Humboldt State University Police Chief Retiring

Donn Peterson

[Image created from crops of photos–one of HSU by Oliver Cory and one of Chief Donn Peterson by Mark McKenna]

Press release from Humboldt State University:

The University thanks Peterson for his dedicated service over the past five years. Peterson has participated and created several programs that have improved the overall safety of our campus. As referenced in his evaluations, these programs include being an active participant in Equity Arcata, creating and participating in the Chiefs’ Advisory Panel, and the creation of the Student Safety Escort Program, which provides students who do not feel comfortable walking alone at night a uniformed student employee escort. Peterson also initiated the “Ask Me Anything” events on campus, creating opportunities for stronger dialogue for students.

HSU appreciates these and other contributions Peterson has made during his tenure and wishes him well in his future endeavors.

Information about filling the Chief position will be shared over the next several days.


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