Peaceful Protest in Garberville on Friday

BLM garberville



  • Black Rifles Matter

    Screw BLM and all that you stand for.

  • Black Rifles Matter

    If I have to read one more crappy hand written poster that says “no justice no peace” I’m going to barf

  • I’m asking that this poster be removed. Something about a strongly clinched fist makes me think about violence and that is offensive to me. It doesn’t make me think about peace at all. There is never a time when a clenched fist will be send a message of peace.

    Oh yeah, that’s right… it’s ok for some groups to exercise their first ammendment rights, just not white people. Yet, this poster is indeed a “Poster Child” for racism.

    • This is offensive. These groups are terrorists.
      We cannot allow these types of groups in our community.
      A civil war has just started in our community along with a race war!
      The citizens of Humboldt do not want any of these anti-white hate groups in our county!

      • This makes me laugh uncontrollably😂😂. This has nothing to do with hating white people, it’s about letting black people have a voice in hopes of having equality. Its saying that white people have the spotlight and need to use that to their advantage to help others. people like you are the reason white people are seen so badly.

    • Kym kemp and her radical socialist friends have sold our the white community in favor of anti-white racist groups!

    • triniboldticino

      There’s nazis and the nouveau facism, then there’s the rest of us. Republicans all the way to socialists. Vote, but never vote the way nazis vote.

    • ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊

      Look, I’m a terrorist.

    • Alf maybe you should watch the very offensive video of mr. Floyd’s murder. Toughen the fuck up if a poster of a fist hurts your [edit] emotions. The man was murdered and your offended? You have family? Turn the tables and feel the offense.

  • A counterview of the protests from one of the “oppressed”:

    “You’re not opressed, you’re lazy…”

  • Wonder which African American there gonna have to import to garberville to have there face plastered on the news???? 99% of these BLM protests in humboldt are white kids……I don’t think even the black people get it yet. In LA the African Americans were calling out all the “white boys” for tagging and vandalizing in the name of BLM. “This is our movement! Go home!”

    • Its because white people have the spotlight that they can use to help the BLM movement. It’s called white supremacy.

  • This is a power fist. It doesn’t symbolizes empowerment. The Symbol was made famous by Frank Cieciroka.

  • Black fist good. White fist bad. Here’s a recent incident where a black cop killed an unarmed white citizen and the media coverage that followed…… there was no media coverage.

  • BLM is full of lies, we don’t want this racist anti-white group protesting in our community!
    You are not wanted here, take your fake socialist revolution and go somewhere else with it.

  • Go ahead and delete my posts again!

    I will keep saying it.


    • You see a peaceful protest of mostly white people advocating for the rights of minorities as somehow anti-white? (Any rally in SoHum is going to be mostly white.) You might want to look to your own racism if that’s the case.

      • triniboldticino

        They can’t. They’re in serious denial. What amazes me is the convergence of corporate facism, the nazi, KKK, white supremacists and other “base supporters” in a manner reminiscent of over 80 years ago. History repeats itself. These guys are the present-day wannabe “Squadrismo.”

      • BLM supporters can lie all they want. Their clinched fist is a symbol of hatred, racism and violence. It is in and of itself offensive and it is offensive that it is supported by any media outlet as anything else, as is the crime involved with the “protests.”

        • And this media outlet is offended that you think I should take down a call for peaceful protest.

          • Remove the offensive fist and I’m happy for peaceful protest. They can’t advertise peace and hate on the same poster. Unless of course, they are black lives matters. If I put a white fist on a poster saying come to a peaceful protest it would never be posted. Instead it would be considered white supremacy or white power even though I detest both.

            I would never block anyone from free speech, but the poster isn’t free speech, it’s hate speech. And BLM has never been a peaceful organization.

            Not to worry. I will not be there. I don’t want to associate with hate, even in a “peaceful” atmosphere.

            • Alf, you can spin a black fist as representing hate but you don’t seem to have a problem with a white fist and neither do I–to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never refused a poster with one nor can I see myself doing so in the future—You know why? Because only in the minds of frightened people is it a sign of hate.

              The raised fist is a sign of solidarity across the world.

              “A raised right fist was used as a logo by the Industrial Workers of the World[3] (IWW) in 1917. However, it was popularised during the Spanish Civil War of 1936–1939, when it was used by the Republican faction as a greeting, and was known as the “Popular Front salute” or the “anti-fascist salute”. The right fist salute subsequently spread among leftists and anti-fascists across Europe.[4]…The symbol has been picked up and incorporated around the world by various oppressed groups. ”

              • I do have a problem with a white fist. I think they are both wrong on a peace poster. My point is that a huge amount of attention on this site has been given to the fist on the white power shirt being racist, but the black fist used for BLM is not. I simply disagree with that. I believe both scenarios to be racist. A fist, whether black, white, brown or any other color is a poor choice for peace. And, with all the criminal activity BLM has been engaged in through the years, it is impossible for anyone who has followed their criminal footprint on this nation over the years not to be offended by their racist fist of hate. The videos of the protests in Eureka which were very destructive and full of hate had a lot of people holding BLM signs and a lot of chanting “black lives matter,” all while busting windows, throwing things, beating the crap out of and vandalising cop cars. Also, a lot of comments on this site have included the same chant. If they want a hand to represent peace, there is a universal hand gesture of peace and it isn’t a clinched fist. I’m pretty sure most people are aware of both gestures and know that they are not the same.✌

          • Okay. Let’s also peacefully march down our local Martin Luther King Blvd with signs saying “It’s Okay To Be White”.

            • Go for it. You live in a society that tells you its okay to be white every time an officer approaches your car and you don’t worry that you might get shot. Sure, most officers aren’t racist or at least that racist but you know it happens.

              You live in a society that tells you its okay to be white when you apply for a job and your application is more likely to be read and approved because your culturally appropriate John Smith doesn’t raise the same eyebrows as LaTonya Brown.

              If you can’t see that, then go ahead and walk around saying, “White is okay.” As a power slogan, it’s a little limp but go for it.

              • I spent 2 long years fearing for my life right here in good old Humboldt. It was because of a racist Mexican cop. I was actually kidnapped and held with no warrant for over 4 hours. The nightmare continued over 2 years. I guess in my case I wasn’t told or assured it was ok to be white, was I. So, I guess maybe I was awarded the right to be fearful of the intentions of people of other races. I do my best to treat everyone with respect, but it no longer comes without a little fear of what might happen. I know more Mexican people who aren’t racist, but there is hesitation based on crime committed against me. There is a lot more of this that goes on than anyone knows. In my case, it was ignored because I was white.

                • As you describe this, it sounds terrible and I’m sorry you suffered. Alf, I don’t think any intelligent person would say that white people don’t suffer injustices. And individual cases can be very painful to hear. That said, stats back up that unarmed black people are killed more frequently than unarmed white people, that when race indicators are striped from job applications, black people are hired more frequently.

                  I wish that we all treated each other a little more kindly.


        • White lives matter! O crap, my racism is showing again. See, just the wording of it reeks of hate, injustice,racism and yes, superiority. Some lives matter, where others don’t.

      • Where is the nearest Martin Luther King Blvd where us White Folks can peacefully march in support of White Lives Matter?

        For that matter…can any White Person even safely walk down a Martin Luther King Blvd anywhere in the USA?

        • It’s been a few years but I used walk around in Berkeley on Martin Luther King Blvd no one bothered me but one old homeless lady that cornered me with her shopping cart.

          • Oh. You didn’t just delete my post but actually responded with a thoughtful response. Okay. Let’s exchange more personal memories. In 1968, while waiting for a bus to take my 19 year-old self to work at my 4pm-to-Midnight job in downtown San Francisco, several young African American “youths” broke my jaw while I was standing on a 3rd Street corner waiting for the bus. Nice sunny 3pm day in August.

            My crime: Being a White Guy in their neighborhood waiting for the bus to go to work. A police car drove me to the hospital.


            Please share more warm personal stories as a White Woman on Martin Luther King Blvd in Berkeley.

            • Being a woman, while often being a disadvantage, comes with its own set of advantages. I’m sure I was not perceived as a threat. On the other hand, my husband never reported any issues either. Sometimes people will act like assholes and because of bad luck, innocents get hurt.

              • Oh. Blacks physically attack Innocent White People because of “bad luck”.

                Thanks for your fair and thoughtful response Kym.

      • Thank you kym. As always you rock and others at best suck.

  • With one of their go fund me efforts now at over 9million that’s about as close to justice as one can expect in the good old u$a.

    No amount of assembling on the street will disassemble this issue that brought us to that curb in Minneapolis.

    I’ve gone deep trying to understand all sides. It goes far beyond race. All you need to do is look to POC in leadership roles and acting as role models. They did it. So can others.

    The crux of this, in my view, is gun control. And the violent crime that propagates from lax regs.

    The USA has 112 guns per 100 people. Highest in the world.

    Law enforcement anticipate every encounter to possibly involve a firearm. So they are armed. And trained to use deadly force.

    Look to the nation’s like Norway which social justice warriors hold up as an example of a police force that isn’t killing people on the regular. Their guns are secured in their cruisers. And Norway has some of the most stringent gun laws worldwide.

    We will need good luck and good leadership from without and within with that one. Until the NRA isn’t in bed with our government, and people religious about being armed back off, this will continue. I promise.

    • Knowing most gun owners don’t stop with one gun, the 112 guns per hundred people is far too small a number. It should be in the 500 to 1,000 guns per 100 people if Americans were better prepared to self defend. Let’s just say that gun owners can and should protect themselves and their families from threats foreign or domestic, such as BLM and other groups know to be violent. A good gun owner never leaves home without it!

      • Amen to that. I don’t own assault weapons, but I got a hell of a lot of defense weapons!

      • The violent crime that mass availability of firearms promotes is being ignored .

        Statistics PROVE that fatal encounters with law enforcement –by any race– on any race — are ALWAYS influenced by the violent crime rate in the neighborhood in which the incident happens. Look it up

        High violent crime rates promoted by easy availability of firearms are a factor that most are unwilling to look at.

        • Pretty sure that “white” people possess more firearms than any other identified ethnic group.

          “During 1999–2014, a general decline in homicide trends for non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black, and Hispanic populations occurred, followed by a significant increase in the rates for all three groups between 2014 and 2015. In 2015, homicide rates were 5.7 deaths per 100,000 for the total population, 20.9 for non-Hispanic blacks, 4.9 for Hispanics, and 2.6 for non-Hispanic whites. During 1999–2015, rates of deaths from homicide were highest for non-Hispanic blacks and lowest for non-Hispanic whites and declined the most for Hispanics.”

          • Edit: 5.7 deaths per 100,000 for the total population, 20.9 for non-Hispanic blacks, 4.9 for Hispanics, and 2.6 for non-Hispanic whites.

            Pretty sure you meant to say 26 deaths per100k?

            Gun ownership stats aside your homicide stats support the risk-factor of an astronomical rate of violent crime in and on black communities.

            Someone chiming in with the questionable argument that “they have no other option than to steal, do drugs, and kill each other ; we made them do that, ” in 3..2..1…

            • I don’t know what your “edit” comment means. The quote I offered is straight from the CDC. 2.6 per 100k is the number, not 26.

              Obviously violent crime in many black communities is out of control, but your assertion that it is related to high rates of firearm ownership does not bear out when looking at the numbers.

              • I assert crime rates are promoted by easy availability of guns. Obviously it’s not gun ownership alone , there’s always character flaws that lead one to commit violent crimes. Guns make that easier . Law enforcement are hyper-vigilant for firearms because potentially everyone is armed and people with character flaws and armed with a gun have been know to murder them .

                And I gotcha now .. Your CDC stats also highlight clearly the disparity between races. The risks are real!

                Who would most people say are responsible for all that bloodshed ?

                Per the FBI, and common knowledge (not hyperbole) it is black brothers taking each other out. And silence and fear within the black in communities like Oakland with high crime rate and huge caseloads of unsolved murders helps perpetuate that trend.

                When do we march against that noise?

  • I will be there just like I was last Saturday. One of the most moving moments of that day was when a car going north slowed down, we waved and raised our fists. The car honked like so many did as they drove by. Then the car decided to pullover across the street and a young black woman got out and took a picture of us. We waved her over and she talked with an elder white woman who was there. By the time their conversation ended both were in tears. If they could have hugged I’m sure they would have. That young woman was really moved by driving thru this small town and seeing a good handful of people standing in the rain supporting the lives of black people……….. see you there

  • Surprised, not surprised to see a bunch of folks complaining about a peaceful protest, afraid of a bunch of folks standing up for minority rights.
    Dont worry darlins. The world’s not getting any better. We will get to keep being ourselves. Our minds will keep thinking its superior to everything else and kindness will just flit around in between the webs of hate. Fear not.

  • “Your silence is violence” is roughly the same as ‘if you’re not with us you’re against us’. This sows only division and psychological/emotional manipulation. What will this reap? Division and irrationality.

  • Hi! I just wanted to say that this is a PEACEFUL protest. Looting local business, violence, or hate speech absolutely won’t be tolerated, as we believe it goes against the core idea of the movement. If you are planning to come to this protest to do anything other than stand in solidarity with our black and brown brothers and sisters, please don’t. Also this rally in particular was planned by white people, because we live in a majority white area. I’m glad that this post has made SoHum show it’s true colors within a matter of hours. Black people at the Arcata protest said they were too scared to come to SoHum. It’s disgusting and it needs to change.

    • It didn’t work in Eureka. The guy on the megaphone, a former neighbor buy the way, said he would not stand for it. They didn’t listen to him very well. I hope they listen to you. Even after the sloppy wet kiss fest with the Chief and Sheriff, there was vandalism and violence. BLM is not, has never been, but hopefully will be some day peaceful.

  • i hope we don’t get to where St. Louis already is.

  • I give this News Blog about one more month and the comment threads will be nothing more than a platform for White Nationalism.
    What crybabies and snowflakes you are insisting that the poster be removed. All while defending YOUR supposed “free speech”. You’re jokes,laughable clowns, blabbering whiners. What a laugh.

  • I hope the local youth gets out and explores the rest of the world…because reading these comments are so disturbing and small. Living in a primarily white area, and to hear all the fear from these white people over other white people protesting…. You fear what is different. The system was built for white people, if you are white and have not succeeded this is on you. The system was built to keep black and brown people down..450 years down. So your complaints about a fist making you uncomfortable or, white people protesting for people who have have no voice is a joke. You want black people to act according to “societies contacts” but the contract has been broken for a long time! So take the whitesplaning of how you think it should be done, and get off the stage.

    • You hear fear because you’re not actually listening to what other people’s perspectives are.



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