Woman Arrested for DUI After Fatal Crash on Hwy 3 Today

Fatality feature

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Press release from the CHP:

On 05/23/2020 at approximately 5:55 PM, California Highway Patrol Dispatch was notified of a solo vehicle crash on SR-3 south Slate Creek Road. California Highway Patrol, Trinity County Sheriff, Trinity County Life Support, and Cal-Fire all responded to the scene. Upon arrival, it was determined that Romero-Garcia was driving a 2008 Chevy pickup southbound on SR-3 at at unknown high rate of speed. Romero-Garcia allowed the Chevy to cross left over the double yellow lines and then back to the right where the Chevy left the roadway and collided with trees. The right front passenger was pronounced deceased at the scene (identity pending notification). Romero-Garcia was transported to Mercy Medical Center in Redding for injuries sustained in the crash. Romero-Garcia was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injury or death.
The CHP Trinity River Area Office is continuing to investigate this collision and asks anyone who may have information to contact the Trinity River Area CHP Office at 530-623-3832.CHP TC PR


  • It’s just plain selfishness to drink, use any mind altering drug and go anywhere near the driver seat, whether by yourself or with passengers. She consciously made the choice to partake, which means she consciously made the decision it was ok if she hurt or killed someone. Unfortunately there are nowhere near stiff enough penalties for this type of murder. It should definitely be 1st degree murder by reason of conscience choice.

    • Drinking impairs judgement, making it dangerous to drive. It also interferes with one’s ability to give consent to any number of things including contract law, and influences the time and manner of physical reactions to external stimuli, which can also affect a person’s driving ability.
      But if we recognize that drinking affects judgement, even to the point of not legally recognizing the decisions people make while under the influence in some situations, should we not also accept that drinking may sometimes cloud someone’s judgement enough that they decide to drive drunk, even if they would, while sober, consider it a dangerous and perhaps even reprehensible act?

      • You missed the part where the person attempting to take advantage of a drunk is the person who is unable to rely on the contract or permission of a drunk. That is not the same as giving a drunk a free pass when they do something stupid just because they are drunk. Look up the legal definition of “intent” in various kinds of crimes because that varies from crime to crime.

  • SingleMothersAdvocate

    My heart and Prayers to All involved.

    Instead of judging, as a community, we should come together to focus on what we can do to be there to help, and heal the family.

  • I lost a good friend that was more like a family member today so sad

  • Part of the problem is with the education on alcohol. It is “acceptable” to get drunk because it’s “legal.” If education was not, “go ahead and get plastered as long as you have a designated driver,” which doesn’t work, people might start to care more. If education was more like, “when you drink you will become impaired and by taking that drink you risk not being able to make good choices, but you will legally be held 100% responsible as if you were sober,” things might change. There should not ever be a lesser sentence for someone who knowingly takes that first sip knowing what could happen than someone who just goes out and kills someone because they get pissed off. The defense attorneys use the same argument with a different word. One uses the excuse “too drunk to know what they were doing,” the other, “had a bout of temporary insanity.” Neither one should matter one bit. If anything, the drunk should receive a harsher sentence because by taking that first sip, it is definitely a premeditated choice to become out of control. The guy who got pissed off didn’t necessarily “plan” to get pissed.

    I know I come across as very anti drugs and alcohol. That’s definitely true. I believe they are 100% evil and those who abuse them get off with almost no criminal liability when they commit crimes. I do believe in recovery, but I also believe in suffering the consequences of your actions. Unfortunately right now, no criminal behavior is actually being treated as criminal, which must change. As far as the article that brought up these comments, Mayra killed someone. I cannot bring myself to “hope” she recovers from the self inflicted major injuries she received, because the person she killed should have been herself, but no, it wasn’t. Marcia Kitchen killed two children innocently skateboarding when it should have been Marcia who died. Ryder Stapp killed a man sleeping in his home when he should have been the one to die. The punishment didn’t fit the crime in either case. After a few years, these hideous people will serve their time and will still have the rest of their lives to live. Their victims will never take another breath. I personally believe murder committed by people on drugs and alcohol should automatically be capital cases because of the pattern of irresponsible behavior that leads up to the crime.

    My life was almost taken by others abusing alcohol, even though I don’t drink at all. That is why I am not willing to accept any excuses.

    • I’m sorry. You lost me when you said someone who has one sip should get a harsher penalty than someone who “goes out and kills someone because they get pissed off”. I sure hope you’re not a Judge.

      • Readbetweenthelines

        Alf you love calling things evil. You see evil everywhere. Good luck.

        • I would love to give more kudos. When I see something that is truly a positive story and deserves it I try to say so. Unfortunately there is not a lot of that on any news website. I guess people doing stupid stuff or committing crimes or political garbage is more newsworthy. I call things as I see them when I comment. If that helps anyone stop and think, agreement isn’t important to me, just honest conversation.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        I agree with Adam. Logic was good until it was a lesser offense to get angry and kill someone while sober than to do so while intoxicated. All your ducks are not quite in a row here.

    • I like to drink beer

      Alf is casting the first stone

    • “I cannot bring myself to “hope” she recovers from the self inflicted major injuries she received, because the person she killed should have been herself, but no, it wasn’t.”

      This is pure evil.

  • I hope the woman goes to prison for killing her passenger. There is no damn excuse for driving while drunk. My condolences to the passengers family and friends.

  • I’m sure she feels horriable I’m sure she never wanted that. Yes she made a bad decision and unfortunately with that comes bad consequences. Its horriable amd my heart goes out to ALL involved. So sorry to hear about this.

  • We don’t know what the situation was. I am sure that the woman did not mean for this to happen and I’m sure she will regret it for the rest of her life. Everyone makes mistakes and she made a bad decision. I hope that she can forgive herself. And the rest of us have no right to judge her or think anything about it. I pray for her and her family, and by the way the person who died in the wreck was a friend of mine. May he rest in peace.

    • Yep, she's a moron for drunk driving

      “And the rest of us have no right to judge her or think anything about it.” I’m thinking about it and judging, well within my rights after I read the story.

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