Round Valley Sends 200 Origami Peace Cranes to White House

This is a press release from Round Valley:

People in Round Valley have folded 200 origami peace cranes, or tsuru, to send to the White House along with the demand for human rights and dignity for asylum seekers and all immigrants. Over the past two years, Round Valley children and adults have folded tsuru during events held at the Round Valley Public Library, and at the Round Valley Indian Health Center Fair. Tsuru were saved with the general idea of someday creating a meaningful piece of art for the community. Now these 200 tsuru will join thousands more in a nationwide action.

All across the United States Japanese Americans are saying, “Stop repeating history! Never again is now!” Japanese Americans remember well President Roosevelt’s 1942 Executive Order 9066, which forcibly removed people of Japanese descent from the West Coast and held them in inland internment camps. Today thousands of immigrant children and families are being held indefinitely in detention camps under deplorable conditions, including lack of medical care.

Tsuru for Solidarity is a non-violent, direct action project that stands on the moral authority of Japanese Americans, and is in solidarity with all communities being unjustly targeted today. The goal of gathering 125,000 tsuru to represent the number of Japanese incarcerated in the U.S. and Latin America during World War II has been reached, and a new goal of an additional 400,000 represents the number of children and adults being held in immigration detention centers annually.

The specific demands that accompany the tsuru are:

·       Close all immigrant detention camps

·       Defund family detention and deportation

·       Reunify children and their families

·       Fund humanitarian aid and solutions

On June 6 and 7,  people will gather in protest in a Tsuru Rising! Virtual Protest to Close the Camps, and take action to end immigrant detention. More information can be found at .



  • The US didn’t want to participate in WWII. The Japanese bombed the US. Don’t forget that part of history. How come the US is the problem here? Those who violate OUR laws, come here illegally, then DEMAND their rights should never have a say in anything. The should definitely not be held here in internment camps, they should get a one way “get the hell out of our country” ticket, just like their countries of origin would give us. This last week, with all the riots going on shows me this country has enough problems to deal with just with our own citizens, we certainly don’t need illegals adding to them. The law says if you want to come to the United States, file to come here legally. It’s total BS for anyone to break our laws and then demand anything. What happened in 1942 may not have been right, every individual must decide on their own. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know. What I do know is that it was an act of a president trying to keep his country safe. Every act of deportation is also to keep our country safe.

    • “Every act of deportation is also to keep our country safe.” Given as illegal immigrants commit substantially fewer crimes than white citizens, the best way to improve safety would be to encourage as many of them to come as possible…

      “The Japanese bombed the US.” The Japanese-Americans did not bomb the US. In fact, by becoming US citizens, one could reasonably assume they agreed more with the US than they did with their homeland. Interring people for nothing but their race rather than their actions is pretty clear racism.

      • did you hear yourself? the key word here is illegal. as in illegal alien. everyday they are here they are committing a crime

  • The Real Brian

    A nice gesture, but about as useful as sending a bible and a white rose to Louis Farrakhan.

    I watched Cindy Sheehan hand over 10,000 hand gathered signatures in 2006 to White House security detail while we were protesting Iraq, Bush and the war on terror.

    The booklet of signatures was walked about 10′ feet to a garbage can and thrown in there by Security Sam…

  • They do realize they’ll simply be tossed in the trash without a second thought, right?

    • If they are being sent to try to get the president to break the law, as stated in their mission statement, then that is exactly what should happen. If they were being sent to support citizens of the United States I’m sure they would be accepted and celebrated.

      • Which of these is breaking the law?
        · Close all immigrant detention camps
        · Defund family detention and deportation
        · Reunify children and their families
        · Fund humanitarian aid and solutions

        • Anything that allows illegal immigrants to stay is against the law. They broke the law by sneaking into the country, so the law requires they be detained and deported. The only legal way to live in this country as a noncitizen is with a LPR card or visitor Visa. Having family, friends, or the desire for employment here are not legal. Asking the president to quit rounding up illegal immigrants and quit deporting them is asking him to break the law. Even DACA hasn’t been renewed by Congress because they are too busy trying to get rid of Trump. It’s shocking this must be explained as it is common knowledge, even in an illegally deamed sanctuary state. Maybe ignorance is bliss. Or maybe people believe if they deny the truth long enough it will no longer be the truth.

  • So an Indian reservation which is plagued by illegals and cartel growing massive amounts of weed on there land want more illegals? Isn’t this the problem I’m seeing in the news lately?

  • Does anyone stop to consider child sex trafficking? Many of these children are put in camps to protect them. NOT ALL but some.
    Watch this movie for an eye opener.

  • It’s the intention behind an action that gives it power. If they toss um in the garbage makes no difference. Like a sand mandala that gets blown away when finished

  • Eunice Castillo

    Really so they do something nice u make ugly comments Fan really

  • Eunice Castillo

    Really so our friends the Natives do a nice peace jester u knock it down really at least they go out of there way do a positive ting Thankyou my friends if more of us do a positive remark positive positive outlook this whole mess would of not started ppl should stop being so judgmental on what ppl do

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