Letter to the Editor: ‘Humboldt DSA Demands Extension and Improvements in County Eviction Moratorium’

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Dear Community,

During March and April over 12,000 claims for unemployment benefits were filed by Humboldt County workers. We have no idea how many new claims have been filed in May. Even though the County is beginning to open up, who believes that we’ll be able to put 12,000 laid-off workers back on the job?

The crisis of loss of income is nowhere near over. Therefore, Humboldt Democratic Socialists of America (Humboldt DSA) demands that the County make the following changes to the current Eviction Moratorium Ordinance.

·        The term of the current County Order must be extended past May 31, 2020 at least through and including July 31, 2020.

·        The County must suspend the discontinuation or shutoff of water services for residents or businesses for non-payment of water and/or sewer bills. The imposition of fees or penalties for delinquent water and/or sewer bills must be prohibited.

·        Tenant must not be deemed in default of rent payment unless Tenant fails to tender full amount of Delayed Payment within 180-days of May 31, 2020, or 180-days of the date upon which an extension of this Order expires whichever is later.

·        During the term of this Ordinance no Landlord shall endeavor to raise rent.

In a recent report in the Eureka Times-Standard (May 13, 2020, “Rate of people unable to pay rent flattening in Humboldt County”) property management companies described that they are seeing, “virtually no increase [of failed rent payments] from April to May.” Claims by Landlords and Property Management firms that the problem represents an existential threat to economically destroy them, seem just slightly hyperbolic.

Tenants, however, if hit with big delayed payments in addition to paying current rent obligations will likely face eviction and homelessness.

Humboldt DSA urges the County Board of Supervisors to take immediate action to avoid Landlord attempts to evict from their homes Tenants who have been gravely economically affected by the current pandemic.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States. We believe that working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.

Chris Niehaus
Spokesperson for Humboldt Democratic Socialists of America



  • Maybe you should ask nicely. Demand? F..k you.

    • Socialist Nazis and Communists have killed over 100 million people all over the world. They “demand” everyone must live the way they want us to, or they kill you, or single you out with the Yellow Star, and keep you from being who you want, or living how you want. We teach the children in our freedom schools how evil socialists can be. The Constitution of the US, a sacred document, promotes freedom, not oppression like socialism. And Chris, before you start trying to justify poverty and desperation found in socialist countries, don’t bother. I grew up in the 50’s, and learned how evil the communists were first hand from a woman who escaped Romania, taken over violently by the Communists. Go to Cuba and start making demands, see how far you get. Tell them you demand to worship God the way you want, and to let women be heard, especially religious women. Go ahead Chris, go tell the commies in Cuba you demand freedom for the opposing party to be heard. That’s why the socialist democrats want mail vote, to cheat people out of their vote, to not let the opposing party to be heard.

      • Nazis were facists, the opposite of communists..

        • Stalin (communist) 4 million intentionally starved to death in the Ukraine
          750,000 of his own party and military executed
          12 million died in his Gulags
          Accepted historian death count 20 million

          Pol Pot (“) 1.5-2 million (the killing fields)

          Mao (“) 65 million (The great leap forward)

          Kim Il Sung (“) 1.7 million

  • if communism has killed 100 million people and “real” communism has never been tried, we probably shouldnt try again. Covid has only killed 340,000 and we want that to stop.

    • But communism did not kill 100 million people. You’re two premises are contradictory.

      Marx thought that a communist state could not exist until many iterations of socialism were achieved, and warned that charismatic leaders would use the promise of forming societies that were more equitable (merit based) in order to seize power.

      • Yes it did. Mao killed over 30 million on his own, not to mention the 30 million of the Russians that Stalin had purged, the socialist Nazis slaughtered Jews, Christians, Gays, mentally ill, and many others. Marx and Stalin and Lenin have destroyed so many lives, and all you had to do is is point out the failings of these horrible men, your dead. America is freedom, Cuba, Venezuela, Chinese commies, are all oppressive Govts. The Chinese just bulldozed the Bishop’s cathedral in China on Easter Sunday. They kill gays, Muslims, any religious people are in danger of imprisonment. During their revolution, Mao starved millions of his own people, mostly the elderly and children. You should watch “Evolution of Evil” on 287 on Directv, you will see the atrocities committed by the wonderful Nazi’s, commies, and socialists. I dare ya

        • punkybrewstersmind

          Yes, if only they would be all peaceful and blameless like capitalists, eh?
          Love to throw ‘socialist’ around like you know what it means, dont you?
          Hint: A dictatorship is NOT ‘socialist’.
          PoliSci 101.

          • History has clearly shown that the only way to implement socialism on a national scale there needs to be an authoritarian regime. If you want peaceful, voluntary socialism join or create a commune.

        • As a matter of fact the Nazis, regardless of their name, weren’t even close to being socialists. They were fascist and Hitler, in the beginning, was admired for his violent suppression of the communists. Anti semitism was also wide spread and his oppression of the Jews drew a blind eye from many in the world at that time.

          • Have you ever considered that there could be “right wing ” socialists?

            Socialism is simply a top down economic scheme where the state determines production. The idea of a “left wing” socialist Utopia is a sales pitch.

  • What about swimming a little bit upstream and see about mortgage and every other bill in accounts receivable
    , getting those nice little deferments.

    This is an assault on the working class.



  • The new norm. We as a country will be fucked if we let this progress.We have become complacent lazy muted sheep. We are not fearless freedom fighters any longer. We have become lame,not only as a society, but now as a country.When has even the thought of installing the tried and always failed practice of socialism into this great country even a thought? Let alone an action? Anyone who rallies behind this is a tyrant, and should be tried as one. So I guess when the democrats win it will be called the U.S.S.A. .

    • Maybe the capatalists should skip some bonuses and pay workers wages higher than the worker gets from unemployment. Blaming the workers is sad and shows how much our society can be skewed by propaganda. It will lead to the workers following a dictator who blames another group. It’s ok WW3 will save the economy.

  • Capitalism. 1% are Super wealthy and control the commerce. Socialism. One person is super wealthy and controls the people.

    I say keep preaching this crap, this is why Trump is gonna win again morons. Loss of jobs why? Who said let’s keep the country open and to get back to work?

  • They may be Demonocrat Socialists, but they are far from being very American. Their major premise of “DEMAND” is totally bogus. They need to cease and desist.

  • It’s just like anything else, if you have an unpopular product, change the name! Business 101!

    Call it Democratic Socialism, call it anything you want, Communism, is Communism…

    This is America, and our gigantic welfare system will only work if someone is paying taxes. Trump’s gang can print money, but, there is no way out here!

    Everyone cannot be on welfare, and, too many people are supported by too few!

    Go ahead, meanwhile, and don’t pay your rent! See what happens… You will be evicted, or your landlord will lose the property, or sell it.

    As a landlord, these days, even if you own a property outright, you will have an army of “flippers” trying to buy you out! I personally get cards and letters from “cash buyers” at the rate of 20-25/month. If my renter defaults, I have many options…

    Working, acquiring, developing income streams, this is American! Communism just won’t work here, and no Bernie Sanders level Socialists are going to get elected, no Communists will be tolerated, and your “new packaging” of this old idea, will fail.

    Times get tough, tough people have to survive. There’s illegal aliens getting handouts and free healthcare, and these people are doing work that Americans could easily do!

    A period of adjustment will follow!

    Get off your ass! Go find a job doing what-ever you have to do to support yourself and your people.

    This is American. We are Americans. Get used to it…

  • Mary Ella Anderson

    Good news to know that there are Democratic Socialists in this county. I plan on cancelling my membership in the Democratic party and Democratic Socialists is where I want to go. I want a government that actually cares about ALL of its people. Where do you meet?

    • Apparently you didn’t get the memo. These people don’t care about anyone but those who agree with them. They are making demands from people they disagree with. They are just like Islamic jihadists. They demand that everyone either agree with them or they set out to annihilate them. Instead of chanting “Death to America” or “Death to Israel” like Jihadists, Demonocrat Socialists are chanting “Death to Capitalism.” They are the same exact thing. Both want to force their world view on others. There is no room for this mentality in America. In America, all are free to believe as they choose without some intolerant radical group forcing their agenda.

      • I’m not sure “demand” is a word I would have used either but…that’s kind of a strong comparison you made there, Alf…I don’t see any bombs threatened here…no dead people…

        • Maybe not yet. Look no farther than Cuba if you want to see what these beliefs cause people to do. The Berlin Wall, North Korea versus South Korea, China, former USSR, etc. All are/were Socialist/Communist. I won’t let down my guard.

          Is it just my imagination or did both recent letters from this group use the word demand? This word implies a “my way or the highway” attitude and attempts to eliminate discussion, compromise, working together, etc.

          • Mailing bombs is a strictly Republican Party activity.

            Make Russia Great Again!
            Trump the Traitor 2020.

            • Biden 2020! Make Ukraine great again!

              Pelosi 2020! Make America……. ahhh… not America anymore!

              • Even FOX News knows Trump’s a goner. Watch these Republican rats run from Trump who is most definitely done. Biden is going to win, and everyone knows it.

                P.S. – And my boss Vladimir P. is pissed!

        • Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and
          it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found the exact amount
          of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they
          are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by
          the endurance of those whom they oppress.
          -Frederick Douglass
          Letter to an abolitionist associate, 1849

        • I’m sorry Kym but this is the first time you have lost me with even posting this as editorial content.
          Democratic socialist is an oxymoron.

          • Not wild about free speech?

            • You mean that calling it an oxymoron is objecting to free speech?

            • I am wild about it and would never want you to stop BUT this is a choice aka editorial selection by you , so again for being a literate person why even promote something like an oxymoron of Democratic Socialist ? Any deep thinker can see How funny that notion is. It is also what is wrong with this country. A lot of surface thinkers who use people like you to get there opinions from instead of really understanding for themselves. If this was a fact based , non bias news article using first hand sources , I wouldn’t have even commented. The fact you chose to publish this online is where my feelings are coming from. Keep publishing this kind of stuff and all the veterans , grey area farmers from so hum , and the established generational families around here will look to other sources to get there news. Your page for years has been my go to for local news after the natives took over LostCoastOutpost and started also being extremely bias and censoring facts that didn’t work for the tribe or casinos. This is my 2 cents for what it’s worth which isn’t much. Have a good day. Hopefully you will at least be able to understand my point of view.

              • As a veteran and the son of a veteran who died from service, and a resident of a rural area, I disagree with you entirely.

                You are advocating that a local news source only publishes news that you agree with on an ideological level.

                A rational person takes ALL information they are able to receive and makes the soundest judgement they are able to.

                Are you worried that people will begin to disagree with your beliefs if they have access to all viewpoints? If the viewpoints of socialists are wrong, let them be wrong on their own merits, not by advocating their silence.

                Otherwise, you are essentially disagreeing with democracy by advocating for the supression of speech and the press.

              • I print letters to the editor that I don’t agree with all the time. This section is not meant to be a fact checked neutral piece. It’s meant to be someone’ s opinion.

                You can post your letter if you want, and this person can post theirs. And we are all free to disagree on the value of what’s said. You are not harmed by reading words you disagree with. And, you can always scroll by if you don’t want to waste your time.

                It fascinates me how many people are for free speech until someone says something they disagree with. There’s not much value in free speech that we all agree with.

    • Some Random Guy on the Internet

      Good luck with that… Remember, the government does not care about you at all…

      In the US, it’s “for the rich, by the rich”, and if you are not rich, you are not important…

      Delusional political groups always crop up, during times of upheaval… You hippies and communists go ahead and dream about the land of “Jefferson” or whatever you call it.

      Anti-vaxers and the Christian far-right, line up over: there!

      We don’t care about your silly opinions, and, pay your goddamn rent!

      • I want folks to read their constitution. It’s designed well. Greed and lust and the other deadly sins are our downfalls. And please clean up congress aka, the swamp aka, political princes. They have really painted themselves into the corner now, pandemic panic, election lies, get real…

      • Billy Casomorphin


        We want chocolate cake with strawberry filling!

        When do we want it?


        We demand chocolate cake from the filthy imperialist government!

        Make sure it’s FRESH!

        Fucking decadent capitalist pigs…

        • I was told there was going to be punch and pie… No? Well, I guess I’m going home.

          • Yes, pinko punch and a big piece of commie pie…

            Go home and read 1984 again…

            • Diaper Donald Trump should stop dumping in his Depends undergarments for a few minutes and read something – anything! I don’t care if it’s TV Guide or Parade Magazine, just go do some reading Donnie Dumbass!

              P.S. – My boss Sweaty Shirtless Putin on horseback says it his demand that all Americans inject Clorox bleach in their lungs for a routine cleaning, courtesy of Adderall addict Dr. Trump. What do you have to lose? Believe me. That I can tell you.

      • Funny how the non caring government single handedly created the rent crisis by demanding people stay home to protect themselves.

    • Socialist Democrats and Democratic Socialists are very different and not even close to the same thing…

  • The government creates an economic depression and record unemployment…. socialists, “we need more government!”

  • The world is going CRAZY 😵

    Personally I think that they should put a freeze on all mortgage payments and rent payments, with no penalties, till the country opens back up all the way. And just adds the missed payments on the back end of the contracts. I’m a registered Dem, but I have no problem voting cross party lines if I believe in what the candidate is saying… That being said a lot of people are out of work and the businesses that they worked for may not survive. Mitch McConnell just said he wants to take away the extended unemployment benefits that were given, because it gives people no incentive to go back to work if they’re making more on unemployment than they were while they were working. My question is, what about the people that won’t have a place to go back to work to? Just cut them off as well and make it so they can’t pay rent or feed their families? (If you thought the homeless issue is bad now, just wait!)It’s incredibly insensitive and shows the Republicans true colors. They could give a shit less about their countrymen and women, and in some cases their own voters. When will people wake up and realize it? Trump and his cronies don’t give two shits about any of the normal people, living paycheck to paycheck… Trump keeps threatening to cut Fed aid to states that don’t obey his orders, while at the same time leaving it all up to the states to fend for themselves as far as testing and whatnot goes… This is so crazy. I hope people wake up and see what’s actually going on, and do whatever they can to take these greedy, soulless a-holes out of positions of power.

  • Dear DSM – if you really really want something then you get a job and work really really hard for it. Save your money, sacrifice your daily $4 coffee, don’t buy the latest smart phone and you too can achieve the American dream. Until then you are demanding private property be utilized as public. Not going to fly, is against the law.

  • Don’t worry folks, there is a solution!

    • Not for long. Haven’t you seen the pictures of those maskless, crowded-in like sardines Branch Covidian conservatives at the beaches this weekend? Watch out Dixie, you screwed.

      All while Trumpty Dumpty golfs. Again.

      • Weathers nice. Why not golf and go to the beach? O right….. there’s where you go to die, I forgot.

        • Yeah why not golf 300 times in 3 years while you’re supposedly the president. Well, to be fair, Trump isn’t any kind of real president. That chump is a puppet, and Vladimir Putin is your real president. GOP = KGB.

  • Why is it that open air beaches are being portrayed as bad but little metal confined subway cars in New York are not? Of yeah, cuomo’s brother is a anchor for CNN. Here’s an example of his journalism, “could you please take the time to tell us how amazing of a job your doing and how horrible red states are doing despite things like facts, logic, death toll, and the economy.

    • No kidding. Compare numbers of Florida versus NY and then compare media coverage. You’d think it’s the opposite of how it is really playing out.

  • The media “I don’t know why Americans aren’t trusting the news as much, it must be trumps fault”. Also the media “today there were zero deaths from covid-19 so our experts predict that tomorrow there will 5 million fatalities from covid, 3 earthquakes, and 2 sharknadoes, all in states whose views don’t align with our networks owner”

    • Poor Trump! Cry for disgusting Donnie! He has it so tough, being by far the most incompetent idiot in The Oval Office ever. Feel sorry for Trump. He sucks. And his wife hates him even more than the American public does.

      • There’s a shocker, his wife hates him after 15 years of marriage? Welcome to every marriage ever. Any other revelations? Does she still get mad over the toilet seat?

  • Good luck, better invest in a few AKs. You’re going to need them.

    Maybe the Comrade Commisar Health Officer can pass a decree to help your cause. She’s done so much already!

    • Better invest in a few Alaskas?

      There may be a couple of Dakotas, but there’s only one Alaska! Drill baby, drill!

      P.S. – My boss Putin says Mother Russia is getting Alaska back thanks to a Trumptastic 3-way trade:
      #1) Russia gets Alaska back from U.S.
      #2) U.S. gets Greenland from Denmark
      #3) Denmark gets Melania Trump

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