[UPDATE 11:10 p.m.] Protest Heating Up as Night Grows Darker

After the earlier peaceful protest, when dark fell, some elements of the crowd appeared to be pushing for violent confrontation. According to reports by officers over the scanner just before 9:30 p.m., some protesters directed slingshots at officers.

About 10:09 p.m., an officer reported over the scanner being hit with a rock. It was unclear if he was in a vehicle or not.

About 10:33, confusing reports over the scanner indicated that the crowd may have attacked someone tagging items with spray paint. To try and disperse the attack, Eureka Police released a large number of pepper balls into the crowd, according to a witness.

Police and protesters at 5th and N in Eureka.

Police and protesters at 5th and N in Eureka. [Photo provided by a reader]

At 10:35 p.m., EPD protest units requested all available units to 5th and N Street.

Multiple people have pepper ball exposure.

Several people are being detained.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 11:10 p.m.: Nazy Javid from North Coast News was at the scene.


UPDATE 11:55 p.m.: Nazy Javid just posted this video from the actual pepper ball shooting that a viewer sent her.

UPDATE Monday morning: When Some Protesters Attempted to Take a Man Being Arrested for Vandalism From Police, Pepper Balls Were Deployed



  • Thugs. That’s who waited until after dark to commit their crimes. Hopefully those detained will be charged with domestic terrorism. It is unlikely, but it should happen. Keep these people off the streets. Once this current “cause” for violence passes it will be these same people who participate in more mayhem any chance they get if not in jail where they belong. The Police Chief and Sheriff made good speeches, now they need to follow through with zero tolerance for these criminals. I doubt it will happen, given the very poor local track record, but I’m still hopeful. Please don’t disappoint.

    • Thank your Governor for how we are and aren’t able to arrest people. Its not up to local LEO.

      • These are violent offenders. We are supposed to be able to keep them in jail according to even our loser Governor.

      • Feel the warm orange glow, uh oh, getting kinda hot..

        Well one bad cop has crapped in everyones’ yard. You can’t arrest everybody. The mood in the country has gotten this many people upset, and out in the streets. President Orange Glow has encouraged violence, especially types of violence associated with Black suppression, like the “vicious dogs..” comment, and the re-use of the term from apartheid Florida, ” when the looting starts, the shooting starts” that brings out an angry response. Then add white power agent provocateurs, and run-of-the-mill degenerates, and it is a big mess.
        Too bad they can’t riot in a place like Calabasas instead of downtown Eureka. Don’t damage Locally owned, minority owned businesses, or any private property. Your gonna need those folks as allies. So much winning, I am getting tired of it.

        • It’s groups like humboldt grassroots movement that are encouraging violence in humboldt without thugs,vandals and criminals there would be no reason for any warnings

        • My family of 4 live in Calabasas. Explaining to my kids why a POS would suggest criminals to do harm to thei city. Thanks!

    • Tell it alien Tell it all to us
      Your truths are so informative

    • Property damage is not a capitol crime dip shit domestic terrorist is not that. Educate before spreading your shit across the floor.

      • Nope. You’re incorrect.

        Equal and effective deterrent is lawful. Nobody gets to have a free run at another person’s property or person.

      • You must not own anything because terrorizing people’s property is a act of terrorism

      • Thank you epd for saving the town.

        The RICO statute provides for prison terms of 20 years, has been used to take down the Mexican mafia.

        Educate yourself before you spread your “s” across the floor.

        You can’t vandalize other people’s property, period, if you do you will go to jail.

    • When I was young my mom had a saying: Nothing good happens late night.

  • Thank you so much for getting us the update Kym!!! Please donate to Kym everyone, she is working around the clock for us to all.

  • According to the “Humboldt Grassroots” Facebook page peacefully protesting and getting along with police is “humiliating” and they don’t want to be associated with the first half of the night. Wondering how many of their followers are not at home right now OR on the arrest log for tomorrow for being violent …..Fighting brutality with brutality.

    • Peace. Unity. We're all in this together

      Humboldt grassroots is one shweaty person in a basement. Hey HG see how you are providing fodder for the Cult? You are fulfilling their greasy race war fantasy.

    • I support that

  • Answer for bleeding ear Watson

    Liquid antacid helps the pepper spray.

    It’s pretty disturbing to see the woman shot in the ear with a pepper ball. A bleeding ear is very dangerous. Its at around 14:30 in video.

    Steve Watson if youre reading this I want you to answer for this!
    I have already forwarded the video to NLG and the lawyers who defended the Pepper Spray 9.
    You see how people throw bottles after you shoot people in the head with rubber bullets? Only you are allowed to be violent? You didn’t do anything to the man who hit protesters with his car yesterday.
    Your actions create more violence do you not get it?
    Just because you calmed the crowd by hugging protesters does not mean you care obviously just that you know good tactics.
    You know how dangerous pepper spray up close is and Im wondering if you just broke the law as the decision against the county in the pepper spray lawsuit said you cant pepper spray up close.
    I see a lawsuit coming!!! Youd best contact nancy Delaney and learn the rules that came out of that lawsuit.

    • Oh man, you forwarded the video to a lawyer? I’ll bet EPD is shitting their pants right now. A real life lawyer? I’ve only ever heard tell of them on the television!

      Clowns like you crack me up. You want to hold police to task for doing something you think violates the law / social contract / your rights (news flash: pepperballing violent protesters is none of those things)… but you’re violating the same principles by engaging in an unlawful and violent assembly. Put another way, you don’t want shot in your ear with a pepperball… be at home watching Tiger King like a normal person and not smashing bottles in the street at midnight! Or, a more simplistic explanation: you started it.

      • I believe this one will fall under the category of play stupid games, win stupid prizes. These turd stains aren’t protesting anything, they are anarchists looking for their fix!

    • Before you comment, before you act, I ask that you think things through. You’ll never get anywhere meaningful without doing so.

      You know nothing whatsoever about the personal life of the Chief. Don’t act like you do. Have you ever spoken to him on a personal level? Do you have a degree in psychology, do you understand how to read people? It’s clear that you don’t.

      I guarantee you that he hardly gets sleep over this, trying to figure out how to help this situation remain calm and show people that he cares. He does everything he can to make sure that violence is absolutely the last course of action when all other things do not work, the absolute worst case scenario. He doesn’t want to see people get hurt, and he most definitely doesn’t want people to feel scared. What happened to Floyd and what happened to the countless other people of color that fell victim to racism and police brutality pains him deeply too, just as it does all of you. He does his absolute best to assure that awful things like that don’t happen here.

      Never assume what goes on in a person’s heart. Never. All it will do is take you bad places. The life of someone in the police force that always does their best to do what’s right is more stressful than you could ever imagine. The Chief is one of the most caring and generous people I know. He doesn’t want to upset anyone. He gives his all to ensure people are happy and safe, and he genuinely cares about everyone he meets.

      As for the car incident, what do you expect? Tell me, what happens when you throw yourself in front of a moving car? You get hit. You can’t blame anyone but the people that threw themselves onto the cars for that, and there were no confirmed major injuries sustained to anyone regardless.

      Think before you speak. Please. It’ll save you a lot of trouble in life.

      • More white people are killed by cops than any other group. Never a peep about that.

        • That complete Bs.

          • Fingers in your ears

            Be vigilant and informed. The narrative is skewed to invalidate lives lost that don’t fit it. Do your own digging . The data is easily accessed.
            In short , OBVIOUSLY the white population is higher so logically they experience a higher number of fatal encounters with law enforcement.

            But black lives matter (more.)

          • More white people are killed by police in the US than black people, but white people make up a higher percent of the population. Blacks are killed by police at a rate 2.8 times higher than white people.

        • That doesn’t relate to what I was talking about whatsoever. I was asking the person to think before speaking, to never assume what goes on in someone’s heart.

          • Mike is attempting to unpack the bogus narrative and replace it with facts. More whites actually do die at the hands of law enforcement than blacks, a lot more. But the drum beat of black lives matter leaves no room for actual stats ,
            …and folks don’t cotton to being wrong . Pardon the blatantly poor taste colloquialism; everyone has lost their perspective, sense of humor, and common sense !

    • I agree!!!! We need marshal law and curfew!!!! That way no more “innocent “ thug officer assaulting “protesters “ get hurt. We want government control! When do we want it? NOW!

    • Pro tip: Wear a helmet, avoid hyperbole

      Uh… Erm, I support the protesters, but… Bleeding ear LOBE not dangerous. Bleeding or leaking CSF from your brain via the ear is dangerous, and that level of injury would be obvious or fatal by now.

    • https://kymkemp.com/2020/06/01/when-some-protesters-attempted-to-take-a-man-being-arrested-for-vandalism-from-police-pepper-balls-were-deployed/

      Watson said two officers also were hit. He said, ” I don’t know who fired the pepper ball that struck the demonstrator in the ear but they do tend to bounce and skip around when they hit the ground even when not aimed directly at people (some may have been, I don’t know), and given how many people were there moving around and they’re proximity it can be hard to prevent.”

    • They also didn’t do anything to the protesters that were beating on police cars. The eureka police department deserves a great big thank you from law bidding citizens for their actions over the last couple of days.
      I’m sorry you can see that vandalizing property is a crime and so is interfering with the police making a arrests

  • Read the recent post from Humboldt Grassroots on Facebook. They invited people to the rally and when it was peaceful and everyone was getting along said it was humiliating and don’t want to be associated with it now. Not violent enough for them? Gross.

    • The problem wasnt the peace bit, it was giving the police a platform when its our time to talk and shout out

  • Everyone i know of republican or dempcrat, black white hispanic etc believes the officer should be arrested and put on trial. The offcer was arrested on murder charges. What are people protesting? We are all united in our beliefs and justice is being served so why all the protests? They have that right but i do not get why they are giving the few rioters a platform and encurgement to destroy the neighborhoods. The people rioting dont care about justice they are just looking for an excuse, any excuse to loot steal ans destroy. All of us must unte against all the looting and stop this travisy.

  • triniboldticino

    Love reading the posts from the trumpists. Guaranteed misspellings, hate, racism and an ignorance of what precipitated, out of the blue, all these people to go off the rails. Love reading the conspiracy theories, too.
    Stopped trying to set them straight. The trump brainworm is irreversible. Curiously, there’s some weird shit going on around the nationwide protests. Check the video of white guy umbrella man dressed in black going around smashing windows at an Autozone as police in Minneapolis push the protesters in that direction. No answer, just weirdness.

    • Your post is psychedelic enough. The hippy era never ends. Clintonian liberalism marches on. Those LSD flashbacks must be annoying.

      As for antifa punks-
      They’ll get what’s coming to them.

    • For real, the ignorance in our local population is glaring in these comments. The takeaway I get from this article is people were trying to subdue a vandal and the cops start shooting pepper balls while they were subduing the vandal lmao.

    • “ Check the video of white guy umbrella man dressed in black going around smashing windows at an Autozone “

      Yeah… they call themselves Antifa and they are responsible for 90 percent of the vandalism and fires and destruction of businesses around the country.

    • So ANTIFA desecrated World War 2 memorial in Washington DC last night.

      Any Questions?

    • Was it an umbrella like the Seal Teams might use storming a beach?

      That anarcho race warrior needs to get some decent rain gear next time he leaves the trailer.

    • So your saying it’s planned triboldt? Then you knock conspiracy theorists? Has nothing to with trump…… this is now a race war. It’s not fueled by conservatives, you have to look father to the left if you want the answer.

  • I saw it happen, they weren’t confused about the person tagging, they wanted to arrest her (him? idk). And then they ran off when the cops pointed them out. The police then started things off by arresting a guy in our group that was against the whole property damage thing and fired into the crowd, injuring one of the medics that had his hands up while kneeling. Tagging can be removed super easy, trash and trash cans can be picked up (the lady in the video who got her ear shot said she was even trying to pick up after them). Everything went to hell when some 12 y/o picked up a rock and broke the window on the sizzler, causing the alarm to go off like a moron. Most of the people who take it wayyy too far in the last 2 days are well below the age of 18, theyre in the developmental stage where theyre going to take risks and make mistakes. Dogs and kids have been at both protests, which is why people are mad about vehicles trying to run us over. 7 People were hit on saturday, one of which was a 13 y/o that walked with a limp for the rest of the march. Some of the stuff that the groups are doing may be assinine in yalls opinion, but think of other peoples families and how theyll feel if their kid doesnt come home. Would you want to be that parent?

    • In my 1911 I trust

      No, I would not be want to be that parent. You just described some craptacular parents who are raising craptacular kids who are long overdue for a spanking. Allowing your underage children to go to some rally unattended and then vandalize local businesses sounds like grounds for needing your children taken by CPS. If the children were attended then thats even worse. You described a degenerate society in need of a cleansing. Every single one of those protesters across the country should be rounded up and arrested for treason, the men, the women, and especially the children.

  • Boo Humboldt Grassroots

    Humboldt Grassroots should be ashamed. During Saturday’s event they added an event for Sunday on FB as well. Then Sunday when they didn’t like how the protesters were getting along with police they took the event down and claimed that they did not organize Sunday’s event. Um hello we see you! I for one was so proud of seeing our community members marching with police. Unfortunate you think that’s “humiliating” Humboldt Grassroots and didn’t want to be associated with it. Why don’t you reveal who you are so we know who craves unrest in our community?

  • Some need to be held accountable! If I shot someone with rubber bullets in the back of the head and shoulder , I would be stripped of my freedom and locked up . The pig who did me and others who were peaceful like that last night in eureka went home on overtime pay smiling … What’s wrong with this? Honestly the protesters they hit hardest were us peaceful ones who were not rablerousing, but trying to shed light , luv and keep the peace. Some of us were walking behind the angry mob pickin’ up trash cans toppled and urging unaware misguided angry souls to not trash local business and keep it mellow. Hell if it wasn’t for a few peaceful hippies, stupid ppl would went ham on target and a bunch of mom and pop businesses. Be a part of the solution people, ..that is all , luv n light in Humboldt and all around this world 😉 and thanx Kym for always being a voice for many!

    • In my 1911 I trust

      You should be arrested for treason. As soon as one person started to vandalize anything or assault anyone, the “peaceful” protesters should’ve left so as to not be associated with the rioting. You did not keep it mellow and you did destroy people’s property. You didn’t get nearly what you deserved. And please tell me what you were actually protesting? Obviously the rubber bullets didn’t stop anyone. Perhaps they need to use real ones next time.

  • He was charged with 3rd degree murder. People want to see those charges upgraded to at least 2nd degree.

    Several other officers participated and stood by watching the homicide take place without intervening. People want to see them arrested and charged with, at minimum, accessory to murder.

    It took a few days for him to be arrested. People want to see faster action when it comes to cops committing crimes.

    This is only one of the most recent cases from the past few weeks of cops killing or brutalizing people. People want to see massive overhaul of police policies and procedures to stop killer cops and end police brutality.

    Just in the past few days there have been MULTIPLE cases of police attacking peaceful protesters, reporters (who are protected under the Geneva Conventions), and even non-protesting bystanders, so now people are protesting those incidents as well. Here’s a long long list of police brutality incidents caught on video: https://mobile.twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1266751520055459847

  • Curfew nationwide . Bring it on .

    Shut this down before more lives and livelihoods are lost or irreparably damaged.

    Lack of self control and empathy on every side right now .

  • Ironically, the violent riots, supposedly in protest against the strong arm of the State, will most assuredly bring about the strong arm of the State.

    These tools are strengthening the very element they despise.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      You see the irony as well. Now martial law can be enacted legally and with good reason. Way to go dipshits! You all potentially sold my freedom down the river for me. These are also the same people who will tattle on you for not social distancing or wearing a mask. Loved the red jeep running those people over. It just shows how big of wimps everyone is. In the same frame you can see someone yelling “fuck the police!” and then, turning around, seeing the jeep run people over, turning back to the cop and saying “Help!” You can’t make this shit up.

      • I support the USA

        To all the whiners, the victim banner is nauseating. Protesting is your right, there are people committing dangerous acts, by exercising your rights you are accepting the risk of who knows what can happen, then you blame police and become armchair lawyers about how the police and lawyers do their job.
        Do you know how the law works and the time it takes to bring charges correctly? Do you know that overshooting the charges could result in a hung jury? See the Casey Anthony trial where the prosecutor put a young white female on trial for the death penalty and she walked, they would have been far more successful with a lesser charge.
        If you want to be a lawyer go to school, (Its fkn hard speaking from experience)
        These arrogant remarks about the President are ignorant and your advice and judgement is not even remotely interesting.
        This looks to me like a political shitstorm and an intentional distraction for the person who is Commander in Chief laboring to run this country while the Democrats and other bad actors continuously undermine him.
        Its your World, stop fkng it up.

        Sorry for the rant I love the Patriotic comments in this thread!

  • I think it was the Kent State protests, in the 60s, where the National Guard was, after the act, seen to be a police riot.

    Since then, cops have adjusted back their aggressions, and Antifa has upped theirs.

    The Antifascist League has become a warm welcoming club to belong to. Until now. It’s gonna take some strong people to weed them out. It’s gang mentality.

  • Well stated UR. They all hate cops until they need one. Like when they were yelling insults at cops while breaking the law by blocking the road, all until someone plowed through anyhow and bumped into some of them. Then the story changed. They wanted police then. They caused the riot. They must live with the consequences.

    • I know this is playing out like a boring rerun, but who’s holding the reins of the MSM coverage? They’re playing both the victim and the aggressor. Only the MSM will come out on top, unscathed but complicit.

  • Protesting peacefully, demonstrating peacefully, Americans rallying peacefully to express disapproval is an American right. It has proven to make change in policy, in people’s mindset. It has time and time again, moved our country forward.
    However, blindly blaming all police is wrong. Assaulting our officers, bloodying innocent people, is the opposite of progress. These protests can make change. But for better or worse depends on the type of protesting. If we want peace, we must react peacefully.
    To encourage a child to act kindly and lovingly, you must show those same behaviors. The same is true in adults. What those arresting officers did was wrong, it was despicable and unjust. But they should be punished, not an entire population of police. Most are good. Just like armed forces, doctors, nurses…. Police answer a calling to protect. They are just as disgusted & disheartened by the actions of those few who’s behavior tarnish the prestige of the badge they wear.
    So I ask everyone, remember that it is our American privilege to speak our minds. But violence cannot answer violence.

    • “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, PHD of something

  • In the last video when people are getting hit with pepper balls (including someone who got hit directly in the ear causing bleeding, temporary hearing loss and possibly more damage) you can hear the person doing the recording shout “yes!” with excited glee. That is absolutely disturbing and disgusting behavior. That seems like the kind of behavior done by, I don’t know, the man in Alabama who followed his friends and stayed at a distance and videorecorded them while Ahmaud Arbery was shot. Shame on you for your excitement at this.

  • Those are not protestors, they are just damn punks looking to cause problems for the police and local businesses. At this point in our country those jackasses need to be taken down with fire power from the police and military units working the streets. These protests will last for days. They are also spreading COVID-19. I read yesterday that there was a retired firefighter back East who was black and not causing ANY problems and they burned up his bar that he used all his retirement to buy. This crap needs to stop now or there will be more bodies other than Mr. Floyd’s.

    • Hold on Martin. I too feel the pressure of the lawlessness and the desire to stamp it out.

      America doesn’t ask LEO to become lawbreakers. You gotta trust the design and development of law and order. No matter what you and I think, this is civil disobedience, in the bad way.

      • Rod, I think the police have every right to self-protection from violent protestors that throw bottles, rocks, and anything else that can cause bodily harm. That does not make them lawbreakers in my book. The only way to fight and stop these nuts is to give them some of their own medicine. Most of the protestor’s are just scum bags. Putting them in the media just increases more violence.

  • Antifa and BLM promotes violence. Both are against our president and both have left fueled agendas. Blaming any of this on conservatives or trumpers is asinine .

    • Would you characterize the sovereign citizen movement as promoting violence? Why or why not?

      • No, it does not. There are people who may endorse the idea who are violent but the whole idea is anti violence, anti force. It posits that we are all free people and the State only has authority to use force on a free person when they violate the freedom of another person. And that use of force is explicitly under the authority of the People. The State is a servant not a master.

    • You’re right, it’s sad to see, but it’s there.

      Their unamerican activities within our borders is treason, a capital crime enforced by death. It’s as bad as flying airplanes into skyscrapers. Prevention needs to wake up and do it’s duty.

  • Mr. Gass, I would recommend you read the U.S. Constitution before you scream, “Treason”. In fact, I will spare you the trouble, and quote the definition of treason.
    ” Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
    What war, Mr. Gass? Which enemies? What aid and comfort?
    Prevention here should consist of Kym deleting your mindless bs.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      People were waging war last night. Against business owner, citizens, us, and the US. Treason!

  • Protesting for a few days was entirely legitimate. Now that we know it attracts looters and Antifa, and there is no one left to persuade on George Floyd (we all agree), it is nothing but stupid and destructive.

  • So I’ve watched all the videos I could find and I think that the majority of our community that are protesting are decent people who want the world to be a better place. I think there are some groups that are only protesting because they want to cause civil unrest, incite violence, and spread hate within our community. To say it’s humiliating when officers join you in expressing their outrage over racist police and brutality by chanting no justice no peace no racist ass police is an example of spreading hate. To say it’s humiliating because it was your time to have a voice and be heard when the officers began with we hear you and we stand in outrage with you only shows that your goal was not to be heard or try to end this violence and hate. Your goal was to spread hate and negativity. You were told we are listening, we hear you and we are in this with you. It is important to be passionate and demand justice against anyone committing hateful acts of violence. It is also important that we clearly see the message being spread and the true intentions of some of these protest groups. If you want to protest because you want justice and change. If you want to protest to make the world better and spread positivity and build loving relationships between all human beings then by all means protest and do it with passion. But if you want to protest because you want revenge, you want to be violent and destructive. You want to fight hateful evil acts with hateful evil acts then you are part of the problem that needs to change. Protesters who are outraged or insulted by being met with actions of kindness, support, and validation from officers and respond to those actions with insults, disrespect, and violence don’t want to end this conflict of hatred and inequality. They are the monsters hiding among us who’s goal is to stop peace and further divide and cause conflict. Before any of us condemn the police or protestors as a whole we need to see that evil hides among us behind both badges and protest signs and hold those individuals responsible. No group as a whole is to blame for it.

  • I guess all you that speak of thugs should remember how you did a so called revolution to take this country away from the British and you brought the slaves to make this country on their backs, that’s over 400 years of oppression. Then you want them to fix things themselves, but it is the white Americans that need to fix what’s going on with racism in policing and the justice system that still subjugates them still! Then you blame Newsom, if you don’t like to live in our great state move!

    • Your handle is very appropriate for the content of your post, puto.

    • I support the USA

      Sounds like you have all the answers, how would you fix it🤔 just tell everyone to move if they dont like Newsom?
      Maybe you should run for governor

  • Thank you epd for saving the town.

    Thank you epd for saving the town.

  • My family of 4 live in Calabasas. Explaining to my kids why a POS would suggest criminals to do harm to their city. Thanks!

  • Does anyone have video of the wanna be protest today on 4th thru 6th St in Eureka, that turned into violent attacks and was a riot by definition.
    The vehicle my husband was driving had the rear window was broken out with the guys fist and they kicked dents into the vehicle in several spots.
    I was in a separate vehicle, I could see from two blocks over.
    There were a few other vehicles that the aggressive crowd attacked. The crowd looked like what you would see on those Zombie shows, jumping on top of the vehicle, rocking them, hitting, kicking, swarming Nothing about this was a protest. Sad.
    There will be others looking for this same info for their vehicles that were destroyed.

    I will be here for 3 days now…

    I will be pressing charges.

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