Rainbow Over Trinidad

Rainbow over Trinidad, Humboldt, California.

Photographer Jeffrey Schwartz took these colorful photos while he was out near Elk Head recently.

Schwartz said, “The ‘trail’ required some bushwhacking with my machete, er tripod…” Schwartz said he was “out on the bluffs just below elk head between storms” when he saw a dolphin swimming through the waves.

To see more of his Schwartz’s photograhy, visit Jeffrey Schwartz Photography or click here to shop for his work.

The edge of the continent. Humboldt, California.



  • Gorgeous!!!!
    More please!!!

    Lets all balance the challenges of these times with getting out in the beautiful amazing diverse micro climates here.
    Find a spot youve never been thats not a “popular” spot and explore.

    Go within 25 miles of your home and see what hidden gem youve never explored before.
    I’m constantly amazed at finding new amazing spots close by, be it a creek or beach or grove of trees or wildflowers.

    We are so lucky. Millions have only concrete surrounding them.
    Go appreciate it!! Hike bike swim kayak just be safe and patient with each other.

    Please everyone drive a little slower and watch out for critters on roads and trails, a whole generation was just born into low traffic and low if any human interactions. It will take them a bit to learn so please be aware of whats around you and move slow. Young animals are usually curious so dont be afraid to tell em to go on git!

  • 🕯🌳Thank you Jeffrey for the beautiful pictures. 🌍🦄🖖🌈

  • Amazing photos. Thank you.

  • Magnificent photos — thanks so much for sharing!

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