[UPDATE 8 p.m.] Relatively Large March in Sunny SoHum to Protest Violence by Police

Protest SoHum June 5

Family protesting in Garberville against police violence. [Photos by Talia Rose]

Sunshine encouraged a much larger crowd at today’s protest in Garberville against police violence than turned out in the rain last Saturday. About 100 people are at the event as of 12:45 p.m., which for a town with a population of about 1000 is a rather large.

For the most part, protesters are wearing masks and attempting to keep a socially safe distance under restrictions requested by the Public Health Officer to combat the spread of COVID-19 and requested by the event organizers.

Signs read “Defund the Police State” and “If you think the last 2 weeks were hard, imagine 400 years of systematic racism + oppression.”

The protesters marched to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office where speakers are talking to the crowd as of 1:13 p.m.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m.: The crowd is now estimated to be 140 people.
Protest SoHum June 5 Talia Rose photographer

Protest SoHum June 5 Talia Rose photographer

Protest SoHum June 5 Talia Rose photographer

Protest SoHum June 5 Talia Rose photographer

UPDATE 2:19 p.m.: Protesters are blocking the Main Street in Garberville, Redwood Drive.

UPDATE 8 p.m.: Photos from Sydney Fishman.

Note: This event was also covered by Linda Stansberry at the North Coast Journal. You can find that coverage here.



  • it breaks my heart to see what’s going on, but i have to say that “all lives matter”. if you can’t agree on that, your a bigot, period, regardless of race, color or creed.

    • 🕯🌳I’ll second that. 🐸🕊🖖🌍

    • When someone says black lives matter and your reply is all lives matter, it’s like saying I support breast cancer awareness and someone corrects by saying no all cancer matters. Of course all lives matter. If your shoulder is dislocated and needs help. It doesn’t mean the rest of your body doesn’t need assistance at times. It means you need to take care of the problem. When you say black lives matter it doesn’t mean that black lives matter more than everyone, it means black lives need help right now.

      • Black lives matter TOO.

        That’s what “Black Lives Matter” means.

        Of course all lives matter but black lives matter too.

        se facil

        • It’s all stupid semantics, perpetrated by brainwashed CNN viewers. Of course all lives matter equally.

      • That’s not what the Washington DC mayor said for her reason to order the painting the street yellow.

        BLACK LIVES MATTER … in 48ft tall all caps where blood was spilled.

        The street sign and name was changed to reflect the same message.

        No, she didn’t imply that ALL lives matter.

        • justanotherperson

          Bro, do you really feel threatened when folks who have been, to put it lightly, disenfranchised for the past 400 years are able to express their voice through official means? I mean, people complain about the protests being used a way for black folks to get their voice heard, and now you’re complaining when their government gives them a bone. Must be pretty scary to be you.

    • Here’s the thing, old guy. (I’m basing my comments on the assumption that you’re white, BTW.) Your life is probably not in danger because of your race. Your opportunities for decent employment, a safe home in a safe neighborhoodthat you choose to live in, access to clean air, clean water, an acceptable quality of health care, education for your children, or clean food have probably never been negatively affected by your race. The lives of people of color in our society, even here in the sweet little Humboldt bubble, are almost always negatively affected in some way by the color of their skin.

      Does your life matter? Yes. Is your life or wellbeing at risk? No.

      Black Lives Matter stands for Black lives having equal value to yours. Black safety, security, and quality of life are just as important as yours. I hope you grasp that your quality of life is not challenged by insisting that everyone else has the same rights. And that anybody who resists that core concept is in fact the bigot. Peace on.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Considering I’ve spent the majority of my life under the blades and that the Guard was deployed against us last year, I would say that my wellbeing has been at risk for decades. When a Nat’l Guard chopper is circling my property with a .50 cal pointed at me, I feel like my wellbeing is at risk. When your door gets broken down, property destroyed, and your well being threatened with warrantless searches by jack boot thugs, I would say that all those things you just mentioned have happened to me too. Also access to quality health care and education? We live in California, there are none of those things here, no matter where you live.

    • Lmao. I thought you said the protesters were gone! I told you this would happen.

    • Me: Don’t eat too much sugar.

      You: Don’t eat too much broccoli.

      I see your point. Not one who might be called a critical thinker…

    • ABSOLUTELY, All Lives Matter.. Period!!!!!!

      • Yep, they do… but unfortunately it’s been clear that Black lives also don’t really matter as much to The police.. Black lives matter to me….And I have no issue stating that.. I guess that unfortunately makes some people uncomfortable.. strange… orrr.. maybe it’s just plain old fashion everyday racism.. Do Black lives Matter to you? If they do why not be clear about it? Because Apparently all lives to the Police.. doesn’t really include Black and often Brown Lives.. so it seems that they need a reminder..

    • All i see here is a group of kids growing up to be racist and hate white people.

      Also lets not forget, we already defunded the police in Garberville & Redway.
      This is why both towns are full of drug addicts, homeless, and Criminals!

      No one likes it this way, we need to clean up our town and no one will do anything about it.

      • That’s just a ridiculous statement Campton. Just because Black lives matter to you doesn’t mean you hate white folks. Someone can be critical of the system by which we live, and not Hate anyone.

        I disagree, the police here have been hyper funded on steroids. The resources are just misallocated and tied into Marijuana enforcement..

        Besides, your presenting problems that really the police can’t fix alone.. how about funding homeless services, finding a proper place for the homeless to be.. Mental health services, and Drug Rehabilitation services. Some sort of bathrooms. These are social ills the police can’t really solve with force.

  • I know this will be as a surprise coming from me, but most of the signs I agree with. I still don’t like the fist, but the fist sign holder seems to be being peaceful. The only sign in the slideshow that is offensive is the one that calls for divide, not coming together. That sign starts out ok, saying “Taking a knee for George Floyd.” The individual, however, continued with, “Giving a finger for Donald Trump,” with the hand gesture. Unfortunately, this individual will never get it. If you want equality, treat all people, including those you disagree with respectfully. This protester used their first amendment rights, but the blew any chance of the message of peace being heard, at least by me.

    Keep it peaceful!

    • Alf, you may find it interesting (or already know) that the iconic fist image is frequently attributed to the late local artist Frank Cieciorka: https://mainbaghihoon.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/a-brief-history-of-the-clenched-fist-image/ I was told by a martial artist that the position of the thumb indicates the fist is NOT intended to be combative but rather a salute of solidarity.

      Frank had a long history with organizing for just causes and I’m sure he is there in spirit with those who peacefully gather right now– as are MANY of us who can’t be there in person.

    • Alf. I believe you are the one being harsh and insensitive.
      People are and have a right to be ANGRY.
      Trump has done nothing but try to exploit the situation to his advantage.
      From today 6/5/20 – ‘President Donald Trump said Friday that he hoped George Floyd was “looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country,” just moments after calling for an amped-up police response to nationwide protests against racism and police brutality sparked by Floyd’s death. Trump made the comment during public remarks celebrating a surprisingly optimistic jobs report.’ https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-evokes-george-floyd-in-celebration-of-jobs-report_n_5eda5407c5b68176616496aa
      After the LONG HISTORY OF VIOLENCE AND OPPRESSION AGAINST BLACK (and other minorities, of course) people are reacting, and pushing back. Trump has the DoJ, the army, and multiple security services to unleash on the protesters’. That one person chose to use their middle finger in response. And that is what you condemn?
      I too would like that we have compassion for all. Yet, I am learning the challenges of that, and Trump is a great teacher to face that challenge. His statements today stand out in my mind as ones that really challenged me to not give in to hate.
      When you say “this individual will never get it”, you reveal what I hear as your own weakness to stay in ‘peaceful’ place, offering compassion to the protestor, who, certainly like me, maybe you, and most older folks I know, will have an arc of experiences in their life to help them come to a place in which values and emotion can exist in harmony with compassionate understanding.
      I wish the same for you.

      • Your beloved mainstream media lied about this and took it out of context. They lie about most everything. There are many commentators on this site who parrot these lies. Obama lied to the country more than all other presidents combined. Biden lies in his campaign all the time. That doesn’t make me hold up a sign to give them the finger. It is plain disrespectful. There is no place for this kind of behavior in any civilized society. Unfortunately, the liberals don’t have a clue about respect. Until society uses tactics other than smear campaigns there will never be unity. That goes for all people from all sides. Until the left learns this, I don’t even want unity. I will never unify with hateful people using these methods. The sign is unamerican.

        • “The sign is unamerican [sic]”

          You’re all for free speech unless you don’t agree with it. Got it.

          • Clearly the point I was trying to make went over your head. The point is she had the right to use the sign. However, with its lack of respect for ALL PEOPLE it is not going to help unify or end racism which was the stated purpose.

        • Amen…

        • The opposing opinion was burning Obama dolls on nooses, spreading false birthing theories and this list goes on. They critized from before day one of Obamas terms and still do since he left office now over 3 yrs later. [edit]

    • Alf …..Trump accused a sitting president of lying about where he was born. Then told one of his endless string of lies by saying his investigators in Hawaii had proof. He has demeaned the office and deserves zero respect.

      • He deserves the same level of respect that you do. He also deserves the same level of respect as a group of entitled (self edit)s who block traffic in a one street town.

        • My understanding was the blocking was for a short time. And I live in that town and there are side streets.

          • I was in town today filling in for some youngsters I work with who were part of the protest. I salute them. From what I saw the blocking of Redwood Drive didn’t last as long as the time the man had while dying with a knee on his neck.I had several customers who were greatly moved by the passing of the torch of justice to a new generation. I’m a spoiled white guy who has gotten away with it for years. But I do remember the day in front of the Century Plaza hotel when the cops attacked a peaceful demonstration. I will never forget the sight of Methodist Mothers for Peace getting pummeled by batons.

            • Thank you for acknowledging your privilege…that will change the world. It makes you a virtuous human.

          • Kym,

            I guess I didn’t make my point. It was simply this:

            Every person (and really everything) deserves a certain level of respect. We can despise behaviors but hating people never helps anything.

  • All lives matter…Another incident of white people highjacking something that black people say or do. You still don’t get it do you.

  • Hypocrisy Sucks

    Lily white crowd. Definitely pro drug. Happy hippies. Moms and kids. Doubt any go hungry or sleep in the streets. Comfortable protest. Like a warm bath with scented candles. Nice.

    • Sooo, you want them to stop protesting for other people’s rights because their lives are pretty decent?

      • No, just blame trump. The sheriffs said all this protesting was over in humboldt? I Said it wouldn’t end. I got mocked for it.

    • We Stand up for the Underdog.

      What do you stand for?

    • Def not hippies. My cuppies. Country yuppies. But not hippies.

    • By trying to define, and put a jacket on a group of people who are expressing feelings they have, all you are doing is avoiding the issue, that you are the hypocrite for pretending to care when you really don’t. I don’t care if someone is a white millionaire or a poor black, or a black millionaire or a poor white, anyone standing up and seeking justice for all is right on.

  • Someone is holding a sign saying police need to be held accountable.

    The officers involved with Floyd’s death are being charged with murder.

    • Yeah but will he ever serve time for it?

      Law enforcement gets away with murder every day in the US of A.


      • “ but will he ever serve time for it?”

        Guess we’ll have to find out, I’m betting on fuck yes he will . I don’t know a single person , conservative or liberal who thinks what that cop did was ok.

      • What’s the point of blocking traffic? All you’re doing is pissing people off who agree that Floyd’s death was unwarranted. You’re preaching to the fuc***g choir and pissing people off at the same time. I guess they’re hoping for the poor guy who’s already having a bad day to react and cause some trouble.

        • Traffic was only blocked for a few minutes while they said the names of just a few of the many people killed by police brutality. My mom in law was the one waiting and she was fine with it. It was an incredible powerful and moving moment.

        • Shitshows Suck

          I agree. What’s the point of pissing people off by blocking traffic? If I had known this shitshow was going to happen today, I would not have gone to town at all. I was sitting there too, but my gas tank was literally on empty and I had to get the the gas station before the car shut off. If I’d known ahead of time, I would have planned a different time to come to town. Where did all these people come from? They can’t all be from our little town. I agree with their message, but not with the way they pulled it off. You can protest without deliberately pissing off others who have places to go and work to do, etc. What if someone had a medical emergency and had to get to the hospital and all these people were in the street? I bet not one of them would have moved out of the way to let a medical emergency through. Who knew how long you would be blocking the street?Certainly not any of those drivers. It’s such bullshit to stand there blocking everyone. How many people heard your message? How many just got pissed off and now hate protestors? Did you see the drivers turning around and leaving? Do you really think your message got across? It sure didn’t with me. All you did was piss me off. Now I bet you will all start calling me a racist because I don’t agree with the way you ran your protest. I agree with BLM, but not with a bunch of white protestors who just stood in the street to piss off a bunch of people in a little town.

          • Ohh. Inconvenienced for a few minutes by people protesting. My sympathies run shallow.
            There are many ways in which our freedoms (yeah, I know. Sounds ironic to your likely, ‘freedom to drive where ya want!’ response. Ha) have been protected by civil actions. So. While the gas thing may have stressed you out, consider the larger goals, and breathe.

          • Compassion is free

            Wow. Selfish much? Just because you were driving your car on fumes and couldn’t go around them, doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to be there. This was planned and advertised. You are assuming that people wouldn’t move for a medical emergency because you had to wait with your car on fumes. Maybe plan ahead a bit and keep more gas in your rig? You never know what can hold you up, what if there was an actual medical emergency there in the street that held you up while you were trying to get through while out of gas. Would you be pissed off at the emergency crews? Just saying, maybe take a second to look at the picture beyond you and your empty gas tank

            • There actually WAS a medical emergency and both the ambulance and fire truck left the station while the speeches were going on. The crowd parted – no big deal at all.

      • Thanks for that link, furies. Excellent article. My mind is blown. I knew they were bull, but it’s jarring to see it all in a nutshell. I wanna get that book now, “The End of Policing” by Alex Vitale.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        The reason people think these protests are lame is this. These protests had a chance to prove a point of solidarity against gov’t overreach(yes, a cop killing someone for little to no reason is massive gov’t overreach), instead the protests turned violent and not just towards gov’t officials and buildings, but your own private citizens who the protesters could’ve relied on for support. Protesters started burning, looting, and destroying private property and the peaceful ones did not police their own. If you say fuck the police then ya’ll need to demonstrate the ability to police yourselves, which no one has.

        The guy everyone is rioting over was high on meth and fentynol and paid with counterfeit bills. The officer who killed him got charged with 3rd degree murder and his charges were recently bumped to 2nd degree murder, as well as the other 3 officers receiving charges as well. That particular officer is sitting in jail right now awaiting trial with inmates that he put in jail. There is a reason cops are usually let off. [edit] This is what is going to happen, and if those other three got charged and are sitting in jail, the same thing is happening to them too. So why is everyone rioting? No one rioted to this extent when that black guy was choked out in New York for selling cigarettes a few years ago. He wasn’t a tweeker, he wasn’t on drugs. Those cops never got charged with anything either, they only received paid leave.

        My point is, ya’ll are rioting over some tweeker who was paying with counterfeit bills and got killed by a piece of shit cop [edit] What justice is not being served? Did I miss something? I think everyone needs to take a step back, pick a better poster-child than a tweeker, and really think about what is actually happening to that POS cop. Oh but the outrage and indignation! We must burn and destroy our neighbors’ stuff to prove the point that we have no foresight beyond the end of our own noses!!

        • Acting like the straw that broke the camel’s back must be without flaw is unreasonable. Requiring perfect victims would mean that very few of us would ever get justice. Whether George Floyd was on drugs or passing a counterfeit bill or not, he did not deserve a death sentence.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            I wish the sentences that really drove the point home weren’t edited. Kind of took the punch out of my statement there. George Floyd did not deserve a death sentence. George Floyd is getting justice, without the riots. Thats what all the edited parts of my statement were talking about. That cop is suffering a punishment worse than death. He is sitting in a jail right now with all the inmates that he put in there. [Edit] Quit editing my statements and let the truth stand, you know this is the one time a cop is getting really punished for his actions and this is the time everyone riots and burns down the USA. Let that sink in, all the other times before everyone could’ve done this.

            • Fun with facts!

              Not everybody is being violent. Not even close. Not even slightly close. Why do you focus on the few bad protesters? Why do you not focus on the few bad cops? None of this would be happening in the first place. Fact is, every point against “the protesters” you make can be made against “the police”. Your inherent bias is showing loud and clear.

              • In my 1911 I trust

                You obviously do not know me. I am not for the police. I am realistic though. I do know that they keep the peace. I know that these people who are asking for defunding of the police and to get rid of them know not what they truly want. Be careful what you wish for. These liberal do good wimps would be begging for the police in a week if they got their wishes. Society would devolve into a dog eat dog world where the strong would rule the weak once again. People like me, former prison inmates with neck tattoos and a propensity for violent crime, the true Alphas of society, would no longer be hindered by weak little laws meant to level the playing field for weak little people with tech degrees who want the world to be all unicorns and rainbows, we would literally eat all of you alive.

                I rail against the protestors because they need the police. The protestors are destroying peoples’ property and are being violent. There have been 3 non-violent protests that I know of, 2 of which were here, that makes me happy. I hope our community would be a cut above the rest. That still doesn’t make up for what happened in Eureka for days on end and it still doesn’t get rid of the absolute hypocrisy of COVID vs. Protests. I forgot that only the past 72 hours of the world is valid in the liberal mind though.

                Destroying private property and wrecking shop on people is actually in the job description of police. That is what they are there for. They are the entry level personnel of the State’s military arm of enforcement. When you give people that kind of power, good and bad people will be drawn to it. The bad need to be weeded out, that takes time, and sometimes it won’t happen until they do something bad. If you engage in activities that are illegal, you are playing with fire, you may bring the heavy hand of the state down on you. You may bring the heavy knee of the state down on your neck. Is that risk worth it? If you decide that it is and make that decision to engage in illicit activities, the consequences are on you. The police don’t need the protesters, but the very protesters that are saying FTP are the same people who would call the cops in a moments notice, as illustrated by the jeep incident in Eureka. The protestors need the police. I truly believe in Fuck the Police, but that means I have never called them for any reason and I have always handled all of my problems in house. Just calling a bunch of wimpy hippycrits what they are. Without any bias, no BS, no spin. Just saying, they have no balls.

            • Gleeful recounts of prison rape are always deleted. Quit graphically describing something that is unlikely to occur given that ex-cops are usually protected in prison. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1988-02-27-me-11983-story.html

        • I think you are missing something 1911, a charge doesn’t mean a conviction. And let’s face it, on a good day, with peaceful protest many ultra-righties would still be complaining about something having to do with the protesting.. From the very statement of BLM to the signs of the Fist of solidarity.. to ‘OMG I didn’t get my double frap at Starduds’ on my way to work ‘ or whatever..It seems like many on the right will find an exuse why Black Lives don’t matter to them. And what about Mr. Trumped up. Was violently clearing a church of peaceful protestors for a lousy photo opp…an act of violence? Or are the Trumpets going to keep making excuses that that was somehow An act of peace and unity?

          And yeah.. Maybe George Floyd had faults.. but it seems like he was actually very involved in his community.. and very involved with church services. He was well liked in his home town of Huston. And someone the youth turned to often.. you can be a pillar of a community and still get rapped up into the institutional game that is often mixed into cycles of the prison industrial complex.. I have seen these cycles often associated with poorer communities take down even the best of people. People that in better circumstances would have probably risen to a much better place in life. Are they responsible for their actions.. yes. Is there racial undertones in the system that strives to keep a lower class. Often that is base on race.. absolutely.. And yeah. If you live in Humboldt. Or the Emerald triangle most likely your in the 1% of people who are removed and far away from inter city dynamics and turmoil. By the way I am a white American Mut.. so This is just my perspective..

          But one reason I think that we are seeing a much larger uprising right now is kinda a perfect storm of people being laid off and younger people being out of school. And generally more people having more time to pay attention to what is actually going on and being able to act to do something about it… I mean I would like to see more constructive solutions. Not necessarily destruction and violence. But I think it shows just how many people actually do not agree with the violent racism portrayed by the popo….

          I think there needs to be citizen committees made up of diverse members of the community to police the police.. But unfortunately even Kamala Harris tanked that.. sold out the the community and ruled with the Cops. It’s very difficult to hold the police accountable when they go fringe.. look what’s happing in our own county of Humboldt. The corruption is soo deeply rooted. You said it yourself 1911… the cop who strangled Eric Garner.. walked. His exicutioner delivered a death sentence over a cigarette… Are people just supposed ‘to stay peaceful’ when cops are violent? When they are released and not held accountable time and time again? What are people supposed to do when justice has failed in like 99% of cases? I mean I think 1/2 the police must be suffering from PTSD. I think the cops need better access to mental health services, and better training on desculation tactics. I think they should let police chill the fuck out and smoke some weed off the clock to deal with half the shit they see.. Meditation classes. Ethnic diversity relation classes.. Or maybe the cops need to do a better job at policing THIER Own since they are the ones walking around Neighor hoods with deadly force.. The cop that Killed Floyd.. had 18 violations and complaints. How do you receive that many Complaints and still remain on the force?

          Remembering “Big Floyd”: Houston Friends of George Floyd Describe Him as a “Man of Peace”https://www.democracynow.org/2020/6/3/houston_memorial_george_floyd

          • In my 1911 I trust

            Kym edited my statement so it lost all its punch. My point is that the cop is getting much worse than death right now in that jail. A charge does not mean a conviction, but you still go to jail and are processed and sit there until you are able to make bail. That cop is dead and he isn’t going to have a quick painless death either. Once again, why are people rioting over this one? Why didn’t ya’ll do that with Eric Garner, that case had much more weight behind it. Why did you do it over a tweeker when the cop actually got arrested and is sitting in jail being tortured right now!

            • Like anyone gets to choose WHO the cops murder. And I am pretty sure that the cops are gonna protect their own in prison.. And doing a short stint isn’t enough time for a murder. Hopefully the courts will do what’s right and start convicting some of these crooked cops.. And why NOT this murder? This is just the case that went viral. People have more time to pay attention and act on it right now. I think there was a lot of protesting regarding Eric Garner as well. You know about it right? Pretty sure nobody would EVEN know or say anything if there wasn’t larger protest.. And yet another peaceful protest that just got essentially IGNORED! And the cops walk. So.. again here it is.. Riots.. I hope for more productive avenues, and solutions but.. I think a lot of people feel frustrated and feel like society respects nothing but money and property over life.. Black lives matter. It’s not up to the cops to issue death sentences over misdemeanors.. especially On unarmed civilians. Floyd served his time for his misdeeds, and was active in the community trying to be a better person… The cops shouldn’t be above the law, and they should have to serve their time for their misdeeds too..

              One year later: Eric Garner’s death led to most active US protests since the 60s


              • In my 1911 I trust

                “And doing a short stint isn’t enough time for a murder.” Says someone whose never been to prison. All thats needed is a few minutes. Things happen quick.

                • Ok. You got that on me. I have never been to prison. Have a few family members who have and are.. I am sure things happen With a quickness inside. It’s still no reason a murder shouldn’t serve his sentence cop or not. You’d think that would be more motivation for them NOT to do things that would put them there in the first place..

                  • In my 1911 I trust

                    I think he should serve his sentence. I also know that he is getting a lot more than anybody else serving the same sentence. I know that for the time he was booked and then bailed out, things most likely did happen to him. He may still be in jail, I don’t know, do you? Every single day he is in the facility he will be fearing for his life and people will be taking shots at him. Every day. Bad things are going to happen to him and there is a very good chance he will be murdered when he is sentenced. Thats why I don’t understand the riots. I’m not clear on what we’re exactly in disagreement over either?

      • That guy with the knee is guaranteed buried, we’ll see about the rest of the cops

  • I like the young couple with their tiny little signs on popsicle sticks. 🤣
    …. although it looks like he was dragged there.

  • That egotistical self kudos so hum mentality drives me crazy. The second line of the post is infactual and self indulgent. There are far more than a 1,000 people in the area that they showed up from. You can pretend not being racist and sexist is the norm there but your only fooling yourselves.

  • Point: Twice as many whites as blacks are killed by police.

    Counterpoint: Blacks are a lesser % of overall population.

    Response: The % of deaths via police encounters match up to violent crime rates by respective racial groups.

    Finale: That’s racist!

  • That looks peaceful, nice.

    Are there going to be protests in northern Humboldt this weekend?

  • Floyd’s death was a travesty, but that said, he was no saint. Read the autopsy report. In his blood was fentanyl and meth. Not a concoction for rational decisions. In 2008 Floyd was convicted of a home invasion with 4 other men. During the robbery Mr. Floyd held a pistol to a pregnant woman’s abdomen, demanding the location of valuables, while his cohorts ransacked the residence. He got 5 years and was released in 2013. This is all a matter of public record for those so inclined to do the work. Should we protest the manner his demise; absolutely. Does he deserve the adoration of a saint; absolutely not.

    • Unfortunately their martyrs turn out to be real scumbags in the end.

      I think Floyd’s family deserves justice and the cop was a murderer but i don’t think Floyd was all that great either.

      • George Floyd was reported as having been a Christian minister working with youth in low-income, high violence neighborhoods. No insult intended, but I doubt that you stand up well in a competition of accomplishment and dedication. With that said, I don’t think that a cop could justify murdering you in cold blood either.

        • “George Floyd was reported as having been a Christian minister working with youth in low-income, high violence neighborhoods. “

          And that’s a bunch of bullshit, hate to break it to ya. Do your research.

          What kind of Christian minister is high on meth and fentanyl and also just did a 5 year stint in prison for burglary and pointing a gun at a pregnant female? Please…..

        • While high on fentynal and meth? Both were found in his system in both autopsies. Quite a few stints in prison as well. He should not have been killed for being high and passing “fake” money, but he was no saint.

        • Yeah your going to have to show me a link to where it says George Floyd was a minister because I’m coming up with NADA. He was a bouncer at a club. You must be confused

        • Pretty easy to talk smack on a guy who can’t be here to defend himself, and feeble attempts at character assassination change nothing.

          The guy’s character is irrelevant to the crime that was committed — which was murder.

          • Nope. There’s more to the story.

            You and many others quickly declare murder, I saw it! Maybe not.

            Suicide by police is a crime. No not the LEOs. The responsible party.

            I abhor the man’s death and the cops behavior. Prior knowledge of both sides, by the other. I would consider it suicide for me to place myself into George’s position. He should have been a good guy.

      • Ju$stice to the tune of $13.3Mill & counting

    • I guess folks might of missed the part where George Floyd was IN the back of the police car, and for unknown reasons.. probably unjustifiable reasons.. the police GRABBED him back out of the car. That’s when officer Chauvin applied his death grip knee hold. Cops know that is a deadly hold. They know how long and how much pressure to apply to cause death. That cop knew exactly what he was doing. Even the crowd around the incident pleaded with the officer to stop his hold. To no Avail. Why didn’t the other officers step in? The crowd on the street could clearly see something was wrong. It wasn’t the job of that officer to apply the death penalty over a mistaken $20. Bottom line..

      • Yeah, that’s what I saw also.

        George became barbaric while in the squad car. LEOs had to get him settled down before he harmed someone. All is good up to this decision to drag him out and soften him up. Some people are hard to transport.

        • Yeah, and that’s why the back of cop cars are built like prisons.. Pretty solid.. Settled down? That doesn’t equate turning the cop car into a hearse! Floyd had stopped resisting. Soften him up? No unfortunately more like crush his windpipe. What about ‘I can’t breathe’ could the officer not understand? It seems to me that the Officer thought a dead person would be much easier to transport… I guess some cops are just F’d up and racist!

  • Two of the cops being charged with murder were on their first week of the job. Imagine trying to tell an 18 year veteran of the job to not do something during your first week of a job. You simply wouldn’t, so don’t cast your stones at these kids. There are of course issues in the police force, but scapegoating two kids only ruins more lives.

    • I partially agree that those two are less culpable but neither of them are kids. One is 26, arguably fairly young but the other is greying and is 37.

      • That would be like saying rookie firemen should get a pass on doing nothing but to help immobilize people while their longer serving example sets fire to them and then just watching them burn as the victim screams for help and their mama as they die.
        The cop kneeling on Floyd’s chest is just as culpable and should be charged with murder as well as far as I am concerned.
        The cop kneeling on his lower extremities participated in his killing but what he did was not deadly.
        The one watching was in the best position to realize that he could have and should have intervened to save a life.
        It was his duty.
        He just watched.
        He is guilty of dereliction of duty.

        I’m not buying into the Green Cops Don’t Know the Difference Between Right and Wrong Yet School of Thought.
        And as far as the Suicide By Cop thing goes, the problem of those cops that are blood thirsty more than happy and overly anxious to oblige them needs to be solved as well.
        Don’t forget Sherri Lynn Moore.
        She was struck by at least three dozen projectiles, including 27 from three rounds of twelve guage times nine double ought buckshot, eight .223 rifle shots, and one rubber bullet, if I’m not mistaken.

        • The officer, Tou Thao, watching was the experienced partner of Derek Chauvin. I agree he should have known and done something and is complicit.

          J. Alexander Kueng was a 26-year-old black man on his third shift ever as an officer.
          Thomas Lane was a 37-year-old white man on his fourth shift ever as an officer. His attorney says twice he asked his training officer Derek Chauvin if they should help. “Lane asked, “Should we roll him on his side?” according to the documents. “No, staying put where we got him,” Chauvin responded, the complaint said. “I am worried about excited delirium or whatever,” Lane said, according to the complaint. “That’s why we have him on his stomach,” Chauvin responded, the complaint said.” https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ex-minneapolis-cop-told-other-officers-you-shouldn-t-do-n1225136

    • If you’re old enough to be a cop, you are entrusted by society to make judgment that could save or end somebody’s life. If they’d had the manhood to stop the lethal use of force on an unresusting, nonviolent person instead of aiding and abetting his murder, they’d be heroes. But no. They were complicit.

  • So first yall complain about not wanting black peolple there and now yall are like “of course no black people”
    And yall actually wonder why people out here are attempting to educate yall. Lol

  • The point is these guys are being charged only because of protest. They are protesting for many reasons. The feds know most racist cops and/or cops with complaints of violence. They can do more to remove these people. If you want people to protest for you’re lives and rights, then get down there and protest

  • I think it is way past the time to stop all of the dumb ass protesting. Some people will use any excuse to look completely stupid in Garbageville. Mr. Floyd is dead, and the officer’s responsible will be tried and sent to prison for second degree murder. The rioter’s that are stealing from businesses, wrecking expensive cars, and attacking police vehicles should be shot dead in their tracks by the police. That is the only thing they seem to understand. No different than stomping out fire ants!!

  • It is INSPIRING to see many young people protesting. As a Boomer, one of my biggest dreams is to see another generation who will stand up for peoples’ rights and for issues of justice.
    May these experiences EMPOWER young people to know that speaking their truth to authority and pushing back against the system is their right and always an option.
    In recent years, we have seen more brave protests in other countries. In the US, we have that right deeply engrained in our system, while others have less latitude to express themselves this way, yet they get in the streets to make their voices heard, while sometimes suffering the consequence. As just a few examples, think, S. Korea, France, England, Hong Kong, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Brasil, and many other countries (some most surprising, in Africa, these last years).
    It’s easy to get ‘comfy’ and spoiled in the US. So an especially big THANK YOU to protesters for taking the time to show up!
    ….If any people want support or to network/brainstorm with others, know that there are many Boomers in the area who still have a passion, and institutional knowledge to share. Just ask around…..

  • WWJD?

    What Would Josiah Do?

  • So sad to see this here. Its really is a disappointment that there are so many racists in this small community 😢 every life matters not just one race. when you hold a sign stating black lives matters it make you seem Racist and that you don’t care about any other humans

    • They would say something along the lines of “of course all lives matter but we need to show support for black lives because we believe they are being treated disproportionately inhumane compared to other races.” One might continue “to say all lives matter is more of an act of racism because you’re taking power away from the message that black lives matter, which is a message the nation needs to hear now more than ever”..or something cliché like that.

      I do think your heart is seeing clearly though, it is overall a divisive and phony social movement along racial lines. This isn’t about “educating” it’s about indoctrinating.

  • Be kind, be respectful, be loving

    This country has several veins of violence that cross all social lines. The military has murdered millions of innocent civilians. 3.2 million in Vietnam. Tens of thousands in Korea. And untold thousands in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and in Africa. We murder civilians in foreign countries and call it collateral damage. Humans are collateral? And what of the untold millions of American military personnel who have give their lives for what. Our freedoms? Name one country that has attack our freedoms? Even Japan’s attack at Pearl Harbor didn’t as much put a scratch in the Bill of Rights. Even if Japan had defeated us it had no way to they could occupy this country and change our way of life. But we had no problem throwing American Japanese families into concentration camps. Our Government puts many young men and women in harm’s way and for what. Profits for weapons corporations? So American can have an Army that requires $880 billion taxpayer dollars to run. If we just considered the U.S. Navy submarines only they carry sufficient weapons to annihilate the entire world ten times over. And Army personnel who survive their tour of duty come home with any number of war caused inflictions. Especially PTSD. How many of those troops have returned home only to commit suicide or live their life without hands and arms feet and legs or eyes? And yet some claim they gave their lives and bodies to protect our way of life. Not once was our way of life threatened.

    All those years of violence has crept into our everyday life just because some elected official says they are protecting us. No, they are protecting the corporations that make billions of taxpayer profits manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. During our past 250 years we have made minorities the scapegoat. Starting with the American Indians, moving to Afro Americans, Mexican Americans, Japanese Americans, American Union members and probably more. Some were murdered by hate groups, some were murdered because they were seen as less than human, some were murdered because of what they believed that was different than others’s beliefs. The U.S. has the higher murder rate than all of Europe, China and the South Pacific and Canada put together. South America is the second worst record. If you wonder where all the hate and violence comes from; it grows right under our noses. According to the Washington Post in the year 2019 police killed 1004 people. Forty six police officers were killed in the line of duty.

    Today we have an opportunity to change that. First change what police can do. No more choke holds. No more knees on a person’s throat. No more screaming at people to get down on the ground. These just activate the fight or flight response. The example were heads of police departments that dropped their utility belts and walked with the protesters. Some arm and arm. Some give out hugs. Some helping protesters who were injured. The looting was drastically reduced. The violence was dampened. One has to think what the outcome would have been if we didn’t drop bombs in Vietnam, but instead we built roads and schools and hospitals. We sent helpers rather than soldiers. We helped them by traing doctors and nurses. The world would have seen us as not the ugly Americans, but seen us as the good and giving Americans. Same for Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places where we used our might to bomb people into submission and killing civilians. That has NEVER worked. Tomorrow must become an open America for all the citizens. It will take a long time. Better this than the spiral of violence we now see everywhere.

    • Jumped the rails and crashed the idea, didn’t need to slam anybody.

      //All those years of violence has crept into our everyday life just because some elected official says they are protecting us.//

      Politics aside, humans are a violent race, all colors. We tend to kill and let others sort out the details. Thousands of generations haven’t been able to breed out the ingrained racism. It’s more truthful to declare survival rather than racism.

      The protection racket in America has morphed into insurance … LEOs used to fight against the protection racket. Question your leaders.

  • The “ALL LIVES MATTER” crowd once again putting on the we are oppressed like black people cape. Must be nice to sit on hundreds of acres growing untaxed weed for years. Slavery+convict leasing+Jim Crow+Redlining+mass Incarceration+ Job discrimination+ school segregation+No clean food+ No clean water, no access to good healthcare. Hold on to your privilege while you still can because all those things I listed are not alignment with the creators natural order. All those things I listed show your greed, lust for power, the evilness that lives inside of you, your lack of compassion. To treat people differently based on their skin color has to be the most simple minded, lowest level of thinking on the planet. Light that joint and enjoy some BoB Marley you hypocrites. Our children deserve better than the world you are creating for them with this racist type of thinking. When you say “all lives matter” finish your sentence “all lives matter except for black lives” Peace and love to the ones that don’t put profits over people!

    • It’s politics, Donny. Your odds of swaying an “All lives matter” chanter with your rhetoric is as likely as changing the mind of someone protesting outside an abortion shop with a “her body her choice” t-shirt. Especially when you insult them by implying they think black people’s lives don’t matter.
      Try to realize they aren’t on your program and forgive them for not jumping on board with the slightest push of social pressure. It’s a good thing we have a diversity of opinion, because nothing is as simple as it seems.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        I thought the “my body my choice” argument went out the window with the whole COVID thing? I thought its “my body governments choice” now.

        • Are you arguing that asking people to wear pants in public is a violation of their rights? or perhaps masks?

          • Both are. And the pants thing stems from a weird sexulization of our natural bodies. Maybe dont sit on a bench bare bottomed butbthe fact its illegal to b naked is ridiculous.

    • Spot on!!

    • You obviously know how the Game is played, yet you have issues with those who play it harder than you.

      You gotta get your hands dirty if you want to come up on this playing field.

      All that untaxed money you complain about went back into the community, and not into the bloated government.

      Government should not be a massive employer, and yet it takes an incredible amount of money to keep those departments funded.

      Welcome to the jungle.


    Thanks to all of you who attended and helped to release a collective rebel yell. Kudos to the student organizers from South Fork and HSU students who traveled here to support them, actively embodying the spirit of “ Each One , Teach One“. Your presence was truly appreciated, and energy helps to lend a feeling of support for families of color living locally, including ours. It can often feel isolating and uncomfortable living amongst so many that just don’t(or don’t want to) get it. But today’s demonstration has rekindled hope that in a community where we all know someone who’s received unjust treatment by local and federal cops, there are many still brave enough to speak out. See you on the Plaza for Arcata’s March to HSU Wednesday to continue to Fight the Power! Keep an eye out for fb posts from Vicki at HSU for details!✊🏼🖤❤️💚💛💙
    Bring your 📷📱This time the Revolution Will Be Televised!

  • Well said Donny! Right is right. What a waste of air and ink. Enough of the left wing leeches sponging and sulking taking up hard earned money from the real backbone of this country, spreading these yummy crumbs around and eating em when nobody’s lookin. You people are teaching our children to whine and cry when they don’t get what they want. Is that what you did to get where you are? They should’ve just hung that cop and been done with it.

    • Why aren’t you angry at the real looters?


      There is no excuse for a society that has 99% struggling to survive and the rest revenuing off ’em.

      Left, right…we have a common enemy and the divisions stoked by the uber riche. We can find common ground for change! We are on the same ‘side’!!

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Please point me in the direction of the society that has 99% struggling to survive? Are you saying that I am in the top 1% because I am in no way struggling to survive.

  • Fun with facts!

    Good on all who speak their peace in public. It’s a brave new world…same world, new kind of bravery.

  • So someone help me out, as i don’t have Facebook. Is flu season over? Is it now protest season? Is Orange Man Still Bad?

  • @kymkemp The link at the bottom says “Redheaded Black Belt” but links to the Journal.

  • Lookitt at all them white devvels.

  • Cool flag that one gal is carrying! Is that the flag of the Humboldt Nation?

  • How will the leftist revolutionaries organize when all the smartphones go bunk and Costco shuts down for good?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for defunding our entire society, [edit] and seeing what elements rise to the top, but the right wing has been eerily absent from this social fracas.. so in that regard I hope the left is enjoying its rare moment
    of social solidarity.
    However, silence of the right wing, in response to the riots, doesn’t mean complicity, as the saying goes,.. it means that everybody is watching, seeing what demographics are acting in these riots, and watching what authorities are allowing..
    A month ago it was covid lockdowns and the left was eating it up like mashed potatoes..
    Now we see how silly that skit was, lol..
    We tried impeachment, we tried covid, let’s try some social unrest😴
    Celebrate it, I guess, lol
    E Pluribus Nihilum

  • This whole narrative can be broken down simply. Blacks represent about 16 percent of our population. Whites represent about 43 percent of our population. The remainder is other races. Blacks are responsible for almost 50 percent of all Police interactions because of crimes. Quit being a poster child for crime and the thug way of life and you will have less deaths and black lives might really matter to more people. I have had black friends my whole life, and none of them agree 100 percent with the way this continues to go. Oh and did you know that these protests are keeping some counties from reopening, just thought I’d say!