING in todays market?!? First the county gives a green light to farms with no permit, but are “in the process” and now they want to loan or grant money??? Unbelievable! If a farm is not raking in the cash, they suck at what they do and need to quit. Zero enforcement and you can’t make money? WOW

  • triniboldticino

    Honsal seems to be a problem. Dishonest, taking out legal and attempting-to-be-legal growers. Then lying about “antifa buses.” This is never going to settle down to anything common sensical. Especially with the tinfoil suit wearers marching goose step to the trump tunes.

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