In the Pandemic, Eureka Restaurants Find Ways to Welcome Back Customers and Maintain Social Distancing

A partition separates the chef at Shamus T-bones from the patrons.

On the first night of dine-in restaurant service reopening in Humboldt County after Governor Gavin Newsom ordered shutdowns across the state in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new partition separates the chef at Shamus T-bones from the patrons.

Below, photographer Mark McKenna takes us on a tour of four restaurants–three that opened Friday night, and one that waited—to get a sense of the changes that are occurring as the result of measures to protect patrons and staff from the dangers of the disease but still allow for economic activity and the social needs of the residents.



  • Maybe it doesn’t make any difference but if you are not eating, and just waiting for your food, masks are not required?

    • Who can know about masks?

      Yesterday I had lunch inside the Trinity Deli, in Weaverville. The sign at the entrance said “masks encouraged”. I poked my head inside and to my enjoyment, more than half of the 30 people inside weren’t masked. Cool!

      I ordered a cold draft with a chicken sandwich/fries that were heaven sent. A tall man black, was strumming his 6 string and people were laughing with abandon. At last, a slice of peace for an hour.

      I think the love and consideration is here, maybe not the way it was but definitely alive and happy.

  • Chris Barry is wearing a valved N95 mask (which offers him great protection, but it is required to have a piece of cloth affixed over the valve. That’s what I did with mine.

  • I applaud these restaurants for their efforts. I hope they can make a profit. With so few tables available it will be a challenge. But hopefully, take out orders plus limited dine in will be enough.

    • Dr. Fraud Fauci

      It’s planned. They are going to intentionally destroy the middle class.. Its so obvious. They cant survive off of 50% income. THIS IS A BIG FUCKING HOAX MORONS.

      Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development page 18. Event 201 with Bill Gates himself!! Foo Chain Reaction Game! They are killing our livestock and taking over the food and changing our food to micro biology and no one knows it! Horrible news

      • Industrial Disease

        Why does this commenter get to call us rude names but I am not allowed to tell him what kind of [Edit]

  • Why is the library still closed? Readers want to be served too. And don’t tell me about how I can download books. Not everyone can. The library is a public institution, paid for with our taxes. There is no explanation for it remaining closed, and yes, I emailed Estelle about this and so far (2 weeks) she has not responded.

    • I feel the same way, and have been shocked there’s not been more of an outcry from those of us that rely on libraries! I am a avid (addicted?) nightly reader, who refuses to read an electronic book in bed since its just not the same. I have nearly exhausted my back-up stash of books.

      They should at least have curbside pick up by now! I heard they were working on that several weeks ago, but I’ve seen no progress. Let’s hope soon!

      • In Eureka there are little libraries and you can just grab a book for two to read.

      • Dr. Fraud Fauci

        Its planned. Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development page 18! This is a silent war. Wake up dick!

        • So who do you think is behind this world wide pandemic Dr.Fraud Fauci? If you’d like people to listen to your point of view derogatory remarks might not not be the way to gain listeners.

    • Education and Freedom are enemy of the state. Books teach stuff.

    • I have more books in my personal library than our library has. And when I ran out of space for my books, I got a Kindle and I liked it. So, now I have five various kinds of Kindle’s with approximately 4,000 books that I personally selected for my reading pleasure. I also have 9000 of my favorite tunes and several hundred movies to select from with more coming every day. I still like libraries, repositories of life and culture. I would think they would open when it’s safe. In the meantime, a used Kindle Fire can be picked up for around $20. And, you can get literally hundreds, maybe thousand of books, from various places online for free. Selecting books should not be death defying.

      • I can read books on a tablet like a Kindle during the day, but not at night. I read until I fall asleep, sometimes waking still holding the book, most times having the book next to me on the pillow. I am very nearsighted, and take off my glasses before bed to read, so I have the reading material quite close to my face. An electronic tablet just doesn’t work for my purposes at night.

    • Actually just rechecked the library site… They have the curbside pickup now! Hooray! I would’ve thought this merited a huge headline, personally.

  • Our supervisors are cowards and complicit in this tyrannical oppression. Let them know by voting them out of office.

  • I’m glad our restaurants are reopening but do people really feel safe going out to eat right now? We get take out or delivery once or twice a month but we definitely wouldn’t dine in some where right now. But I’m glad our restaurant owners and workers are back in action and hopefully able to make some money.

  • Nevertrustacop

    Smh y’all still believing this. Sooooooo many states and cities not enforcing this medical experiment of “social distancing” and “masks” and everyone is fine.(experiment because there is no studies proving the effectiveness of these techniques regarding infection rates of viruses) I for one do not consent to mass medical experiments. to top it off last week the CDC changed the case fatality rate to around that of the flu, at a fraction of a percentage. Meaning you’ve been lied to all throughout this. I’m sorry to break the news and I know it’s hard to accept because it implies you are fooled by those who benefit from you being fooled and controlled. Corona fearmongering is soo last month anyways, now we fear civil unrest remember.

    • Dr. Fraud Fauci

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      We live in a one world government already you morons! Left and right… hahaha give me a break! You all still believe in that paradigm? They are playing both sides. Love seeing I’m not the only one awake!

  • Fuck Eureka Again

    Great! I can’t wait to go eat at the AA! Incredibly clean establishment & not a tad bit republicunty.

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  • Yersinia Testies

    Oh, I’m sure that the same greedy gobblers that won’t bother to keep the roaches and other vermin out of their food, or even throw the contaminated foodstuffs away are going to be on top of that virus.


    Send in the coffin dancers!

  • “Send in the coffin dancers!”

    Too cute!

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